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Chapter 16 – Summer Surprise


Mid July

"Bullshit, Gianna."

I held tight to Isabella. I wouldn't let her leave my grasp.

"How far along are you?" Bella asked.

At least my girl was thinking coherently. I should have been asking that.

"Twenty-six weeks."

Twenty-six weeks.

I felt Bella tense under my grip.

I stood, bringing Bella with me, always with me, clutching my hand around hers.

I laughed hearing Gianna's answer. I hadn't slept with her in a year, probably more.

This baby was definitely not mine. Gianna was truly certifiable.

"Il ne peut pas être de moi, tu es complètement folle." This is not my child. You're crazy! I spat.

"Si, chéri. Tu ne te souviens pas?" Yes sweetheart. Don't you recall? Gianna cooed,

"The club, the countdown towards midnight? You were in full celebration mode by the time I arrived. Laurent, Jared, Eric, Bree – they were all there."

My fingers fell from Bella's grasp as she turned away from the spectacle. She quietly made her way back behind my desk, sitting, then turning to face the window.

My door flung open again, Rosalie and Emmett barrelling through.

"You fucking parasite!" yelled my sister, "When will you learn to leave my brother alone-"

Emmett's arm circled Rosalie's waist before she could reach Gianna.

It seemed he was rational enough to see she was with child. My sister would have definitely attacked her if she hadn't been stopped.

Rosey tried with no avail to escape Emmett's grip, his large muscular frame straining with her defiance.

Rosalie's eyes shot down, seeing for the first time the difference in Gianna's body.

"Edward?" Rosalie whimpered.

"I drove you home, Edward," Gianna continued on as if her former best friend wasn't even there, "We spent the night together… in our bed. And trust me, there was no sleeping involved."

This was not fucking happening.

I couldn't remember-

I refused to believe.

I concentrated hard, sifting through my murky memories.

Laurent and the images on his phone littered my thoughts.

His insistence that we celebrated the start of the year together, the proof in photographs.

Gianna sitting on my lap as I drank my way into oblivion.

Could she have brought me home?

Then images cleared slowly in my mind.

Stumbling through my almost bare apartment.

Crashing onto my unmade King bed, the one that Gianna and I used to share.

Gianna straddling me, undressing me, kissing my neck, chest and lower.

I felt ill.



Was I too intoxicated to remember bedding this girl?

It wouldn't have been the first time we had had sex without feelings attached.

But what would have caused me to stoop so low?






"C'est vraiment gênant. Je n'arrive pas à croire que tu ne te souviennes de rien. On a toujours fait des étincelles ensemble, Edward. Surtout au lit!" This is really embarrassing. I can't believe you don't remember. We were so good together, Edward. Especially in the bedroom.

"Tais-toi, Gianna ! Je ne veux plus rien entendre !" Shut up Gianna, I don't want to hear anymore.

I looked over my shoulder and noticed that Rosalie had been hovering against my desk. Her body acted as a shield in front of Bella, a lioness playing protector to her cub.

My Isabella needed protecting? I think not.

"Of course he doesn't believe you. You're a liar and a cheat. You sink your venom into anything living and poison it." Rosalie held nothing back. She said everything I wanted to but couldn't. "Show me proof, Gianna."

Gianna took it all in stride, smoothly returning to the couch and gently pulling out a manila envelope.

A black and white print. An ultrasound.

The image was fuzzy, but the text was clear.

"See Edward, this is our baby. Our little girl."

Gianna's name, the date, measurements and other information I couldn't make sense of were on the tiny piece of paper. But what made my mouth dry was the tiny outline of a baby on the page.

My finger hesitantly traced the blurry figure.

Then memories, more of them, blinking in fast forward.

Waking up the next morning, sprawled next to the claw foot tub.

My mouth tasting of 80 Proof liquor and vomit.

An unwrapped condom wrapper lying just outside the trash bin. The seemingly used latex floating on the surface of the unflushed porcelain bowl.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I could feel the blood drain from my face. I collapsed onto the closest chair.

"A condom, I remember a condom…" my voice croaking in realization.

"Please, Edward! You know they aren't One Hundred percent effective!" she scoffed.

I chanced a look towards my desk, afraid to see Bella's reaction to this display, but she remained stoic, facing the window.

"What do you want, Gianna?"

"Oh Edward, I know how you are with family. I thought you should know that I am carrying the latest addition. Don't you remember Edward? You always wanted a daughter, and before the end of the year, we'll have one!"

I heard a muffled curse behind me and expressed one of my own.

"Gianna, this is definitely not the place or time for this discussion. I– uh, where are you staying?" I asked, my fingers digging painfully into my neck.

