Aella and Jacob

Bella laughed and punched Jacob on the back of his shoulder. 'You'll never believe what Aella told me yesterday'.

Jacob still laughing at the light banter between Bella and himself asked 'What? What did that little half-sister of mine say?'

Still laughing, Bella hardly being able to control what she thought was hilarious, said, 'Aella told me some cock and bull story about how werewolves could be made to hibernate by mixing the venom of a vampire with powdered Iridium, the world's rarest metal – Ha ha ha…how funny is that? Now if I want to get rid of you, I know exactly how to do it!'

Jacob suddenly stopped laughing. Quil had told Jacob two days ago that he overheard with his powerful werewolf ears, a conversation between Bella and Aella, and he was sure he heard the words 'hibernate' and 'Iridium'. That could have meant only one thing. Jacob was waiting to ask Aella about it, but before he could, Bella spilled the beans without realizing it.

Jacob noted that Bella was looking up at his face to see his reaction to what she said. Jacob thinking quickly smiled and said, 'What an imagination that kid has! Imagine…being able to make us hibernate. On the other hand, maybe I should try that …gives me a great excuse to sleep 24/7 and not do anything else!'

Bella turned her head towards the sound of the car horn. It was Edward, picking her up as usual. Jacob gently caught Bella's arm. 'Bella, would you mind if I had a word with Edward first? Have to talk to him about something'.

'You guys aren't going to fight are you?' she asked. 'No, just want to ask him something about Aella, I promise…no fighting!'. He smiled to reassure her and then walked up towards Edward.

It was strange the whole story about how Aella had come into the lives of both Edward and Jacob, uniting them in a way that no one could have foreseen.

It all started when Carlyle was still the Doctor of Forks, and was called in to take care of a little seven year old little girl who had who had been pushed off of a cliff but had survived. She had scraped herself pretty badly though and had a broken arm and twisted ankle. Since she was a child of the orphanage, and there were no medical records for her. Carlyle decided to do a blood test to find out if she had any conditions that would prevent her from taking any medications.

The first blood result came out with such strange results that the lab assistant showed it to Carlyle. Carlyle knew what he was looking at in an instant. It was the venom of a vampire mixed with the regular blood of a living being…but not human either. He had never seen anything like that. He told the lab assistant that it was a tainted sample and to do it again. Carlyle slipped some human blood into the container so the lab assistant wouldn't be suspicious.

Carlyle double checked the blood that came from the child once more and was stunned. This was a vampire child. Who were her parents? How did she end up in the orphanage? Using all his resources, Carlyle managed to find Aella's records and traced her ancestry back to a Lady by the name of Elizabeth Masen. This bit of information came as a complete shock to the towns much loved Doctor, especially since the real mother of his adopted son Edward, also had the same name.

Carlyle then spent months doing a secret DNA test and found out for himself that the little girl Aella and Edward were definitely half brother and sister. Who was the Father? He must have been someone human. Carlyle then went about experimenting with blood samples and with a lot of research during the night, while everyone else was sleeping, he found out that the other blood in Aella's body was not human, but werewolf. This just could not be! How on earth did a vampire and a werewolf get together?

Carlyle then went through the database of werewolf blood samples that he had at his disposal, blood from the werewolf students of the elementary, middle and high schools in Forks. There had to be a match somewhere. Slowly doing DNA matches, Carlyle went through months of painful investigation, almost giving up at times, when nothing concrete turned up.

Then one day, Carlyle found it. Aella and Jacob Black shared half the same DNA. Somehow, Billy Black, Jacob's father and Elizabeth Masen, Edwards mother had got together and produced a child. That child was Aella. No one knew who tried to push Aella off of the cliff and why. She never spoke about that day and no one wanted to push her.

By the time Aella had tuned eight years old Carlyle had told both Edward and Jacob that they had a half-sister; who was legally adopted by the Cullens and spent the weekdays and alternate weekends with Edward and alternate weekends and half of the holidays with Jacob. Aella loved both her families and soon became the spoilt and much loved little sister to all the Cullens and Blacks. She also managed to get into a lot of trouble which happened quite often! She was obstinate, stubborn and had a mind of her own.

Luckily for Edward and Jacob, the effects of both the bloods in Aella's body cancelled out any of the traits that she might have had as a half vampire and half werewolf. She was like a normal little girl, with no special powers to move faster or no added strengths. Only her gorgeous violet eyes made her stand out from the other children.

'What is it?' asked Edward.

Poking Edward in his shoulder, Jacob said, 'That little brat told Bella about the venom and Iridium. If that news gets out, the newborns could use it against us.'

Edward raised an eyebrow and looked concerned. This was the second time Aella spoke about ancient family secrets when she knew she wasn't supposed to. Edward had spanked Aella once already for that and it looks like she needed another lesson in not blurting out family secrets.

'Jacob, I think you should deal with her, not me. This was your family secret and you should discipline her. Only then will she take you seriously. Right now she thinks you are the easy one and that she can do anything she likes when you are around. You'll notice that she has become a little vary of me and the rest of the Cullens now, especially Emmett and Jasper. You have to use a tone of authority when speaking to her and not let her get away with everything.'

