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Tainted Nights

Disclaimer: Namco

Part 2 Sweet Taste

For the first time in her life, Jun Kazama could feel her heart beating erratically inside her chest. As Kazuya dragged her closer to him, Jun barely took another breath, but staring at his dark black eyes, which were remarkably mesmerized under the dimmed light of the dark library. His face, seeing it up close, made her body melt in seconds. He had the most enchanting eyes she had ever seen. Moreover, there was no way she couldn't feel that way since he pulled her tightly against his strong chest, locking her.


Even the way he called her was so intimate, alluring. Jun suddenly felt that her maid uniform was far too tight for her. The air around her felt quite hot that night. All of the fear before toward him suddenly disappeared.

Jun had forgotten about her fear toward her master. There was something different emerged before her, something that could make her heart beating faster. God, what was happening with her? Why she reacted like that?

"Stop trying to run and I'll release you."

Jun gulped nervously. She lightly nodded her head, "I p—promise, master."

Slowly Kazuya pushed Jun away. Yet, he managed to keep watching her, didn't want to lose her from his sight. He apologized, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you last time."

Jun bit her lips. She hardly forgot that painful eating scene. Back then, that was her first cooking in that mansion and she had cooked it with all her heart for him. That was why her heart had shattered when Kazuya had asked her to eat her cooking, which he had loathed it much. However, he's not the only one to blame. Jun also realized she was the one who carelessly hadn't read the list properly. It had been her fault too.

"Uhm, I'm the one to blame, master. I didn't—I didn't know you hate garlic… "

"I do hate garlic."

"Well, you looked so pale last time, so I thought garlic could make you healthy. My family always adds garlic for extra spices in our food, hopefully…" Jun suddenly realized that she talked too much. Her face turned red. "Hopefully you will be much better, ahhh… I'm sorry for telling you my—my rambling thoughts, master."

Kazuya gave a short laugh. This new maid was really something.

"Thanks for caring my health, Kazama. Nothing you could do with my pale appearance." Jun looked confused with his statement, so Kazuya quickly added, "It's genetic, I'm afraid."

"Sorry, I didn't know about that…" Jun replied anxiously. She was afraid of making mistakes again in front of him. She thought of going somewhere when Kazuya Kazuya stepped closer to her, looking at her eyes intensely.

"I said stop running from me."

"I—I… master, I think I have to go by now, it's…"

Kazuya held her hand, "I do apologize for my rude behavior last time. I'm sorry for making you afraid. It wouldn't happen again, I promise."

Jun suddenly doubted whether the handsome man who was standing closely in front of her was the same man who had despised her, asked her to eat the scattered food on the floor. She hardly believed that polite, nice man was her master. His words suddenly turned into sweet ones. That was hard to believe. Jun knew her face was blushing. She couldn't help it.

"I wish you could make me another dinner, Kazama."

Jun was rather surprised when she heard his order, but she knew how much she wanted to try. She wanted to make food he liked.

"Do you mind?"

Her cheeks turned pink in seconds. Jun answered bashfully, "your—your order is my pleasure, master."

"Good, I would like a bowl of crème mushroom soup with bread toast."

French cuisine was her specialty. Oh, how delighted her feeling when he chose that menu. She tried to hide her smile, "I guess that's a splendid idea, master."

"I'll be waiting in my room, Kazama." Kazuya gave a lopsided smile. Surely, Kazuya ordered French cuisine. He had read Jun's entire file. The rest of the night was deadly amazing like what Kazuya had thought before.


"My, my, I saw what happened last night in the kitchen. A sweet lovey-dovey act, cooking for your sweetheart," Kunimitsu said blatantly. "Awww, I'm so envious with you…"

Jun was cleaning her room and suddenly Kunimitsu came out of nowhere, sitting in her clean, tidy bed. Jun sighed, trying her best to ignore Kunimitsu's comment about her reconciliation with Mr. Mishima last night.

"Jun-san, our master never asks the same maid to cook him food after making a big clumsy mistake like you did, especially with garlic. He always fired those fools away." Kunimitsu pressed her words. "I bet he has special feeling for you, Jun-san. Hey, don't you feel happy to hear that?"

