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Chapter 13

'I tried to make sense of what Paul was telling me, as we stood in the lobby of the movie house. I couldn't, so I voiced my confusion.

"Paul, what I don't get is why Chad did what he did if you had nothing to do with it." I stated angrily.

"I can't even begin to try to understand the inner workings of Chad's mind, I just know he is evil and decided to pit us against each other. You're captain of the team, can't you talk to the coach and get him benched the rest of the season or something?" Paul asked.

I let out a laugh, "It doesn't work that way, Coach would need an explanation and I don't think he would allow personal problems to be a good one. Paul, why won't you just admit that you asked Chad to do this?"

"Because I didn't ask Chad to do this." 'Trust your instincts' Two-Bit's voice echoed in my head. My instincts were telling me to trust him, but I doubted my instincts.

"I don't believe this will work between us. I will see you around in school." I left Paul, and walked away. My life seemed as momentous as a movie, I didn't enjoy being in it right now, so I can't see how anyone would want to portray their lives on screen like in the movies, let alone watch it.


As I lay in bed, I wondered if I had done the right thing. I thought through what could have been done differently to make things better. If I had trusted my instincts, maybe things would've smoothed themselves over, but I think I would always have that lingering doubt that Paul may have had part in what Chad did. The other possible what-ifs filled my mind, and as I mentally sifted through them all, I felt my subconscious take control and pull me into slumber.


"Hey,Grease. You know that was really cruel of you to break things off with Paul. I mean after I prepped you for him and everything." Chad taunted in practice.

"Buzz off, Chad." I mumbled. I knew if I were to listen to him I would end up attempting to hurt him. Besides, nothing he said would put things right between Paul and I, I wouldn't be the one to go back to him and beg him to take me back.

"Touchy, just wanted you to know Paul never actually sent his regards the other day. I just wanted to see what his hype about you was all about." Chad said before leaving.

I glared. I had been played and then given up something that could have been great. I promised to never let that happen again, to myself or to my friends.'

"Is that why it didn't work out between you and Paul?" I asked.

"Sort of, I didn't trust my instincts enough. My instincts had told me to trust him, but I couldn't bring myself to trusting both myself and him. I ended up breaking things off, before finding out the whole truth." Darry said quietly.

"Oh," I said lamely. I thought about the way things were between Ted and I before the Socs intervened. Then I thought about Darry's last encounter with Paul at the rumble and how cold things were between them. I didn't want that to happen between Ted and I. I had to talk to Ted.


I found Ted in the lobby of the movie house where he worked. He saw me and immediately went for the door marked 'Employees Only'. I called to him to stop him. "Ted, I only want to talk."

He nodded and continued through the door. I huffed. I certainly wasn't going to follow him. I sat down on the bench. He was going to have to face me eventually. I was surprised when he came out after a few minutes. He approached me.

"Two-Bit, I had to get my manager's permission to talk to you. I only have five minutes." Ted said calmly.

At least he wanted to talk. "Why did you send your Soc friends after me?" I asked.

He grimaced, "I didn't send them after you. They were bored and wanted to intervene in our lives." He pleaded.

I gazed at him for a minute. "You had nothing to do with it?"

"Two-Bit, if I had anything to do with it, it wouldn't have happened at all. We were played. If I could..."

"It doesn't matter anymore, things happen." I stated interrupting him. I believed him at the moment, but I should clear my head before I made any decisions. "I have to think things over Ted."

At that moment, Ted's manager came out and shouted to Ted to get back to work. "I have to go back to work anyway." Ted said with a somewhat sour tone.

I nodded and left the building. I was going to go confront the Soc who had beat me with 'regards form Ted'. I didn't have to go very far. His gang and him were about a block away from the movie house.

"Hey, Greaser." The term lingered in the air, like oil on water. "So, you and Ted decide to no longer be friends?"

I stopped near them. "What's it to you?"

He chuckled, "Nothing, really. It was an experiment. How far does the power of suggestion go? I hope you didn't act too rashly, Ted had nothing to do with that beating you took, he knew nothing about it."

I grimaced and mentally checked for my switchblade. I didn't have it, and it wouldn't be worth it to get my ass kicked again. I shrugged it off and kept walking. They laughed but didn't follow.


I waited outside of class. I was early. I saw Ted coming towards the room and headed towards him. I snagged his elbow and pulled him in my direction as I continued past him. He followed me out to the football field, which was empty.

I turned to face him. He looked at me questioningly. "Can we try again? At least as friends?" I asked.

He smirked and put his books on the ground. He stood straight and rubbed the back of his neck. He stuck his free hand out and said, "Hi, I'm Ted."

I beamed at him and took his hand. "Hi, Ted. I'm Two-Bit."

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