Can't Say Away

BY: AngelDusterBuster

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Chapter Sixteen: Back At Draco's

Late that evening Harry was shaken awake by Draco, "Harry get up"

"Ugh…", Harry groaned. He hadn't meant to fall asleep, "What time is it?"

"Late", was all Draco muttered, "Sirius doesn't think it's safe for you here. We have to go back to my place"

"What? Where is everyone?", Harry rubbed his eyes quickly awakening.

"Just get up", Draco said more forcefully this time.

"Draco", Harry quickly climbed out of bed, "Draco what is going on?"

"We have to get you out of here", Draco grabbed Harry's arm pulling him from behind, "We'll talk when we get to my house. I'm going to apparate so just hang on okay?"

Harry nodded, "If only I still knew how to apparate…"

"Dammit Potter this isn't time for sulking", Draco snapped, "ready? One…two…"

The familiar eerie feeling came across Harry. He remembered it from years ago when he'd first learned to apparate. But it still made him sick to his stomach when he hit the ground.

"Oh em…sorry about that", Draco hid his laugh as Harry landed on the floor.

"Ha Ha", Harry mocked Draco as he stood up, "now what is going on?"

"I'm sticking to my word and telling you absolutely nothing", Draco laughed at the shock on Harry's face.

"You're having so much fun with this Malfoy", Harry rubbed his elbow, "And your apparating skills suck"

"You can go back to bed if you want…I believe you remember the way?", Draco questioned.

"Like I'm going to sleep", Harry snapped hoping Draco would catch on.

"I'm not telling you", Draco shook his head, "The situation is under control"

"Situation? You mean that Hermione thinks I'm the reason her only son is most likely dead?", Harry spoke up, "That situation?"

"She doesn't really think that", Draco steered around the question.

"Answer the question", Harry stepped toward Draco, "I'm not going to shut up until you do"

"Yes Harry that is the situation!", Draco through his hands in the air with frustration, "you're as annoying as an elephant with five feet"

"Elephants don't have five feet", Harry replied childishly.

"I see you've only been to muggle zoos", Draco laughed.

"Where's Sirius then?", Harry ignored Draco's stupidity.

"Helping Remus and Ron….wait a minute", Draco cursed at himself, "Stop doing that!"

"I'm going to find them", Harry raced toward the door.

"HARRY", Draco once again grabbed for his arm, "What exactly are you going to do huh? Throw a few punches? Lot of good that'll do you. Face it Potter right now you're useless. I don't mean to be cruel but there is absolutely nothing you can do"

Taken aback Harry grew quiet. Finally walking past Draco he made his way upstairs.

"Oh come on…what else was I supposed to do? Let you go and get yourself killed?", Draco shouted as he followed Harry up the stairs.

"Just leave me okay?", Harry muttered softy.

"You aren't worthless Harry…I didn't mean it that way. I just meant--"

"Just stop okay? I'm fine", Harry kept walking till he reached the same room he'd stayed in last time, "I'm going back to bed"

Both stared at each other for a moment before something interrupted their thoughts, "DRACO?"

"Oh shit…", Draco shut his eyes briefly formulating a plan, "Potter get in the closet"

"What?", Harry gave Draco a glance wondering how sane he really was.

"If you value your life get in the closet", Draco whispered, "I have to go get rid of someone"

Rushing down the stairs Draco's worst nightmare was confirmed.

"What do you want Goyle?", Draco stared at the boy who had once been his friend. One of his only friends.

"Any idea where Potter's hiding?", Goyle struck up conversation, "From what I've heard you've been spending sometime with him lately"

"Me?", Draco laughed, "Spending time with Harry Potter?"

"I believe that's what I said", Goyle reached inside his pocket, "So are you going to tell me or am I going to have to find him myself"

"And why would I be hiding Potter in my house?", Draco blocked Goyle's way.

"For the same insane reason you've been hanging out at Black's house", Goyle pulled out his wand, "so you either bring me Potter or I'll find him and them I'll kill you both"

Draco remained silent for a moment before responding, "He's at Black's house"

"Really?", Goyle responded, "then you won't mind if I look around"

"Yes I do mind", Draco burst out, "My parents are dead because of Potter! There isn't a chance in hell that I'd befriend him!"

"You're right Draco…I'm sorry", Goyle pushed his wand back in his pocket, "But if I were you…I'd stop hanging out at Black's house. I don't care if he's some sort of father figure for you. People are going to start to think things about you"

"Let them think what they want", Draco snapped, "Thanks for stopping by"

Looking satisfied Goyle opened the door, "Just remember what I said"

Relieved at how stupid the man could be Draco took a deep breath after the door finally closed. Harry was sitting at the top of the stairs.

"You can go back to bed now", Draco spoke plainly.

His voice shaking Harry spoke, "You're parents…they died because of me?"

"It's not important", Draco shook his head, "Now I just saved your ass so do I say and get some rest"

Harry remained where he was.

"You really want to know?", Draco stared at Harry.

