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"Easy Molly, don't push yourself too much" John said as he helped her out of the taxi. Sherlock was waiting at her front door, holding it open for her. After a few days in hospital Molly had finally been discharged and was told she could go home, she had never been happier. She clutched her stomach as it protest at every step she took. Her abdomen would be sore for a while and she wouldn't be able to work for a few weeks until she had fully recovered. Thesenextfewweeksaregoingtobesodullshe thought to herself.

"Almost there Molls" John said gently. He was surprised that Sherlock was so patient with her, not once did he moan or groan to protest, no he kept quiet and just helped in any way he could. John guided Molly into her living room and sat her down tenderly.

"There, now do you want a cup of tea?" John asked.

"No, I'm fine" Molly said.

"You sure? Coffee, hot chocolate?" John asked again.

"John I'm fine"

"I can easily make it, no trouble"

"John, she said she's fine" Sherlock said sternly. Molly smiled slightly at him as a thank you. He nodded slightly acknowledging the thank you.

"Ok, well you have my number yeah?" John asked.

"Yes, John, it's on my phone and I know to call you at any time if I need some help" Molly said sounding tired.

"Ok good, well me and Sherlock have to be off now so you stay safe yeah?" John said kissing her cheek lightly and leaving. Sherlock didn't follow immediately, instead he went over to Molly and sat beside her, their arms touching lightly.

"He won't come after you, Moriarty I mean, he'll wait for the right moment. He wants you for something, but please, whatever happens, please don't let him seduce you into doing something you don't want to" Sherlock said sincerely.

Molly couldn't help but get lost in his gorgeous dusty blue eyes. His voice was hypnotising as well and all she could do was nod.

"Good, now stay safe yeah?" Sherlock said standing and leaving swiftly.

Good old Molly Hooper sat quietly on her sofa for a good few hours after Sherlock and John had left. She hadn't moved from that spot, not even to go and get food. Jim Moriarty watched her carefully, he couldn't help but feel that tiny bit of guilt in the pit of his stomach.

"You can't have her Jim" a female voice said next to him.

"Why not? It doesn't interrupt my game" Jim explained.

"Jim, you know that falling in love is wrong, you punished me and you punished Sebastian, do you want me to punish you?" She asked in a very dark voice.

"I punished you because you were 16 at the time and Seb was being careless, I'm being careful"

"Not fair Jim, you always get what you want, but I never get what I want!" she said nearly shouting.

"Shut up, I don't always get what I want, I want you to be happy but you hardly ever are, I can't win with you!"

"No, you hurt me James Moriarty, big time, I won't ever forgive you for that"

"And yet you still love me"

"Because I have to"

"You don't have to" Jim looked at the young woman "don't mess this up for me"

"As if I would Jim" she said sarcastically. He grasped her face roughly and pulled her towards him so he could whisper.

"You better not! You don't want to get me mad, remember what happened to Seb..." he let go and she stood.

"Fine, see you back base 4" she said leaving quickly.

Jim watched her leave and went back to watching Molly. She had left the room and he couldn't see her.

"Must have finally gotten hungry, don't worry Molly you shall soon be mine and only mine" Jim said darkly, smiling to himself.

She couldn't help but feel like she was being watch, so instead of being lazy and just sitting, Molly finally stood and dragged herself to the kitchen and made herself a cuppa and pulled out a packet of biscuits. Dragging out a plate she sighed heavily, she wished that she had someone there to look after her 24/7. She knew she had John on the other end of the phone at any time but he had Sherlock and Sarah and his own social life, she hated being needy in that way to a friend. The kettle boiled and Molly poured the hot water out into her mug and went back into the living room. As she put the mug down she saw a note on the coffee table that said 'Molly'.

Molly panicked slightly but opened the note none the less. Pulling back the flap of the envelope she gently pulled out the letter from inside.

'My Dear Molly Hooper, I am so sorry I hurt you but it was necessary to my plans, I will see you again soon but there is no need to worry as I don't wish to harm you again. Do not tell our little Sherlock Holmes about this little note for you, there will be consequences that I do not wish to explore. You will always be safe as I have men all around London but please don't get careless. Yours only JM x'

For some odd reason Molly only panicked for a few seconds, Jim didn't want to hurt her or at least that's what he said and she trusted that. Why did he trust him? Maybe it was because he repositioned the knife and didn't actually kill her. She wouldn't tell Sherlock, or John about this, but she was sure that they would find it if she left it lying around so she ripped it up and threw it into the bin. Just before going to bed she looked out her window to see if she could see him, she couldn't. Her mouth twitched up into a slight smile, something dark was out there waiting for her and even though it was dangerous and definitely the wrong thing to do, she was still tempted to fall back into Jim Moriarty's arms. She mentally shook herself and put those dark thoughts away and went to bed.

"Soon Molly Hooper, soon you will be mine" Jim whispered into the darkness.