Naruto x Miss Martian


Author's Note


As the first person to really popularize Naruto x Starfire (On this site and to my belief, just saying this in good faith). I bring you people the first Naruto x Megan that isn't just ship tease flirting/over lapped with the show. Pyrojohn19 has given me permission to use themes, plots, and other such material under the agreement of no Wally x Artemis. While I won't ship them as a greed I still say I will use this as a means of teasing the characters in story. To be honest SB X M is too forced and no really developed and W x A is PAINfully cliche.

Even if you view Robin x Starfire in the show as Cliche it to my knowledge seemed a bit more less...blatant in my opinion along with B x R being more of a subtle friendship to possible relationship thing. Now further ado I bring you the story which will be the foundation of ideas for my future other spin off fics with this pairing.


Story Start


Missing Martian found herself soaring through the air, flinging objects at the fiery phoenix that was about the size of a pick-up truck. It's red-yellow-and orange blaze filled the sky and it's warm glow seemed to fill the starry night air. Unlike most of the others Miss Martian brought up the rear, taking care to keep the utmost distance possible while backing up her allies. The large phoenix creatures flapped its wings as a shower of fire rained down upon the apartment buildings and streets. Lighting dumpsters and plants on fire, small infernos that result in smoke feeling the air.

Superboy, using his impressive strength, took to the air as he prepared to use his strength to one shot the creature whom merely flew higher and out of the range of the bruisers attack. Artemis's arrows and Robin's projectiles melted upon getting too close to the creature. What the team wouldn't have give to have Donna or Naruto with them right now. For whatever reason Burn Out seemed to be toying with them, baiting them one would say so the members of Young Justice were being on the cautious side, having called Red Tornado for assistance.

Burn Out's phoenix form glowed brighter and brighter, the color of the phoenix growing bright yellow to the point it was blinding. Shielding her eyes from the sudden bright flash Miss Martian was unprepared for a shower of fire balls launched from the creature's wings. One of the balls collided with her arm, causing her to shriek in pain and dropped down to a roof.

''M'gnn! Hold on!'' she heard Kaldur shout, but the pain was so unbearable she couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. She was soon paralyzed in fear as the Phoenix began descending down at her like a predator at a trapped prey. Feebly using an arm to try and shield herself Megan threw up an arm. She could feel her heart practically jumped out of her body as the creature collided with something...but not her. Slowly opening up her eyes, Megan let out a horrified gasp as standing over her, using his body as a shield was none other then Naruto.

''N-Naruto...'' she whispered as the blond dropped to one knee.

''Told you...had to get through...first.'' he mumbled, an incoherent mess as he dropped forward. Megan let out a horrified gasp upon seeing a stab wound in the blond's back.

The Phoenix began to recede and took the form of a young and muscular red haired teenager with short red hair and yellow streaks. ''Now're next.'' he said as he began to form a fireball when he caught sight of Green Lantern, Hawkman, Red Tornado, and Batman. ''Another time then.'' he remarked with a pleased grin. The first part of the plan had already been completed, he had done his part so now it was time to sit back and watch the fireworks. Assuming the form of the Phoenix Burn-Out retreated. Naruto let out a pain groaned and begin to lightly shake.

Still stunned and in grief Megan didn't hear her team mates appear. ''Oh dude! Come on man are you playing dead or something?'' Kid Flash asked, rubbing the back of his head. He had seen Naruto take a bus to face and albeit injured recovered shortly after.

'It's all my fault!'

Aqualad came running up said, "Naruto? What's wrong?'' the Atlantean asked the blond as he crouched down and assessed Naruto's injuries. He noticed it was just a stab wound and figured Naruto's healing factor would take care of it.

'I...I stood there like a frightened child. What kind of super hero am I?'

''So, we lost Burn-out, so what was going on here?" Robin then said, "Other than Naruto and Megan here acting odd. What's up with you guys?'' Like Kid Flash he had seen Naruto take a multitude of damage and shook it off.

''It's all my fault!'' Miss Martian cried out as tears threatened to fall out. Upon picking up their team mate's distress they realized that things weren't what it appeared.

At Mount Justice some time had passed and Naruto had woken up. On the way back he had blacked out and didn't respond to anything. When he woke up he was surprised to wake up none other then the Martian Manhunter. "I must thank you for rescuing my niece."

''Of course, Megan's a good friend and a team mate. I'd do the same thing for anyone.'' he responded and winched, looking down and seeing his torso had been bandaged. ''What happened to me? Why did I black out?''

''An unidentified poison had been injected into your body. So far besides you losing consciousness and your immune system being slightly weakened there were no other notable changes. To be on the safe side you've been taken off active duty for a few days.''

''Am I confined to bed-rest?'' Naruto asked, almost timidly.

The Martian Manhunter had to repress the urge to smirk. Naruto was almost as bad as Kid Flash as he could be antsy and energetic. at times to the point where people swore the blond had split personalities. One moment he could be cool, calm, and collected while other times he was like a small child full of energy.

