Last time on the Dinosaur Goonies, Littlefoot and the gang, and the Goonies found a map, now is the time to try to find some rich stuff, here we go.

Chapter 3: The adventure begins

There is a song playing on the T.V., as the song is playing.

The Goonies 'r' Good Enough- Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper: What's good enough for you. Is good enough for me. It's good enough It's good enough for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brand is exercising, as Mikey picks up his marble bag, he looks at his brother, as Mikey has a plan, as he walks over to the Goonies, Littlefoot and the gang, as the song continues.

Cyndi Lauper: Now you say. You're startin' to feel the push and pull.

Mikey gets everybody to him, as mentioned his hands telling the plan, at first Littlefoot and the gang didn't understand, then when they look at Brand, then they fully understand.

Cyndi Lauper: Of what could be and never can. You mirror me stumblin' through those.

Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby walk over to Brand, " Hey Brand, how about we try it."

" It's not that hard." Brand said, as everybody jumped brand, and start to tie Brand up with his stretchers.

Cyndi Lauper: Old fashioned superstitions.

Chunk is on Brand as Brand says, " Get off me Chunk, get off, get off!

Littlefoot, Cera, and Spike are keeping Brands feet on the ground, as Mikey, Data, Mouth, Ducky, Petrie, Chomper, and Ruby tie up Brand, soon Brand is tied up, as everybody says, " We got him, go."

Cyndi Lauper: I find too hard to break. Oh maybe you're out of place.

Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk, Littlefoot and the gang ran out of the house to the bikes.

Cyndi Lauper: What's good enough for you. Is good enough for me. It's good enough. It's good enough for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mikey then see's Mouth and Cera popping Brands bike tires, " What are you doing? It took him 376 lawn mower jobs to pay for that! It's his most favorite thing in the world!"

" Now it's his most flattest thing in the world." Mouth said, running to his bike.

" Let's go!" Cera said, as follows Mouth.

Inside of the house, Brand is still tied up, as he says, " I'm gonna hit you so hard that when you wake up your cloths will be out of style!

Outside of the house, Mikey is riding his bike as Littlefoot running next by him, as Brand calls Mikey, " Hey Mikey."

Mouth is on his bike with Ruby riding with him as Cera running next by him, Data is on his bike with Chomper with him, Chunk is on his bike with Ducky and Petrie riding in the bucket as Spike is running next by him.

Cyndi Lauper: ( Good Enough) for you. Is good enough for me. It's good, it's good enough. It's good enough for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The Goonies and the gang go down to end of the drive way and enter on the road, as they go look for One Eyed Willy's rich stuff.

Back at the house, Mrs. Walsh and Rosalita are back from the supermarket, as Mrs. Walsh walks in as Brand says, " Oh mom, mom you got let me out of here."

Rosalita turns gets scared as she dropped the groceries on accident.

" Can you learn how to exercise like a normal kid?" Mrs. Walsh asked, as Rosalita picks up the groceries that she dropped.

" But mom..." Brand tried to say, but Mrs. Walsh shushed him for a moment, then she ask, " Where is your brother and his new friends?"

Brand says, " Mom, God, what's wrong with you people?" Brand then turned to Rosalita, as she threw in a can and some crackers inside the house, " Rosalita, come here! You got to let me out of here. Rosalita."

Rosalita laughs as she speaks to Brand in Spanish, while she kicks the can and the crackers into the kitchen, Brand then says as Rosalita talks to him in Spanish, " Rosalita, come here, come here! You got to let me out of... Rosa where you..."

Cyndi Lauper: Old fashioned superstitions.

Back on the street, the Goonies, Littlefoot and the gang are enjoying their time, as a man is lowering a flag, as Mouth says, " Hi Mr. Walsh."

The named Mr. Walsh waves, then he saw his son, " Hi Mikey."

" Hi Dad." Mikey said, as the rode past without getting stop.

Cyndi Lauper: I find too hard to break. Oh maybe you're out of place.

Chunk says, " Hi Mikey, wait for us."

The Goonies, Littlefoot and the gang turn right, as they leave the town area.

Cyndi Lauper: What's good enough for you. Is good enough for me.

