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Gibby stood up after his extremely long laughing fit. He left the room, saying something Sam didn't care enough to listen to. Freddie looked at Carly. Carly looked at Sam. Sam glared at both of them.

"Freddie has a girlfriend," Carly told her simply.

'Wait. She knew?'

Sam looked at Freddie and could tell how angry he was with Carly right then.

'Didn't he just ask the chick out? And how does Carly know?'

Sam pursed her lips. Carly wasn't even around when it happened! She happens to have Freddie's P.E. class. And she never even saw him ask any chick—

Sam's eyes went wide. This wasn't making sense. Time to break out the questions.

"Wait, wait, wait," she began, "How did you know that?" she asked Carly. Freddie was the one who was surprised, though,

"You already knew?"

Sam shrugged. This wasn't a big deal.

"Yeah, yeah. I heard some girls talking about it in the hallway at school."

Freddie's expression melted into a goofy grin all of a sudden.

"She was talking about me?"

Sam rolled her eyes. 'Nub.' Carly bit her lip,

"I wanted to tell you, you know," she told her, looking guilty, "But Freddie made me promise not to. I'm really sorry!"

Sam shook her head, and looked back at Freddie.

"Was she talking about me? What did she say?"

Sam stood up. She was already getting peeved. Carly stood up with her, trying to calm her down.

"It's only been a week!" she pleaded, "Well, a little more than a week. I would have told you if I could, you know that!"

Sam closed her eyes. 'Holy chiz, Carly can't shut up for one second, can she?'

"Just…who is she, anyway?" she asked her. Carly paused and then looked back at Freddie. He was still sitting on the floor, in a little bit of a daze. She turned back to Sam,

"Her name is Kathryn McClain. She's a new student. She just moved here at the beginning of the month."

Sam looked down at Freddie again. His face made her want to punch him so hard… He just looked way too happy.

'I need to fix that.'

She laughed, and remarked,

"So that's how he finally got a girlfriend! She doesn't realize what a dork you are because she's 'the new girl'!"

Freddie glared up at her.

"Smooth, Benson. I knew you were desperate, but, really?" Sam chuckled as Freddie stood up.

"THIS is why I didn't tell you!" he shouted, "Because anytime I try to actually have a nice girlfriend, you ruin it for me!"

'No, I don't!'

Sam growled,

"Well, it's my job to make you realize you're actually gay, Benson!"

'Nice. That just sounded stupid, Puckett.'

Just then Gibby walked in, his eyes about ready to pop out of his head.

"Freddie's gay?" he asked, clearly confused. Freddie just facepalmed.

"See? I almost didn't even tell Carly," he whined, "I knew she'd tell you!"

Sam smirked,

"If you're so afraid of losing them, you shouldn't ask them out at all."

'That…didn't come out right,' Sam paled. But it didn't matter because it still made Freddie furious.

Carly quickly butted in, pushing the two away from each other. She asked if they could just make some sort of an agreement.

Freddie looked at her with a questioning look.

"A compromise? With Sam Puckett?" he scoffed, "Yeah, like that'll happen."

Sam shifted. She could compromise. It's not like she wants him to be mad all the time.

'Well, maybe I do…just not necessarily mad at me…'

Carly sighed,

"Sam, could you try to leave Freddie's new girlfriend alone?"

She looked at Freddie and noticed his intense glare. Carly shakily continued,

"And NOT purposely screw anything up for him with her?"

Sam rolled her eyes, remarking,

"I've never even done that!"

All of them, even Gibby, immediately replied,

"Yeah, you do."

Sam groaned, and then quietly agreed,

"Okay, okay. I won't mess with your girlfriend."

Freddie was a little shocked, probably by how quickly she gave in. He thanked her.

Sam narrowed her eyes and grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled his face down to hers.

"But don't think I won't still mess with you, Frednub! Even if you're little girlfriend is there, all I have to do is ignore her—but your butt isn't getting off that easy."

He swallowed.

"Uhm…I guess I should be grateful," he muttered, "…I think."

Sam shook her head. She could do this. No big deal.

"A compromise?" Denial huffed, "I can totally do that."

"Yeah, right," Hate smirked, walking up behind her, "It'd be too easy to just wring that little girl's neck, you know. I mean, I certainly wouldn't mind."

"We don't have to do anything, Hate," Denial smiled, "We have no reason to dislike someone we don't even know. Isn't that right, girls?"

She turned to see every other emotion doing something different. In Love walked up to them both,

"I wouldn't say that…I mean, why is this girl any better than us? We're better. Way better."

Hate ran up next to her,

"See? This is what I'm talking about! We should join forces more often, little lady!" she grinned. In Love bit her lip,

"Well, okay…"

Denial shook her head and looked past them. Knowledge wasn't paying any attention. She was just sitting by herself, reading, as usual. Brave was up and about, purposely making her cape flutter behind her. Happy was in the back, by Timid, probably messing with her.

"Happy, what the hell are you doing?" Denial shouted.

Happy quickly turned around, a piece of ham hanging from her mouth.

She chewed and swallowed, and replied,

"I was just keeping Timid company."

Denial facepalmed, walking over, grabbing Happy's wrist and dragging her away from the cage.

"We don't talk to Timid. You KNOW why she's back there!" he shouted. She caught the others' attention.

"Timid is just fine, if you ask me," Lazy remarked, stretching and standing up. Happy smiled at her.

"Just leave her alone. Do what Denial says already. No more talking to Timid," Hate screeched, "Got it?"

The others nodded and went back to what they were doing.


Hate sighed angrily.

"Brave, knock it off!"