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"Do you see it?"

"Yes… how strange."

"It's pathetic."

"Well, they are only insects… and barely sentient ones at that. So let them pray to a statue on a hill."

"They call it the City of God."

"Then we'll have to introduce them to the real deities."

Episode 1: Good Mourning (Part 1)

Hey, I don't feel so good…
Something's not right…
Something's coming over me…
What the fuck is this?

Good Mourning

A foul stench.

It travelled down the tunnels of decay.

Reeking of human waste and garbage, the sewers looked almost as bad as they smelled. Pieces of broken plastic and rotten food lined the walkable sides of the disgusting rivers. Human waste covered most of the walls, from the previous flood, while rats scurried down the aisles and waded through the sewage, searching for diseased scraps to eat. The miasma of decay would turn the nose of any self-respecting person, but not for three people there.

One was a tramp, lying on the ground, covered in rags. He was most assuredly dead.

The other two were children, who ran down the sides of the sewers at breakneck pace, with only their knowledge of the sewers keeping them from sliding into the disgusting muck and a short existence. They slided when needed and leaped from walkway to walkway, indifferent to the smell or the danger if they should fall in. They had been doing this for years. They were the professional champions of sewer-tag.

The boy ran past the tramp, ignoring the corpse, knowing that staring too long would just invite gloom and the loss of the game. His blonde hair was almost black from the dirt and grime he'd been rolling in, while his clothes (more akin to rags) were stained and torn; he looked like he hadn't had a bath in years. His shoes were worn down to the soles, he only wore one sock, and his jeans had been cut off from the knees down. He wore a bag clipped to his waist, the only thing that was relatively clean.

He ran on.

The girl ran past the tramp, not even noticing it in her hurry to win. Her shirt was as dirty as her face, mud that she wiped from her eyes and mouth, needing both in order to navigate the underground. Her dark hair had been tied up by rubber bands while her sneakers remained unlaced and her white socks barely visible thanks to the faeces that stained them. Like the boy, she also carried a relatively clean waist-bag.

They shot down the sewer tunnels, both breathless, both excited, only a minute left. They tore down a maintenance corridor, sliding down some drainage into a shallow gulley, leaping precariously over drains. Eventually, thanks to a daring leap forward, the girl managed to grab hold of the boy's leg, bringing him to the ground of the walkway.

"Shit," he muttered, staring at the ground.

The girl looked at a dirt-encrusted watch on her wrist, wiping the screen clear.

"17 seconds left," she said smugly, "That a new record Marcus?"

The boy groaned and sat up, leaning against a dirty wall. "Maybe. It doesn't matter anyway."

"You're right. Where's my book?"

"It's ours," Marcus stood up, swatting away a fly from his face, "And I forgot it."

"Liar. You've got a bulge in your bag. If that's not 'Spycatcher', then Ron's not going to be happy when I tell him you took his cannabis on a sewer trip."

"It's not Ron's bloody drugs," Marcus groaned, "Here."

He took out a shiny, small book from his bag and gave it to her.

"'Green Eggs & Ham'?" she read out, not amused, "Why is this garbage in my hands?"

"I thought it was more to your level of literature, Stacy."

After a good tussle later, Stacy triumphantly held 'Spycatcher' above her head. Marcus groaned and got up, muscles aching even more from the fight.

"Now what?" he moaned, "I think we're somewhere under Bassman Block."

"Hell no," Stacy corrected, "We passed Rat's River Run on the way here. We should be somewhere in the CBD."

"Oh great," Marcus said as he walked beside the river of sewage, "Mam'll kill us."

"We best not go back today then. She might even forget we're gone."

"The two most troublesome thirteen year-olds in the city; I doubt she'll be likely to forget us."

They walked through the sewers, talking animatedly about Ron's runs, the blocked sewer tunnel in Chinatown, the staff at the orphanage and whether or not the world of espionage described in 'Spycatcher' was actually real.

"Of course it isn't," Stacy chided, "No secret intelligence organisation could be so boring."

"But it goes into a lot more detail than anything by Robert Lumlum," Marcus argued, "The Borne series must be what it really means to spy."

Of course, spying brought way to war, which in turn brought them to the Transformers.

"So the Decepticons are all dead now?" Stacy asked.

