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Chapter 12 - All Up in my Wonderland

May Long Weekend



Cum – on – a – roller – coaster.

Yes, please.

That was all I could think of last night.

I woke up thirty minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off at 6AM.

I grunted through an extra twenty minutes of cardio.

I walked a couple extra blocks around the neighbourhood with Jake, even though Seth said he was doing the morning run.

I was so wound up by that one little promise that came from his lips that I couldn't keep still.

I gave myself a quick once-over.

Bathing suit.

Tight white tank.

Bathing suit peeking under tight white tank.

Denim skirt.

Maybe a too short denim skirt.

Hair piled high.

Sensible pink Chucks.

The ring of the doorbell startled me awake. I opened the door and swallowed deep.

Mussed-up copper hair.

Dark Ray-Bans.

White cotton tee.

Subtle faded denim.

Dark gray Chucks.

"Isabella." I'd been staring, maybe a bit too long and a bit too much. But maybe he had been as well.

"We match," I said, my eyes drinking him in.

Edward moved from the threshold and closed the door behind him, taking his sunglasses off in the process. He spread his feet apart and adjusted his height to meet mine, then hooked his thumbs through the belt loops of my skirt and pulled me flush against him.

"I like you like this, you look so… innocent, but not." My eyes were fixed on his deliciously sexy mouth. "I want to violate you."


"Yes, please," I breathed low.

Just as our lips were about to meet, when I could almost taste the minty fresh of his breath–

"Okay, you two. Stop with the 'voulez-vous', alright?" Seth rounded the corner in his pink polo, collar popped, khaki shorts and leather thong flip-flops. He laughed deeply in his chest at our obvious annoyance at his interruption.

We piled into Edward's Volvo and made the quick trip up north of the city. The gang met us at the entrance, Emmett's hulking frame a beacon amongst the mass of early birds. It seemed many people had decided to celebrate the long May weekend at the park to amuse themselves. After the obligatory photos by the colossal mountain and the garden at its feet, Alice laid a map on an outside table. Ever the planner, she had organized the most effective route for us to experience the park and all its many attractions.

Seth led the way and we followed; my steps were hesitant on the path, my stomach heavy, and my palms sweaty.

Edward kept pace beside me, his arm warm around my shoulders and his smile light and carefree. Every so often his hand would drop down, slowly trailing up and down my arm. Ripples of gooseflesh erupted on my skin from his seemingly innocent touch and it only added to the restlessness I felt.

Alice turned back, feeling my tentative demeanour and cocked a brow in my direction.

"Cullen, why don't you keep Jasper company? I'd like a word with my girl, alright?"

"Sure, Alice," Edward agreed quickly, not meeting her eyes, and pulled me closer. He laid a soft kiss at my temple then joined Jasper a few steps ahead of us.

"Hey babes," she greeted as we linked our arms comfortably and slowed our strides for more privacy. "How ya doing?"

Of course Ali knew of my hesitation to today's activities, she was my bestie after all. I shrugged my shoulders and fiddled with the small leather pouch that slung loosely over my shoulder and across my chest.

"He's kinda crazy for you, girl." My head jerked quickly to see the softness in Alice's face, her gentle tone alerting me to the seriousness of our conversation. It was the voice she reserved for her closest friends and it rarely made an appearance. "You should see how he looks at you when you're not paying attention. It's sweet."

"Ya, well, I'm kinda crazy about him," I whispered back. Just then Edward glanced back and smiled softly. His hair was moving gently with the breeze, and my tummy did that stupid girly flutter.

"No shit, Sherlock." –And she's back!– "Obviously you're nuts about him, or you wouldn't be venturing outside your comfort zone. I'm happy for you, for real. I love you, Bella. I love you so much that I thought you should know that I told Pretty Boy that if he hurts you, if he breaks your fucking heart, if he ever makes you cry…" Oh fuck, here it comes… "I would shred his balls on a cheese grater, and papercut his dick."

I laughed and cringed at the same time, concerned for my boyfriend's package. No wonder he looked uncomfortable around her today. My girl Ali, she knew how to lay down the wrath. I expected nothing less.

Her little arm tugged me faster, as we caught up to our men.

"Hey," I said once I was reunited to Edward.

"Hi, baby." His hand found the back pocket of my too short denim skirt and he slid it comfortably inside, giving me a little squeeze. I threaded my arm under his and mimicked the intimate gesture into the slightly faded blue of his jeans.

