There's just a couple of things I have to tell you concerning the sequel. I HAVE A NAME! Nobodies Remembered!

I also want you to know that, if I can think of anything, I'll make this a trilogy, with Nobodies Memories!

However, I have a problem. I will only be able to start Nobodies Remembered when I have the nine new Nobodies!

Anyone can submit them, so long as they follow the rules. Any crush is aloud, and remember that Namine isn't in the story. And unnatural death would be nice.

Also remember that being found by, or mentored by, Coerixn or Xager is out of the question.

Aside from that, go nuts! I want some creative ideas! Give me mad weapons, hairstyles, personalities, mad everything!

And now, goodbye until I post the first chapter of Nobodies Remembered!

One last thing, a year will have passed so if you want any slight changes to your OC's appearance, feel free.