"Well Optimus Prime said that there were probably a few left out there," Marcus remembered, "I remember some of them…"

"Like who?"

"Well, there was $250,000 reward for anyone who could give any information about any known Decepticons out there. I only remember one though; Ruination. Optimus created a hologram of him on the TV and he's this massive 'con that turns into a twin-bladed helicopter! I've forgotten what it was though…"

"An Osprey?" Stacy remembered up from an old military aircraft book.

"V-22 Osprey, that's it! Then there was this police car and a helicopter and a—"

"Barricade?" Stacy supplied again.

"Yeah! Apparently they've been chasing him for years—"

He stopped suddenly.

"Hang on," he mused, "Where are we?"

"Um…" Stacy looked about her, not recognising this particular sewer tunnel.

"I think we've gone deep into the CBD," Marcus wondered. They usually never went into the deep sewer tunnels in the CBD, because the workers there would chase them away. It was one of the few areas they had never fully explored.

"Come on then," Marcus grinned, "Let's go exploring."

"Wait!" Stacy called after him, but Marcus was already running down the sewer.

"Come on, we've never been down—" but Marcus was cut off. Because he had ran into someone.

He smacked into a person hidden in the shadows and bounced off a chest like concrete. He slid across the walkway, staring up at the hidden person. Stacy ran to his side, looking up as well.

But it wasn't the expected sewer worker. This was a boy, older then the both of them, who looked like he'd been down the sewer for five minutes. His jet black hair almost covered his eyes, and the dark trousers he wore had already been stained. His once expensive shoes were stained with rubbish and faecal matter. But most surprising of all were two things. The old, duster coat that he wore was actually dusty, not a single piece of garbage on it. And most strange of all, he wore a pair of dark sunglasses.

The boy looked down, his face expressionless.

Marcus and Stacy looked up.

"Ur… hello?" Marcus inquired.

"Seen any Koreans?" the older boy asked. His dark sunglasses looked ridiculous.

Marcus looked at him as if staring at a mental patient.

"Um, no. You don't get many Koreans down in the sewers of Mission City. Nor do you usually find strange kids wearing sunglasses in a dark tunnel."

"A kid comedian," sunglasses said, cool as you like, "Almost as annoying as the shit on my shoe."

"Hey, hey!" Stacy interrupted them, "I think we got off on the wrong foot guys. Listen, my name's Stacy Moore and this is Marcus Twist. We hang around here."

"Name's Ryder," sunglasses replied, "And more fool you for giving up your full names to a stranger."

"You don't look like a raving psycho," Stacy shot back.

"Looks can be deceiving," Ryder said, shrugging.

They stood in awkward silence.

"Well…" Marcus began, "What are you doing down here?"

"I could ask the same of you."

"Well we asked first."

"And I'm refusing to answer. What are you doing down here?"

Marcus frowned. "Exploring."

"The sewers? It's a lot cleaner in the city."

"We've been here many times before. We know the area."

"If you know the area, what are you exploring?"

"The sewers you're blocking entrance to."

Ryder stepped aside, old duster coat high enough not to trail in the muck.

Marcus and Stacy walked by, the sunglasses following them.

"Wait," Ryder spoke coolly.

"What?" Marcus asked, eyes suspicious.

"Mind if I tag along?"

Marcus smiled. "Only if you can keep up."

They ran down the sewers, Ryder in pursuit.

Marcus and Stacy had their hands on their knees, breathing hard. Ryder simply walked by them, not breaking a sweat.

"You're… you're fit," Marcus gasped between breaths.

Ryder simply shrugged and pulled a cigarette from the old duster coat. He struck a lighter, and smoke wafted through the air from the cigarette.

"Smoking's bad for your health," Stacy said.

"So is rolling around in the sewers."

Marcus stood straight and walked down the walkway, investigating new piles of rubbish and garbage. He heard Stacy and Ryder talking in the background.

"What's that?"

"Hmm? Oh, 'Spycatcher'."

"And here I thought all sewer-people were illiterate."

"We're not sewer people, we're orphans."

"And how long would it take for a stranger to track down all the Stacy Moore's and Marcus Twist's in orphanages in Mission City?"

While those two bickered, Marcus swept his eyes over all the rubbish. It's amazing what some people attempted to flush or dropped into drains.