"Remember, Eddie! Cheese grater!" Alice sang as she walked past, her warning more disturbing by the sing song voice she used to deliver it.

Jasper glanced back sheepishly with the universal 'sorry man' look and then switched gears completely to give Edward the stern pointy finger when he saw Alice turn towards him.

"C'mon grandmas, let's get it on!" Seth called from up ahead, Rosalie and Emmett flanking him.

My heart beat increased as our steps closed in on them. I knew what awaited me.

"Alice decided that we should start you off small. You know, get you accustomed to the thrill," Edward grinned.

"Is that so? Was this before or after she threatened to papercut your goods?" I just had to wipe that smirk off his face and I was glad I was successful.

He stopped me in my tracks, stepping in front of me and taking my hands in his. He swung our arms gently between our bodies, out then in, out then in.

"Breathe, baby," Edward said.

I watched his chest rise and fall slowly, the action enticing me to do the same.

"If you really don't want to go, I won't force you," he said, his voice low and steady, his thumbs rubbing against my knuckles. "I just thought that it would be something fun for us to do together. I like watching you lose control. You're always so in charge, so sure of everything you do," he pulled me closer, his voice lowering. He touched our foreheads together and said, "It's fucking hot when you let go."

I listened to the squeals of the passengers as they rang in the air, the clunking of the carts on the pale blue tracks a strong dissonant beat in the background. On twin gray columns, two statues of menacing cartoonish vultures guarded the entrance, their over-exaggerated beaks and black eyes judging me from their perch.

"I'll be right beside you, baby," he said, his eyes so bright and full of promise, "all the way."

And he was.

He was right there with me, when we stood in line. Our bodies shuffled with the small crowd and my nails dug deeply into his fist. When the gates rose and we piled into the car, I buried my head into the thick of his arm; his strong hand gripped at my thigh, and he anchored me closer to his body. When the chugging noise signaling our ascent caused me to murmur, "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck", he kissed my temple and whispered, "I've got you, Bella."

And when we reached the peak, when the rumbling on the tracks ceased, announcing our certain plunge, his eyes held mine and my heart clenched with the intensity I saw there.

My stomach lurched up into my chest, not from the plummeting of our cart downhill or the whizzing of the wind on our faces, but from the overwhelming devotion I felt.

Our bodies shifted with the force of the ride, his delight was contagious and what simultaneously felt like moments and hours later, we were pulling back into the station.

"You okay, babe?" Edward asked me once the ride came to a stop.

"I'm perfect, Edward," I answered, breathless and relieved.

"Perfect for me," he said, claiming my mouth with his, and the park employee's "thank you" spiel was forgotten in the background.

He guided me around as we followed Ali's plans for the most efficient park experience, each roller coaster more elaborate than the last. My heart still raced as we stood in queue, not only for the ride that awaited us, but at the memory of his words last night.

Cum on roller coaster.

We huddled as a group, the line snaking between metal poles. Edward held my hand and we laughed as Seth regaled us with the stories of his many conquests.

Every so often Edward would sit on the metal bars; his body crouched low and close to me. The pads of his fingers would tease the skin of my thighs, near the hem of my short skirt. He traced a soft straight line at the back of my thigh –from the middle, all the way up, then slowly back down again. Slowly up, slowly down. My eyes would flick quickly to him only to be met with darkened sunglasses. The only evidence of his awareness was the slight curl of his lips upward.

When it was our turn to board each ride, he would let me lead the way, pressing his firm body against mine. Time after time, his lips brushed at the shell of my ear, teasing me with a breathy "not yet, baby".

My skin was overheated and not from the weather. He would laugh witnessing the frustration in my face as we saw which rides were surely not the ones to provide my release; the restricting harnesses an obvious deterrent.

"Divas, I need me some funnel cake!" Seth announced, once we left another ride. So off we went, slinking through the crowds in search for the fried goodness. We crowded around one table, with our signature carnival desserts in place.

"What?" I asked as I meticulously sliced perfect bite-sized pieces through the cooked dough, "I am prepping my cake. This way I can just savour."

"Savour," Edward breathed into my ear. "Let me feed you."

Once my obsessive-compulsive slicing was complete, he took the plastic fork from my fingers and pierced a piece along with a plump ripe juicy red strawberry.

