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Tainted Nights

This story took place in alternate universe, Japan.

Disclaimer: Namco

Part 1 Our Fate

She always loved cooking. She enjoyed cleaning, scrubbing every silver until there was no dirt left. Arranging plates and beautiful flowers into lovely tableau was one of her skills. She had no problem with ironing and folding clothes. She took the greatest pleasure in handling the household. She liked everything clean and sharp. She was a perfect maid. Sure thing, she had been a maid since her parents died, left her nothing but piles of unpaid checks.

"So, how much have you got today, Jun?" Michelle Chang, her roommate demanded more money. Michelle was her friend since high school, and they had spent good or bad times together. However, there was no time for being sentimental that day. Their landlord would certainly kick their ass out of the small room they had rent for months. Truth was she didn't have much money. Michelle continued, "you know, we haven't paid him since October."

"200 yen, they didn't pay me for cleaning the sofa."

"Damn those filthy maggots. They had to pay you, Jun. The whole cleaning took all of your detergent stocks away. Look at your hands anyway…." Michelle held Jun's hands. They were swollen and rough. "You shouldn't overdo yourself, Jun."

"I knew." Jun's face turned red. "I couldn't blame them, though. They haven't much money."

"Soft as usual," Michelle smirked at her. She realized Jun was far too kind. Her heart was always pure, full of love. She always wanted to help others no matter what. Michelle always admired that part. "It's good to put others need first, Jun. Still, the rent must be paid, right?"

"I'm flat broke, Michelle. I've spent all my savings to pay my debts. I'm not sure whether I'll have enough money for paying them next week." Jun Kazama sighed desperately. "Ah, take this money with you. It's yours."

"Damn, you're pathetic," Michelle muttered, taking it from Jun. "What we're going to do?"

"Hmm…" Jun barely said any words. "Do you have jobs vacant whatsoever? I badly need cash."

"So do I, Jun. Dammit, he'll kick us for sure this time."

Jun yawned, puffing her cold hands. It was late night in early days of December. The weather was extremely cold. Most of the time, dry and cold wind flew from the wrecked wooden wall and broken windows. They had no enough money to buy heater and get better place to live.

"If there's anything I could do..."

Unexpectedly, Michelle's expression was unreadable. Her eyes seemed strange, filled with sorrow and pain. Jun could felt it, but she didn't know how to react. Two years ago, Michelle lost her family and fortune in a great fire. Back at that time, Michelle hardly communicated with anyone. However, one day she returned as if nothing had happened. That was terrible, Jun realized. But nothing was better that her friend returning to her normal state.

Jun whispered softly to her, "Michelle, what's wrong?"

"Are you sure?" her voice was deep and tense. "You'll do anything?"

"Huh?" Jun felt uneasy. The way Michelle looked at her was… different. "Michelle…"

"Guess there's a suitable job for you, Jun."


Jun hardly believed she was called to be interviewed for the job Michelle had offered to her. She was sure there had been hundreds of applicants for that job, being a maid in Mishima Mansion. Besides, the salary and the bonuses were very interesting. Moreover, the maid would live in the mansion too. Jun was uncertain whether she would be accepted or not, but she felt totally positive.

The interview held in the Mishima Corporation, in the first floor. Mishima Corp. was known as the biggest and famous Corp. in Japan. It had many subsidiary companies and branches in many countries all over the world. She quickly walked into the building. It was so modern and exclusive. The whole design reflected the company itself, best of all.

Jun gulped when she noticed there were so many ladies applied for the same job as she, and their looks were fabulously sophisticated. They were wearing branded clothes and applying flawless makeup. She was so simple, she thought. She was wearing her favorite white dress and light makeup. Her existence would be invisible around those ladies. Whatever, I'm here anyway…

Jun had waited for three hours when finally the secretary called her name. She quickly entered the room, which was dark and surrounded with antique ornaments. In the middle of the room, she saw a big round table. Someone was sitting there. His black suit was neat and tidy. His silver hair had modest cut and his dark eyes somehow reminded her wild eagle, wild and beastly. The handsome man introduced himself as Lee Chaolan, the right-hand of vice president of Mishima Corporation.

"Welcome to our company, Miss Kazama. Please sit down."

Jun slightly nodded and sat on the chair. Unlike his intimidating appearance, Lee had cheerful tone in his voice.

"I'm pleased to be interviewed today."

"Honest young lady, I like you…" Lee gave a short laugh. "Well, what do you think of this room? Do you like dark or light?"

Jun smiled, she observed the room for a moment. That was a strange question. Yet, she didn't mind it.


Jun answered, "whichever option has its benefits. I prefer dark, assuming it's suitable color here."

"Dark?" the silver-haired man repeated. "Dark is the powerful color, Miss Kazama. Dark painted the sky into pitch black night, swallowed the moon alive."

