Chapter 2

Dendi was sitting by himself on Kame's lookout, meditating. He was thinking about all that had gone on in the previous month. The defeat of cell by his friend Gohan was a reason to be happy. But, Dende felt bad about all the news going around about Mr. Satan defeating Cell. Dende didn't think it was fair that his friend was shortchanged. Mr. Popo had told him not to worry, that the truth would come out some day. But, Dendi still couldn't help feeling bad, especially since Gohan had lost his father in the process.

Suddenly, Dende stood up as he felt an incredible power coming his way. He walked to the edge of the lookout to try and see who was coming. After a few seconds, Gohan landed on the lookout. "Gohan!" Dende yelled, "It's great to see you!" "It's good to see you too, pal," Gohan said. "I'm here to ask you a favor. I need the time chamber to prepare for the tournament in two days." "You're entering?" Dende said. "That's great! I guess you want to defeat Satan. But, why do you need the time chamber? You're already strong enough to win without breaking a sweat." Gohan didn't want to reveal his true intention to crush Satan to Dende. "This isn't just about the tournament," Gohan said. "I want to get as strong as I possibly can for my own reasons." "Okay," Dende said, not wanting to question his friend, "I'll open it up for you."

Dende opened the room for Gohan. Gohan stood at the door, feeling strange. It wouldn't be the same without his father. "I'll see you in one year," Gohan said. "Well, tomorrow for me," Dende said. Gohan smiled, and walked inside.

While all this was happening, Chi Chi, Piccolo and Vegeta had gathered at Chi Chi's home. "Please," Chi Chi said, "one of you has to stop Gohan before he does this. He'll never be able to live it down if he kills Satan." Vegeta smiled. "I think it's great! What's wrong with the boy wanting to honor his father? I'm no fan of Kakarott's, but I can understand wanting revenge on someone who wronged your father." Piccolo began to speak. "Never mind that. How would we stop Gohan anyway? No one here is strong enough to stop him. The sad fact is that Gohan is more powerful than any of us, now. If we can't reason with him, then forget it." "I've never seen him so angry," Chi Chi said. "I can't believe my son would kill someone so much weaker than himself." "I know Gohan," said Piccolo. "He might kick Satan's ass, but I don't think he would go that far. We'll just have to wait and see." "I wonder where Gohan is," Bulma said. "Where would he go?" "Probably to do some last minute training," Vegeta said. "Not that he'd need it." "Are any of you entering the tournament?" asked Chi Chi. "Why bother?" Piccolo said. "If Gohan enters we know we can't win." "I have no interest in beating up weakling human's anyway," Vegeta said. Piccolo looked at Vegeta. He knew the real reason he didn't want to enter. Piccolo knew Vegeta couldn't beat Gohan. "What are you looking at, lime face?" Vegeta said. "Nothing, vegetable head," replied Piccolo. Bulma laughed. Vegeta just grunted.

The next day, Piccolo was waiting outside the door to the time chamber with Dende, who had called him there. Dende was concerned because Gohan seemed different. "He seemed so filled with hate," Dende had told Piccolo. "Yes," Piccolo said. "I know. I just hope Gohan can clear his head in time for the tournament tomorrow. When is Gohan due to get out of there?" Dende said, "In about a minute." Both Namekians waited until the clock above the door ran out. Suddenly, the door opened with a hiss. Out stepped Gohan, now 12 years old and a few inches taller. Gohan looked at Piccolo. "I'm sorry about last year, I mean, yesterday," Gohan said. "I hope you can forgive me, Piccolo." But, Piccolo could not answer. He stood in shock, unable to move or talk. The power coming off Gohan had caught Piccolo by surprise and filled him with terror. Not because it was evil, it was just the sheer awesomeness of it. Piccolo guessed Gohan was now 5 times stronger than Cell was. Maybe more. Piccolo couldn't tell exactly, because he new Gohan was hiding some of his power. But, one thing was for certain. There was no one anywhere in the immediate galaxy that could stop Gohan. His power was unfathomable. Piccolo never thought any being could have that much power in them. Finally, Piccolo was able to talk. "That's okay, kid. I know you were angry. I hope your mind is clearer now. If you enter that tournament tomorrow, you'll definitely win, with no doubt. I hope you just beat Satan, and leave it at that." Gohan frowned. "For his disrespect of my father, I'm going to do more than just beat him, Piccolo. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go enter." Gohan flew off to the city.

When Gohan landed, he saw there was a long line of people waiting to sign their names for the tournament. Gohan got to the back of the line, and waited patiently. Some people looked at the boy strangely, as he appeared too young to enter the tournament. When Gohan got to the front of the line, the official asked his name. "Gohan." "Aren't you a bit young to enter this tournament?" the official said. "Are we done?" Gohan said, annoyed. "Um, yes," the official said. "Be here early tomorrow morning for the elimination trial." Gohan turned and walked away.

Chi Chi was elated to see Gohan walk through the door. She was also amazed to see how much he had grown. Gohan explained briefly where he had been and why he was bigger.