"Cream," I whispered as my hand snaked down between us and my fingers teased between the frayed denim on his thigh.

"Huh?" he gulped as he felt the soft pads of my fingertips against the warmth of his hidden skin. I quirked my brow and his eyes darkened then looked back to the plate. He added a dollop of whipped cream to the bite he presented me.

"Open, Isabella." He slowly slid the offering in my mouth. The portion was a tad too large; I could feel the thickness of the strawberry sauce and the cool of the cream on my lips.

Before I could lick the excess off, his tongue snaked out and devoured the sweet residue and proceeded to attack my lips.

"Delicious," he mumbled as he pulled away.

"Ahem," came a muffled cough from someone at the table, "Damn, Eddie, if that wasn't my sister there you were groping, I'd say 'hell ya' to that porn at the table." Seth laughed as my cheeks stained pink with embarrassment.

I was grateful when we decided to cool down in the water park, but I thought it didn't help much. Alice, Rose and I stayed in the middle of the wave pool and watched the boys fight the current further down.

Edward had enveloped me from behind as soon as we exited the changing room. I was completely caught off guard and felt my entire body temperature rise considerably with the feeling of his bare chest against my back.

Skin on my skin. Hands on my waist. Breath on my shoulder. Lips on my neck.


"God, I want you," he groaned into my ear before he was carted away by the boys.

"Oh BB, just go on and strut your shit, put him in his place," said Alice.

"Wha– what are you talking about?" I squealed, on edge already.

"Please, Bella. You're wound up so tight, I could spin you," Rose laughed.

"This is mortifying! He's your brother, Rose, I can't-"

"Swan, let's be real. He may be blood, but you're my sister. Go out there and show him who's boss. You get yours, girl."

She was right, I was gonna get mine. Screw that, or me, hopefully.

I watched as his dark trunks slung deliciously low off his hips, his chest broad and wet and strong under the sun.


I watched him, but I wasn't the only one. Young women, old women, even some men: they all were ogling my man.

"Hey, Ms. Swan!" I turned my head to see Alec walking my way, his smile bright and enthusiastic.

"Hi, Alec. How are you?" Alec's association to Royce put me immediately on the defensive. "How's Tyler treating you?"

"I'm good, Ms. Swan. Tyler's scary, but he's great at his job." I softened a little; he was always so respectful, with the 'Ms. Swan' and all. His eyes never dipped low to ogle either –well, at least not blatantly.

"You know, I'm not that much older than you. You can call me Bella." I laughed. "I gotta tell ya, Alec, it's a little creepy that you're here hanging out on your own."

He smiled shy and motioned with his head to a bunch of pre-teen girls squealing in the water.

"I got stuck on sister duty. It's her birthday."

"That's really sweet, Alec." I smiled, my respect for him growing.

"So, I hear Royce's doing a cruise for his next party," he prompted.

I grimaced at his name then shook it off. Alec looked at me curiously but kept his thoughts to himself.

"Yes, that's right. There'll be a casino on board. Will you be attending?"

"Nah. I'm done with that shi- sorry, stuff. Trying to get myself together, you know?" he looked at me like he wanted to say something more but was interrupted.

Edward's strong hand hooked around my waist, his touch now familiar on my skin. His fingers curled and claimed, speeding up my back, gripping my neck, threading through my hair, tilting my head.

His mouth invaded mine, leaving no doubt that I belonged to him.

"Isabella," he grunted into my lips, "who's your friend?"

"Really, Edward, was that necessary?" I giggled against his mouth, and took his hand and circled it around me. "Edward, this is Alec. Alec, Edward."

Edward nodded towards him, his fingers cemented around my waist.

"Hello, good to meet you," Alec greeted. "Sorry, I'd better get going, keep an eye on the delinquents." He thumbed in the direction of his sister and her friends and waved a quick goodbye as he walked away.

"What?" Edward asked, pulling me to face him, his hands moving up and down my arms. Unlike Alec, Edward didn't hide his eyes from roaming over my body. They were liquid green, simmering, searing into me.

"What do you mean, 'what'? You know what, Cullen."

"I know you look damn hot in this bikini. In this white, stringy, sexy as fuck bikini." He fingered the string at my hip, digging under the fabric and pressing hard. "You knew what this would do to me. I could just pull this, right here, and…"

"And what, Cullen?" I breathed.

