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Switch and Swap

Monday had been particularly stressful. Without his phone, he seemed to be losing track of everything. Appointments, schedules, lunch …everything seemed to pass so unevenly. He let out a heavy sigh and checked the phone again. He had repeatedly done this over the past few hours, hating the fact that everything around him didn't seem right… all because of a stupid phone.

Not admitting it out loud, but he was now sure that he relied on his phone too much.

Too much for his own good.

He checked the time—6:45 pm, it was almost time to leave his office and meet this stranger.

He had been direct, he was well aware of that. With just 6 simple words, he conveyed where and when they would meet.

'Meet me, 7:30 pm at Soushouryuu Restaurant.'

So, there was no reason as to why she was late.

For the past 30 minutes, his eyes had been scanning his surroundings. Twin dragons were definitely the theme of the restaurant. The tribal drawn creatures entwined to each other were embedded on each wooden table and the dining hall had red wallpapers and lanterns adorning its walls and ceiling. The place was also dimly-lit, giving it a classic Chinese restaurant ambiance.

Enveloping himself for the 11th time of the day with the curiosity of whoever held his phone at the moment, he read the same message again.



And for the first time, scrolling it down, he noted of something peculiar.

Pulling out a pen and paper from his chest pocket, he wrote the number down. Whoever had his phone… well, she wasn't using it. He could tell as he narrowed his eyes at this.

He knew his number and that, wasn't on the screen.

He continued staring at it and at the same time formulating speculations….

When, suddenly, a feminine voice came from behind.

"Good evening sir." He immediately slid the paper inside his pocket.

He turned to face the owner of the voice, and came across a familiar woman. She smiled and sat in front of him, "I'm sorry for making you wait. I had to take care of my family's restaurant for the day."

He stared at the woman. Family restaurant, she said. From entering the humble restaurant, he already took note of the crimson qipao of the female waiters (in contrast with the black cheongsam of the males) and the golden name tag of each employee.

And yes, she wore the same uniform as the females and in fine print, her name Tenten was written on the tag.

No doubt about it, this was the family restaurant she was talking about.

'This is the second coincidence with this woman.' He thought.

Not to mention, she was more attractive in person-the fair height, the beautiful brown eyes, and the beautiful red qipao that suit her physique.

He mentally coughed at the thought. "It's alright."

"So uhmm, here," She pulled out his phone from her pocket and passed it to him. "I'm really sorry that this had to happen, I guess the guard got confused."

"Hn," He did the same and placed it on the table, passing it to her. It didn't seem to have a scratch nor have anything missing in it. Everything was just as he had left it, the messages, the list of contacts, notes, calendar reminders…they were there.

He was about to say his thank you when he noticed that she was discarding the back of her phone and slid a SIM card in it. She seemed to sense his curiosity and looked at him.

"I pulled it out before I gave it to the guard. I do this a lot since it's my old SIM. It's kind of bothersome to change numbers when I have hundreds of contacts in my phonebook."

That definitely answered his past question. He nodded and made a motion to leave. "Thank you for retuning my phone. I will be taking my-"

She interjected, "Wait, please don't go yet." and signaled one of her employees, mouthing the words 'Give him one of our specials.'

"There's no n-"

"Don't worry about it. It's okay." She smiled at him. "You've been waiting for a long time, and you returned my phone. Take it an apology and at the same time a thank you treat."

He mentally sighed. As a Hyuga, he was thought to either comply or politely refuse a lady's request. In her case, however, there was no room for refusal.

"Hyuga-san, I wouldn't be taking a 'no' for an answer." She said and smiled sweetly again at him.

This woman really knew how to insist.

"Alright, then," He sat back down and waited patiently for his "order".

As he ate his soup, she started chatting with him. Without hesitation though, he seemed to reply to every question she threw at him-in his own way of questioning and responding that is, and vice versa. She was a good conversationalist.

That or he just had a lot of coincidences with this woman.

Strike one: she was the best friend of his closest cousin. Unable to stop his curiosity, he questioned her. "By any chance, are you a close acquaintance of Haruno Sakura or Uchiha Sasuke?"

She said no, and apparently, "I'm guessing you're related to Hinata, right?" He nodded. "She gave it to me as a birthday present last March."

And that, strike two, he was the instrument as to why she had the phone. "When I asked how come she got me that expensive phone, she said her cousin had connections personally with Uchiha Sasuke." She shrugged then grinned, "Let me have a random guess… you're that person, huh?"

"It isn't a random guess when I just mentioned that person moments ago." She giggled at his response and he couldn't help but smile at her hearty laugh.

Deeper about her cousin, she asked about the Hyuga Corporation. "Is Hinata going to be the heir or you?" She questioned and he raised a brow at her in question.

"Your phone gave it away. There was a lot of information about the Hyuga Corporation's Projects. I accidentally read it, just to find out who you were. Sorry about that." She gave him a sheepish smile. He didn't give a response, considering it was already a rhetorical question.

To his surprise, she still greeted him. "Congratulations!"

And him, he couldn't help but inwardly smile.

Again with his cousin, she asked about her relationship with Naruto…citing that she had lost contact with her. She glanced around the restaurant and shrugged. "For being the sole heir, I have a lot of work and training here and …in China."

"I see."

"So, how is she?" She reviewed her question.

"She's doing fine."

"How is she doing with Naruto, then? Do you have any idea?"

"…" He ignored her question and proceeded with drinking his green tea.

She placed her arms on the table, sensing his dicomfort. "Hmm, I think we're on the same page. That guy actually received multiple scars from me. You can say I can get overprotective of her." Somehow, that comment made the corners of his lips twitch in delight. He also beat up the idiot after finding out that he had interests in his cousin.

"Hn. He was at fault why I ended up in the museum."


"He wanted me to see our friend's artworks."

"Who's artworks?"


"That creepy smiling guy? What a small world, he's one of our family's friends." Strike three, they knew the same people.

"He was the one who invited you, correct?"


A moment of silence hung between them. He noticed she seemed unease by this so she started again another random conversation. He wasn't particular as to why she kept talking to him, maybe it was just her personality or she was also interested in knowing him as well.

All the more though, he seemed to take interest in her rather than the conversation she kept starting.

They seemed to share the same opinions and point of views about marriage meetings, high expectations, and finally, assuming the position-all of which has something to do with being heirs to their family's company.

From that, however, everything went blurred. The next thing they knew, their topic became their personal lives.

He couldn't help but think that he had accidentally set up a date with this woman. She was at the same age as him, 21, they shared the same interests—martial arts to be exact. Her hobby was fortunetelling as his was meditating, she loves travelling and learning new languages and at one point, they spoke in Chinese.

At the back of his mind, something seemed to whisper that he was actually glad that this whole incident transpired.

It was a given, there was something wrong with him. She seemed to suit his preferences for intelligent and beautiful were definitely on the top of his list.

Oddly enough, it was as if 'fate' had finally decided to play that day.

Ignoring the cold breeze of the night, he made his way back to his condo unit with thoughts of her filling his mind.

It was true, he never would have thought of two possible things- accidentally having a guard switch his phone with her, and not being able to trace it in Japan was unlikely to happen.

And for the last time of his scathing realizations-switching and swapping a phone with a very fascinating woman.

Yes, at 21, the Hyuga prodigy had managed to get a girl because of a mobile phone switch-swap.

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