"I thought I could stay with you–"

"Hell, no!" Rosalie spat. "We'll put you up at the St. Germaine Hotel, I'll have Mrs Cope make the reservation. Emmett will drive you there."

My thoughts were a scattered mess, but my sister was the epitome of control.

"But Edward–"

"No, Gianna. We'll talk more tomorrow. I need time to let the news soak in. I'll call you tomorrow."

Gianna agreed hesitantly while making a show of redressing and slowly caressing her protruding belly.

I watched as Rosalie and Emmett followed her out of my office, both of them glancing briefly my way.


I called for her, afraid of what was going through her head. She must have had a million things she wanted to ask me.

I had quite a lot of questions myself.

"Yes, baby," she whispered as I felt her hand on my shoulder and she fell into my arms easily, "I'm here."

I held her in my lap, my mind a chaotic mess. I didn't know what to do, what to think, how to handle this news.

"Edward," she held my face in her hands, her eyes determined, "I'm here, I'm not going anywhere."

She looked down at me, nodding once then threaded our fingers together. She pulled her purse over her shoulder and folded my discarded suit jacked over her arm.

Bella led me past the sympathetic Mrs Cope, past the curious eyes of the office staff and into the empty elevator, straight down to the parking lot.

She took the keys from my hand as I walked to my car in a daze and she drove us to my condo.

What would I do without this girl?

She greeted the valet when we arrived and held my hand tightly as we walked through the lobby.

I eyed her as we rode the long trip up to my floor. She was oblivious to my staring as she scrolled through her appointments on her phone.

I had never loved her more than at that moment.

She was in control and clear-headed.

The doors opened and I followed her out, letting her lead me to my home.

She walked with purpose, my keys dangling from her fingers.

Her hips swayed with each step, her legs were long and lean, stretching under the fabric of her fucking fitted grey skirt. Her hair was pulled back high and tight, a perfect tail swooshing side to side.

Bella peeked back at me as she unlocked the door to my condo and her big brown eyes widened when she caught the lust I knew she saw in mine.

"J'ai besoin de toi, Isabella. J'ai besoin de prendre ce qui est à moi." I need you, Isabella. I'm taking what's mine.

I pushed her inside, unapologetic for my forcefulness as I pressed her into the foyer wall.

The front door slammed closed and her bags tumbled to the floor.

"Tout à toi, mon amour." Yes, my love, all yours, she mumbled as I traced her neck with my tongue.

Her tight hot body fused against me, all curves and woman and Bella.

I swallowed her moans with my mouth, firm and fast upon her.

Taking, taking, taking.


I could never get enough of her. I would always want more.

I imagined it would always be like this for us, this primal and shameless need for one another.

I could feel Isabella's fingers at my back, digging through the cotton of my dress shirt.

I curled my hand around her waist, while my other hand clamped around the back of her neck.

"S'il te plaît, Edward, tout de suite!" Please, Edward, now.

Her plea stirred my insides, there could never be another for me, never be a woman who could read me like Bella could.

She knew what I needed, that at that moment, I craved control. Control of something in the midst of this clusterfuck that had landed in our lap.

And at that moment the only thing I could control was this.



My hand coiled tightly, possessively around her leg, hitching it around my waist.

I heard the slit of her skirt tear slightly as I guided it higher, pulling it roughly up her legs.

I muffled her groans with my lips and lifted her swiftly, her legs gripping me, her hidden heat searing me.

I settled her down, my hands cupping her perfect ass, resting her against the back of my leather couch.

"Isabella, you know I love you right?" My words heavy, spoken into her throat as I bit her skin, then lapped at it. "I love you so damn much, but right now, baby—" I bit again, "I need to fuck you."

"Ungh, yes... yes," she whimpered, her head falling back as I tore her pristine white blouse open, the delicate buttons scattering on my hardwood floor.

She breathed in heavily, her chest rising and falling, her skin tightening against the blue lace of her lingerie.

Deep, deep breaths.

In and out.

In and out.

"God, you're perfect," I grunted into her flesh, leaving a hot wet trail between her tits.

I was painfully hard for her, ready to claim and devour this beautiful, sensual being before me.

She was mine and I was taking her.

I pulled her to me, my mouth crashing into hers, my tongue fighting its way inside and winning.

Her fingers found the front of my pants, the belt clinking open, the zipper sliding down.

Hands pushed fabric.

Cool air hit hidden, hardened skin.

Bella's moaning.

My moaning.

Bella turning.

Her back against my front.

"Please, baby." Her eyes dark with desire as she looked back at me.