His hands fisted my hair again and his mouth attacked mine. Teeth, tongue, lips. Biting, thrusting, pressing.

He released me and gestured a phone sign to the gang, pulling me towards the changing rooms.

"Get dressed, Isabella. Leave your panties off."


Minutes later, he had me in another line.

"This is the one, Isabella. I'm gonna get my fingers wet in your pussy, up there," he pointed up with said fingers to a large white rotating wheel.

"You're going to sit between my legs, then I'm gonna get right between yours," he whispered low, too low for anyone else to hear. "You like that, don't you, Isabella? Right here, in broad daylight. I'm gonna get you off. Fuck, I'm so hard just thinking about it. Can you feel it, baby? Can you feel me?" He pulled my hips back against him and thrust ever so slightly.


The front of his body was pressed tightly against my back; I could feel every inhale he took. He leaned against the metal dividers as we waited in line, his chin resting on my neck, deep breaths inhaling my summer-kissed skin. His lips were alternating between soft kisses and unbearable whispers of promise.

"It's not quite a roller coaster, but it will do," he said as the ride came clearly into view.

The white steel circle lay parallel to the ground and had several colourful gondolas hanging upright around the curve for people to board. I watched

as passengers entered each enclosed cage with nothing but gravity to hold them in place. My heart thrummed in my chest as the ride slowly caught speed, each compartment lifting vertically as the wheel spun and rose to its full upright position. The ride rotated over and over as the centre of the spool mocked me with its cheerful sun-like design.

Soon it was our turn to board and he hung back to speak to the teeny-bopper in charge of our safety.

"Hop in, baby," he motioned, blocking the seat in front with his body.

I watched as Edward slipped the employee a bill then he whispered, "scoot forward," as he slid his body behind mine. The boy looked around, and closed the gate of the compartment, leaving us on our own.

"I don't think we're supposed to share the seat, babe," I said over my shoulder, my legs shaking with anticipation.

"I know, why do you think I paid him off? I can't wait to get inside you Bella. I bet your pussy is ready for me. Is it, baby?" he asked, his lips at my neck, his tongue laving and sucking the skin. "Christ, my cock is so hard for you; I want to fuck you right now. I watched you in the pool, talking to that scrub; I wanted to take you over my shoulder and spank your sweet ass then fuck you over the sink in the changing room."

"Oh, god, yes…" I groaned, squirming in my seat.

The whirring noise of the wheel signaled the launch of the ride, the generic greeting of welcome loud over the speaker.

He spread me as wide as the space would allow then lifted my right leg over his. He grabbed my chin and pulled my mouth to his. I felt him palm at my breast, my nipples hard and peaking through the lace of my bra and the cotton of my shirt.

His cock was hard at my back, his lips demanding against mine, his fingers digging into my skin, and it was all too much.

"Here we go, Bella. Are you gonna cum for me? You need to be fast. The ride's gonna be quick, and I want to hear you screaming when you cum."

"Please baby," I begged.

Then his fingers filled my mouth. "Suck, Bella. Wet those fingers for me." So I did.

He moved them down, under the soft denim of my skirt. Then, finally, he was there, hard and rough on my hot soft skin.

"Fuck. God, your pussy's so fucking good." He thrust them deep, then pulled them out, my juices spreading over my lips then up to my clit.

The weight of our bodies pushed against the walls of the compartment, the pressure of the ride whipping us. We spun and spun, gradually picking up speed, up into the blue sky then face down to the concrete.

My fingers curled around the bars on either side of the car, as I rocked against his hand, so close to release already, burning in the best way.

"So close… Edward, please," I begged.

And, oh God– the thought of him doing this to me, here, under the sun, with hundreds of people literally feet away from us, oblivious to what he was doing to me, oblivious to the intense euphoria he was giving me, pushed me right over. One more thrust and curl inside, the flicking of his thumb against my clit and I was done.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" I cried as his mouth found mine again.

The whirring ceased and as we slowly descended to the ground, our breaths calming with each twirl around.

"That was so fucking hot, Bella. God, I love– you're so responsive to me."

"Wha? Mmmmm." I was stupid off my high.

The click of the cart told us we could exit and Edward saluted the teenager on our way out, the boy's eyes wide and full of reverence for my man.

I couldn't blame him, Edward was quite skilled.