Jun was completely puzzled, but she still replied. "Dark eating the moon?"

"Obviously," Lee stared directly at her. He observed Jun carefully. "Moon disappeared in darkness."

"It's like old legend comes true, the vampiric legend my mother once told me," Jun chuckled. "Once in one century, the old darkest enemy human had faced shall come and destroy everything, nothing but despair and misery."

"Bedtime stories, I suppose?" Lee asked, placing his face on one of his palm. He looked satisfied with Jun's response. "Do you have boyfriend, Miss Kazama?"

Jun face went red in seconds. She doubted her ears, "sorry?"

"Do you have boyfriend?"

Jun was terribly busy in the last years in her life. She had no time for romance. Of course many men were attracted by her innocent beauty and kind heart, but Jun ignored them. She was far more concerned about her debts in bank. Jun clearly had close friends from opposite sex, but Lei Wulong was only her friend. She answered in shyly tone, "no, I don't. I don't have boyfriend."


"I'm sorry?" Jun was awed with Lee's response.

Lee quickly rose from his chair and came to her, all smiling, "Becoming maid in our mansion is a hard task, I'm afraid your relationship with your families or boyfriend would be troubled. Once you work, you'll have heavy tasks and responsibilities. We give best salary, in the other hand we expect the best."

Jun raised her brows, "you mean…"

Oh, God, am I accepted? This is too good to be true!

Lee shook her hand, "welcome to our mansion, Miss Kazama."

Jun was so speechless. He didn't ask her abilities or her experiences? How could he accept her?

"See you around."


When Jun arrived in her old rent house, Michelle was nowhere. Michelle had packed all of her things and left her alone. Without further ado, Jun hurriedly packed her things and left a piece of paper for her landlord, stating she would pay him after she received her first month salary. Somehow she knew Michelle would be okay.

It was late at night and white fogs were everywhere when Jun arrived in Mishima Mansion. She had tried her best to find the cheapest transportations, so she couldn't be faster than that. She hoped her workplace was a good place. Well, Mr. Lee Chaolan had stated it was the best place.

Mishima residence was bigger than she had thought before. It was surrounded by small forest and several buildings. From the front gate, she had to spend almost half hour by car. Jun's eyes widened when she saw Mishima Mansion. It had classic Mediterranean as the basic style, but much more improved in statues around the building and modern roof on the top of it. Jun noticed several tropical plants around the mansion. The place was so amazing.

Jun was about to opened the door when suddenly the door opened. The shocking part was in front of her, standing a big man in ninja-styled iron armor, who greeted her and asked her to come inside.

"My name is Yoshimitsu, I'm my master's servant." He stated, "I've been waiting for Jun Kazama."

Jun bowed politely, "I'm Jun Kazama, the new maid. Mr. Lee Chaolan had ordered me to serve here."

Yoshimitsu raised his hand and rang the bell. Suddenly a ninja-styled maid appeared from the thin air, making Jun gasped. She held her breath for several minutes. What is happening in this castle? Why there are such creatures…

"Are you thinking why I and my brother work in this place?" the female maid ninja asked her. Her tone was cherry and fun. Yoshimitsu said nothing and stood still between them. "Do you think we're uncommon creatures?"

Jun lost her words. She couldn't be able to read her mind, right?

"Unfortunately, I can read mind, Jun Kazama." The female maid ninja told her, "I'm Kunimitsu. You can call me Kuni. You also can call my brother Yoshi."

"Pleased to meet you, Yoshi, Kuni," Jun bowed once more. What are they actually? Are they somewhat ninjas?

"Hey, I still can hear you." Kunimitsu warned her. Her tone went sour. "Listen once more, despite our looks, we are just servants."

"I'm sorry for thinking irrational!" Jun quickly apologized. "But... sorry... both of you really look... special..."

Both Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu looked at each other and laughed. Their laughter sounded uncommon, actually, but Jun quickly diverted her mind. She didn't want her mind to be read.

Kunimitsu grabbed Jun's hand and led her into the hall, asking her to follow her. "Master will awake soon. You shall not hang around with that dress. Lucky, I have your uniforms in the closet."

Jun barely said a word. She nodded. That was weird to meet the master in the late at night, but she couldn't complain. She fully understood that her job was heavy. Perhaps her master enjoyed midnight working?

"You're right. Master Mishima enjoys working at night."

Jun was shocked to hear that. It is… IT IS IMPOLITE TO READ SOMEONE'S MIND!

"Fine, fine…" Kunimitsu agreed, "I'm just joking around. I hope we could be friends."

Jun raised her eyebrows, "it's not funny! We could be friends of course!"

Kunimitsu laughed again, saying Jun was so cute. She led Jun into a big room in the left building. After opening and searching some huge closets, Kunimitsu gave Jun several short European maid dresses. All were black.