I kicked her feet apart, spreading her wide. Her wrists were trapped in the cuffs of her sleeves, the blouse she still wore tucked into her skirt. She bunched it up higher, to her waist.

Showing me more.

More creamy skin.

More blue lace.

Take, take, take.


I tore the panties from her body. The delicate fabric fell to the floor.

My hands pushed her back down, her ass on full display. Her pussy glistening wet.

I didn't hesitate.

I attacked.

"Fuck, yes!" she screamed into the couch, her cries muffled by the leather.

"Damnit, Isabella," I growled feeling her tight around me. "So fucking good, baby."

I needed this connection to her. She grounded me to Earth. She cleared my head.

She freed me.

"You want more, baby?" My fingers gripped her tighter, making marks on her hips. "You like me fucking your tight pussy?"

"Oh God!" she cried as I pounded harder, my frustration from earlier waning.

I dug my fingers into the soft skin of her ass, her flesh colouring as I pressed harder.

"Fuck, you're so wet, Bella." I leaned back so I could watch myself dive deep inside her, her pussy so drenched, making me harder.

I needed more.

My thumb traced the line in her ass, as I pounded relentlessly into my girlfriend.

Tracing slowly downwards I grunted at the sight of my thumb at her ass.

"Ungh, Edward!" Bella moaned, pushing her body back so that my finger penetrated the tight hole.

"J'ai vraiment envie de te prendre ici," I really want to take you there.

"Yes! Fuck, yes!" she answered.

"I'm not going to last long at all, Bella," I admitted while rocking deeper. "Especially when you tell me you'll let me Fuck. Your. Ass."

"Oh shit, Edward!"

"Fuck, my dick looks so good fucking your pussy, baby." I could feel it, that simmer working up to a boil. I was threatening to overflow.

"Touch yourself for me, Bella; touch your sweet hot pussy."

Immediately, her hand flew between her legs. I almost lost it when I felt her fingers on my cock as I thrust in and out of her. I could picture her wetting her fingers on me there, then rubbing her clit in tight circles.

The image before me, along with Bella's cries did me in. I watched as her body shook, her face burrowed into the leather, her fist turning white from strain.

"Fuck yes, Bella! Cum on my cock, baby!"

My eyes scrunched shut as I dug into her flesh, I could feel the release in every one of my nerve endings.

I collapsed onto Bella, my weight pressing down on her as she sank further into the couch.

I grimaced when the air hit the skin of my dick when I left her body, her heat surrounding me, gone.

I led her to my washroom and undressed her, kissing her slowly as I revealed each tiny bit of hidden skin. I warmed a cloth and cleansed her supple, sensitive body.

Once I was through, I shed my clothing as well and held her hand to join her in my bed, under my blankets, scooting low on her body.

Bella snuck her arm around my neck and pulled me to her chest.

I could feel her fingers play with my hair, tugging lightly then letting go, only to start the process over again.

My fingers spanned the smooth of her back, holding her closer to me as our legs found their usual places, tangled comfortably together.

"Why aren't you more pissed?" I asked finally, unwilling to let this news break us. I needed to know how this was affecting her, how it would affect us.

"Babe, I'll admit, I was shocked. Scratch that, I still am." Her fingers continued to thread and pull at my hair, the action soothing me, "But all this was BB."


"Before Bella." I couldn't help but smile into her skin, she was fucking amazing.

"I can't begrudge you for what you might have done before we met. We both have a past. Everything you did made you into the man I fell in love with." She pulled my hair, my head tilting back to look into her eyes. "I know this won't be easy. Actually, I expect Gianna to make it unbearable. Nevertheless, this child is coming. Your child, Edward. And even though this is totally unexpected, I am here for you and I will love your baby girl because she is a part of you. I'm not going anywhere."


I spent the next couple of days busy with work. Gianna would drop by around lunch time and again at the end of the day. I managed to keep our interactions brief, much to her annoyance.

My parents were well aware of what was going on, Rosey dropping the bomb that first night when I was still in shock.

Gianna hovered and pouted. She lingered in the office kitchen and snubbed the staff. She snapped her fingers at Mrs Cope and ordered her to fetch her things. Gianna's demeanour instantly earned herself an unofficial club of haters.

My mother ran interference, taking Gianna to lunch and offering to take her shopping for our daughter's needs.

I barely spent time at home, stopping there only for more clothing and then returning to Bella's place.

Every night, she would reassure me that things would turn out okay, that she was there to support me and that she loved me. Every night, I buried myself in her, cementing myself into her bones. Feeling grounded and sure about something in the midst of uncertainty.

