So here's one of the first outtakes from Oasis in the Sand; I didn't include it in the end because it was a little bit unnecessary, and the story advanced a little more suddenly than i was expecting so there was no chance for it

Sakura was a legendary kunoichi, in many ways, her strength, her unrivalled medical jutsu and even her appearance. There was one lesser known legend about Sakura.

In Konoha Sakura's cooking was famous. It was said that the only tool she used in the kitchen was a kunai and that when she cooks the Hokage knows, and immediately heads for the border.

Maybe infamous is a better word.

People had hoped that during her training Shizune might have given her some culinary tips, because she made some of the most delicious meals in the hidden leaf.

But the only advice Sakura had ever received was from Tsunade, who had told her that; "everything tastes fine with sake" and "if you have enough money to buy food then you have enough money to have someone make dinner for you."

So when Kankuro came into his office and told Gaara that Sakura was hard at work in the kitchen and asked why she only seemed to be using ninja tools, Gaara very nearly panicked.

Naruto had warned him that there was a reason Sakura had earned the nickname 'chips-and-dip'.

He made his way down to the kitchen to see the scene for himself.

She really was hard at work. When he entered she was cutting up some unknown vegetation with her kunai. She glanced up as he entered grinning widely at him.

"I was hoping you'd come down for dinner."

An odd smell hit his nose and he approached the stove. The rice was burning, and there was some odd kind of herb in it. There was also some kind of meat, skewered on some senbon, cooking over the open flame of the hob.

He inspected the other two pots, one of them seemed to be some kind of sweet and sour curry... stuff and the other contained an odd variety of boiling vegetables.

He didn't dare inspect the contents of the oven.

With a small, internal sigh Gaara took the rice off the heat. "Sakura, what are you doing?"

She turned back to him frowning at the pot he had removed from the stove.

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"Burning the rice." He told her bluntly. "Making a sauce that looks and smells inedible," He lifted the lid of the sauce pot again, wrinkling his nose. "And setting some meat on fire." He added as an afterthought, when the meat on the senbon started burning.

She snatched the meat before it was completely incinerated. "Well excuse me for doing something nice as a surprise. Next time I won't bother."

Frowning, Gaara put the pot of rice in the sink. Sakura was extremely intelligent, she must realise that this food wasn't good.

"Do you really believe that this food is edible Sakura?" He asked, folding his arms across his chest, leaning against the counter. "Don't you realise people are actively afraid of your cooking?"

Suddenly a bright grin spread across her face.

"Oh I know." She chuckled at his expression. "You're the first person to tell me to my face, but I know." She turned off the hob with another little laugh. "I've always known I can't cook, but everyone always told me the food was good. So I decided to torture them with it."

Gaara felt an incredulous smile spread across his lips. "You're evil." Grabbing her hand he pulled her close.

"I prefer the term devious." She pouted, gripping his shirt gently.

The oven pinged and she flushed. "Yeah that would be the pork stuffed with noodles." Breaking his grip, she turned the oven off and turned to the fridge. "You know there's always been one thing I know how to make."

She turned away from the fridge, holding something Gaara could easily recognise.

"Fudge cake."