After dinner, Chi Chi said, "So, you're really entering that tournament tomorrow?" "Yes," Gohan said. Chi Chi didn't bother to argue this time. She knew Gohan was beyond that point. "I don't know if you should come, mom. I really don't want you to see what I'm going to do in the last fight." "Gohan, you're really going to…kill him?" Chi Chi said.

At that moment, the radio started playing a prerecorded interview of Mr. Satan. Satan talked about how he was going to destroy anyone who made it to the final fight. He talked about how all the people of the world loved him. "I'm going to do worse than kill him," Gohan said. With that, Gohan got up and went to his room. "Worse than kill him?" Chi Chi thought.

The tournament began the next day with the qualifying round in which everyone entering had to register their power on a punch meter. Gohan purposely got to the back of the line so he'd be last. When his turn came, the official said, "Now, don't hit it too hard, little guy." Gohan smirked. He stuck out his hand, and disintegrated the punch meter with a ki blast. "See," Gohan said. "I didn't hit it at all. Can we dispense with this nonsense? Am I in or not?" Everyone looked at Gohan in terror. The memory of the Cell fight was still fresh in people's minds, with the ki blasts and super power. According to Satan, all that was simply tricks. But here, this boy had clearly vaporized the punch meter. The official said, "Yyyyes, you're in." "Oh, goody," Gohan said sarcastically. The ten other qualifiers looked on as Gohan walked back to the locker rooms.

The tournament began with the usual pathetic displays. Human against human, drag out, free for all, martial arts displays. On the third round, it was Gohan's turn. Piccolo, Vegeta, Chi Chi, Bulma, Yamcha and all Gohan's friends watched on. "Okay!" yelled the announcer. "In this round we have Gohan against Crapola! You both know the rules, so let's go!" "Is this a joke?" Crapola said. "How did a kid like you…" In an instant, Gohan ran across the ring and landed a punch to the jaw. Crapola hit the ground, his face now deformed and bloody. Gohan put his hands behind his back, and walked out of the ring. The referee checked the fallen man. "My God," he said. "Crapola is out and very seriously injured. The winner is Gohan!" The fans were too stunned to cheer or boo.

Satan watched all of this in shock. He knew who the boy was. "What am I going to do?" thought a shivering Satan. "He's going to kill me!" Satan considered playing sick, but he knew he'd loose his title by default if he couldn't fight for any reason. He quickly thought up another plan.

It was now down to one last match. Gohan against a man called Bog. Whoever won faced Satan. Gohan looked at the man across the ring from him, knowing it was over already. When the referee yelled "FIGHT", Gohan ended it quickly. As Bog ran towards him, Gohan moved out of the way and kicked him in the back. Bog flew out of the ring and into the stands. As the ref called for the gong, Gohan just stood there, like a rock. "Here is the boy who will challenge Mr. Satan for his title! In one hour, Gohan will fight Mr. Satan for the championship of the world!" The fans cheered as Gohan walked back to the locker room.

While Gohan was sitting, waiting, someone approached him. "Hey kid," said the man. "The champion would like a word with you." "Really?" Gohan said. "This should be good," thought Gohan. Gohan followed the man to a private room with a big star on it. Gohan walked into the room, and there was Satan, sitting on a big chair looking worried. "What do you want?" Gohan said. "Look, kid," began Satan. "I know who you are. You're the guy who beat Cell." "Oh?," Gohan said. "I thought you were." "Look, kid, I'm sorry about that. But I have a reputation." "As what," Gohan said. "A liar?" "Look, boy," Satan said. "We don't have time for all this! Here's the deal. I'll give you 10 million bucks to throw this fight! That's twice the prize money! What do you say?" Gohan looked at Satan in disgust. He turned, and walked towards the door, barely able to keep himself from killing Satan right there. "All right, twenty million!" Satan said. Gohan slammed the door behind him. Satan looked in the mirror, seeing the terror on his own face. His only hope was that the kid would change his mind in the ring. Otherwise, it was all over.

Everyone watch in anticipation as the referee entered the ring. The ref, after much fanfare, called out Gohan. Gohan took his spot in the ring, and folded his arms. All of his friends looked on from the stands in anticipation. Chi Chi prayed, hoping she knew her son. Hoping she knew he couldn't kill. "And now," the ref began, "your champion and savior, MR. SATAN!" Satan walked to the ring smiling. He entered the ring to thunderous cheers. When he entered the ring, he raised his arms and yelled. Everyone went nuts. The fans couldn't wait to see their hero triumph once again. Satan took off his robe, kissed his belt, and faced Gohan. The gongs sounded and the ref yelled, "Fight!"