I looked up at him, still in a daze and he glanced back at me. His look was fierce, raw and determined. I knew that look. I daydreamed about that look. He led me through the park's entrance like no one's business, thundering through the turnstile and weaving through the hundreds of parked cars.

He had his key out and ready, the beep alerting us the doors were unlocked.

Edward did a quick glance around then guided me into the backseat, closing the door behind me while he rummaged in the trunk for something.

I searched for a foil packet in the hidden compartment of my pouch, pleased that I had the foresight to always be prepared.

He reappeared in the front seat, fanning out a sunshade to block the front window, the remaining windows darkly tinted.

He closed the front door and gave a quick look around again before joining me in the back of the SUV.

I made swift work of his jeans, my fingers working the buttons of his fly, and he hissed when the fabric gave way to his hard throbbing cock.

I wanted so badly to take him in my mouth but my desire for him to fill me overpowered my initial need in the end.

I straddled him with my skirt bunched around my waist as he whipped my shirt off, cupping my tits in his hands and pushing the lace down at the same time so he could devour the hardened peaks with his lips and teeth.

He tore the packet between his teeth as I hovered over his lap so he could sheath himself.

I came down on him in one long thrust, my pussy still sopping from his earlier ministrations.


It was nothing like the morning before, when our movements were slow and thorough. This was raw and rough, another facet of us.

"Oh fuck, yes, Bella, so good…" he groaned as our movements quickened, the overwhelming need taking over like wildfire.

His hands and lips and tongue were relentless on my body, I felt him everywhere, deep deep deep in my bones.

"Wait…" I said breathless, then turned so my back was against his front and slipped him inside me again, "I want to watch your cock slide inside my pussy."

"Fuuuuuuuuuck, baby, you can't say shit like that. Don't…you're gonna make me cum…not yet…"

I bent over, my hands gripping the headrest, leaning low so I could watch his hard thick length disappear inside me.

In and out.

Up and down.

God, it was so sexy.

His fingers teased at my nipples, pulling and pinching, the sensations shooting like an arrow straight to my centre.

I placed my hand where we were connected, feeling the wetness between my fingers then spreading it to my clit.

"Oh fuck, Edward, I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

"Yes, baby, cum on my cock, yes… you're so fucking hot… Just like that, Bella," he grunted.

My walls clenched him and I felt him grow impossibly harder. He grunted deep in his throat and I felt his breath coat the curve of my spine.

He held me flush to him, his strong arms like a vise around my body. It was like he didn't want to let me go, and I didn't want him to.

The feeling was perfection. I was sated and blissful, in the arms of the man that I loved.

"We should go back, baby. There are fireworks later," he murmured.

"I'm pretty sure I saw them already," I laughed, my head tilted back and resting on his shoulder.

"I know, baby, that was amazing. I can't wait to do that again." He nibbled at my neck.

"Hmmmmm, yes, repeat definitely, later."

Once we righted ourselves and snuck out of the backseat undetected, he called the gang and we arranged to meet up.

We were met with a round of applause, and I laughed as Edward hid behind his sunglasses, his smile lazy and at ease.

When night fell upon us, we gathered as a group, watching the spectacular light show in the sky.

We had taken over several boulders at the base of the mountain, Alice and Rosalie resting on larger than life stuffed animals, propping them up and using them as pillows. I laughed as Seth cuddled his foot-long Smurf, pouting as he fought with Alice for space to lay his head on her toy. Edward presented me with my own prize, a large stuffed red heart, complete with legs and arms and I hugged it close to me as I sat cradled between his legs.

Flashes of the day went through my mind. My hesitance to board that first roller coaster and Edward's steady hand to guide me through. The 'Funnel Cake porn', as Seth so eloquently dubbed it. A flash of Edward as a caveman when he caught me speaking with Alec. My special ride alone with Edward that sent me straight out of orbit, and triggered our side trip to the backseat of his SUV. The proud look on his face as he won me my first-ever stuffed toy, causing Emmett and Jasper to do the same for Rose and Ali. Now here, in his arms, I sat overwhelmed with emotion.

The music and fireworks complemented each other. Bright white explosions littered the sky like dazzling Chrysanthemums, the music reaching its peak like rolling thunder.

"You okay, baby?" I asked Edward, hoping that he felt as content as I was at that moment.

"I'm perfect," he said, his eyes twinkling in amusement.

"Perfect for me," I smiled in response.

"Only you, baby."

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