Genre: AU/Crossover/Supernatural/Suspense/Angst/Romance

Warnings: Dark, disturbing imagery, adult themes, character death, violence, and foul language (quite a bit of it)

Disclaimer: Don't own, just playing, yadda yadda

There will be some elements added from the movie (mainly the beginning), but it's more faithful to the book, particularly for the role of The Crow. There will be a lot of jumps back and forth in time. Specific memories will be in bold italics, and dialogue in brackets belongs to one particular character (the Crow).

Last night I had a revelation
Somehow I have to make you pay
It's all about manipulation
And what it takes to get my way
I don't believe in soft solutions
No one makes a fool of me
Without receiving retribution
No one hurts me and goes free

Bring You Down

by Red Delicious


* Devil's Night*

Red and blue lights flashed, sending strange, frenetic shadows across the landscape, turning the normally quiet area into a low-grade house of horrors. Lt. Hook stepped out of his unmarked vehicle and scanned his eyes across the scene.

What a fucking mess…

He walked towards the perimeter and met the eyes of the security officer.

"What do we have, Albrecht?"

"One dead, one nearly and on the way to the hospital." The rookie was looking a little green, but Hook didn't have time for coddling.

"Any witnesses?"

"No, just the guy who found them. He's over there with Torres." Albrecht pointed to a middle-aged, balding man who was looking more than a little green. "He said he saw the broken down car, stopped to help, and when he saw the couple he called 911."

"Wonderful." Another set of violent crimes to add to the year's skyrocketing total. "The victims?"

"Man and a woman. Looks like the woman was raped, probably multiple offenders, and then shot in the head. At least I hope that was the order." He shuddered slightly and then blushed when he realized the inappropriateness of that comment and the weakness he has just shown his superior. "The man was beaten, stabbed, and shot in the head. I can't believe he's actually still alive."

Probably not for long, thought Hook. Just then he saw the head CSI walk over to the woman with one of their fingerprint scanners. After the M.E. gave her permission he carefully placed one of the dead woman's thumbs on the device and waited. He looked at the display and nodded before rising and walking over to Hook.

"Hey Cap…sorry, Lt. Hook. I got an ID for you."

"I really hate when you do that, Brenner." The man just smirked in return. "Who is she?"

"Shelley Webb. Her prints are on file because she's a teacher. No record otherwise."



"We get an ID on the guy yet?"

"I sent Officer Carter over to Mercy with the other scanner. He better not break it." Suddenly the men heard a ring tone. "Must be him, now." He peeled off his outer layer of gloves and answered. "Brenner. Yeah? OK. Got it. Yeah, he's here, I'll break the bad news." He hung up and faced Hook. "We're about to get company: the guy's a fed."

Ah, Christ, that's just what I need…

"FBI?" asked Albrecht.

"No. NCIS. Their MCRT is on its way."

Perfect…can this day get any worse?


*one year later*

As the sun slowly started to sink towards the horizon, a quiet, subdued figure made its way across the cemetery, carefully maneuvering around the array of tombstones until it arrived at its destination. The figure, a woman dressed in a long black coat and carrying a black lace parasol, bent to place a small bouquet of flowers at the base of one of the stones. After staring at the marker for a few moments, she spoke.

"Hey. It's me again. I thought you might like these. Well, I hope you would…but I don't know, since I really never knew you. I like to think I would have, eventually…but I guess I'm just left with my imagination, huh?"

She sighed and turned to the adjacent stone, placing the other bouquet she carried at the base of the marker. She then crouched down and stared at the inscription, the pain she had felt the moment she learned her friend was gone arising anew.

"I know you'll like these. They are your favorites, right?" She swiped absently at the tear that had started to fall. "I'm sorry I haven't been around much, but…it's just been so busy at work and…you know how that goes, don't you?"

She was silent for several minutes as she reached out and traced the letters carved into the granite. "I just miss you so much…" A few more minutes of silence and then she spoke again, a touch of anger in her voice. "How could you leave us like that? It's not fair…It's never fair: Kate, Paula, Jenny, and then you. Why did this happen? And why couldn't we get the guys who did it?" Receiving no answer, she finally rose to her feet and wiped her face with one black-gloved hand. "I'm sorry. I know…I know if it was up to you, you'd be here."

She looked up at the darkening sky and sighed. "I guess I better get going…see you later. I promise it won't be so long until the next time."

She started to walk away when a fluttering sound behind her caught her attention. She turned and saw a large black bird perched on the stone. It stared at her with dark eyes that seemed to reflect more intelligence than a member of the avian race should possess, and after meeting her gaze for a few moments, it bent down and casually pecked at its perch.

"Stop that! Shoo!"

It looked up at her again, obviously unimpressed with her instructions.


Finally it gave one loud caw and flew off, winging its way towards the darkening horizon. The woman watched until it disappeared from view and turned her gaze to the quickly gathering storm clouds. Her brow crinkled in consternation.

I should get back to work

She quickly walked to the parking lot outside the gate, climbed in her roadster, and headed back towards the city.


As the sun finally sank below the horizon, blackness covered the sky and the heavens opened, turning the ground around the stones into mire. The storm raged for hours, and as the church bells tolled midnight, the ground in front of the newly adorned stone started to shift. Soon a pale appendage broke the surface, followed by another, dragging with them from the sodden soil the rest of a mud-covered, shaking figure.

The figure was clad in a black suit, with the coat and shirt slit up the back, revealing pale, filth spattered skin beneath. It pulled itself free from the earth, rolled onto its back and emitted a long, agonized scream, raw and almost primal in intensity. The piercing cry echoed through the graveyard, seemingly answered by countless voices.

As the echoes finally died away, the figure rose to its feet and stumbled towards the cemetery gate, disappearing into the darkness.