"Some people call these gothic Lolita style. It's pretty popular and suits you just fine. You're 19, right?"

Jun felt uncomfortable with the uniforms Kunimitsu gave, but she had no option. Kunimitsu was wearing the same anyway. She changed into the uniform. It wrapped her body tightly, showing her delicate curves. Jun was so ashamed to wear it. Furthermore, Kunimitsu gave her headband some accessories. Her white headband changed into black gothic headband with big black metallic ribbon. When Jun saw her reflection in the mirror, she almost collapsed.

"You're so cute, Jun-san!" Kunimitsu yelled happily. "You allow me to call you Jun-san, right, Jun-san?"

"Jun-san is fine," she whispered slowly.

"Okay, follow me, Jun-san!"

Jun sighed desperately. She knew she couldn't help it.


Kunimitsu showed Jun her room and asked Jun to fix all of the things later. She informed Jun about her task lists and how to do those orders. Kunimitsu warned Jun that their masters were strict and dislike mistakes. In short, they were hard persons.

"Well, we have two masters here. First is Mr. Lee Chaolan, we used to call him Mr. Lee. As you know, he's the right-hand of vice president. Second is Mr. Kazuya Mishima, the vice president of Mishima Corporation. Both of them are hard person, if you want to know, Mr. Mishima…"

"If both of them are assistant of vice president and vice president, so who is the president of Mishima Corp.?"

Kunimitsu lowered her voice, "speak the truth, our president is going somewhere, unknown. But my brother said he is still in this mansion. I don't know much, but…"

Suddenly the young maids heard a very disturbing bell from the first floor. It was so loud. Jun gritted her teeth until the sound vanished.

"It's Mr. Mishima. Hurry, we must report your coming."

"At 3 AM? Do you think it's appropriate?"

"Hurry, Jun-san!" Kunimitsu dragged Jun away with high speed. She didn't want to get any detentions for being late. She knew exactly what kind of temperament her master had. She didn't want to seek any problems after all.

Kunimitsu led her to a very grand room in the first floor, entering a big door. It was a very high standard room. Jun noticed some ornaments were made from pure gold. The whole room was rather dark, but she knew most of the tools and ornaments were priceless.

"Mr. Mishima, it's me, Kunimitsu. I'm with the new maid, Jun Kazama."

"Get closer," answered a voice behind the dark golden curtain.

Kunimitsu grabbed Jun's hand and took her with him, whispering, "please don't say something wrong, he's quite emotional."

Jun nodded.

Kazuya Mishima was monitoring his stock and money currency in his reading room when Kunimitsu brought the new maid with her. Lee had informed him earlier about her coming. He expected hard worker with good skills. The last maid was terribly stupid. He loathed stupid ones.

"I'm here, master," Kunimitsu reported to him, asking Jun to step closer. "Step forward, Jun-san."

"Mr. Mishima?" her voice was trembling yet sweet to his ear. Her face blushed when she saw him. "I'm Jun—Jun Kazama, your maid."

Kazuya sat on his chair, arms folded defiantly across his chest. He retorted with flat tone without looking at Jun's face, "Lee has told me about you, Kazama."

Jun slightly nodded. "Yes, Mr. Lee was the one who interviewed and accepted me, master."

Kazuya continued checking his diagram, before finally looking at her. His eyes were getting widened as he saw her. She was wearing black maid uniform with black headband. Her face was as fresh as flowers in the morning. That young woman was his new maid.

"Can you prepare my midnight meal?"

Jun realized Kazuya's eyes were on her, staring at her closely. She felt tense with that kind of attention, especially with that tight uniform. When she finally answered his question, her voice was trembling. "Yes, master."

"You may leave."

"Thank you, Mr. Mishima." Jun bowed her body and left with Kunimitsu.

Kazuya was still watching Jun until she was no longer there, in his room. Just by looking at her, Kazuya could feel his heart stop breathing. There was something special in her that made him loose control. He couldn't stop staring at her. His senses told him to possess her as fast as he could. Fuck, what am I thinking?

That maid was astonishingly beautiful. Yet, he had seen thousands of women like her in his life. Then why could he react like that?

She was a mere human, Kazuya. She's just a mere human.

Unexpectedly, Kazuya threw his glass, making it broken into pieces. Darn Lee! What kind of woman that he chose?


Apparently, Jun felt something strange was happening to her.

She had never seen a man like Kazuya Mishima in her life. She felt there was something within her body, which responded to his being. That man stared directly at her eyes, looking at her closely. His dark eyes made her heart thumped faster. His pale face and stern expression could stir her feeling. All mixed up. All screwed up.

What is going on with her? She couldn't possibly fall in love at the first sight with him, right?