And then something glinted in the darkness.

Marcus did a double-take. He watched.

Another glint.

Could it be a watch? A ring? Something that could pass as a diamond?

But when Marcus had rummaged through the waste to get it, it didn't fit any of those things, nor anything like them.

It was a small, strange, piece of metal. With small, strange hieroglyphics on it.

"Hey!" he called over to Stacy and Ryder. They quickly came over.

All three peered at it. It seemed to be glowing slightly.

"It seems to be glowing," Stacy noted.

"It doesn't look like it came off a Foreman grill, that's for sure," Marcus nodded.

"It looks alien," Ryder gazed.

All three looked at each other.

"Could it be part of the battle five years ago?" Marcus asked wildly.

"You mean a piece of an Autobot?" Stacy gasped.

"Or a Decepticon?"

"Could it be a bit of Megatron himself?" Stacy continued.

"Or the Allspark," Ryder noted calmly.

They looked up at him.

"The Allspark?" Marcus asked.

"I was there," Ryder nodded, gazing into the distance, "I remember…"

"It was the thing they were fighting over," Stacy remembered, "It was some kind of cube, filled with all sorts of energy and power…"

Without much consideration, Marcus picked it up.

"Whoa!" Stacy exclaimed, "Don't pick it up! You don't know what it will do!"

Marcus's eyes were alight with wonder. "If we hand this in, I wonder if will we meet Optimus Prime—"

A white flash. The sewers were filled light, destroying the darkness and blinding the rats.

Stacy screamed.

Ryder frowned.

And Marcus was filled with truth and light.

"Three Pillars in two months; gentlemen, this is not acceptable."

The conference room was dimly lit, keeping with the classified feeling of the meeting. Twelve men and two women sat around the table. The woman at the head of it was talking.

"The UN is considering disbanding NEST completely and I'm inclined to agree with them," she said, "So far, the scattered remnants of Cybertronian technology around the planet still remain scattered. The Pillars used in the Chicago siege are still in locations around the world, as are the Decepticons who planted them there. We have no viable information regarding the locations of any known Decepticon and there are even talks of exiling the Autobots from Earth completely. Colonel Lennox, you have something to say?"

"Yes ma'am," Colonel William Lennox spoke from his position at the table, "So far our operations since the battle at Chicago have run smoothly with no Decepticon contact at all. This suggests that either the Decepticons on Earth are no longer threats to us or they've left Earth completely. As we have no information about any Decepticon activity on Earth, you cannot justify believing that there are any left on our planet."

The Secretary of Defence, Charlotte Mearing, sighed.

"Yes, you are correct Colonel. But this doesn't change the fact that there were thousands of sightings of Pillars around the world, and with the exception of those in Chicago, only three have been found. Unless progress is made soon, NEST may have to step down.

"But back to the main matter at hand," Charlotte took some papers in front of her and looked them up and down, "The Decepticons."

Staff-Sergeant Robert Epps spoke up. "I thought we just cleared that up."

"No. We haven't," Charlotte continued on, "Sentinel Prime, Megatron, Shockwave, Starscream and Soundwave; these are the only Decepticons that apparently could threaten Earth properly, and all were killed in the battle at Chicago. Of unaccounted Decepticons that have been sighted on Earth, the list is as followed: Barricade, Bludgeon, Skywarp, Incinerator, Ruination, Astrotrain and Space Case. Of those, Barricade, Bludgeon and Astrotrain are supposedly thought dead. These Decepticons have been classified minor to low threat. All confirmed Decepticon corpses are located in Hangar 18, at the disclosed location. No further information has been allocated."

"What do you mean, 'supposedly thought dead'?" asked Major Nuka, the commander of NEST operations in Africa.

"As in we're not sure whether they're dead or not," Charlotte replied tersely, "Barricade was heavily injured in the battle of Chicago thanks to Colonel Lennox and his men, but his corpse was never recovered while Bludgeon and Astrotrain were fought and thought destroyed in the Diego Garcia incident."

There were some hung heads around the table. Many remembered the Diego Garcia incident and how Shockwave had wreaked havoc on NEST's own HQ. Director Galloway and many Autobots had been killed by that monster while Starscream had held up the others.

"Secretary of Defence."