As if I needed more reason to love Isabella, she took it upon herself to offer Gianna assistance finding an Ob-Gyn. Gianna was hesitant at first, but relented when Isabella mentioned the doctor wasn't hers.

Friday finally arrived and I hurriedly shut my computer down. I cut my day in half so that I could have a head start on the weekend. I asked Seth to pack an overnight bag for my girl as I planned to whisk her away for a two-day surprise getaway. We both deserved a couple days away from the drama and I was eager to deliver.

I straightened my chair and loosened my tie, excited to steal Isabella away from the boardroom and Bridezilla.

The office door clicked shut and I smiled thinking Bella had come to fetch me.

I was sadly mistaken.

Gianna stood at my door, her arms crossed and resting on the mini bulge of her tummy.

I was all too familiar with the look on her face. She was about to unleash her fury.


"Gianna, make it quick, I have plans with Bella." I slipped on my suit jacket and walked towards her.

"No Edward. I will not make it quick. I have come to tell you I will not have this. I will not live my life like this."

"What the fuck are you babbling about?" I was quickly losing patience.

"You have barely spent any time with me since I arrived to tell you I am carrying your child!" Her voice grated on me like nails on a chalkboard.

"Fuck, Gianna. Obviously, I've been working. You've seen, you've come in every day since that first day you barged in here. You've made yourself a glorified fixture in the office."

"Well where are you off to now? Spending time with that— that girl?"

"Let's get one thing straight, Gianna. I will not answer to you when it comes to whom I choose to spend my time with. But just so you're not mistaken, Isabella is not only a part of my life, she is my life," I proclaimed, punctuating each word, "Get. Used. To it. One day, I plan on making her my bride, so jump down off of that high horse there, Gianna."

"I see, Edward."

Gianna bore her stare into me then smiled a tiny smile. One that didn't hold an ounce of genuine happiness. She walked away from the door and moved further into my office, planting herself on my couch.

"What now?"

"It's obvious you have your priorities, Edward. I– We will be on our way. She made a show of fiddling through her purse and retrieving her phone.

"Gianna, I don't have time for your fucking games. I'll see you on Monday." I was half way out the door, a couple steps closer to sweeping my girl off her feet.

"We won't be here. I'll call you when the baby is born. I expect full support."

My feet were dead weights. I felt as if I were nailed to the hardwood floors. What the fuck was her game here?

"Excuse me?" My head hung low. I refused to face Gianna, the eerie feeling of her next words haunting me.

"You've chosen, Edward. Her over us; your precious Eeesa-bella. We will not play second fiddle. I will make arrangements to leave. I'll return to Montreal. At least my parents are there now, they can help me with our child. You can come to visit, if you wish. Of course, I will need notice. Baby and I will have a life of our own, just like you have a life of your own. But you will not bring her into my home. You will not visit our child with her. Never with her."

A ringing phone echoed into the office, causing me to look towards the source of the disturbance.

Only I wasn't met with the comforting face of Mrs Cope.

My eyes met the tortured, glassy, sad deep brown depths of Isabella's.

"I'll leave," she whispered.

I shook my head reaching for her hand, only for her to pull it away.

"I'll leave," Bella repeated more firmly as she walked by me and into the office to face Gianna.

"Je vous demande pardon ?" Pardon me? Gianna exhaled in a surprise gasp.

"Je pars. Pour Edward, je pars." I'll leave. For Edward, I will leave, Bella answered defeated.

Fuck this noise.

"Bella, stop. Gianna, shut up. Both of you aren't going anywhere. I am not dealing with your shit right now, Gianna. Go out, meet up with friends. I– We will be back on Monday. I will speak to you then."

"Very well. Monday."

Gianna pulled her purse over her shoulder and smoothed her blouse around her growing belly, her pointed look directed at Bella.

I embraced the silence for the few moments after she exited the room and then reached again for my Bella.

"She's given you an ultimatum."

"She's delusional."

"She could have kept your baby a secret. At least she has some brain function in the works."

"Still, she's crazy."

Isabella nodded and offered me a small smile. I took her hand in mine and raised it to my lips.

"Come, love. We have to book it to my place for a bit before we go."

"Go where? I thought we were just meeting for lunch."

"Nope. I've made arrangements. Don't worry, Rosey knows. And so does Irina for that matter."

"You called my boss?"

"Yes, I did. I asked her if I could have your undivided attention this weekend and she agreed that if you contacted her, your calls would route straight to voicemail."

"You think you're so smart, don't you, Cullen?"

"Don't forget handsome."

I bit the inside of my lip, trying to suppress my smile, but totally failing.

