She had a bad feeling.

Her stomach was starting to hurt which was not a good sign. Sitting at the family dining table, Aella had her homework out, but hadn't touched a single book in the forty two minutes that she had been sitting there. Her older sister Mysty and big brother Jasper noticed the little girl sitting with her legs up and looking worried.

'What's up Aella? Something wrong?', asked Jasper.

Alice suddenly ran into the room. 'Aella! What on earth did you do? Edward is on his way here. I just saw a vision and he is boiling mad at something you did!'

Just at the moment, the door burst open. Edward stood there. Angry. Breathing hard. One hand on the door frame and the other pointing at Aella.


He made his way quickly around the table. Emmett realizing that Aella was in danger grabbed Edwards arm as he stormed by. Aella took the opportunity and ran. She ran upstairs and banged her door shut locking it from the other side knowing the whole time that there was nothing she could do to keep Edward from appearing in her room. Alice ran after her and knocked on the door. 'Aella, open the door quickly. It's me Alice. Tell me what did you do?'

Aella opened the door to let Alice, her protector in. 'Oh Alice, I did such a stupid thing yesterday.' Breathing hard and fast, Aella told Alice what happened.

'Bella picked me up from school yesterday because Edward was busy doing something else as usual. I was so mad when I saw her Alice. She's always with Edward and he doesn't play with me anymore like he used to or anything. Ever since Bella entered his life, Edward has been such an ass!'

Alice raised her eyebrows at the little girl. Cussing was not allowed in the Cullen household.

Aella was so upset she didn't seem to even notice using the word. 'Alice, since no one was here at home, Bella took me to her house and asked me what I wanted to eat and if I wanted to watch t.v. I said I didn't want to do anything with her and got so mad that I told her that if Lyza ever found out about Bella she would kick her as...a...her backside. She asked me who Lyza was and I told her because I wanted to get back at Edward.'

'Oh Aella! Are you crazy! You know we are not to mention Lyza's name here and now you've gone and told a human? Edward is going to have to erase Bella's memory now and make sure she doesn't remember.'

'I was really angry Alice. Now I'm scared. Edward is so mad at me right now. What is he going to do?'


Emmett caught Edwards arm just as he was about to grab Aella. Aella took the opportunity and took off running. No one knew what was going on. Alice then took off running behind Aella. After hearing the door slam upstairs, Jasper looked at Edward and asked him why he was so angry.

Edward swallowing in sheer rage breathed out in a raspy voice, 'That little brat spoke of Lyza and told Bella about her.'

Shocked to hear that their little sister had betrayed the Cullen's, all three brothers stood silently for a moment soaking in the news. 'I erased Bella's memory. Luckily I could. So now she remembers nothing and knows nothing. But that doesn't erase what Aella did. She could have destroyed everything.'

Alice came downstairs then. 'Edward, look, I know you erased Bella's memory. She won't remember anything. Aella made a mistake. She knows that. She is also really scared right now. Scared of what you are going to do.'

Edward had calmed himself down a lot in the time that Aella left the room. He shook his head. 'Good thing you caught me. Who knows what I might have done. I was so angry I couldn't see straight. Imagine the shock I had with Bella demanding to know why I didn't tell her about my marriage to Lyza. Something no one should ever know or even speak of.'

Emmett saw the look on Alice's face. 'We can't leave her Alice. Aella has to be punished. She can't go around shooting off her mouth every time she gets angry.'

Alice was sad for Aella. She knew what it was like to be behind the spanking hand of all three of her big brothers. Aella didn't.

Edward shook his head. 'I'm the one who has to deal with it. I'll speak to Aella. Make sure she doesn't ever do anything like this again.'

With that, Edward made his way upstairs.


Aella paced around her room, sat on her bed, got up and paced again and sat down again. She was so nervous, she didn't know what she was doing. She had heard sounds of spankings coming from Alice's and Mysty's rooms before. Followed by the sounds of them crying. She had even been threatened by Jasper that he would spank her if she used cuss words again. But no one had touched her yet. That is, not until tonight. She was sure of that.

Edward appeared like he always did magically inside Aella's room. Why she bothered to lock the door she did not know. She scrambled quickly to stand between the bed and the window. The sight of her made Edwards blood boil for a second, before he calmed himself down. He was about to spank his little sister.


'Why did you do it?'