All heads turned to the other end of the table. Although no-one sat at it, all eyes were focused on the wall behind it. It was one huge plasma screen, and a huge, metal head filled it.

"What did you mean by talks of being 'exiled from Earth'?" Optimus Prime asked, "I was not aware of such talks taking place."

"You were not aware of such talks because they were kept secret from you," Charlotte Mearing replied, "And as they are only ideas being thrown about, they did not really concern you."

"I think the subject of the Autobots life on your planet very much concerns us," Optimus's calm voice boomed across the room, "As we do not wish to leave your planet until we have eliminated every last Decepticon, I speak for all Autobots when I say we do not wish to let another human life be ended by their threat."

"As much as your consideration for us is touching Optimus, there are seven billion humans on Earth," Charlotte reminded him, "And I believe we can manage a maximum of seven Decepticons."

Optimus watched her carefully. "Believe me when I say that there are many more than just seven Decepticons out there. Out among the stars, they travel, searching for a master they do not realise has been killed. And when they arrive and find out that Megatron is dead, they will be very angry."

But at that moment, a man came rushing into the room, interrupting whatever Charlotte was going to say.

"Colonel Lennox, Optimus Prime!" he cried out, "Energon signatures are going off in Mission City! We have no Autobots there!"

"It seems they're back already," Optimus noted.

"At where it all began," Lennox muttered.

"Then you two best get your troops over there," Charlotte ordered, "I'd rather we never have another battle on American soil."

Marcus awoke to the realisation that he was moving.

He was being dragged up a ladder by Ryder, who was opening a manhole above them. He looked down to see Stacy looking up.

"Marcus!" she cried, "You're awake!"


"Good thing too," Ryder grunted with effort, "We're back on the surface."

As they appeared out of the ground, onto the sidewalk, pedestrians avoided the stinking children like the plague. Which is what they smelled like anyway.

As Stacy climbed out the manhole, Marcus shakily got to his feet.

"W-What happened?" he asked.

"Well for one," Ryder began, "You gave me a good reason to wear sunglasses underground. When you touched that piece of whatever, a bright flash filled the room and you were knocked unconscious. I've had to drag you a long way."

"Are you okay?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah," Marcus lied, head still spinning, "What happened to that piece of alien metal?"

"It… It turned to ash. Right before our eyes."

"Well there goes my chance of seeing Optimus Prime," Marcus joked, feeling the hope of seeing the legendary alien disappear. He smiled to cover his disappointment.

"Not quite…"

All three spun around at the voice. But there wasn't a pedestrian in sight, all of them having crossed the road to get away from the smelly kids. There was just a mangy stray and a bright red Subaru Impreza—

"You still got a chance," said the Subaru.

Marcus and Stacy leapt back from the Subaru. Ryder simply looked at the vehicle with mild curiosity.

"And who might you be?" Ryder asked.

"The new model," the Subaru replied, "Just kiddin'; name's Mirage. I'm an Autobot."

Marcus and Stacy stared at the car with shock on their faces. Ryder seemed kind of bored.

"Really?" he asked, "How about you transform and prove it."

"Yeah, sure," Mirage replied, "In the middle of a crowded city, with memories of that battle five years ago still here. The national guard would be on me in minutes."

"So what do you want?" Marcus asked.

The Subaru's doors opened.

"To take you for a ride you'll never forget."

The three kids stared at the open doors with mixed emotions.

"Come on," Mirage said cheerfully, "The big cheese is waiting for you guys."

"Optimus?" Marcus gasped, "How does he know about us?"

"We've been tracking pieces of Allspark ever since the battle," Mirage answered, "But with limited success; but now that you've picked it up, it's become a part of you."

"Me?" Marcus gaped, "How?"

"We've been tracking that sliver for weeks. When you picked it up and it was destroyed, we knew immediately what had happened; that sliver had transferred all its knowledge into your brain. Even though it is just a tiny piece, it still has a planetary archive of information in it; and now, it's all in your head. So get in, and I'll take you to NEST."

Marcus couldn't believe it. Was this really happening?

"Wait a sec," Stacy said, stopping Marcus from leaping in, "How can we trust you? For all we know, you could be Decepticon."

The Subaru bristled. "A Decepticon? You believe me a Decepticon? Don't compare the awesome power of Mirage with that of a mere Decepticon!"