We waved goodbye to Mrs Cope and hurried down the elevator. The ride home was quiet and quick.

I unloaded Bella's pre-packed bag from my trunk and chuckled at her surprise and silent mouthing of "Seth" under her breath.

We both changed and Bella rummaged through my almost bare fridge for a beverage while I finished packing. My cell went off and I pressed the speakerphone as Bella returned to my room and sat on my bed, her back resting against my headboard and her long legs distracting me all the way to her crossed ankles. Her denim shorts were too short and her shirt too tight. Her sandals teased me with a hint of her toenails painted a very, very sexy red.

"Edward Cullen," I greeted automatically, my eyes roaming the length of Bella's body.

"I've changed my mind. I'm not waiting until Monday. My father is making my flight arrangements. My mother said that I was better off at home with family. So that's what I'm doing. I am going home to my family. You can come visit our child once I give birth."

"What the fuck, Gianna!" I growled.

"No, Gianna. Don't go. I will deal with Edward," Bella calmly voiced.

"Bella? What do you mean, 'deal with Edward'?" Gianna asked, her tone piqued with interest.

"Gianna, did you hear me? Stay," I ordered.

A huff. A breath. A humming.

"Fine, Eeesa-bella," Gianna purred before she disconnected the call.

A click. A dialtone. A whimper.




"I'm done packing, let's get going."


"Fuck. What?"

She stood and escaped to the living room, her face unreadable.

"Edward, is it sad that I don't remember how I used to spend my days before I met you?"

I shook my head because I felt the same. I worked and went home. My social life was painfully pathetic.

"I'll always keep that with me," she said her hand tightened into a fist, rubbing the spot over her left breast.

"What are you talking about, baby?"

"You need to be with her. I can't say I agree with her reasoning, but you need to be with her."

"Baby, no."

"Your baby girl needs a daddy, Edward. I refuse to be the one to stand in the way."

I could tell by the look in her eyes she was going to put up a fight. So I did the only thing I could do.

I begged.

"Bella, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say, I'll fix this. I'm going to work something out. I promise you. Bella…"

My breath hurt as it escaped my chest.

"You are my life now…"

She was too far, I needed her closer. I wanted her to come to me, to hold her, tell her it was all going to be all right. I wanted to feel her hands on me, have her calm my nerves like always.

"I love you, Edward, more than I ever thought I could love anyone…" I heard her words, and all that they implied, but my stubborn heart continued to beat in denial.

She talked about not being a selfish woman.

About wishing things were different.

About wanting to stay, but knowing she couldn't.

She was choosing to leave.


I couldn't let her go now. After everything we'd been through already. She had changed me, made me better.

Everything around me was better with her by my side.

And without her, I was nothing.

I'd feel nothing.

We were supposed to start our lives together. I wanted to spend every day of eternity with this crazy, feisty, beautiful woman.

I wanted to take Jake on his morning walks as I held Isabella's hand in mine.

I wanted to tease Seth about his endless quest to find his perfect partner… again.

I wanted to build her a customized closet so that she could display her ridiculous shoe collection.

She walked towards me and my throat constricted. My hands curled into tight fists, angry at the situation that had been hurled at us.

I was angry at myself.

Angry with Gianna.

Angry for that night with Gianna.

Angry with Bella for insisting on doing the right thing.

Her soft warm hand reached to touch my cheek. I wanted to keep her.

She searched my face like she was memorizing me.

"Isabella, please. Don't go…" I begged shamelessly.

I was desperate. I didn't care.

I was nothing if she left me.


A shell.

She was my everything.

I felt her nose skim my throat, she inhaled deeply.

I did the same into her hair.

Her mouth crashed into mine and I took it, devoured it, owned it.

I put all my energy, all my love, all of me into that kiss.

My body reacted towards her as it always did, she was the detonator and I was the explosive.

She was my puzzle piece.

Finally, our eyes met and in the depths of chocolate brown, I saw that displaced little girl of long ago; her hurt speared through me like an arrow and sliced me in half.

Bella was the first to look away and in the process, stole a part of me with her.

"I love you, Edward. Always," she whispered.

Then she fled.

Each stride away she took pulled at my gut. I felt tears fall from my eyes and I didn't care. She was further now and the pain was so thick.

I could feel the ache in the clench of my fists, in the deep stab in my chest, in the lump in my throat.

I heard the tapping of her heels as they almost faltered near the door. Instinctively, I reached out to catch her.

I wanted to catch her.

But she caught herself. She righted herself as she turned the knob on the door.

Then realization struck me like a bolt of lightning.

She left me.

She left me so that the little girl that was my future wouldn't be the lost child of Bella's past.

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