In the Kingdom of the Royal Family,

Prince Duken, the first child of the King and the first prince. He always wears a mask. He doesn't have second thoughts about killing humans, werewolves, vampires and other creatures. He is always serious.

Princess Sylvia, the second child of the King and the first princess. She wears a white dress unlike her sisters. She always love to torture her servants, humans or any other creature. She gets along with Lillianne and Sherwood. She is also serious just like Duken.

Prince Gilliam, third child of the King and the second prince. Always keeps his hair shortened and slicked back except for two long strands. He loves to taunt other people and his Siblings, He gets along with Severin and Salieri. He is seldom serious.

Prince Salieri, the fourth child of the King and the third prince. He keeps his hair long and wavy. He always critizes people on how they look and is super vain. He gets along with Severin and Gilliam. He is also seldom serious.

Prince Emile, the fifth child of the King and the Fourth Prince. He keeps his hair short and his female servants tend to develop a crush on him. He likes to play the flute and is always composing songs. He is quiet and seldom talks with his siblings.

Prince Severin, the sixth child of the King and the Fifth Prince. He always has a serious expression, always has an arrogant smirk. But behind that he is the Master Prankster. He gets along with Salieri and Gilliam. He is talkative and seldom shuts up.

Princess Lillianne, the seventh child of the King and the second princess. She always wears a black dress and a tiara. She likes drinking tea and sitting on the balcony. She gets along with Sylvia and Sherwood. She is always calm and seldom shows emotions. She doesn't like to be called by her name, but Duken and Sylvia are an excemption.

Princess Sherwood, the eight and last child of the King and the third and last princess. Like her Sister Lillianne, she wears black dresses and keeps her hair in a drill-shaped ponytail. She is still playful because of her age. She sometimes pranks with her older brothers. She gets along with both of her sisters.