Brand runs outside, Mrs. Walsh yells outside, " Brandon! Don't you come home without your brother and his friends or I'm gonna commit Harri Krishna!"

" That's Hari Kari, Ma!" Brand said, as he gets on his bike.

Mrs. Walsh calls backs, " That's exactly what I said!"

Cyndi Lauper: It's good enough. It's good enough for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brand then felt his tire were flat, he looks down and says, " What? My new tires! They pop my new tires those son of a... I'm gonna..."

Brand see a girl riding on her bike as he runs over to here.

Cyndi Lauper: (Good Enough) for you. Is good enough for me. It's good, it's good enough.

Brand made to girl removed her from her bike, as she screamed and says, "My bike! My bike!"

" Thanks I owe you one." Brand said, as he tries to catch up the Mikey and his friends.

The Little girl says, stumping her feet, " I want my bike, I want my bike, I want my bike."

Cyndi Lauper: It's good enough for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The song ends as the Goonies, Littlefoot and the gang are now on the road, out in the wilderness, as Data says to Mikey, " You are getting us in trouble."

" Getting us in trouble? You're the one who is wanting us to get us in trouble, 00 negative." Mikey said, pointing out the fact.

Data says, " It's 007, not 00 negative."

Chunk says, " You guys, I'm hungry. I know when my stomach growls there's trouble."

" Shut up, Chunk!" The group said, as they keep going, soon they stopped, Chunk asked for a Baby Ruth, everybody is looking at the map, as Mikey says, " I can't believe it, that it guys."

Data and Ducky asks, " What's it?"

Mikey points as he says, " That third rock down there. Let's go."

Meanwhile back with Brand, he is riding the little bike, as he is talking to himself, unknown to him, is that there is an Adult Flyer following him, and that there is a car coming.

In the car, three people are driving down the road, the teenaged boy is messing with the mirror, as a girl named Andy, catches the teenaged boy for guard, " Troy. Touch that mirror again, I swear to God, I'm gonna smack you in the face."

Andy's friend named Stef laughs, as Tory is laughing too, then Stef see's Brand, " Hey there's, Brand."

Tory also see's Brand on a kiddy bike, " Oh I like the bike."

Tory honks his horn, as Andy asks, " What is he doing?"

" No wonder why he can't come up with a license." Stef said.

The Flyer see's that a car is honking and slowing down, Brand hears a car honking, he looks and says, " Oh no."

Brand stops his bike, as the honks one more time as the car stops, Brand puts hand on the car, as Andy asks, " Brand, can we give you a ride somewhere?"

Both Tory and Stef look at Andy, " Huh?"

" No. Thanks always though." Brand said, trying to catch his breath.

Tory then start to feel jealous, as he says, " Yeah Walsh, let's us give you a little ride."

Tory grabs Brands hand and the cars start moving, " Hold on, here we go."

Brand try's to get lose, " Let go of hand, Tory."

Tory speeds the car up, as Brand says, " Oh no."

A training wheel broke off the bike, " Oh no."

Another training wheel broke off of the bike, as the brakes are damaged from the speed of the car, as Brand says to Troy, " Hey, let go of my hand!"

" Oh right buddy." Troy lets go of Brands hand, as Brand looks up ahead, " Oh my God!"

" So long sucker." Troy said, as he turned right, as Brand went down the hill, as he fell off the bike, as the Flyer caught him in air, as the bike is trashed, Brand looks up and see's another Flyer holding on to him, as the Flyer put him down as the Flyer lands as Brand says, " Thank you, I thought I was dead."

" Good thing I helped." The Flyer said.

Brand then says, " I know that you are a Flyer, but what is your name?"

The Flyer introduces himself, " My name is Pterano, how did you know I was Flyer?"

Brand says, " Because there are some dinosaur, and one of them is a small Flyer by the name of Petrie."

Pterano eyes widen, " Petrie. He's here along with his friends?"

" How do you know them?" Brand asks, wanting to know.

" I am Petrie's Uncle." Pterano said.

Brand then says, " Yes, he's here, but he and his friends have ran away with my brother and his friends, I am looking for them, until I had a run in with Tory."

Pterano then thought for a minute, the he turned to Brand, " I will help you find them. Let's go find them."

" Thank you for your help." Brand says.

