Once in the dirty smelly city of New York, a drugged up couple were in an alley way. They had recently had a new born baby girl, but now they carried her in an old laundry basket. She was crying and crying.

"Stop whining you usless sack!" Said the male.

"Oh comeon John just ignore her and leave her here already!" Said the female.

They did and ran off to get high on more heroine. The baby girl cried and cried. Ten minuets later, a man-hole cover shifted. The head of a large, mutated rat popped out. He came out of the sewer walking like a man and came over to the baby girl. This was Splinter. He had come out of his underground home searching for food for his four sons. He was directly under the man-hole cover when he'd heard what the couple was doing. He picked up the baby girl out of the laundry basket and gently rocked her until she ceaced crying. He looked back and fourth, then put her in the basket and took her with him back to his home in the sewer. Four mutated pre-teen turtles ran up to greet him.

"Master Splinter!" Yelled Michelangelo, the youngest. "Did you bring us some food? I'm starved!"

"You weren't gone very long." Said Leonardo, the oldest.

Splinter lowered the basket and the four boys gathered around it.

"A BABY!" They all shouted.

"Can we keep iiit?" Asked Mikey earning a smack from his older brother Raphael.

"It's not a pet!"

"My sons." Said Splinter. "I am going back out to find a meal for us. I expect you to watch over this girl while I am gone. We will decide what to do with her when I return. Understood?"

"Yes Master Splinter."

With that, Splinter went back to the surface and the pre-teen turtlesgathered around the basket once more.

"Awwwwww!" Cooed Mikey. "We should name her!"

"Don't get too attatched." Said Raph.

The baby barely opened her eyes for the first time and saw the four and closed her eyes again

"We should name her.." Mikey repeated himself. "I got it! Turtle!"

"Turtle?" He brothers stared at him confused.

"Haha! Yea it's perfect! Look!" He pointed to a cartoon drawn turtle on her bib and the turtles on her dirty footy pajamas she was wearing.

The other brothers thought about it.

"C'mon there is like no better name!" He looked at the baby in the basket who opened her eyes again and looked at him. "Don't you like that name huh? Don't you like that name huh Turtle?"

Turtle laughed and smiled at him.

"See she likes the name." Said Mikey with a goofy grin.

"Or she thinks your head looks funny." Said Raph, and everyone laughed except Mikey.

This is how Turtle became a part of their lives. Watching them train and playing with them on a daily basis, she thought of herself no different than her Turtle bretheren. A year later, she was crawling everywhere, and splinter and the turtles had to keep up with her. One day, Turtle crawled into Splinter's room. No one took notice. Splinter was out, Mikey was gaming, Leo was meditating, Donny was playing with the robots he made out of an old computer that fell down the sewer, and Raph was snoozing. Turtle crawled up to an open drawer and grabbed ahold of the handle to get on to her feet. She looked into the drawer with curious little eyes. In there was an old matchbox, a wooden figure, a paper swan, and a large broken canister with stains of green goo on it. There was a blob of it resting in the corner of the canister. Little Turtle was attracted to the green goo, it was bright and shiny. She reached into the broken canister, suprisingly without cutting herself, and grabbed a glob of the green goo in her pudgy little hand. She sat on her rump and slowly brought the green stuff up to her mouth.

"TURTLE NO!" All the boys screamed seeing her. They all raced to stop her, but it was too late! She had swallowed the green goo!

"AGH!" Screamed Raph picking her up and turning her upside down. "SPIT IT OUT YOU LITTLE IDIOT SPIT IT OUT!"

But Turtle just squealed and laughed, joyous her brother's were paying attention to her.

"It's too late Raph." Said Leo.

All four Turtles looked at eachother horror filled. Master Splinter came home, and when they told him, he fell to his knees horror stricken and took Turtle in his arms and hugged her, crying. They all cried. They were pretty sure she would die that night. But when she didn't, they only knew it would happen sooner or later. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed, but nothing happened. Turtle was still as happy and as joyous as ever. They figured that nothing would happen after that. They continued to play with Turtle, positive everything was going to be ok.

And it was, but, who said Turtle didn't change?

*to be continued.*