Title: They Don't Think the Same

Summary: When Darry went through high school he fell in love with someone from the other side of town. Six years later, Two-Bit faces the same situation.

Couples: Darry/Paul, Two-Bit/oc(Ted), malexmale

Dedication! This is dedicated to deldara, for without whom the story idea would not have occurred and the plot would not have plotted itself into my head. It is also dedicated to deldara purely because it wants to be.

A/n: so, this is set both in Darry's senior year and Two-Bit's senior year, six years difference. So it's set a year after the book when in Two-Bit's Pov and five years before the book when in Darry's Pov. Read, Enjoy, Review.

'Past' Present


'First day of football practice. It was my last year as high school football player. Last year in high school, too. I looked among the players, there were some I recognized from years before and some new ones.

I greeted a few of the ones I knew, and sat down on one of the bleachers. I closed my eyes and waited for the coach to come and start practice.

"Pardon me, but do you mind if I sit with you?" The accent was northern, I opened my eyes and looked into a set of the blue-est eyes I had ever seen.

I shook my head, "Go ahead." I took in the rest of him as he sat down. Tall, blond and incredibly gorgeous. I smiled when he met my eyes again. "Name's Darrel Curtis, everybody calls me Darry though."

He flashed a beautiful set of pearly whites. "I'm Paul Holden."'

I lifted my beer to my lips and glanced around the room. I had already looked over all the broads, sure any of them would make a good lay, but I wasn't interested in a broad.

"This seat taken?" I turned to the deep melodic voice in my ear. I took in the hairstyle and the clothing. He was a Soc.

I shook my head, then looked back over the crowd that filled Buck's. "Seat ain't taken," I scowled, no one looked too good. "Apparently, neither am I."

He sat down. "You just break up or something?"

I turned my gaze from the crowd to him. I looked him up and down. He was good looking, there was no arguing that. Bronzed skin, dark eyes, dark hair. He was tall too.

"Yeah, she was cheating on me, with one of my best friend's girlfriend... Ex-girlfriend." I corrected myself immediately. Steve and Evie had broken up when he found out she was cheating on him. Everyone just figured she was cheating with a guy, not with Kathy. "Ain't too bad, though, considering she wasn't even my exact type."

"What is your exact type, then?" He asked. I looked into his dark eyes, in normal lighting they might be dark blue or brown.

I smirked, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm a girl when it comes to types. I like 'em tall, dark and handsome... And preferably male."

He smirked, and looked around, "Well, that limits your choices from this place."

I nodded and turned my gaze back to my drink. "Yep, my name's Keith Mathews, but everyone calls me Two-Bit."

I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye. "Two-Bit? Okay. My name's Theodore Negren, but everyone calls me Ted."

I couldn't help it, "Like Teddy-Bear?" A smile formed on his lips.

"If you want."

(So, that's chapter one. I hope everyone enjoys this. Hope this sets up the whole thing nicely. -Luvs Cassy)