On Tom Tiddler's Ground.

This is just a little piece designed as an epilogue to assignment two, after all the (literal and figurative!)darkness and general misery I wanted to add at least a little happiness and show that the sacrifice made wasn't in vain.

The air was warm, softly scented with the smell of flowers.

The sun was warm on his face, eyes closed he allowed the slow smile to spread across his face.

Birds called overhead, flying low searching for tasty morsels that scurried in the crops ready to take back to their fledglings. Eastertide.

He knew it. As sure as the bones that stood him tall.

He was home.

He'd waited so long.

"There you are Sam!"

No. It couldn't be!

"What time do you call this? I've had a good mind to eat the bread and cheese and hang the ale!"


"Of course Eleanor! Who else were expecting? Another girl?" She teased, her voice taunting her demand, "someone prettier than me?"

His eyes flew open. She was there! All chestnut hair and laughing eyes.

His Eleanor.

He swept her up in his arms crowing with joy as he swung her in a swirl of skirts. She was real, her warm, solid figure pressed tight against his.

"Never! There's no one else that'll ever be as beautiful. You're my girl, and I'll never want another."

She laughed like a school girl, high cheeks blushing with pleasure, "Ah, Sam Pearce, always late you are, but you're worth it when you're here."

He grinned, lost to this glorious day and kissed her, full and passionately like he'd waited a lifetime.

"Aye, reckon I am an' all!"

She laughed, thumping him lightly on the arm, "Don't you be getting too big for your boots mister! You ever know, one of these days I'll get tired of waiting!

He caught her face gently, his hazel-green eyes gazing intently into her deep brown stare "aye, reckon you may, but I'll always be coming back Ellie, always. I promise you."

"That's my Sam."

He beamed at her, astounded that he had her in his arms once again, something he'd finally lost hope of the moment the those two interferers told him what the darkness' plans truly were. How long had he wasted there? There, in that godforsaken station? In that moment he gave up the hope that he would ever see her again. The hope that had kept him there for so, so long.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked catching the almost dreamy look that spread over his face.

"You." Not entirely true, he was thinking of the couple, the interfering couple that had made all this possible. He was so inexpressibly grateful. He wished he could of known what awaited him, wished he could of thanked them. However, somehow, he suspected, they knew.

"That's what I like to hear!" Eleanor smiled, laughing, planting a light kiss on his lips. That pulled him back into the moment, he caught her up, capturing her mouth and deepening the kiss, pouring out all his emotion into one, simple gesture.

She broke the kiss, breathless, flushed with pleasure, "Now come on! Else the birds'll have our picnic and we'll miss the Pasque. And I've waited so patiently to see it."

"Can't have that now can we?" With that, heart lighter than he could ever remember he swept her up into his arms and carried her back to their blanket in the hide as the birds sang overhead.


Just a short piece then, mainly for my own benefit! But please let me know what you think!

Thanks very much!