Title: To Be Wild
Summary: What are sisters for? Raven
Prompt: LJ starsparkle333 | Give me an inch / I promise I'll take a mile / Danger is beauty / I'll face it with a smile / / I'm on a mission / With no restrictions / Don't second guess myself / I'm born to be wild
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danger is beauty

Mystique learned early on that safety was plush fair skin and fair hair—never mind her own was black. Safety was pretty; safety was cute; safety was meeting the expectations in the mind of the other person.

And never mind glossing over the details you don't know—she'd get better with that in time, too—because they would try so hard to make sense of the world and write off the little things she got wrong. Even an occasional golden glint to her eye.

She used to glance in mirrors or puddles as a little girl and turn her face to blue in the glassy surface, let the scales surface in whorls, stare wonderingly and longingly at the other side.

Mystique learned early on that danger was blue skin with red hair and golden eyes. Danger was beauty; danger was wild; danger was playing cat and mouse with the expectations in the mind of the other person.

She took Erik's hand, walked away, and promised Charles in thoughts flung at his injured mind, I have loved you, but you know this won't be half-hearted.

A sad mental smile, familiar in its taste. Yes, Raven. I know.