Jun didn't want to answer Kunimitsu. She didn't want to be provoked, especially after what happened between her and her master. Last time she hardly slept in her bed, thinking about Mr. Mishima and his warm words, his sweet gestures, and last, his enchanting eyes.

"This is a great food, Kazama. You're a great cook." Kazuya praised her, eating all of the food eagerly. She watched him eat with wide grin upon her delightful eyes. She loved seeing him eating. "From now, you must make my dinner, everyday."

"But master, I…"

"No but, Kazama." Kazuya told her, "you are perfect for my taste."

There was something wrong with her heart every time Mr. Mishima gazed at her. It would always thump like crazy. Somehow, she wanted him to do something more than just stared at her, like touching her body or even kissing her lips… Oh, no! What lately she had in her mind?

Jun had never expected that she would be so attracted with her own master in that—erotic way. In fact, she had never thought about men so much, as if she ever so cared and concerned everything about them. Yet, Mr. Mishima was so adorable, charming, and different from others. Worse, she didn't know why she was so attracted to him. However, she noticed that Mr. Mishima was her master and she was nothing but his maid. They shared different social status, different world. How could she still think about him with those conditions?

His face kept coming into her head. His sweet words kept repeating themselves over and over. She couldn't let him go that easily. She knew she was attracted to Mr. Mishima. The time when she brought him his food, he gazed at her with certain intensity she found it hard to be forgotten. There was something inside his eyes, such unspoken words. Once again, what was she thinking?

She knew it since the day she laid her eyes on him. She felt in love with her master. It was love at the first sight. It was love at the first sight! That conclusion made Jun couldn't sleep well. That was such an unbearable thought. Horrible feeling she wished to get over it as soon as possible. That was difficult, really.

"What girl? Mr. Mishima bit your tongue until you can't speak with me?"

That was the last straw. That really was.

Jun pouted her mouth, replying Kunimitsu's question bitterly, "this is my room, and I expect no one speaks that rude to me and to him, especially you."

"Woohoo, how about that part, hmm, like I want him to do something more to me? That's rather pervert for an innocent girl like you, Jun-san. And how about I knew it since I laid my eyes on him?"

Jun's face was as red as red tomato. Kunimitsu must know about her feelings! She yelled furiously, "I told you many times, stop peering into my head!"

"Finally you pay more attention to me, Jun-san." Kunimitsu played with her hair. "Besides, I'm peering into your heart."

"That's strictly forbidden, Kuni! That's as bad as seeing me naked!"

"Apparently, I'm not bisexual, darling." Kunimitsu winked at her playfully. She liked teasing naïve Jun. "Still, I'm always interested to try."

"You… you are the most annoying person I ever met in my whole life!" Jun rolled her eyes. She continued, "I wish I could ask Mr. Mishima anything, and my first wish is ordering you to stop your nasty habit!"

Kunimitsu laughed for a while, ignoring Jun's anger. "Careful with your thoughts, Jun-san, perhaps they would be true one day."

"What are you…"

"Talking about Mr. Mishima, he asked us to assist Wang, the gardener of this mansion, to landscape the main garden near the labyrinth outside."

"Sorry? What labyrinth? And who is Wang you are talking about?"

"Jun-san, actually I will introduce you to all the staffs in this mansion next month, as Mr. Lee instructed before. Now on, I hope you keep some questions in your mind. However, as the new maid, you have to know important places here. Labyrinth we are talking is Mr. Mishima's favorite place, the memorable place where he used to spend time with his grandfather long ago." Kunimitsu took a deep breath, "actually Mr. Mishima often spends his time there, if you want to see him you can go to that place."

Jun looked so embarrassed, "why are you keeping tease me like this? There is nothing between him and me! He's my master after all!"

Kunimitsu moaned. "Girl, you are so boring…"

"What do you mean by saying that?" Jun asked angrily. "You think I'm sort of interesting game?"

"There's nothing fun for centuries in this place and I'm so boring… and you are so lame with your own feelings and he is just the same… wait a second… that is not my business! Come! Wang must have been waiting for us!"

Actually, Jun wanted to ask what Kunimitsu meant with nothing fun for centuries, but she cancelled her intention. There is no way she lasts for centuries, right?