Pterano says, " No problem, by the way, what is your name?"

Brand says, " I'm Brandon Walsh, but call me Brand."

" Okay Brand, hang on." Pterano said, while he picked up Brand, as they took off into the sky.

Meanwhile, Mikey, Mouth, Data, and Chunk are trying to pull their bikes up the hill, soon they dropped their bikes once they got to the top of the hill, as Mouth says, " Forget it. come on."

Now everybody is walking, Petrie is on Chunk's shoulder, " This better be it, Mikey." Chunk said.

Mikey says, " Shut up, Chunk."

Mike pulls out a stone called the Debloom, as Mikey looks through the holes as see a match, " Guys."

Everybody turns to him as Mikey says, " I think I have a match, I'm sure of it, the lighthouse, the rock, and the restaurant, all fit in the Debloom, that must mean that the rich stuff is near the restaurant."

Mike then gets out the map, " Mouth I'm gonna to translate the map, cause it has Spanish, right here."

" Oh right, oh right." Mouth then looks at the Spanish writing and says in Spanish at first, " Diez veces diez."

Ruby asks, " What does that mean?"

" Ten times ten." Mouth said, as Mikey and Data are thinking, " Uh, Hundred."

" Scratching feet, to the nearest northern point." Mouth translated.

Littlefoot asks, " Which way is north?"

Data gets out his compass, as Mouth read the map, " And that's where you'll find the tree."

Then Data points the compass, then he found north, " That's it, north is that way."

Data points where, as Mikey looks at the direction, " Go near the restaurant."

Then everybody starts walking as they count their way, so they stopped at sixty.

Everybody then see the sign spinning in the wind, as Mikey say, " Sixty, another Forty, leads to One Hundred right to the old restaurant, One Eyed Willy's rich stuff is got to be there."

" Um I don't know, Mikey." Chunk said, as Petrie says, " Me no know either."

Chunk looks and says, " Hey, it's getting late, and hey that's a summer place. What's it doing open in the fall?"

Data says to ensure Littlefoot and the gang, " There is nothing to be scared of, they are just customers that went inside the restaurant."

Chunk then say, " Yeah, yeah, but, but if their not customers. If their drug dealers?"

" Drug dealers?" Data said, as Chunk almost yelled, as everybody tell to be quite, as Data then adds, " You see their cloths, drug dealers would get caught doing it."

Then Everybody is moving at 80, everybody heard a sound, as Petrie is shaken by that sound as he hide behind Chunk, still on his shoulder.

" What that?" Petrie said, being afraid.

Chunk run up to Mikey, " Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, hear that sound like gun shots, not the big ones that you hear in a war movie about gun shots, real one that are gonna kill us."

" Geez Chunk tear off your brain alright, someone probably dropped a pot." Mikey said, ensuring both Chunk and Petrie that there is nothing to be afraid.

Everybody else agreed as they move, while Chunk says, " Are you sure, Mikey? Because if you're, I'm sure you know, because if they drop the pot and they might try to kill us."

Then Chunk yells, " But, but their gonna kill us, and flat..."

Mikey went up to Chunk and shut him up, and whispers, " Chunk, Shut Up."

Chunk quiets down, as everybody is looking, Spike hits some plants, then Spike and Ducky, saw Chunk and Petrie running over to a machine, as Chunk says, " Soda pop, oh boy, am I thirty."

Chunk opens the lid, as Spike and Ducky walk over to them, as Chunk says, " Dammit."

After Opening the lid, Chunk slams it shut, as Littlefoot, Mikey, and the others are looking threw the window, as Mouth asks, " What that?"

They see three people and a Flyer carrying something into the kitchen, as the female person is yelling, " Come on hurry up, hurry up!"

Two of the people drop something as the Flyer yells, " Pick it up you idiots!"

Mikey is breathing in his inhaler, as Data says, " Looks like they are carrying something into the kitchen."

" Yeah, Food." Mikey said, as he answers.

" We can't let them see us, guys." Data says, as they back up. Chunk, Petrie, Ducky, Spike are walking around as they open the garage door and see a car inside, as Chunk says, " ORV."

Ducky got in the ORV as she feels a bullet hole as she asks Chunk, " What is this?"

Chunk looks at the bullet hole, as he says, " Bullet holes."

