Inspired to do this by the fanfics 'Double It!' and 'Organization XXIII: The Next Generation'. It's something I've wanted to do for a while and only just got round to.

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"Hey Axel! What are you waiting for? Go grab those ice creams!" Xion shouted as the trio ran towards the clock tower.

"I thought it was Roxas' turn today!"

"No, it should have been your's anyway. You just decided to hold that competition to see who got rid of the most heartless, and still lost!" Roxas laughed.

"You two are mean..." Axel stormed off to get the ice creams while to other two climbed the tower.

"So, Xion. What did you think of that mission?"

"Easy. I mean, come on. A Poison Plant was was the strongest heartless there! Hey, is that Axel or a fireball?" They both stared closely.

"Axel." They said at the same time. Both laughed.

"Shh." Roxas said suddenly.


"Be quiet. I thought I heard something." Xion listened carefully. There was a shuffling noise on the other side of the tower.

"Hi guys!" Axel yelled. He was met with two loud shushes to which he stopped talking but pouted at. The shuffling noise had now turned to into sobs.

"What's that?" Roxas whispered.

"No idea." Xion replied.

"Go and see. You're the stealthiest." Axel commented. Roxas started to sneak around the corner, then peered round the next. He found a boy. He looked about his age with mid-length blond hair and rather plain clothes, a grey jacket, jeans, fingerless gloves that passed his wrists and white trainers. He was sitting at the edge of the tower, crying. He was facing the area they'd been searching, the site of a hospital that had burnt down the day before. Xemnas had been adamant on them checking that area for any new recruits, sending all three of them due to the high risk of strong heartless. And because there was nothing else for us to do.

I heard something behind me, and span round to see Axel creeping up behind me, obviously curious. I looked back to the boy, only to see that he'd heard us and had stood, staring at us. His eyes were blue, darker than mine and Xion's, but still blue. He turned to run.

"Wait!" Roxas' shout caused Axel to jump and the boy to stop. "We're not going to hurt you. Axel, go get another ice-cream." Axel ran off while the boy looked unsure. "Come on." I lead him round the tower to Xion. "I'm Roxas and this is Xion. What's your name?"


"Well Isaac, it's nice to meet you." Said Xion as she patted the ground seat next to her. He sat there and Roxas took the seat on the other side.

"So, how are you?"

"Not good."

"Why?" Xion asked. He didn't answer, just looking down. The few clouds over head seemed to darken.

"I'm back!" Axel shouted from behind. "The name's Axel. Got it memorized?" He handed Isaac an ice-cream. He took a bite, then seemed to cheer up a little.

"This is nice." He remarked as they all continued to eat the treat. "Salty, but sweet too."

"That's what everyone seems to say when they try it." Axel remarked. "It's Sea-salt ice-cream."


"Hey, we come here most days around this time. Why don't you come too? We could be friends!" Roxas said.

"Friends. I've not had many of those before. I don't have any now."

"Why not?" Xion asked.

"Everyone thinks I'm dead."

"WHAT?" Axel shouted.

"I was in that fire. But if I died, how could I be here?"

"Hey, could I see your arm?" Roxas this time.


"I just want to see something."

"No!" Roxas reached out his hand.

"Do you mind?"

"Mind what?"

"I'm just going to check something, but I'll need either your wrist or neck."

"O-Ok." He tilted his head. Roxas reached out and held his fingers to his jugular. After a few seconds he pulled it back.

"You're like us..." Roxas said.

"You mean he's a..." Axel started.


"What are you talking about?"

"Isaac, sorry but, you did die."


"When somebody with a strong will dies, a being called a Nobody is sometimes formed. That's what happened to you. It also happened to us." Axel explained.

"So, what do you do?"

"We have somewhere to stay. You can come with us if you want." Roxas told him.

"Really? Thanks. You barely know me, yet you're doing this. Thank you."

"Well then, come on!" Axel shouted. He opened a dark corridor. "Step on through. You need to meet the Superior." They walked through, one by one. When they all passed through, it closed. They found themselves in the Grey Room.

"Come with me." Roxas said. He opened another dark corridor and lead Isaac through. They emerged at the top of the castle. Roxas shivered. "I've never liked this place."

They found Xemnas standing in his usual place. "So, you found a new recruit. We could use some more members..."

"This is Isaac. We found him in Twilight Town. Obviously."

"Right. Isaac, step forwards."

He walked towards Xemnas, stopping about a meter away. Isaac's name appeared in front of him, then started to spin around his head, getting faster and faster. They stopped as an 'X' appeared, then the letters rearranged themselves to form his new name.

"Number XV, Caixsa. Welcome, to the Organization."

Right, for this I will need several more characters, and I'm asking any readers for character ideas! Just fill in the form like I have in the example. Thank you now to anybody who does this. The number will be based on how quickly you review. This story will be censored so you know.

Name: Caixsa.

Somebody: Isaac.

Gender: Male

Age: 15.

Home world: Twilight Town.

Found by: Roxas.

Power: Weather and connected aspects (Wind. Electricity and Water to a lesser extent.)

Mentor: Demyx, Roxas.

Crush: Refuses to tell.

Appearance: 6 foot. Slim build. Cobalt blue eyes. Straight, shoulder-length, blond hair. Plain, dark blue T-shirt. Grey, hooded jacket, fur-lined in the inside. Dark blue jeans. Plain white socks and trainers. Black, fingerless gloves that reach past his wrists. Silver chain necklace, runic symbol for peace. Scars on wrists.

Weapon(s): Two daggers. Both slightly curved. One dark blue with a sapphire in the hilt. Crosspiece looks like two breaking waves. Other golden-brown with gold tiger-eye in the hilt. Crosspiece looks like two leaves. Prefers to use magic though. Uses jumps quite a lot in normal attacks.

Personality: Calm. Quiet around people he doesn't like/know. Bad at conversations. Goes silent and cries when anyone but his closest friends ask about his Somebody's past (still goes quiet and cries). Surprisingly strong but doesn't like to use his strength.

Likes: Rain. Good books, especially horror/supernatural. Chess and most variants. Writing. Intellectual debates. Good, clean humor. Good films. Sunsets. Classical music. Some card games. Roxas. Axel. Xion. Lexaeus. Demyx. Zexion.

Dislikes: Too much sun. Stereotyping. Sadists. Bullies. Rock and Heavy metal music. Alcohol. Gambling. Unitarians. Talking about his time as a Somebody. War books. The 'Twilight' saga. Xemnas. Vexen. Siax. Luxord. Marluxia. Larxene.

Somebody's History: Attempted suicide landed him in a hospital which burnt down.

Other Things: Ambidextrous.





Age: (Minimum of 13)

Home world: (Any from games. Not that relevant.)

Found by: (No re-using them, so you can't choose Roxas now.)

Power: (Anything that hasn't been taken.)

Mentor: (Any of the 14 original members. Up to two.)

Crush: (Optional. PM me later if you change your mind. Will accept homosexual couples and secret crushes.)

Appearance: (Please use detail. Be creative.)

Weapon/s: (Please use detail. Name/s optional. Fighting style too. Please be original.)

Personality: (As descriptive as possible. Be creative.)



Somebody's History: (As much as you like. Only thing needed is how they died. It cannot be a natural death.)

Other Things: (Anything you think I've forgotten/you'd like to add.)