Alright, this is for Really Big Hat's contest (on the Wiki). Don't ask why I still waste my time with this, but I did wanna write this, anyway. I wanted to come with a future fic for the poisonbenders, but I couldn't. Alright, here we go.

The afternoon sun shined high in the sky as many children played carefree in a town park. Some rode bikes, some played basketball, jump rope, etc. However, hiding in a rather dark corner of a building, sat a boy who looked about 6 or 7, with a bald head and ragged clothes. The boy sat in depression with his back facing the playing children and tears streaming down his face.

The boy sobbed as he quietly spoke. "Why don't they want me?..."

"It's because you're a freak."

At this strange voice, the boy stood up, startled. "Wh-Who's there? Who said that?"

"But that's okay! It's what makes you special." And out of the shadows, the boy stepped back in slight fear as some shadowy version of himself approached.

"Wh-Who are you?"

The shadow grinned maniacally. "I'm you! Or at least…what you're meant to be!"

The boy just stopped and sat back down as the shadow drifted around him.

"Those kids won't let you around them, will they?"


"No one will, will they?"


"And why is that?"

"It's because of these weird powers. I don't get it. Why did I have to be born with them?"

"Don't you understand? It's because you're special! And not just any kind of special. You're the most powerful being in the universe!"

"I am?"

"Yessss. And the humans know this…and that's why they shun you away. Because they fear your power. So they make you feel weak and insignificant. For years now, there have been many like us. Powerful beings that have the power to manipulate elements like us. But throughout history, fools only cared for using their elemental powers for good. For the goodness for humanity. But look where you are."


"Humans don't care about you. They don't care about any of us. Why should we waste our time with them? WE are the more powerful. WE have the powers of gods! WE deserve to rule the universe! Deserve to rule THEM!" He pointed to the playing children.

"Oh…what should I do?"

"Do what your predecessors did before you. Master your powers, so you can master all. Take your place as ruler of all Darkness!"

"I…I don't know. I'm not sure if I could."

"You can…and you must, because…" With that, the shadow drifted in front of the boy and waved in front of his face. "Darkness is your only friend."

"Darkness is my only friend."

"The humans don't care for you, so why waste your time?"

"The humans don't care for me, so why waste my time?"

"Master your powers and show them all what true Darkness you wield."

"Master my powers and show them all what true Darkness I wield."

The shadow smirked. "You are my Master!"

"I am your Master."

"And I am your loyal minion!"

"And you are my loyal minion!"

"Gooood. Now…let's show everyone your power, O Great Negatar."

"Yes, my loyal phantom." With that, the shadow was absorbed into the boy's body as an arrow appeared on his head. "Soon, all will know the poison, the shadow, the psychic, the fear, the Darkness that is Lord Gnaa. And face ultimate justice." With that, the future Dark Master walked into the shadows and disappeared.

Okay, there is my entry. How Lord Gnaa first got on his path to being a Dark Master. Ugh…well, time for more DEATH-EGG. Later.