Can't Stay Away

By: Ladybug

Disclaimer: I do not own any of J.K Rowling's wonderful characters. Although quite frankly like every other person in the world with I did!

Summary: Five years after he disappeared, Harry is discovered. How will he react when he is pulled back into the magic community after all these years?

This is the sequel to Abandoned Hero in case your choosing not to read that first I'll give you a quick summary:

Harry's seventh year starts with Voldemort being dead. He soon discoveries Voldemort isn't dead and can't handle things. On the day of his graduation he disappears.

Now that is a really really quick summary of an eleven chapter story. There is much more to the story but those are the main things you need to know to read this one. I still advise reading it first...but it's your choice!

Chapter One: Shocking Discovery

Five years have passed since the disappearance of Harry James Potter. After years of searching most had given up. Even those closet to him Hermione, Ron, and Sirius had gone on with their lives long ago. They still of course had a spot in their hearts where they longed to hear from the boy who had changed their lives forever. But one cannot live in the past and forget about the future, so they moved on with life with an empty feeling deep inside.

Through the separation from Harry, Ron and Hermione had grown closer to each other then ever before. They'd gotten engaged shortly after leaving Hogwarts. No wedding had been planned for several months though. Ron had refused to believe Harry wasn't coming back. He wanted Harry to be his best man. Finally when all were starting to believe Harry Potter was really gone, Ron was forced to select someone to replace where Harry should've stood the day he got married.

Not long after they had their first child, a boy who Ron had wanted to name Harry in remembrance of his best friend. After arguing for a few minutes, Hermione had convinced Ron that in doing that he would wouldn't be moving on. And that every time he looked at their son he would think of Harry, which would be painful for the both of them. Finally they agreed on a name, Nathan. Nathan James Weasley.

The threat of Voldemort had died out with Harry's disappearance. Ron and Hermione knew better. He, just like them was searching for Harry. And it was just a matter of who found him first.

"Potter!", boomed the voice of Richard Edwards, "In my office now!"

"Coming sir...", Harry Potter responded accidentally knocking a stack of papers off of his desk.

Ignoring them, he quickly walked into Richard Edwards, he's bosses office. When he walked into the huge office he took a seat in a chair he thought was much to large for an office.

"You yel...I mean you asked for me?", Harry caught himself.

"Potter, is there some problem I should know about?", Richard suddenly looked up at Harry.

"Not that I know of sir", Harry nervously answered.

"Do you know what this is Harry?", Richard held up a paper Harry recognized.

"That's the ad I finished up a few days ago", Harry responded shocked as he saw his boss put a big red x over it.

"That was the ad you finished up a few days ago. Your losing your touch Potter. I practically brought you in off the streets and this is how you repay me? This is an ad agency, were looking for fresh new ideas, and you're running out of them", Richard explained.

"Just give me one more chance...I'll make it better", Harry pleaded.

"Because of the nice guy I am...I'll give you one last chance to show me the reason I hired you. You bomb this time, and you're out of a job"

"Hermione? I'm home!", Ron called out as he picked up his four year old son Nathan who was playing on the floor.

"Daddy!", Nathan called out.

"Where's mommy Nate?", Ron asked his son.

"Mommy's cooking in the kitschen", Nathan smiled.

"That's never good is it?", Ron laughed as he carried his son into the kitchen where a large mess awaited. There were pots and pans everywhere, and within the mess stood Hermione.

"Honestly Hermione why do you bother with all this? You could have a nice tasty meal in...", Ron started as she turned to stare at him.

"Ron! There are some things I just want to do myself", Hermione half smiled as she took some cookies out of the oven.

"Cooooookies!", Nathan bellowed as his father set him down.

"Nathan you know the rules no cookies until after supper", Hermione explained, "and honestly Ron could you keep him out when I have the oven open?"

"Nice to see you to honey", Ron took his coat off and went to the closet and hung it up.

"I'm sorry.... long day at work. The new nurse...she doesn't know anything. I wonder how she got the job to start. She's a total ditz", Hermione sighed.

"I have to fly into Chicago for the weekend", Ron added.

"Chicago? Why?", Hermione asked picking Nathan up and putting him away from reach from the cookies.

"Oh this time somebody seems to have left a bewitched computer into the hands of a muggle. My job is to go retrieve it", Ron sighed.

" haven't had to leave the country for something like this in years usually the new people do that sort of everything alright at work?", Hermione asked concerned.

"Oh yes, of course you know Mr. Bradley adores me for some reason. There's just been a shortage in employees lately, so I volunteered. You don't mind do you?"

"I guess not, I'll just have to get a babysitter for Saturday, but I'll be home on Sunday", Hermione replied, "Want me to help you pack?"

"Hermione I'm twenty-two years old. I think I can handle it", Ron joked.

"If I don't want to be sending something express mail...I'd better help you"

The following afternoon when Ron arrived in Chicago, he was quite tired. He hated flying but it was the easiest way of getting somewhere nowadays. He'd hoped to maybe do his job and get an early flight back tomorrow morning instead of Sunday. He hated leaving Hermione and Nathan but sometimes he had to do things he didn't want to.

After grabbing his luggage and getting his rental car, he wished he could just go back to the hotel, like he'd planned. He just wanted to get the trip over with so he looked one more time at the address. ABC Ad Agency. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Sure enough a few minutes later he saw a big building with a sign reading ABC Ad Agency.
As he walked into the building he went directly to the front desk.

"Excuse you know where I could find the person in charge of computer programming?" Ron politely asked.
"Is anyone expecting you?", the girl at the front desk asked, "because the person in charge of that isn't here. There's someone up there I'm sure but they aren't in charge just filling in"

"Yes, I talked someone on the phone", Ron lied.

"Well in that case 3rd floor, room 101", the girl added.

"Thanks", Ron smiled as he quickly ran up the stairs avoiding elevator traffic. When he reached the third floor he checked the office numbers...105, 104, 103, 102, then 101 came into view. Not bothering to knock he walked inside, and got the surprise of a lifetime.

"Harrry?", Ron stopped in his tracks turning pale.

"Can I help you?", Harry asked not looking up.

Instinctively Ron ran over to Harry side and hugged him. Harry not seeing who it was in the first place was taken by surprise.

"Excuse me! But do I know you?", Harry snapped as he was released. Then he stared into the eyes of reality. The person hugging him was Ron Weasley.

Author's Note: After being asked by many for a sequel here it is. This is just the beginning, but I still want to know what you think. So please rewiew!