It was past sundown when Camilla woke again. Godric had pleasured her the whole night - the number of times he brought her undone in one night was almost as much as her age! No wonder she slept through the whole day. She was feeling warm and safe and as she tried to stretch she cringed from the ache of her body. She felt like she'd had the hardest workout of her life and forgot to stretch out. "Are you in pain?" Godric's voice sounded and Camilla opened her eyes for the first that night, turned her head and stared back at him lying beside her. She blushed down deeply and shook her head,no. It was a lie, it hurt quite alot but she would endure it - it wasn't so bad that she couldn't handle it. They lay there for awhile - just talking and Camilla's shyness of yesterdays happenings faded and she was yet again comfortable with him. It was first when her stomach grumbled, that the two of them decided to leave the bed. Her stomach muscles ached as she sat up and it hurt a bit to sit but she could deal with that pain - it wasn't as bad as some of her friends had told it was. But when she stood up - the strangest feeling of heaviness assaulted her. Her whole body was sluggish and it hurt to move,yes but the strangest was her hips - they were heavy and Camilla was sure she was walking strangely! Her knees were wobbly too.

Godric had left for the kitchen, to make something for her and to give her some human moments and for that Camilla was grateful. She did not wish for him to see! The Dane grit her teeth and worked her way,slowly and carefully over to the wall so she could lean against it and then started the long journey to the kitchen.

She only made it halfway down the hall when she had to give up cause walking, freaking hurt! "GODRIC!" She shouted, enraged and he was by her side within a few heartbeats - looking seriously worried. " What have you done to me?" She asked horrified as she tried to take yet another step with her heavy hips and wobbly knees. He had cripled her!

" I did tell you that it was your own fault if you were sore..." Godric said, looking indredibly smug. Camilla looked offended but reached her arms out at him and pouted. " Then you will be forced to pamper me!" She stated and gestured for him to take her into his arms, cause she wasn't walking unless it was absolutely needed. For once giving up her independence - feeling it was alright when she was with him. Just this once.

Godric did as demanded, swept her up into his arms and carried her to the livingroom,tugged her onto the couch and went to get his covers and pillows for her. Then he got her the breakfast he'd asked the maids to fix and then he curled up next to her, placing his head in her lap as the intro music to The Addams Family.

Camilla loved the Addams, giggled at Wednesday's antics and of the lovesick brothers who went crazy when she spoke french and of lUrch being miserable!

After they saw the episodes he had of The Addams, They followed up with old danish movies that Godric had ordered his dayman to find - wanting to soothe her homesickness. Godric would easily understand the danish and thus the two of them spent the night curled up together, watching movies.

Godric and Camilla's relationship lasted throughout the rest of the year,with its ups and downs like any other couples. They fought and made up, followed by Godric pameing her after they made up cause he never seemed to loose the ability to make her incabable of walking. Eric came by not long time after their first coupling and even though he and Camilla never stopped bickered like children - Eric had respect for young girl who'd kept his Maker alive and brought him joy.

Camilla practically lived in Godric nest after that night. He helped her through the classes she couldn't manage, he was even intruduced to her family and friends via Skype calls. She often visited her host family though, they had become like a fourth family to her. She wasgetting quite the amount of 'families' by own, Rikke's family,Lærke's family, Sarah's family, Godric's little family including Pam and Eric and at last her host family. All of these had become like family to her.

When finals came about, Camilla was saddened - that meant she would have to go home. she was homesick and she missed her family, yes - but Godric was someone she desperately needed and she'd sunken into a light depression by the thought of having to part with him. Her grades dropped abit during that time but Godric talked to her about it all and he'd sowrn that he'd go back to Denmark with her and then they'd figure out the rest after that.

She got through her finals well. English was passed with flying colors. Math with a B-, Physics and Chemistry with a C+ and pretty much the rest with A. Godrics influence on her grades in English hadn't been big but she was certain that she would have dumped Math, Physics and Chemistry without him.

And when the last exam was passed, The dimission over and everything thouroughly celebrated - it became time for Camilla to go home. Godric went with her and they continued whatever their relationship could be called there.

Godric bought a penthouse in the biggest city near her town, the city where she would attend College and Camilla made accomodations so that she lived about a week's time with each. Unable to truly and finally move out of her parents house at 16.

Im sorry for the long wait, I really really really am. But finals do this to a person. IT KILLS EVERY MUSE!

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