As of late, I have been enjoying the recently released Buu saga here in the USA. While I watch this unfold, one character has me sickened. He's annoyed me ever since the Cell saga, when the brave Z fighters sacrificed so much for Earth. That man is, of course, Mr. Satan. So, this is the beginning of an alternate to the DBZ story, from the point right after Cell is defeated. I don't know how long I'll keep this going, but one thing is for sure. Satan will get his!! I don't own DBZ, and have no rights to any of its multi-million dollar merchandising.

Chapter 1

The news media was buzzing all over the world. The top story for one whole week now has been the defeat of Cell, the seemingly indestructible android who tormented so many. What little video footage there was was shown over and over again. Mainly, it dealt with the strange golden haired man who was fighting Cell. After a few minutes of footage, the video cut off. However, rumors had been circulating that the golden man had been killed, right before Mr. Satan destroyed Cell. This claim was backed up by the media and Satan himself. Everyone around the world took his word for it. After all, how could the champion of the world lie? On the television screen, Satan looked bold, heroic. "I told you," he'd boast, "that I could take out that Cell guy, no problem! Thanks to me, the world is safe once again!"

But, in a small house in a desolate area outside the big cities, the truth is known.

Gohan sat at his desk, studying, the TV blaring in the background. Gohan had gotten used to hearing Satan's ramblings by now. It didn't matter. As his father used to tell him, a true hero doesn't need recognition. His mother, Piccolo, even Vegeta told him not to let it bother him. And, for the most part, it didn't. Gohan didn't want any kind of hero's welcome. He only wanted to be left alone. After a week of non-stop crying, he was finally ready to start studying again. His mom was pregnant, and there simply wasn't time for any ill will towards Satan, or the people who so blindly followed his every word.

For the last week, he had been plagued by nightmares. Every night, he'd see his father's face, his child-like grin as he put one hand on Cell, and the other to his forehead. "I'm very proud of you, son," were his dad's last words. Then he was gone. Gone, forever. The man who had saved the Earth countless times was gone. And, Gohan knew it was his fault. He could have destroyed Cell any time he wanted. Super Saiyan 2 was no joke. He could have done it with ease. But, for the first time in his life, greed and anger had gotten the best of him. And, because of that, his dad, his best friend, also, was gone. Gohan looked back to his books while still listening to Mr. Satan. One good thing about all the training he had received was that it was possible to study and listen to the TV at the same time.

Reporter: "What about the others who were fighting Cell, Mr. Satan? Wouldn't you agree they softened him up for you?"

Satan: "Are you kidding? Those guys were weaklings! Hah! I could have taken Cell out sooner if they hadn't gotten in the way!"

Gohan listened to all of this, trying not to let it bother him. But, his control was getting weaker by the minute. He looked down and saw the pencil in his hand had vaporized. Gohan reached for the remote, and shut the TV. At that moment, Chi Chi walked in. "Don't let that fool bother you, dear," she said. "We all know the truth, and that's all that matters. You know, in your heart, what truly happened that day." "I know Mom," Gohan began. "It's not that. It's when he calls us all weaklings. Dad wasn't a weakling. Piccolo and Vegeta aren't weaklings. I'M GETTING TIRED OF HIM TALKING ABOUT MY DAD THAT WAY!" "Chi Chi sensed Gohan was getting really ticked off. "Well, he never actually said anything bad about Goku. Just ignore him. He'll have his day. All lyers do. Why don't you take a little break?"

A short while later, there was a knock at the door. Chi Chi opened it, and was shocked to see Piccolo standing there. Piccolo wasn't the visiting type. "Oh, hello Piccolo," said Chi Chi. "Come in." Piccolo walked in, and saw Gohan sitting on the floor, with his hands under his chin. Piccolo wouldn't normally come calling like this, but he truly did care about Gohan, and he knew how upset he was. Piccolo himself was still very upset over Goku's death, but Gohan was just a boy. And that was his father. "How are you doing, kid?" Piccolo said. "You're not letting all that bullshit on TV get to you, are you?" "I'm trying not to, Piccolo. But, I'm tired of him calling us weak and pathetic. Satan's no champion. He's the weakling, and no one knows. "Well," began Piccolo, "they're scheduling a martial arts tournament for next week. Why don't you enter and prove him wrong?" "Oh, no," Chi Chi began. "I think Gohan has had enough fighting. He has to catch up on his work." "My mom's right," Gohan said. "I have had enough fighting. I'm actually sick of it, and it gets me no where. I think I'll stick to peaceful endeavors." "I understand," Piccolo said. "I think I'll enter, though, and kick Satan's ass for all of us." Gohan smiled as Piccolo walked out the door.