Chunk eyes widen as Ducky gets on Spike's back, as Chunk says, " Bullet holes."

Chunk and Spike run to the others, as everybody is going inside the restaurant, Mikey, Data, Mouth Littlefoot, Cera, and Chomper are dragged inside, as Chunk is worried as Data covers Chunk's mouth, as Mouth says, " This place is a summer restaurant?"

Cera says, " Looks like it hasn't been open for while."

Then a woman and the Flyer came behind them came behind them, as the Flyer asks them, scarring them, " How long have you been staring at that window?"

Petrie is scared, as Data still cover Chunk's mouth, as Mouth answers, " Um long enough to see you need about 400 roach motels."

Then a man came from the kitchen, scaring everybody, as he yells at another man and two more Flyers, but Littlefoot and the gang could see who the other two Flyers are, as one of the men came to them and asks in Italian, the woman then says to the man, " Jake, Scarbeak, these kids are customers."

Then the Man and the older Woman are speaking in Italian, soon the guy said mama in English, which means the older women is Jake's mother, as Jake turns to the Goonies, Littlefoot and the gang, as he speaks in English, " Hey Kids, make yourselves comfortable, uh."

Jake grabs Mikey and Chunk cheeks softy as he talks, after he got down talking Scarbeak asks, " What do you want?"

Turn got scarred as they turn to the two, as Data says, " A glass of water."

Chunk, Petrie, Ducky, Littlefoot, Ruby, and Chomper are agreeing with Data, as Mama says, " Eleven waters. Is that all?"

Everybody nods there head as Mouth says, " No! I want the veal scalopini."

" Shut up Mouth." Mikey and Cera said, as they try to shut him up, as the others are also trying to tell to shut it.

" I want a good Fettuccine Alfredo. A battle of fettuccine, a 1981." Mouth said, as he made a kissing sound with his hands, then Scarbeak grabs Mouth's chin, as Mama says, " The only thing we serve is tongue."

" No..." Mikey try to say, as Scarbeak holds Mouth chin and is squeezing it, making Mouth's tongue come out, as Mama got a knife out on mouth's tongue.

Everybody covers their mouths with their hands and to some their tails, as Mama says, " You kids like like tongue?"

Everybody shakes their heads as Mama and Scarbeak laugh, then Mama puts her knife away as Scarbeak lets go Mouth's chin, as Mouth is reunited with the others, as Mama says, " That's all?"

Mama and Scarbeak move forward as the Goonies, Littlefoot and the gang move back, then Mama yells, " Sit down!"

Then everybody ran to a table and sit down, Chunk sits down, but lands on the floor, as Data asks, " Are you alright, Chunk?"

Mama and Scarbeak go into the kitchen, as Data starts the conversation, " You guys, what happened to the two guys that came here? What happened to them?"

Chunk, Petrie, Ducky, and Spike are getting everybody's attention, as Littlefoot asks, " What is it?"

" Spit it out." Mikey said, as wants to know too, as Chunk starts talking, " You guys, if we don't get out of here soon, there's gonna be some hostage crisis."

Ducky says, " I don't to be in that, oh no, no, no."

Chunk then says, " Out in the garage, an ORV, four wheel drive," Petrie joins in, " Bullets holes the size of m..."

Everybody got shocked at what they heard as they are muttering to each other, as Cera says, " I don't believe you, Chunk."

" You got that right, I'm pretty much ODing on all your bullshit stories, Chunk." Mouth said, as he agrees with Cera, as everybody else agrees as they tell Chunk to shut up, then glasses and bowls of water slam on the table, as it scared them, as Mama says, " Here's your water."

Mikey says, " Thank you, sir."

" You think she's a man." Data said, as Mama smacks Mikey's hand, as Mikey says, " Uh I mean mam."

Everybody is looking at the water, to them it didn't look right, as Mouth asks, " Is this supposed to be water?"

Mama turns to Mouth and says, " It's wet, ain't it?"

" Drink it!" Scarbeak said, as everybody is not wanting to drink, as Mikey asks, " Can I use the restroom, please?"

" Now I got to use it." Littlefoot said, as Scarbeak turned to them, " Can't you hold it?"

Mikey and Littlefoot say, " No."