'' long as you take it easy you should be fine.''

''Thank Kami!'' Naruto said as he fell back then shot up and winch. Some time had passed and after being given a complete medical exam (the league of course were genre savvy enough to know there was something they were missing in the scan, but with everything turning up negative they had no choice but to wait and run tests in the meanwhile) Naruto was cleared to go about his business.

''Hey...'' Megan greeted the blond, after finally gathering up the courage to go to his room and confront him after spending all morning avoiding him.

''Well hey there! I was wondering where you were. Are you okay Megan?'' despite is own injuries he was still concerned about her.

''I am...thanks to you.'' she said, looking down at the ground. ''I'm so got hurt because of me.'' a rather dejected look formed on her face that weighed on her like the guilt.

''I chose to shield you so if it's anyone fault then it's mine. I didn't even consider the bastard would stab me and I should have known better.'' he assured her as he got up from his bed and went over to Megan who took a step back. ''Also I'm not going to give you grief when faced with your worst fear.'' he remarked, referencing her species dislike of fire. ''I won't let him hurt you again.'' he whispered as his face heated up.

Megan also found her face heating up as a result of the admission. ''So uum...are you hungry?'' she asked, hoping to change the subject.

''Hhm...I could go for some Ramen.'' he said with a shrug. He hadn't have any for about two weeks and he was craving some.

Megan's eyes lit up a bit, ''Oh okay! I'll definitely do that!'' she said as she darted out of the doorway and to the kitchen to make Naruto some get well soon Ramen.


Chapter End


My 250th story is the start of a new series of pairings I plan to began. Hope you all enjoy the first chapter, should have chapter two out soon.


New Earth Incarnation

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Devin Morris

Alias: Burn Out, Fryboy (by Kid Flash), and Burny (by Naruto)

Age: 18

Race: Human

Physical Description

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Red with yellow streaks

Eye Color: Amber

Power: Super Human Endurance, Pyrokinesis, Heat Projection, Flight, Minor Transformation.

Weaknesses: Extreme Cold, and Water.

Place of Birth: New York


Burn-Out was a delinquent from a young age, running with a gang and vandalizing property. He was soon kicked out of school and began running the streets. One day he and his gang snuck into a 'warehouse' to steal some things to sale. He was caught by some of the 'security' who doused him with some chemicals and left him for dead. As a result he developed the power of Pyrokinesis and such. Convinced he was a freak he began abusing his power for profit and self gratification.

Turning to his friends and families for support they cast him aside for being a freak. As a result he vowed that he would make those responsible pay. Contacted by a mysterious man who was interested in his services he was given a task. Defeat and deliver the members of Teen Titans to him. Though the task proved harder then thought and he was swiftly defeated. Burn Out gave up on the task out of self perseverance, but upon finding that the guards who caused his accident had vanished out of thin air he was soon informed that they were relocated until Burn Out completed the task he was hired for.

Though after repeated attempts to defeat the members of the Teen Titans ended up in failure Burn-Out grew his own personal vendetta. Now he fought to kill them as each failure brings him farther away from his original goals.

Young Justice Incarnation

The son of Villain Inferno, a long time enemy of the Justice League and in particular the Martian Manhunter, Burn Out was raised to be an assassin. Raised to be a killer since he could walk and talk Burn Out has little to no regard for human life. He was then given a mission from his father by a mysterious employer to kill the members of Young Justice.


Devin Morris is a young male, with auburn eyes, and short red hair that spikes back with yellow streaks. He is a physically fit young male with a football player like physique. His primary outfit is a black T-Shirt with a phoenix with black pants, white shoes with red streaks. At times he is shown wearing a long white cloak and a pair of black shades.


Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris is Devin's father and has raised him from birth when his wife Maria Morris died in child birth. Very strict and often distant Kevin has been known on occasion to treat Devin as more then just another soldier under his employ. Devin's power was inherited from him and manifested at an earlier age so it is theorized Devin might succeed his father, a fact Kevin is proud of.

Miss Martian

Burn Out's first attempt to kill the Young Justice members were when the team, with the exception of Megan were all trapped within their own minds. While an opponent with Burn Out's arrogance and limited skill set would have been easy pickings for Miss Martian, his element was that of her species weakness resulting in her being left powerless at the hands of Burn Out. This being particularly made evident because of Miss Martian being one of the survivors of an attack by a war-like alien species who used fire. Being aware of the animosity between Martian Manhunter and his father Burn Out took pleasure out of torturing Miss Martian. Before he could complete this he was interrupted by Naruto who came close to killing him before Project Number 2 intervened.

Naruto Uzumaki

A mutual hatred exists between them. Naruto for shattering Burn Out's perfect record of complete missions and Burn Out for torturing Megan. As a result the two of them always gun for each other whenever a conflict with both of them in the area breaks out.