This is just a small drabble I wrote on my Ipod Touch a while back, just to test out the typing on that thing. Hope Y'all like it!

"I can't believe you!" Haruhi shted at the criminally oerworked and underappriciated errand boy Kyon. "All I asked was for you to do a simple little task, but no! You just had to do and screw it up like everything else you do!"

"Come on," Kyon protested, "you're asking me to do something that's equivalent to fitting a square peg through a round hole; it's just not possible!"

"No excuses! Now, start liking 'Twilight' or so help me I'll give you a penalty so big...!"

See? See how true that is? Rational, sane people cannot enjoy something that...wrong! Please, if you love your fellow man convince him that Twilight is garbage!