Title: To Be Wild
Summary: What are sisters for? Raven
Prompt: LJ starsparkle333 | Give me an inch / I promise I'll take a mile / Danger is beauty / I'll face it with a smile / / I'm on a mission / With no restrictions / Don't second guess myself / I'm born to be wild
A/N: Yes, I have other stories I owe you all. I'm even working on them. I promise. And I'll get them posted soon.

give me an inch

He always kept the welcome mat out for her, when she showed up, small blue elf in tow and asked for him to be placed in a good home anywhere that neither of their ideologies reigned; when she showed up, battered and bruised from one too many raids on one too many top-secret, mutant-experimenting facilities, not a word across her lips how many people she had killed (he found that out later from Havok's clean-up mission to discover the place had been blown to smithereens, workers still inside), and when she showed up, angry and hurt because Erik had bandaged all the hurt places Azazel had left behind, then turned around and fathered twins on Magda and proclaimed her the love of his life.

Charles never could turn anyone away.

Alex backed away wary. She let him, until the night she found him rocking a tiny, blue-tailed baby in his arms. She looked at him and smiled. Alex did not trust the smile.

Sean ignored her when he could, but he found it tough to ignore her those three weeks she spent recovering with them before Alex learned the truth. Raven had always liked his favorite ice cream; they used to bond over rocky road. One night, one kitchen. He gave an inch.

Hank would sometimes reach out tentatively, to be greeted in return with white smiles in her blue skin and reassured, once more, she found him more attractive for all that made him mutant than for all that had once let him hide.

Just one inch.

Azazel's baby. The death of one hundred and forty-two humans she clearly cared nothing about (raised eyebrows, infinitesimal shrug). One more rebound from one more rejection from one more man that had promised her the world. Betrayal after betrayal, but Charles never could turn anyone away.