Harry nodded.

"After you disappeared things went downhill. You may have thought problems would disappear but they worsened. Attacks everywhere….dam Harry you're lucky the people who love you are smart. My father wasn't. His mission was as it had been since I can remember…to capture you. For Voldemort", Draco kept his eyes on Harry, "Graduation Day he was supposed to make his move. So when you disappeared…my father was killed"

"And your mom?", Harry found his voice.

"For some reason she loved him", Draco shrugged, "Instead of sticking around for me…she killed herself. Your godfather took me under his wing after that. I needed a father…and he was missing his godson"

Taking in the information that had been hidden from him Harry leaned against the wall.

"I didn't want to be the one to tell you", Draco sighed heavily, "I knew it would hurt you. That's the last thing I wanted to do"

"Why don't you hate me?", Harry shifted uneasily.

"Because you're Sirius' godson. Without you he'd probably do the same as my mother. I won't let that happen", Draco stared walking up the stairs, "You've been hit with so much since you came back…I really didn't want to put this on you as well"

Harry shook his head, "I asked"

"But you had no idea what you were asking", Draco reminded him.

"I'm sorry", Harry was unable to look at Draco.

"I'm over it", Draco shrugged, "Come on Harry…if I'm not letting it bother me then you shouldn't let it bother you"

"Think maybe I will just go up to bed", Harry bit his lip.

"Me too", Draco nodded, "But your sleeping in the same room as me"

Harry looked up curiously, "What?"

"I'm worried about you. You really have a lot on your shoulders right now. Just like before you ran five years ago", Draco put a hand out, "Sirius and them…they'll have Nathan by tomorrow. I just know it. And then everything with get back to normal again"

"Normal?", Harry shook his head, "Nothing's ever going to be the same again"

"Probably not…but things will get better. So don't give up", Draco kept his hand out, "Come on Harry"

Finally accepting Harry let Draco help him up, "I've really messed everything up haven't I?"

Draco shook his head, "No I wouldn't think of it that way. More like made people aware of the fact that you're human. You can't do everything and they needed to learn that"

"But I want too…I mean I didn't know how to live any other way", Harry looked up at Draco, "I was always the hero…I brought it on myself"

Draco shook his head again, "They should've figured it out. I was there during that first year Harry. The first Christmas without Harry. The first birthdays without Harry. They cursed at themselves countless times for not noticing it"

Harry yawned, "I really don't believe you…but maybe you're right. Maybe it all will work out…eventually"

"It will Harry…it will"


The next morning Harry awoke with the same empty feeling inside. It felt as if there wasn't one thing in his life that he had under his control any longer. But it was a comfort to see Sirius downstairs talking with Draco.

"Hey Harry", Sirius smiled when he saw Harry, "How are you?"

Harry rubbed his eyes still feeling rather groggy, "Ok"

"Draco told me what happened…you're both really lucky that Draco thought fast", Sirius looked from one boy to another.

Harry nodded more concerned with other things, "So what happened? Draco wouldn't tell me"

Sirius looked incredibly relieved, "We got him…not a scrap or a scratch"

Harry almost looked surprised, "You…you did?"

Sirius laughed, "You aren't the only one who can save the day Harry. And don't ask the details because you'd have more nightmares then you already have"

"But everyone's okay?", Harry asked nervously.

"Everyone except you", Sirius kept his gaze on Harry.

"Me?", Harry questioned unsure of what Sirius meant.

"I had to tell him about last night Harry", Draco spoke up, "You seemed really upset…and you still don't look yourself"

Harry wasn't sure how to respond.

"We need to talk about a few things…that's all", Sirius assured Harry, "We'll get you back on your feet"

"Sirius I'm---"

"Not fine", Sirius interrupted, "You need to live stress free for a few weeks before you make yourself ill"

Harry knew Sirius was right. But he hated being treated like a child, and that was something Sirius knew.

"Come on Harry…there's some people waiting for you back at my place", Sirius gave Harry another encouraging smile.

"What about Draco?", Harry finally spoke.

"Hey don't worry about me", Draco shrugged, "I'll be fine"


"Harry", Draco spoke roughly, "No"

"I'm sure we'll be seeing Draco soon", Sirius assured Harry before quickly coaxing him out of the house.

"Harry!", Hermione ran from the sidewalk.

"Sirius? Why is everyone here?", Harry asked gently, "I really don't feel like--"

"Be polite Harry. They wanted to see you", Sirius put a hand on his shoulder before pushing him toward Hermione.

"Harry I'm so sorry…I know it wasn't you fault…I was being stupid", Hermione babbled on.

"It's alright", Harry pulled Hermione into a hug, "you're forgiven"

And after exchanging hugs with everyone that had gathered, Harry couldn't help but smile. When he thought back to five year previous he couldn't believe he had ever gotten through everything he had. But there was one thing he had learned through everything. No matter what you do and no matter how you feel you can't stay away from your family. You can't run away from your fears. Because they'll always drag you back to exactly where you belong.


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