" Mikey, Littlefoot, this ain't the kind of place you want to go to the bathroom in." Chunk said, trying to tell Mikey and Littlefoot that it's not a good idea.

Mama asks Chunk, " Why not?"

Chunk then says he reasons, " Mm because they might have daddy longlegs and um..." Chunk looked behind him, then looked again and saw a person and two Flyers shadows, as he whispers to Mikey and Littlefoot, " Dead things, Mikey and Littlefoot, you better think fast."

Mouth then starts talking as he dumps the drink in one glass, then to another, he does it back and forth, " Hey Mikey and Littlefoot, got to go to the bathroom?"

Chunk is still talking to Mikey and Littlefoot, as Mama says, " Downstairs, first door on the right."

Mikey and Littlefoot as Scarbeak says, " Stay to the right."

Mikey says, " We'll stay to the right, thank you."

Mikey hit a light bulb, as it scared him, Mikey gets the map out as Littlefoot asks, " Is One Eyed Willy, down here, Mikey?"

" I know he's down here, Littlefoot. He's got to be down here." Mikey looks at the map, " I can feel it, One Eyed Willy, I know your down here."

Mikey and Littlefoot kept on walking, when they came near the bathroom, Littlefoot and Mikey turn away, as Mikey says, " Aw man, that's stinks."

Then Littlefoot and Mikey hear a sound, Littlefoot asks, " What was that?"

Mikey and Littlefoot keep on walking, as they hear a man singing in Italian, as they see Jake, and Littlefoot see's two Flyers that he knows as Sierra and Rinkus, as Jake is messing around with someone in chains, as Jake says, " Your ruining it, quite ruining it, look at this I made for you."

Jake, Sierra, and Rinkus are throwing food at the person, as Rinkus says, " This is fun, Sierra."

" Got that right, Rinkus." Sierra says, they are getting ready to leave, as Mikey and Littlefoot hide from Jake, Sierra, and Rinkus, as Jake puts down the food behind the person, " You don't leave me any chose. You don't leave me any chose."

The person is making a sound, as Jake closes the door, as he turns to Sierra, " He's like Francis, he never let's me, finish anything."

" My Brother, Scarbeak is the same." Sierra said, understanding Jake's frustration, Mikey covers Littlefoot's mouth with his hands, as Mikey also covers his mouth with his own hand.

" Food." The person in the room said, Jake starts singing in Italian, as he, Sierra, and Rinkus leave, Mikey behind and Littlefoot's tail, got caught on mouse traps, once they trio were gone, Mikey removes the mouse traps from his behind and Littlefoot's tail.

The person is trying to get free, as Mikey and Littlefoot open the door, as the person is saying, " Hungry, Hungry."

The person is try to get free to get his food, Mikey and Littlefoot felt sorry for him, as they saw the food, Mikey grabs a broomstick, while Littlefoot uses his tail, they moved it, to only make a sound, as the person heard it, and turned around.

Mikey and Littlefoot see the person's face, as they had a horror written on their faces, the person picks up the food and says, " Food."

Mikey and Littlefoot ran out, as the person is cheering in victory, Mikey and Littlefoot are running, but as they are running, someone came from behind them and grabbed their mouths, they were screaming in their covered mouths, as they turned were turned around by Brand, as he says, " Why won't you guys listen to me."

Brand picks up, Mikey and Littlefoot as he carries them out, soon Mikey and Littlefoot are reunited with the others, they both see Pterano, as Chunk says, " They're alive."

Brand says, " Let's get out of here."

" Let's move." Pterano said, as everybody is walking as Mama and Scarbeak come out as Mama says, " Get out of here!"

Everybody is running, as Scarbeak says, " Get out of here and Stay out!"

Mama shuts the door, as Mama and Scarbeak is leaning on the door, as Mama says, " Kids suck."

Scarbeak says, " Agreed."

As they both head to Jake, Francis, Sierra, and Rinkus.

Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk, Littlefoot and the gang have left the house and are now at the restaurant, Brand got saved by Pterano, The bad guys are introduced with three bad Flyers, Brand and Pterano got the Goonies and also Littlefoot and the gang out of the restaurant, what will happen next, read chapter 4, to see the action, so long.