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The story is based on a theoretical connection between the OVA and the Game's events, but since I want things to blend more into canon territory, this will most likely be also using certain elements and characters from the Innocent Soul manga and 2012 anime series. Events here start off about a year after the events of the OVA.

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"In this godforsaken hell that we call home, there is but one simple rule: kill or be killed."

B RS :Stars Through Darkness

Prolouge chapter: Foreshadow

The barren earth seemed to go on for eternity.

A great valley stretched as far as the eye could see, mountains of jagged gray rock jutting out like stalagmites in the distance. Various sights dotted the desolate land: plateaus, canyons, craters, titanic blades of unearthly origin, and, quite eerily, already-devastated structures—ones mangled beyond vague recognition-indicating where civilization once thrived.

Not a single cloud decorated the sky; but where there should have been an infinite manifestation of bright, vibrant blue was a never-ending canopy of toneless, monochrome gray. Rusting chains of black metal extended themselves into the infinite void in the likeness of a spider's realm, where one could never see where they ever touched.

A mere centimeter-thick layer of stale ash covered the tough, dull earth, some of it manifesting above the ground as it was raised by a lifeless breeze. The air stank of death and decay, the horrid stench enhance by the drafts that seemed never-ending.

If one were to closely observe the explicit details of the land, they would easily conclude that a great battle had taken place—no doubt the one responsible for wiping everything out in a manner that did not leave the slightest scrap for the scavengers to pick.

In what could possibly be the very center of this dead world, where the smell of rot and murder reeked the most, was a pit of immense proportions.

It wasn't just any pit, however: this was a place where even the bravest of the ones who remained in this world dared not venture; it was an infamous reminder of what this place had once been, the mere thought of the damned landmark enough to resurface recollections best left forgotten. Of course, almost everyone here knew of the pit, and its somewhat unconventional use which formed the main source of its iniquitous stench.

The Executioner's Pit—a place where the dead were simply tossed away, left to rot for the rest of eternity.

And there, standing over the abyss' edge, was the one whom the place was named after.

An ankle-length coat hugged the figure's surprisingly nimble frame, bearing the mark of a white star on the back of its cobalt-black surface. A large hood concealed the figure's features from wandering eyes, a pair of bundled black locks the only things visibly hanging from the person's dark shroud. Nimble thighs were seen from where the figure's coat whipped and trailed in the wind, below them a pair of form-fitting black leather boots slightly coated with the incommodious ash.

In a somewhat grisly image that blended in with the lifeless ambience of the vicinity, the figure's wiry hand held on to another one behind them, its telltale sign of inanimation describing it as a corpse.

A girl's body hung from where the figure held on to it by the back of its collar, its head drooping down lifelessly with its matted black hair covering pale features from sight. The lower half of its body was dirtied with dried blood and sticking ash, a long trail of shifted gray earth tailing behind the two which indicated that the corpse was simply dragged towards the site.

The most enthralling feature of the dead body, however, was something that marked her to be nonhuman. Already as lifeless as the rest of its limbs, the corpse's right "arm" was a large appendage of reddish-black bones, a multi-segmented arm that ended with a large skeletal hand of the same color. The large arm was about three times longer than the girl's height, its entire length catching as much ash as the body when it was dragged along.

The figure's attention shifted slowly to the left then to the right, seemingly searching for a favorable spot. Without further ado, the figure put strength into the arm holding on to the corpse, flinging it right into the dark abyss. Its massive skeletal limb, having more weight than the rest of the body, rattled momentarily when it grazed the craggy rock edge and kicked up a small cloud of ash before dropping down with the rest of the body.

A barely audible thud was heard moments later, the sound reverberating through the dark chasm before giving way to dead silence once more.

The figure continued to stare into the pit for some time, with the constant blinking of its bioluminescent blue eyes the only movement made despite it being unseen under the large hood.

Moments later, the figure straightened and fixed its gaze onto the dark horizon. It closed its eyes and slowly took in a single breath, not minding the strong smell of decay. It then exhaled as slowly as it had taken in the stale air, bringing a gloved hand within its line of sight. The hand clenched shut, slowly opening again, before it was brought over where the figure's heart would be.

The figure's head hung back down, staring into the pit… but this time, a small flicker of emotion revealed itself on its stoic face—one of pain. Its eyebrows ruffled and its lips parted to reveal clenched teeth.

Then, it spoke in a slightly breaking voice that made the person's identity known.

"How much more…" a female voice left the figure's lips, "How many more lives do I have to take…?"