"Are you getting love sickness? You look positively cute when you saw our master up there." Kunimitsu said from her behind, grinning at her.

Jun yelled angrily, her face was red, "I told you not to read my mind anymore!"

"Geezee, I didn't read your mind. I read your expression—and him." She paused a while, then continued, "Jun-san, here, I have listed food master won't eat and food he eats. It's weird, though. Master never asks rookie to cook for him…"

"Fine, just put the list over there…"

"Okay, just make sure everything is all right, Jun-san."

"Thanks for everything, Kuni."

Actually, Jun didn't pay attention to Kunimitsu words. All she had in her mind was making the best menu she could. Last year she spent her time learning cuisine in French Restaurant. She was sure Mr. Mishima would eat her cooking. She gave her best effort. Hope he likes it, he looks so pale.


Jun hoped Mr. Mishima would like eating the food she had chosen for him. She had added some healthy spices inside it, hoping his health would be much better. As she knew, spices were good to bring good health and mood.

She had just finished her cooking when suddenly Kazuya was around her. He didn't say anything and stood there, watching her. Under the kitchen light, Jun could see the real him. He was definitely taller than her, with muscular body. His eyebrows were thick and dark. His dark spike upwards hair made his appearance more attractive to her. Wait! What am I thinking about? He's my master!

"Remember to prepare my meal less than 30 minutes or else," Kazuya warned her. He glared impatiently at Jun.

"I'm very sorry Mr. Mishima. I'll make sure that won't happen anymore." Jun bit her lips. She brought the plate to Kazuya, who was sitting in the small table inside the kitchen.


Jun didn't know what happened next but she was sure something terrible had taken place.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU COOKING?" Kazuya threw everything to the floor. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?"

Jun couldn't move her body. She was just so plain scared. She stuttered, "Mr. Mishima… I…"


"Mr. Mishima, I… I'm sorry… I don't know…"

"EAT IT YOU FOOL!" he screamed so hard she turned her head, glancing at him.

"Yes, master…"

Jun hardly believed that Kazuya's eyes were turning red, but they were red, as red as blood. Black aura was surrounded him, making him run upstairs. Her tears flew to her cheeks without she could stop it. Jun hurriedly picked the food and swallowed it without much thinking. All she had in mind was eating it. Blood slowly came out from her mouth.


Jun barely met her master since that accident. It seemed that she avoided him, or he avoided her. Mr. Lee Chaolan also hadn't come to the mansion since the day she arrived. In the morning she hardly met Kazuya. He seemed night worker or daylight hater. Whatever, she hoped she wouldn't meet him anymore.

The Mishima library was so big and huge. Not to mention, it was also dark. Jun realized almost all places in the mansion were dark. She remembered what Mr. Lee had said before. That was so funny about how Mr. Lee had warned her before.

In her list, Jun learnt that she had to clean the library once a month. Since she had finished polishing the whole silverware in the kitchen, Jun decided to do some cleaning job there. She had prepared everything with her from bucket, towel, to her special soap. Jun was always loved learning. She couldn't study in the college, but she always loved reading college book, especially about cuisine.

Jun was busy cleaning with vacuum cleaner when suddenly Kazuya entered the place. She didn't realize his coming at all. Jun was reading the how to make cupcake in 30 minutes while her left hand was cleaning the dust. She even hummed some catchy tunes, enjoying herself.

"Yeah, bake all of the cupcakes in 360 degrees less than 7 minutes… well, if the preparation took about 15 minutes everything would be perfect."

When Jun moved backward, she hit him all right.

"Aww… What the…" Jun lost her words. Kazuya was behind her, staring at her with his dark eyes.


"I… I'm sorry… I didn't mean to… I'm leaving, master." Jun instantly packed her cleaning stuffs. She was about to go when he grabbed his hand. He made her couldn't go anywhere.

"Please, I…" Jun pleaded, wishing him would let her go. "Master…"

Kazuya touched her face, brushing his thumb to her lips. "Did it hurt?"

Jun could feel her face turning red. She knew he was talking about the accident last week in the kitchen. Well, she didn't want to talk about it anyway. She hardly tried to repress that memory as if it had never taken place in her life. Guess what? He reminded her.

"Master, please…" She turned her head, forcing him to release her. He did release her to take another chance to fold her in his arms.

Kazuya barely smiled, "It's my fault. I appear to hate garlic."

Jun was so nervous she couldn't say anything. Kazuya could sense her scent. She smelled like fresh-picked flowers. Her eyes were dark brown, his favorite color. All this time Kazuya had avoided her. He didn't want Jun realized what had happened that night after he had swallowed a spoon of garlic fried rice. He didn't want his maid remember that his eyes had turned into red color. He didn't want her to know that he wasn't human. Yet, he couldn't resist his instincts to meet her.

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