Kazuya stopped halfway and decided not to sleep that day. He had an awful headache and he completely knew who was behind all of the fuss. It was the new maid, Jun Kazama. He had never imagined that a young mortal girl like Jun Kazama could destroy his sanity. He hardly controlled himself not to take her in his arms and locked her in his room, possessing her, burying himself within her delicate body. All he had been doing all night was stopping himself from doing so.

Lee might call it lustful desire. Probably Lee was right. Probably Lee was wrong. Fuck it. Fuck, whatever the reason, Jun was occupying too much of his thoughts.

Kazuya had spent several times with different women, white, black, exotic, and many more. They were nothing more than bodies for him. He even couldn't recall any names. Some were victims, preys of his hunger. Some were just object of his lust. Nothing could move him like Jun did. No one could make him feel like she did. No one ever made him crazy like her.

Kazuya smirked, thinking how funny he was for acting all sweet and nice just to get Jun's attention. He never knew he could be that—he hardly called himself—gentle. Somehow, he wanted to show her how good he could be. Why he hesitated? He could get Jun Kazama without any difficulties after all. All he needed was just snapping his fingers. He hadn't done that yet. As if, he had something to accomplish.

Those ridiculous thoughts sent terrible shivers all over his body. Shit, all because of that mortal girl, Kazuya laughed inexplicably. He wondered how long he could put that act.

Walking through his room to the library, Kazuya noticed both Kunimitsu and Jun were walking outside with Wang, their gardener. He remembered that he had assigned Kunimitsu and others to landscape his garden, but he didn't expect to see Jun working with them. He quickly jumped from third floor with ease, preceded his workers who were passing through the hall. They didn't expect him there, and their faces were all shocked when they saw him.

"Mr. Mishima!"

Kazuya appeared in front of them so sudden until all of them hardly spoke any words. It was rising, they acknowledged. Mr. Mishima almost never appeared at that time. Under the shiny light, he looked completely pale, yet in strange way, his light skin made him look superior towards others.

Kunimitsu hurriedly bowed her body, answering, "Mr. Mishima, we are going to fulfill the task you have given to us before. I asked Jun—I mean Miss Kazama to assist us in gardening outside, sir."


"Of course, I'll make sure everything goes fine and orderly, Mr. Mishima." Kunimitsu added. "There's nothing you have to worried, sir."

Kazuya didn't listen to what Kunimitsu was babbling about. All he saw was Jun, who was staring back at him with her big brown eyes. He noticed she blushed when she saw him. What a funny reaction. Kazuya spoke, his eyes never left Jun, "Kazama, meet me soon after you finish with them."

There, Kazuya left the place without saying any further, making such uncomfortable air between his staffs, especially Jun. Kunimitsu somehow, understood the situation, so she hurriedly whispered beside Jun's ear, "I guess he unconsciously wanted to see you, breaking his habit of avoiding the light. My, how precious you are to him…"

"Stop saying those things," Jun protested. "I told you many times to cut it out, Kuni."

"You'll understand it clearly later on, darling." Kunimitsu smiled widely, "you'll just see."

"Stop it." Kunimitsu's words, however, made Jun happy.


Kazuya kept watching Jun while she was helping with the gardening job. There were several hired workers there, and they seemed pretty attracted with Jun, staring at her like a pack of hungry wolves. Her voice rising as she laughed and joked with those damned men, her beautiful face shone when the light came, showering her. She was magnificent, the center of the day.

After lunch, Jun finally came to him. She had just taken a bubble bath, he could tell. The smell of soapy scent spread in his room, light and delightful. Jun shyly knocked the door and entered it slowly, "Mr. Mishima, I'm here."

Kazuya smiled when she entered his room. He spoke gently, "this room… can you clean it for me?"

Jun was stunned, "your room?"

"What else?"

Jun had heard several rules from Kunimitsu, some were strict, and some were quite weird. In the house rules, it mentioned that Mr. Mishima's room was one of the forbidden places, place where no one could enter for whatever reason. Nevertheless, what was he asking?

"I knew my room is big, having several parts and so on." Kazuya explained, "if you don't mind, today you can start from my working place. I have my own library there, so try to arrange and clean those books and journals for me. Ah, about the ornaments… polish them and make them look much better."

"But, it mentioned that…" Jun was trying to tell Kazuya about the house rules, but Kazuya cut in.

"I believe you can help me. You've got knack in cleaning, Kazama."

