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Feisty in Four Inch Heels



"Bella, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say, I'll fix this. I'm going to work something out. I promise you. Bella…"

He took a deep shuddering breath.

"You are my life now…"

Like Cupid's stupid fucking arrow, his words slashed straight through me. All I could do was picture my heart brim with love and shatter into pieces at the same time. The length of the room felt more like an expansive field, I wanted to sprint towards him and cradle his broken beautiful face to my chest.

But I couldn't.

"I love you Edward, more than I ever thought I could love anyone - but I can't let you do this. You have other priorities now and no matter how much I want to be with you, everything's changed. I won't be that woman, I refuse to be. I wish things were different, I really do. I would stay if I could, but - we both know I can't..."

I never thought this night would end like this. Right when we thought our life together could actually start, that we could just be us, in a flash it went tumbling down like a house of cards.

My feet were concrete weights as I moved to stand before the man of my dreams, and I could feel the heat radiating from him. He was so full of passion and life and all I wanted was him.

Only him.

Always him.

My hand reached out to cup his face and he leaned into it, melding his cheek to my palm. I ingrained this memory of him into my thoughts. His skin, his stubble, his full kissable lips, his perfect nose and sharp jaw, his lashes.

And his eyes...

"Isabella, please. Don't go…"

His voice wounded me; it cracked and wavered then hung in the air. I let his scent invade my senses one last time and lifted myself up to place a final kiss on his lips.

And it was bittersweet.

I knew I shouldn't steal this for myself, to take this piece of him for my own. But I let the weakness conquer me for a fleeting moment and felt his mouth illuminate every inch of me. I could feel him deep in my bones, and this, just from his kiss. His energy invaded me and it made me feel so alive. And I tried not to cry knowing it was the last time I would feel this way.

"I love you Edward. Always." I choked out in a whisper.

I turned quickly on my dreaded heels, almost stumbling out the door before I righted myself. I refused to look back at him, at his perfect face, at his searing gaze. I couldn't do it because I would completely lose my resolve, it made me weak and that was not who I was going to be for him.

Everything I do is for him.

Even this…

Especially this…

So I left him…

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