Summary: What if Bella didn't dwell on the fact Edward Left? What if she started doing well for herself and came into some money? What if she got a makeover with a new personality? What if a new Vampire coven came into town and befriended her and changed her? What if she ran into the Cullens a couple months later a vampire? What if she didn't forgive Edward right away?


I was lying in my bed looking at my ceiling wondering how this happen. How did I get from being so happy to sad? I'll tell you why them they did this to me. They made my life worse. As I sat in bed I thought about the money my mom and step dad Phil came into when he hit the big-time during baseball and made it to the pros. Of course my mom was so excited that she of course called me and told me the news. I still remember how I couldn't be that enthusiastic about it. After Charlie told her about Edward she has been calling non- stop. She told me that Phil and her will have a lot of money and said she opened a bank account for me to spend and start fresh without Edward. At first I thought she was crazy but after a few days I saw what I was doing to Charlie. I decided I need to re-event myself and start new.

I went to Port Angeles and got a make over with highlights in my hair and then went shopping I even redecorated my room. Now I have to get up ad go to school. I looked in my closet and got out a skirt, a pair of ankle boots, and a baby blue tank top that has small frills on the edges. Then I got out a white vest that has a furry white hood. I was kind of nervous nobody saw my new look and we were expecting three new students. I got into my new Audi cooper who was baby blue to and headed to school. I took a deep breath and headed to school.

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