Aella swallowed. She couldn't speak. The words were in her head but they weren't coming out of her mouth. She knew what she had done was terribly wrong. She also knew that Edward was here to punish her. There was nothing she could do.

'TELL ME!' yelled Edward losing his patience quickly.

Wringing her hands together, Aella was shocked into saying, 'I d...d...didn't think Edward. I'm so sorry! I won't tell anyone else ever again. I promise!' With that big tears started to flow down Aella's cheeks, her wet violet eyes looking up at her brother.

'Come here'.

'I'm scared Edward.'

'You should be. I said come here. Now.'

It was a soft command. But a command all the same.

Aella's legs started to move. She didn't know how. Suddenly she found herself standing closer to Edward. But she still wasn't close enough.

'If I have to come over there and get you Aella, you will be one very sorry little girl.'

Taking a deep breath, Aella did the death walk to stand before her tall, looming brother.

Taking her chin in his hand, Edward softly raised his sisters face so that their eyes locked together. 'Aella, I am going to give you a spanking. A spanking so hard you won`t be able to sit for a month. A spanking to make you understand what a mistake in judgement you made when you chose to tell Bella about Lyza. Do you understand me?'

'Yes Sir', was the whispered answer that came back.

Edward took Aella's hand and led her to the wooden chair. Sitting down, he lifted Aella onto his lap easily, laying the little girl upside down so she rested on her stomach. Spreading his legs, Edward pulled Aella forward so that her bottom was raised on his one knee with the rest of her body angled towards the ground. He then turned to look at the thick denim shorts she was wearing. That had to go. He lowered them easily to her knees. Aella was now getting a little fidgety. 'WHOP!', landed a hard swat on her bottom. 'Stop moving!', he commanded.

Aella froze. She was new to all this. That one spank made her eyes water with the sudden pain. She wondered how she would take any more.

With that, Edward starting to spank Aella in earnest. 'SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!'

Squirming and kicking her legs now, Aella started to scream. 'Ow! Ow! Edward..that hurts! Owwwwwwwww...Edward, please stop! I'm soreeeeeeeeee!'. she wailed. Edward not listening to any of the drama he knew she capable of making, chose to ignore all the screeching and howling.

Downstairs Alice and the rest of the Cullen siblings heard every slap and scream. Alice winced at the sound of Edwards falling hand. She almost put a hand over her bottom, feeling the pain. Jasper put a hand on her shoulder, 'She'll be okay Alice. Edward knows what he is doing.'

Aella was really kicking and screaming now. Edward had to strengthen his hold on his squirming sister and put one leg over both of hers to keep her from kicking so much. Raising his hand he whipped it across Aella's backside hard. He made sure he covered every single inch especially her sit spot. `SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.'

Aella started to howl. She hurt so much and it felt like Edward was branding her bottom instead of spanking it. Tears now flowing from eyes to cheeks to the floor, Aella started to cry. Really cry. No more screaming and kicking. She felt torn inside, knowing she betrayed not only Edward but the entire Cullen family. A family she was so fortunate to be a part of.

Edward continued to spank Aella. He had to hear her apologize. To know that she was truly sorry.

'Edward, I will never do anything like that again. I promise! I'm sorry I told Bella our secret and sorry she got upset. Edward, please believe me! I'm soreeeeeeeee'.

With a final hard spank, Edward stopped. He knew from the soft crying that it was time to stop.

Edward lifted Aella up and sat her down on his lap, making her bottom rest in mid air over the space between his knees. She instinctively buried her face into his chest. Edward rubbed her back and let her cry it out. He gently kissed the top of Aella's head, slowly rocking her back and forth. About ten minutes later, Edward noticed that Aella had stopped crying. Letting out a few whimpers as she breathed, Aella calmed down and relaxed her body against his.

Aella suddenly felt so safe. So loved. So right. Closing her eyes, she slept soundly and didn't even know when Edward put her into bed and kissed her forehead goodnight.


Edward came downstairs to a very quiet and subdued bunch of Cullen's. With their parents away indefinitely, it was up to each of them to take care of each other. 'I'm glad that's over with', said Edward running his hand though his hair. 'Don't think she's ever going to go there again'.


Two months later, Jacob waited patiently near the woods for Aella. He had just found out from his pack that she had told Bella one of their secrets. The secret that could weaken a werewolf to the state of hibernation. Being half vampire and half werewolf was not easy for a little girl. Especially one that liked to talk.


The End