Marcus turned to Stacy, a strange look in his eyes.

"Forty years from now, you'll look back and wish you got in the car," he said.

Stacy looked from him to Mirage. Then back again.

She got in the driver's seat.

As Marcus ran round to get in the passenger's seat, he turned to look at Ryder.

"You coming?" he asked.

Ryder shrugged his shoulders.

"Normally I wouldn't take a stranger's request to go in a strange car… but I need out of town quick, so all right then."

He got in the back and Mirage drove down the street.

"Urr… where are we going?" Marcus realised.

"NEST HQ," Mirage replied, "Detroit."

"Really? All the way to Michigan?"

"Sorry folks, long ride. You don't have any relatives do you?"

"No," Stacy replied in a small whisper.

"Good," Mirage said, before quickly correcting himself, "I mean, as in no-one will miss you… while you're gone… for now—"

Ryder slapped his forehead so hard it sounded like the crack of a whip. Marcus and Stacy turned, concerned.

"Sorry," Ryder said as the sunglasses slipped of his face, "I deserved that."

"Why?" Stacy asked, wondering why slapping oneself would be deserved.

"Because I'm an idiot." He picked up his sunglasses off the floor and Stacy noticed how blue his eyes were. They were bright, almost turquoise, like a shallow sea. But he didn't put the sunglasses back on.

"I've just remembered the messages Optimus Prime sent out; about the Autobots and the Decepticons and how you could tell the difference."

Mirage seemed to go slightly faster.

"And I remember Mirage being an Autobot."

"You see!" Mirage spoke with pride, "There's no way I'd be a creepy Decepticon!"

"But I also remember Mirage…"

Ryder put his sunglasses back on.

"…was a Ferrari."

And at that moment all hell broke loose.

The-Not-Actually-Mirage transformed in the middle of a junction, just as a twin-bladed helicopter came spiralling down towards them. People screamed and crashed into each over, trying to avoid the metal titan. The Decepticon held the three kids in his hand and grinned down at them as he towered over the road.

"Sorry guys," he snarled, "But you've reached a Dead End!"

But at that moment the Humvees came round the corner.

"Open fire!" Epps roared, and a mix of armour-piercing bullets and sabot rounds flew down the street.

Dead End did a backflip, letting the ordnance scream past, the street and cars exploding.

"Oh, shit," Epps muttered, "Next time, check your targets guys."

Dead End transformed again, the kids screaming as they found themselves back in the seats. Marcus tried the door as Dead End sped down the street, but it was locked tight.

"Let us out!" he roared.

Stacy screamed, while Ryder simply blocked his ears and sighed.

"SHUT UP!" Dead End roared at them, "I'm trying to drive!"

"You think you're going to win?" Marcus shouted back, "Megatron and Shockwave and all the rest got beaten by the Autobots; what makes you think that a pathetic little 'con like you will stand a chance?"

"Because I'm faster than they were."

Dead End shot down the street, causing Marcus to scream as well.

Ryder sighed louder and began singing.

"The boys of the NYPD choir, were singing Galway Bay…"

As the Humvees tried to navigate the traffic in an attempt to chase Dead End, the twin-bladed helicopter dropped out of the sky and landed on its feet.

"RUINATION!" Epps roared, "TAKE COVER!"

The Humvees were quickly evacuated as Ruination crushed one underfoot, roaring with delight.

"Ahh, insect!" he roared, pointing at Epps, "Remember Peru?"

"Don't bring it up," Epps muttered as he and his squad ducked into a café. He remembered the devil's highway all too well*.

Ruination sliced another Humvee in half with rotating blade, as a squad on the other side of the street opened fire.

"NO!" Epps roared, "GET INTO COVER!"

But it was too late. Ruination roared as a sabot round smashed off his shoulder, a rotating blade whirling. The squad screamed as they were hacked up like pieces of meat.

Epps ducked down into the café, shaking slightly.

"Alright guys, we need to get to higher ground. The Autobots should be here any second, so we have to take positions on upper floors or the roofs when they arrive."

They quickly followed him up the stairs at the back of the café.

"Where are you, insect?" Ruination roared down the street, "I'll squash you underfoot!"

He didn't notice the shapes descending from above.

Dead End stopped.

Marcus and Stacy stopped screaming.

