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Chapter 2 (Dean POV)

Paper work, paper work, paper work sucks. Paper work, paper work, paper work sucks.

Dean had been repeating that same mantra in his head over and over again for the past 25 minutes while he finished the paper work from the case they'd just solved less than 24 hours earlier. Because while he always claimed that he "didn't do paperwork," he pretty much had to when A)there wasn't a case he was needed on and B)Mr. Boss man gave him that stern look of his. Carter rarely gave him that look so when he did, Dean knew he meant business.

Paper work, paper work, paper work sucks. Paper work, paper work, paper work sucks. Paper work, paper work, pap –

"Dude!" Snapping his head up, Dean glanced in the direction the voice came from where Ty was giving him a weird look. "Dude, where'd you go? I've been calling your name for the past minute or so."

"Nowhere man. Just thinking about how much I love doing this paper work, you know?" Ty chuckled in amusement at his best friend's sarcasm.

Ty's next question caught Dean off guard. "So, how are things with you and Jaimie?"

Eyes widening, Dean tried to put on a blasé façade. "What do you mean?"

"Dude, don't even try that 'I'm Dean Bendis, I'm so cool' thing with me. That woman gets to you and we both know it," Ty laughed humorously.

He wasn't about to admit to anything of the sort so he continued to act standoffish. "We hang out. We enjoy each other's company. We hook up. Nothing more, nothing less."

Ty snorted, "Heh, if you say so, partner."

His friend's reaction annoyed him. It annoyed him mainly because somewhere deep down Dean knew that Ty was right not to believe him. He knew this thing with Jaimie was more than just hooking up. He wasn't about to admit it though. Not to Ty, not to Carter, and especially not to Jaimie.

"What are we now, a couple chicks? Did you grow some breasts while I wasn't looking?" Dean jokingly gave his friend a once over as if to check for any new growths. Ty laughed at what he knew to be his buddy's discomfort with the current line of questioning. "Should we paint each other's nails now too?"

"You're a riot." Ty chuckled sarcastically as he turned back to his own paper work.

Dean sighed with relief when he saw that his friend was dropping the interrogation. Turning back to his own papers, he set out to join his friend in his own paper work misery.

Paper work, paper work, paper work sucks.

Dean continued repeating the line over and over in his head for the next five minutes until he was interrupted once again, this time by their boss who'd just come into the office. "Where the hell is Jaimie? She was supposed to be in by now, wasn't she?"

At the mention of his non-girlfriend, Dean looked up at his boss. "She not back from the meeting yet? Must have taken her longer then she thought."

Carter looked at him in confusion.

"You know, the meeting she had today with her old contact? Eric?" Dean could see that Carter was still confused. He started to get a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. "She said you knew about this."

The look on Carter's face told him all he needed to know. Carter didn't know about any meeting. She lied.

Any reaction on Carter's part was put on hold as his phone began to ring. Dean watched as Carter pulled it out, glanced at it, rolled his eyes and answered the call with a swift and impatient, "What?" Must be Maynard.

Glancing away, Dean felt his mind running in a million different directions. Why would she lie? Something is going on here and I have a feeling it's not good. Not good at all.

"She what?" The tone of Carter's voice caused Dean to look back up at his boss. The look on his face was worse. It was a strange mix of horror, anger, and confusion. "Yeah. Yeah, I'll be right there."

Hanging up, Dean watched as Carter slowly allowed his hand and cell phone to drop from his ear. "What's going on, Carter?"

Carter turned to he and Ty. "That was Maynard. It's about Jaimie."

Dean's heart practically stopped.

"She's been arrested."

It was Ty who spoke first. "Arrested? What the hell for?"

Carter sighed before dropping the metaphorical bomb. "For murder. Jaimie has been arrested for murder."

What the fu -