Jun couldn't even be happier than that when she heard his comment, especially about her skill. She nodded proudly, "I'll prepare the things, Mr. Mishima."

She quickly returned to her room to prepare her cleaning soap and other cleaning equipments. All of the exhaustion from landscaping suddenly disappeared from her small body. When she came for the second time to Kazuya's room, Jun couldn't find her master anywhere. Jun felt confused, hesitated for a moment. Still, she had received his permission, right?

Then, Jun entered Kazuya's working place, which was located in the right side from his front door. It was as dark as other place, but she could see that everything was taken care properly. There was no much dust. The porcelains were in good condition too. However, as professional cleaner, she felt obligated to clean them and make them shine as new ones.

She was in the middle of cleaning the books when she noted a red capsule on the carpet. It was dark red and smelled so strong. She raised her brows, examining it carefully.

"Can you give it to me?" came a voice across the room. Jun noticed Kazuya was there, looking at her, "I think I drop that long time ago."

"Oh! There you are!"

Kazuya smiled, stepping closer to Jun. "I took a nap for a while. Well, it seems you are doing the good things with my things."

Here it is, master." Jun handed the red capsule to Kazuya. "I think it isn't hygiene anymore, you should drop that capsule right away."

"Is it so?" there was something flickered in Kazuya's eyes as he knew how much Jun cared about him. He could sense that their attractions were mutual. He could tell from her eyes. "Say, what about making two dinners for two of us tonight?"

That one made Jun blush even redder than before.


It had been raining since all night. The raining outside seemed unstoppable, wind rustling through the trees, and the sounds of water splashing on the roof was quite loudly. Both Kazuya and Jun were in the kitchen, Kazuya was waiting for the food while Jun was cooking for them. Lately they ate together, chatted, and stayed at late until past midnight.

"Tell me, your family is living in Osaka?" Kazuya asked lightly, glancing at Jun. He was waiting for the new recipe, which Jun was making for him. Actually, he never cared the food. He only cared the cook and tried anything to keep her with him as much as possible.

"Only my brother and his wife, Kaoru live in Osaka. They are expecting a daughter this spring. I stayed with them for a while until decided to live at my own strength."

Kazuya raised his brows. "So, you've been living alone?"

Jun gave him sweet smile, "no, sir. I have lived for years with my roommate Michelle in small house, just two of us. However, I haven't accepted any news from her since I worked here."

"Is she a missing friend?"

"Well, she often does that to me, so I hope she's okay." Jun smiled bitterly. She was worried about Michelle many times since she arrived. Still, there was no news so far.

"How about the paper you told me last time?" Kazuya brought another subject. He was asking her about the forest resurrection in Yakushima Forest. Jun had told him before and he seemed pretty interested about it. "You said you are working with a friend there for month."

"Yes, Lei and I sometimes go there, helping the animals and we—we were working together several times." Jun had always been in love with nature. She always donated her money for the forest, and most of time she went herself there, and worked directly with the animals and wild hunters. Lei Wulong was a detective who helped her to search for wild hunter months ago. She noticed that he found her attractive, but she didn't feel the same way. "I hope I could do more for helping the animals."

"Perhaps if you explain more, I might…"


Jun carelessly she cut her own fingers. Blood run down from her cut, falling into the floor. Jun was about to wash it, but her cut was quite deep. Even the blood stained her maid dress. How stupid she could be, she cursed herself.

"Sorry, sir but please wait, I'm going to fix something." Jun didn't want Kazuya knowing what had happened with her, but that was too late. The red, red blood kept on falling between her beautiful fingers, making Kazuya's blood boiled frantically inside his veins. All of his resistance was futile.

All was vain, the young master acknowledged it cynically, and he was going to lose his control. The smell and the delicacy beyond words were waiting to be taste, and he couldn't let that going to waste. His red, red eyes gazed at Jun with torn soul, tormenting between lust and hunger.

"Kazama, stay where you are."

Looking at the amount of blood, Kazuya's eyes turned wild. He hadn't tasted the real blood for years, and he thought he had good control about it. His desire for Jun, and the smell of her blood were too much for him.

"Sir? What are you—?"

Jun was stunned when Kazuya came closer and took her wounded fingers, placing them one by one into his mouth and sucking them passionately. She was going to resist, but the heat of his mouth, the sensation from his sucking gave wonderful feeling, and she had no power to stop it. Jun knew it wasn't the right place or time, but she felt her heart beating like hell, making her dizzy.