They had reached the end of the road. The large lake that signalled the end of 4th street couldn't have looked more inviting.

"Ha!" Marcus roared triumphantly, "I guess you should have gotten a road map first!"

Dead End grumbled and the Subaru spun around…

…to see a figure blocking his way.

He towered over the road like a god, his blue and red form licked with painted flames. A huge energy sword was in place of his left hand, while his right held a long barrelled gun. His blue optics stared down at the Subaru, as if daring it to make the first move. Despite bristling with weapons and power, he still managed to seem regal, even with his awe-inspiring form.

"Release the children," he spoke in a low thunder.

"Optimus," Dead End grumbled, transforming, the kids in his right hand while the left had become a blaster. This he trained on the kids.

"One step closer, Prime, and these three innocents will just add to the tally you've already created!"

"I care not for how you perceive me," Optimus rumbled, "But if you want to live, I suggest you let go of the children, now."

"You think you can threaten me?" Dead End sneered, "I hold the insects, so I hold all the cards. I'm going to leave, and you and your Autobots won't get in my way. Understand?"

Optimus frowned, his sword and gun not moving. The smaller Dead End stared him down, unflinching.

Whereas Marcus and Stacy were close to panicking in the grip of the Decepticon, Ryder calmly pulled something from his coat. It was small, metal and black.

"I knew this would come in handy someday," he said, pulling a pin from the small, black object.

"What is it?" Marcus asked fearfully.

"EMP grenade," Ryder answered, before lobbing it at Dead End's face.

The grenade exploded against the Decepticon's head, releasing an invisible shockwave that ran right through his brain.

"Prepare for a drop," Ryder warned.

Dead End screamed and dropped the kids. His hands went to his face as Optimus fired the blaster.

A huge shot smashed into Dead End's chest.

The kids crashed to the ground.

Ruination first learned of the Autobot's arrival, when a parachute landed over his head.

Roaring and blind, he spun around, only to have something slice at his chest, sending pieces of metal flying. He let loose several missiles, but they missed completely and exploded along the street, sending cars and fire through the air. He tore off the parachute, just as Sideswipe kicked him in the face.

Pushed backwards, someone else ducked behind his feet, tripping him over. He roared as he fell, sending a missile into a building, the debris falling around them.

"We got Sideswipe and Mirage!" Epps roared, "Let him have it!"

The two Autobots leapt at the large Decepticon, blades flashing in the sun. Ruination tried to get back to his feet, only for Sideswipe and Mirage to slam him back down, slicing across him, shards of Decepticon flying everywhere. But Ruination was tough, kicking them off him, roaring again as he got to his feet. Epps and his squad opened fire, sabot round burning parts off the colossal Decepticon, missiles screaming as they hit his armour.

Realising this battle was lost, Ruination transformed as he leapt into the air, his rotors lifting him up. But Mirage was having none of it. Two hooks launched from his arms, connected by incredibly tough wire, and slammed into the retreating form of Ruination. Intending to pull the Decepticon down, Mirage found himself lifted into the air by Ruination. The more powerful Decepticon flew higher, with Mirage being dragged up as well.

"Drop, Mirage!" Epps called, "You can't beat him in the air!"

"I can take him," Mirage muttered, as he began to climb past the skyscrapers.

"Listen Mirage," Sideswipe called over the communicator, "He's right; you can't beat someone that big in the sky. You'll fall to your death."

Mirage grumbled something, before pulling the hooks back and falling.

As Ruination flew away, a long, curved blade appeared in Mirage's arm. He smashed it into the skyscraper, before riding the blade all the way down to the ground. He picked himself up as shattered glass fell about him.

"How about next time," Epps asked, "You do it with a little less collateral damage."

"How about next time," Mirage spoke with his low Italian accent, "You try and do it."

"How about next time," Sideswipe interrupted, "You two stop bickering and reflect on how I'm better I am then both of you."

They looked at him.

"Kidding," Sideswipe smiled, "Now let's find out what's happening with Optimus."

They hadn't dropped far, so Marcus, Stacy and Ryder were alright with the exception of a few bruises and cuts.

The same couldn't be said for Dead End.

He looked down at his hands, covered with energon. The shot had smashed through his chest, and his spark had been torn up like butcher's meat, leaking his vital fluids all over the road. He gasped, stepping back towards the lake.