Jacob thought about it and nodded his head. He knew Edward was right.

Edward told Jacob he would erase Bella's mind so that she would 'forget' about what Aella had told her, but the rest was up to Jacob.

That evening, Jacob waited for Aella near the woods of the Cullen home. The school bus dropped her off on the side road and she then made her way down the path to her house.

Aella took a sip of water from the water bottle she held and nearly tripped when Jacob suddenly appeared in front of her. She smiled and said; 'Jacob!', then she ran and threw herself at him to give him a huge hug. Jacob was having none of that and held Aella away. He looked serious. Aella looked up at his dark face worried. He was definitely not in a good mood.

'Hello Aella. We have to talk'.

Aella instinctively knew that something was wrong. Jacob was not his usual laughing light hearted self. He looked angry. Aella asked, 'About what?'

'About what you told Bella.' Jacob crossed his arms and stared at the little girl. He was waiting for some kind of reaction.

Aella knew immediately what he was talking about. She had told Bella that secret thinking that would make Bella like her more. Especially since Aella had at first given Bella a hard time with her relationship with Edward. Aella had been so jealous and wanted Edwards's attention all for herself. She got his attention alright…..right on her bottom one day and then he explained to Aella the difference between his relationship with Bella and with her. Aella knew she couldn't out run Jacob, so she didn't even try. Reasoning was a better bet.

'I don't think she believed what I said, so it didn't matter.'

Aella looked up at her half-brothers eyes. They were pitch black and the stare he gave her right now told her that this was not the end of their conversation.

'It didn't matter? Are you crazy telling her all that? Do you know if the newborns know of our secret that they could use it against us and have the entire pack defenseless?'

Aella took a step back. 'I didn't think Jacob. I'm sorry.' She took the defensive tact. Maybe by saying sorry he would just let it go.

But he didn't. 'You're sorry? 'He took a step towards her. 'You're sorry? I'll show you what sorry is!'

Jacob grabbed Aella by her arms and easily hauled her up. With his massive strength it looked like he had just lifted up a pillow. Taking off her backpack and walking to a nearby tree stump, Jacob grabbed a thin branch off of the tree as he walked past it. Tearing off the extra bits with his teeth, Jacob swished around the switch in the air to make sure it would do.

Aella was panicking. The Cullens only used their hands on her. What was Jacob doing?

Sitting on the stump, Jacob pulled the little girl over his knees and brought the switch down on her bottom hard. 'OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' screamed Aella. 'That huuuuuuuuuuurts!'

'We're only getting started Aella. You are going to learn for once and for all that you can't just go around talking about family secrets, SWISH! – OW! – and thinking that it is okay. Because it is not! SWISH – OW! OW! The next time you feel like opening your mouth, SWISH, remember this skelping you are getting and the very sore bottom you are going to have! SWISH, SWISH, SWISH!

'Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I'm sorreeeeeeeeeeee Jacob, I really am. I won't do it again. I won't tell anyone anything….I promise', Aella cried out. The switch hurt so much more than Edwards hand and Aella was wishing right now that Edward was giving her the spanking and not Jacob.

Jacob had to really retrain himself from using more force than he had to. Aella was kicking and screaming her head off, telling Jacob that the more noise she made the more she could actually take. SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH! He lifted and brought his arm down rapidly, making his point very clear. From vigorously trying to get away, Aella soon stopped kicking and her loud sobs became a soft cry.

Jacob whacked her five more times before letting the little girl go. Then holding her so that she was facing him, Jacob lifted her chin so that she would look him in the face. 'Aella, I don't want to ever do that again. You hear me? You've been running around like a spoilt brat and as your big brother, I'm here to make sure you start behaving yourself. No more easy going Jacob, you understand? I love you, you know that, right? '

Aella nodded her head, with tears streaming down her face and still crying, she softly said, 'Yes'. They hugged for a couple of minutes, Jacob on one knee because Aella was still so small.

Jacob held her hand and walked her over to the Cullens house. Aella rubbed her throbbing butt with her free hand, thinking that she would not be able to sit down for a week! Alice opened the door and Aella spotting Edward inside, ran and hugged her other big brother, bursting into fresh tears, hoping to get some sympathy. Instead, Edward held Aella by her shoulders and pushed her back so that he could bend down and talk to her at her level. 'Aella, I hope you learned your lesson this time. Both Jacob and I never want to have to discipline you for the same reason ever again, you got that?'

'Yes,' she nodded.

'Good, go to your room and think about what you did. You can come down when we call you for dinner, go!' Edward gave her a pat on her bottom to send her on her way.

Edward and Jacob watched the little girl go upstairs. The brothers who were not bound by blood but by the little sister they shared nodded to each other in acknowledgement that they must now work together to discipline the unruly child that had come into their lives. Jacob still holding the switch in his hand threw it away and walked towards his bike that was parked a few feet away.

Hopefully he would never have to do that again.