Upon the night of their return, it was raining. It was a heavy rain, with roaring thunder as if the gods themselves were sounding the drums of war for our heroes, as they prepared themselves for their fiercest battle yet.

They returned to New York City in a red pickup truck that they fixed up back on the farm. April and Turtle sat up front, the boys were all in the back getting rained on.

"So where exactly do you guys live anyway?" Casey yelled through the curtain of rain.

"Don't worry! We're almost there!" Mikey yelled back.

"Yea, just a little farther!" Donny chimed in.

"April, stop the truck!" Raph yelled, banging on the top of the truck.

"Stop the truck." Turtle repeated calmly.

April nodded and brought the truck to a safe stop. The turtles and Casey leapt out of the truck. April got out of the driver's side, and Mikey opened the passenger's side to pick up Turtle and close the door.

"Nice place you got here." Casey said looking up at the building.

"It is a nice place." Leo said, lifting up a man-hole cover. "Too bad we live under it."

Casey's expression changed to an unamused one. "Seriously?"

"Were mutants. what did you expect?" Mikey said, as he jumped down the hole with Turtle in his arms. "A condominium?"

"Ha ha." Casey said rolling his eyes.

"You commin?" Donny said to Casey.

"Yea yea." He said, following them down the man-hole.

"Home sweet home!" Mikey said, putting Turtle on his shoulder. "How's it feel to be back."

"Feels great!" Turtle said, smiling as they entered the lair.

"HOLD IT!" Leo said, pulling out his swords.

"What it it b-" But Turtle was cut off short when Mikey put a hand over her mouth, pointing to the closet. Upon closer look, she could see movement and hear small sounds behind the double doors.

"HIIIIIIIIII-YA!" Leo screamed, kicked the doors open to reveal a frightened red-haired teen.

"DON'T SHOOT!" He yelled.

"I don't think it's loaded kid." Raph said sarcastically.

"Danny!" Turtle said, surprised.

Danny?" April said, shocked and appalled. "Danny what are you doing here?"

"I-I needed a place to hide out and I found this place and-"

"I'm calling your father right now!" April said, marching toward the pay phone.

"N-no! No April please just let me stay here for one night!"

"Let him stay here guys!" Turtle pipped up. "If it weren't for him, I never would have found you guys after I escaped."

The turtles all nodded and commented in agreement.

"Fine.." April said.

"Thank you so much!" Danny said.

"MAN!" Mikey said, plopping down on the couch. "I could go for a double pepperoni pizzaaaa with extra cheese, and sausages, and mushroooooms-"

"Duuuuude you're making me hungry!" Turtle whined rubbing her stomach.

"Well, I had some pizza down here a while back."

Donny and Mikey dove for the pizza box and fought over it, until Mikey yanked the box away from Donny and opened the box only to scream in horror.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He mock feinted as the pizza fell to the ground, revealing it had mold on it.

"Ooh, too bad." Danny said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Don't worry Mike!" Turtle said, jumping on top of her brother. "We have plenty of time to order a new one right? Thirty minuets or less."

"Right on little sis!" He said, jumping up and grabbing the pay-phone. "Hello, Domino's? I missed you so much!"

Later that night, while everyone was enjoying their pizza. Mikey and Turtle were sitting on the floor as Raph put a flashlight up to his face and told a "scary story".

"...then the two kids turned around, and the little girl let our a terrified scream! For standing above them, was the grotesque form of what was once their pet baby gator, back for revenge from them flushing him down the toilet!"

Mikey and Turtle clung to each-other with terrified expressions on their faces.

"Wh-who would flush a baby gator down the toilet?" Mikey stammered.

Raph chuckled and continued the story. "The brother and sister were never heard from again... No one in their home town ever speaks of them... they say the gator still roams the sewers of the town... and do you know...where that...town..is..?" He got close up to them.

Turtle and Mikey shook their head nervously.

"it was in NEW YORK CITY!" He yelled, laughing maniacly making his two siblings scream at the top of their lungs.

"Raph!" Leo glared at him. "Considering were going to fight an army of ninjas, I don't think you need to be scarring them for life!"

"Geez ok ok. Buzz kill."

Mikey and Turtle still clung to each-other.

"Do you think the story was true Mikey?"

"Haha of course not." He said messing up her hair. "You know how Raph is."

"Yea, you're right." She laughed and made a palette on the floor to sleep on.

Mikey laughed nervously and began to lay down to sleep when Raphael growled behind him, making him jump and run across the lair screaming.


Everyone glared at him.

"Whaaaat? Heh heh."

In the early A.M. hours, around 2 or 3, everyone was sleeping soundly. Everyone except Turtle.

Turtle was wide awake, her eyes were closed, she was trying to sleep, but she couldn't. She felt something was very off, that something could happen any minuet.

Just then, she heard shuffling! Danny had gotten up and headed out of the lair. When she couldn't hear his footsteps anymore, she sat up.


"We know." They all sat up at the same time she did.

"Alright guys, wake up April and Casey." Leo said standing up. "Were gonna have company soon, so here's the plan.."

HEY DUDES haha alright, tune in next time for the final showdown! TURTLE POWER