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Switch and Swap

For Hyuga Neji, mobile phones were only pieces of technology to be used for emergencies and practical purposes. Namely, enabling him to contact and negotiate with businessmen, friends, relatives and list down important dates and notes. For him, these gadgets should not be used for idiotic games, personal photo albums, worthless text messages, music and social applications, and unimportant web searches.

Yes, at 21, the Hyuga prodigy had destroyed the entertaining purposes of mobile phones.

However, never in his life would he have thought of two possible things. The first, switching a mobile phone of one with a stranger was possible. And second, it never occurred to him that tracing it in a first world country would be so difficult.

Definitely, this was the first time he had lost his phone. Ever.


All lights were shut as utter silence and darkness loomed before him. His white pallid eyes scanned the room, reflecting the moon light from his glass windows. A moment or so, his orbs stayed on the unlit television screen in front of him. His eyebrows then formed a scowl...showing much dismay at his current situation.

"I'm sorry Hyuga-sama, we weren't able to track down your nor the cell phone you hold. Your phone is one of the 5 custom-makes of our company. Only Uchiha-sama has the access for the Susano'o models."

"Alright, thank you."

He was fully aware that the Uchiha Corporation's CEO was in a business trip in Korea for a month. Obviously, Sasuke wouldn't have the time to track his phone down.

He rubbed his temples. Going to the Konoha Art Museum was from the start, a bad idea. Then again, when it came to Naruto… everything was a bad idea. Annoying as it was, the blond had pleaded, repeatedly for him to come to the exhibit that featured their colleague's works.

Of course, one of the general rules of museums was that; 'Before anyone enters the museum, please surrender all your electronic devices to the guard.' He had his cell phone with him. He was sure of the safety. Everyone in the exhibit was. He submitted it.

Although, he had never thought that the guard would accidentally switch his phone with another's. And unfortunately for him, there was no written record of the names and devices submitted.

Only numbers. Number cards.

The manager explained, an emergency came up (a child ticked off one of the alarms in the paintings) and due to the guard's confused state when the lady was at his desk, he gave his cell phone before running to check what was going on.

He sighed and inspected the cell phone. The phone was black like his with a 640 x 360 touch screen, silver navigation keys, an 8.0 megapixel camera and inside, Global Positioning System, Calendar, Notes, Social Media and Gallery applications.

Without a doubt, it was one of the rare Susano'o models. Sasuke had this himself and he had given him and Naruto this, his girlfriend Sakura…

And lastly, the owner of the cell phone he currently had in his possession.

He had requested to check the CCTV cameras, and he found out that a woman submitted the same kind of device…but, that was it. Even Naruto had no idea who was the woman and Sai was too busy entertaining art curators.

He decided to check the photo albums, inbox and outbox messages, and searched the contacts. Normally yes, he was keen on keeping one's privacy but in this situation, he had to determine who the owner of the phone was and make sure that his phone was not in wrong hands. Or else, he wouldn't have the chance to retrieve it with the list of business affiliates, meetings, ideas and future projects of his family's company.

'Traditional hair buns,' he noted as he checked the first picture. Her face was angled slightly in front of the camera and she was beaming with a peace sign. He stared at her eyes. Even if it was in the photo… he could already tell that she was a cheerful person, with bright brown eyes and a captivating smile.

From what he had also seen in the video, it seemed that she had a fair height and yes, she was Chinese.

He scanned the rest of the pictures and he couldn't help himself but stare at each one. He only recovered from his trance at the 5th picture and all he could think was, 'This woman wasn't at least a bit attractive." She also had the innocence that told him that his phone was in good hands.

Very good hands-he scratched that thought aside.

Next, he scanned her contacts. Needless to say, it didn't help him. They had no contacts in common. If they did have, he wouldn't be able to recognize it in her list. Unlike him, she didn't put the surnames of her contacts.

Instead, she used first names with honorifics.

He was going to read next her messages, but he saw a new message icon on the top left corner of the screen. He checked it and was a little surprised that the message was undoubtedly addressed to him…

'Umm…could you please help me? I think we switched phones. Can we meet up and exchange? I really need my phone back...thanks. '

Somehow, he felt that everything so unfortunately unusual was all set up…

That didn't stop him from replying though.