"Master… please…."

Jun begged, but Kazuya didn't let her go. He had forgotten how tempting the human blood would be. During all those times, he had forgotten all. However, tasting some blood and sucking it directly reminded him how sweet the taste of human blood, and this girl's blood probably the best he ever tasted.


"Shhh… let me fix them for you," his hoarse yet tempting voice instantly made Jun close her mouth. "Soon, your bleeding with stop."

Jun bit her lips. There was no way she could keep running from her feeling anymore. She had feeling for him. As Kazuya released her fingers, she stared at him, looking through into his eyes. The dark black eyes looked like hurricane, blending her emotions.

"Master, I think I must continue cooking…"

"There is no way you cook with that hand." Kazuya shook his head, smiling. "Take a rest, then. I'll tell Kunimitsu to finish the food and send it to your room."

The pain in her hand was quite disturbing even though the bleeding was stopped. Then, she couldn't stop thinking about him doing more than just sucking her fingers. Oh, God, her master was right, she couldn't continue cooking that way.

"Thanks for your understanding, sir."


Kazuya was breathing inconstantly when he was in his working place. Once he tasted Jun's blood, his body demanded for more, lusting for her even more. He barely forgot the sweet expression on her face as she saw him, called his name. Jun Kazama might be more than just simple girl he had expected.

"There you are, brother." A tall silhouette entered the dark room. The silver hair sparkled, came along an evil smirk from his face. "I have just finished the next project with Boskonovich. The new blood capsule is on the way."

"Fuck you, Lee. How many times I told you not to enter my room as you wish?"

"Sullen as always, dear brother?" Lee ignored Kazuya's cold remark. "I thought that young woman could make you feel lot better, she's your type anyway."

Kazuya sneered from his chair. "So you deliberately sent her."

Lee gave a sly smile, reading Kazuya's reaction. The great Kazuya had fallen into his game, he could tell. That was what he had been waiting for, good development for his plan. "Why not? She's your birthday present, brother. Lovely, isn't she?"

"Stop talking about her. What about the last incident in Araikawa River?" Kazuya opened his laptop and started searching for the weapons, silvery ones. He needed to buy some. "Did those filthy dogs try to mess with us?"

"They surely did, brother. Mind if you lend a hand?"

Kazuya laughed, "nothing could interest me more than having dogs hunting."


Jun was cleaning one of the antique pictures from Middle age when she noticed Mr. Lee was coming toward her. As usual, he was wearing an exclusive white business suit. His flawless appearance hadn't changed a bit since the last time she had seen him.

"You have been here for almost one month, Miss Kazama." Lee opened the conversation. "I hope you enjoy working here, especially working for my elder brother."

Jun smiled, kept on cleaning, "I believe I enjoy working here, Mr. Lee."

Lee turned his attention toward the paintings. He asked her softly, "do you enjoy European painting, Miss Kazama?"

The only painting Jun knew was some collections from houses she had worked long ago. She admired those beauties, how the artists captured the delicate moments into two-dimensional art like painting. Still, she didn't know how to enjoy those things. "Ehmm, I'm sorry sir, but all I know about painting is they are really wonderful. I like the colorful combination, which Van Gogh made in his self-portraits, or the lonely expressions, which I found many times in Sir Williams' girls."

"Excellent taste, I must say. There are many differences between European and Japanese painting. We here enjoy European ones. How about you, Miss Kazama?"

"My family painting, the picture of Yakushima forest." Jun answered right away. "I always love the picture of natural sights. Those are so beautiful."

"They just like you, my beautiful lady." Lee raised his brows. "I'm not going to stay long here, so make sure everything is in the right position. Try to keep everything in the right place, like where you put your heart."

"Huh?" Jun confused with Lee's warning. There was something behind those words. "Sir, what are you talking about?"

The man in front of her laughed sardonically, "you really have no idea what am I talking about?"

"Frankly speaking, sir…"

"Your heart, no matter how pure that is, couldn't ever reach my brother." Lee stated blatantly. His expression was unreadable when he spoke with her. "Well, I'm just giving advice anyway. You may take it or leave it, Miss Kazama."

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