A week later, Gohan was over Bulma's house for a little get together. Vegeta, Mr. and Mrs. Briefs, and Yamcha were there. The little party was to honor Goku. Gohan couldn't help wonder if Vegeta was there willingly, or just because Bulma nagged him. He hoped it was the former. He hoped Vegeta had at least a little respect for his father. As the talks went on, about Goku and all the things he had done, Gohan got more and more depressed. After awhile, he got up and walked into another room. He didn't want anyone to see him cry. He took his textbook with him, as he always carried it around. As Gohan sat there, he was amazed to see Vegeta walk in and sit beside him. "What's wrong with you, boy?" Vegeta said in that loud, violent voice. "Nothing. Go away." "When I'm stronger than you, I won't allow that kind of backtalk," said Vegeta. "But, for now…" Vegeta walked away, but when he got to the door, he turned around. "It wasn't your fault," he said. "If it were me, I'd have punished that bastard for as long as I could, too. So, stop eating yourself up. Kakarott might have been a crazy S.O.B, but he made his own decision. Nothing can change fate, boy, remember that." And with that, Vegeta was gone. Gohan couldn't believe it. However, all that Vegeta said made sense. Amazingly, Gohan felt better. He wanted to thank Vegeta, but he knew Vegeta would probably try to kill him if he did. So, Gohan just grinned and rejoined the others.

While the adults talked, there was a radio on in the background. On it, Gohan heard an advertisement for the next tournament, now only a few days away. Everyone was listening now.

Reporter: "And now, a recap of last night's interview with Mr. Satan, our hero and savior."

Reporter: "Mr. Satan. How does it feel to be a hero to millions?"

Satan: "Well, it feels pretty good! Being the strongest in the world is great!"

Gohan listened, smiling. He didn't care anymore.

Reporter: How do you feel about all those who died trying to fight Cell? It's come to our attention that the golden haired man who was fighting Cell at the beginning was killed. How do you feel about a fellow warrior dying after such a heroic effort."

Satan: "Well, I certainly feel bad, but anyone that inexperienced who tries to fight is an idiot! That guy was a weakling, totally out of my league. He was pathetic! Hah! Anyone that dumb deserves to die! The world is better off without him."

"What an idiot!" Bulma yelled. "How can he stand there and lie like that?!" Chi Chi began to cry, and Bulma put an arm around her. Vegeta felt a bit pissed too, but he was too preoccupied with the feeling of enormous power he was suddenly feeling. He turned to Gohan, who had his fists clenched and his teeth showing. Piccolo felt this too. "Gohan, calm down," he said. "Don't bother getting mad over an asshole like that." But, Gohan couldn't hear Piccolo. All he heard were Satan's words, echoing over and over again. It was maddening. He couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly, Gohan put his hands on his head, as if in pain, and began to scream and cry uncontrollably. As he transformed into a super saiyan, Piccolo ran over to try and calm him down, but he was thrown through a back wall by the shear power of Super Saiyan 2! Gohan, who was now a step further in power, walked over to his textbook, his eyes glowing bright green. He picked it up, and it exploded in his hands! "Gohan!" Chi Chi began. "What are you…?" "QUIET!" Gohan screamed. "Don't bother buying anymore of these, mother! I quit! Do you here me? No more studying!" "What?" Chi Chi began. "But, what about your future?" "I know my future! It's not mine anymore! It's my fathers! I will take over where he left off and defend this planet! I will train until I'm unbeatable! No one will hurt anyone I love ever again! But, first, Satan is going to PAY! I'm entering that tournament! Anyone in my way will fall! And, in the end, I will kill Satan in front of everyone!" "What?" Piccolo thought. "Kill? Gohan's never used that word. He must have gone mad with grief! Listen, Gohan," Piccolo said, standing in front of him. "Calm down, OK? You don't mean that." Gohan looked at Piccolo, a blank, rage filled stare. "Get out of my way," Gohan said. "I can't do that," said Piccolo. "Not until you calm down…" The next thing everyone knew, Piccolo was on the floor, unconscious. Only Vegeta saw what happened. It happened so fast no one else in the room could pick up on it. Gohan had floored Piccolo with one punch. "My God," thought Vegeta. "My God. He's stronger than before." As the others watched on in awe, the most powerful 11 year old in the universe, walked out the front door, and flew off.