He looked up at Optimus.

"I-I'm dying…"

"It didn't have to end this way Dead End," Optimus said, withdrawing his sword and placing his blaster on his back.

"B-But… they're only insects…"

"Freedom is the right of every sentient species," Optimus reiterated.

"Except if they're Decepticons," Dead End smiled sadly, "Right?"

"You made that choice long ago, and you chose evil and tyranny."

"Evil? Is that how you perceive me?" Dead End seemed to be actually sobbing, "I just wanted to survive."

"Then why didn't you just join us?" Optimus asked, surprised, "We would have kept you safe."

"Safe? We do not care for your protection…" Dead End coughed up some more energon, his life failing, "If you consort with such weak species… then more fool you…"

Optimus didn't answer, watching as Dead End turned to look at the lake. He looked at the yachts, while the humans on them looked back with awe.

He looked down at the kids, who (with the exception of Ryder) gaped in wonder at him.

"You think these humans care…?" Dead End sobbed, "Our race is dead, and a hundred meta-cycles from now, none of us will be alive… and no-one on your pathetic Earth will care…

"You can try to shape and mould these humans so that they won't repeat our mistakes… but they scheme and plan, pretend and trick… and when all the Decepticons are laid to rest, what will become of you? Nothing… absolutely nothing…"

"I do not believe that, Dead End," Optimus spoke firmly, "There is good in them."

"There is good in us!" Dead End roared, energon flying everywhere. "There is good in us…" he whispered, "But you believe it stems from charity…"

"How am I wrong?"

"It stems from belief… from belief in one's self… you'll see Optimus. One day, someone will show you what belief can do… and what creatures these insects are…"

Dead End sighed, as if finally breathing for the first time in his life, and toppled into the lake.

He slipped below the surface, and sank to the bottom.

All was silent.

And then slowly, surely, people came out of the buildings, came to look.

They stood around Optimus gazing up in awe.

And then one person clapped.

The applause rose in volume and then in speed. Soon cheering broke out and the gathering crowds roared their support.

Marcus and Stacy looked around them, before looking up at Optimus Prime.

He stared down at the gathered crowds, almost glowing with pride.

Ryder took out a cigarette and lit it.

As Epps and the other Autobots arrived, he sucked on the end, and smoke curled into the air.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, the sun struck hard over Rio de Janeiro.

As children played in the favelas, tourists lounged on the beaches, criminals hid in the shadows and skyscrapers reflected the punishing sun across the city. The streets were filled with cars and bikes, as hundreds of thousands of people bustled around the busy city, unaware of impending doom.

High on a hill overlooking Rio, was Christ the Redeemer. The statue of Jesus overlooked the bustling city, his arms inviting the warm glow of the sun as tourists or pilgrims gathered at his feet.

It was beautiful.

But two dark, twisted shapes, appeared in the sky.

They slowly descended, savouring their free-fall, seeing who could last the longest before spreading their wings.

Eventually, the black one slowed his descent and landed near to the statue, blood-red optics surveying the sights before him, his twisted claws reeking of menace and doom. The people quickly fled.

The second, a dark blue shape of awe-inspiring metal and terrifying power, landed directly next to the Christ. His claws stroked the statue, while he gazed out over Rio.

"The City of God," he rumbled, his voice like rolling thunder, his tone containing nothing but malevolence.

"Look at it," the black cybertronian snarled in a nasal voice, "An insect hive, filled to the brim."

The blue one's arm transformed into an axe. "Then we best cut it down to size," he uttered darkly.

The black one frowned. "Commander Thundercracker, please remember the mission."

A twisted grin formed on Thundercracker's face. "Oh believe me Flatline… I have not forgotten. These insects will pay for bringing down Lord Starscream and Lord Megatron."

As people looked up to see the son of God, he was accompanied by two scions of death.

Thundercracker could barely contain his eagerness to wipe out the humans.

"This is the beginning… the beginning of something new…"

Flatline grinned sadistically. "Let the blood rain."

"I will be the catalyst for the resurrection of our leaders… and the catalyst for the insects mourning. Let the fear take them, and cast them into oblivion."

And then they descended upon the city.

I will try to upload the rest as they come!

*Transformers: The Veiled Threat