Gohan walked towards Satan, with his arms behind his back. He stopped and looked at the tall warrior and just smiled. Then, Gohan winked at Satan. "Thank God!" thought Satan. "The kid took the bribe. This will be over quick!" Satan drew back his fist. He saw, with pleasure, that Gohan was making no effort to defend himself. Satan punched Gohan in the jaw as hard as he could. "Ha!" screamed Satan. But, what the fans saw next was beyond belief. Gohan began to laugh. Not just a giggle, but a full open mouthed laugh. Gohan looked up and continued laughing, until tear rolled down his cheeks! Everyone in the audience gasped. Satan just stood there, trembling. He knew his plan wouldn't work. Gohan had his back towards Satan, still laughing. "Now's my chance!" Satan thought. With everything he had, he kicked Gohan in the back of the head. The boy didn't budge an inch! Gohan spun around, while Satan's leg was still in the air. He then turned to the crowd and screamed, "THIS IS YOUR CHAMPION?" With that, Gohan threw a punch that hit Satan square in the chest. Satan clutched his chest and went down. He screamed and coughed up a huge pile of blood. "Oh my God," thought Chi Chi. The ref ran over to examine Mr. Satan, but Gohan grabbed the ref by the shirt and threw him out of the ring! Satan looked up, and Gohan kicked him in the mouth. Satan screamed in pain and spat out every one of his teeth onto the ring floor. The crowd was now screaming in horror. Gohan grabbed Satan by his hair and began to ram his face into the ring, over and over again. Gohan yelled as he did this. "Liar, cheater, bastard!" he yelled while smacking Satan's head into the floor. Someone in the audience yelled, "Someone stop this!" But, no one could. As long as Satan was conscious, and in the ring, the fight had to go on. As Satan lay sprawled, Gohan dropped four knees, in one second, each one of them hitting one of Satan's limbs. The horrible sound of both his legs and arms breaking was sickening. Satan was now screaming non stop. He didn't even pause to take a breath. Gohan walked over to the ref. "Give me your microphone," Gohan said. The ref was too terrified to protest. Gohan looked at the audience. "I want to show you people something." Gohan changed into a Super Saiyan. The crowd screamed in terror. "Now, your champion says this is a trick. But, can't you feel the power? No? Well, let's turn it up a notch!" Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan 2. Now, a wind was coming off Gohan. "Do you feel that?" The crowd was now terrified. They did indeed feel it. Satan was still screaming in pain. "How about I take it up one more?" Gohan said. "What!!!!!" Vegeta screamed. He and Piccolo stood up. Gohan clenched his fists and screamed. Suddenly, the ring disappeared in an aura of golden light. It was so bright that everyone had to clamp their eyes shut. The entire Earth shook. Through the light, no one could see the transformation, except Satan. Satan screamed as he saw Gohan's hair grow down to his legs. Finally, after a minute, the light disappeared. Women fainted and the men screamed in terror, as they saw Gohan standing there in Super Saiyan 3! Chi Chi managed to not faint, but she looked at Vegeta and said, "What is this!?" Vegeta looked at her and said, "I…I don't know. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!" Gohan smiled and walked over to Satan. He picked up Satan by the hair. "You have one chance to live," Gohan said. "Tell these people what really happened at the Cell games. Now!" Satan, his voice distorted by pain and missing teeth, began to tell the true story. The story of how the boy's father had set up Cell. The story of how the golden haired man from the beginning of the video footage had sacrificed himself for Earth, and how Gohan had killed Satan. At the end of the story, Gohan let Satan's head fall back to the dirt. After a silence that lasted nearly a minute, the fans, Satan's fans, began to boo! So loud was it, that people outside the arena heard it clearly. Then, a chant rose from the mouths of the people. "Gohan! Gohan! Gohan! Gohan! Gohan!" Then, someone remembered the rest of Satan's story, about how the golden man had sacrificed himself. It started with one person, and then spread to the rest of the arena. "GOKU! GOKU! GOKU! GOKU!" Gohan smiled with tears in his eyes. That's all he wanted to hear. He turned back into normal form and walked over to Satan. He dragged him over to the edge of the ring, spat on him, and then kicked him out to the floor. The gongs sounded, and the ref yelled, "Your winner, new champion and TRUE hero of Earth, Gohan!" Again, the crowd went insane. "Gohan! Gohan! Gohan! Gohan!" Gohan took the mike. "Thank you. I'd like to explain something else to you people. What I have here in my hand is a senzu bean. It can heal the injured and the sick." The fans oohed and awed. Gohan walked over to Satan, and dropped the bean into his mouth. Satan quickly stood up, amazed that he was fine. Then, the crowd began to boo again! They hurled garbage at Satan, and spat on him. "How could you take credit away from a little kid!" someone yelled. "Please, my fans, I.." But, Satan couldn't finish. The boos were deafening. Satan began to cry. "I told you I'd kill you," Gohan said. "You're dead. In the eyes of everyone, you're dead. Get out of my sight." To a chorus of boos, Satan walked away with his head down. Anyone who wanted to see Satan after that day, could do so in the big city, on a street corner, where the former champ begged for money and dignity.

The ref walked over to hand Gohan his belt and 5 million dollars. Gohan took the belt, looked at it, and threw it to the ground. The fans were silent. Gohan walked over to Chi Chi, who was crying. She was crying with love and pride. "Mom," Gohan said. "You always wanted me to do well in school so I could support the family. But, I've made us rich by doing what dad did." He handed her the bag of money, knowing this was enough to last Chi Chi and his unborn brother a lifetime. Gohan hugged his mother, and walked towards the exit. People parted to let the champion through. In a hushed arena, Gohan walked into the sunset. Chi Chi, and Piccolo smiled. And, Goku smiled, too.

The end. (Or is it?)