Part Four

Rachel wanted to talk to everyone and they all agreed on this decision. "We're going to announce the winner then Quinn is going to tell you what's next.. The winning team is group two..." Rachel said and the judges told group two that they are dismmised as Mr. Schue let the girls handle this.

Quinn stood in front of them. "There will be three sing-offs and the winner will be contendering for a solo. It will first be... Kristina versus Lorie then Jasmine will meet Jana and for the last one it will be Joan versus Demi...Joan it's obvious that you used stroke to get that last solo and it was the team's downfall.." Quinn said and Santana responded, "Check this out. This is about working as a team because you will be in front of judges who will see through the bullshit. This is about being a team and winning...If you grow to like each other that's great but you will respect each other. Because of somebody screwing up I'm not trainning to be a cop that means I didn't get a chance to stand during the 9/11 celebration. I use to be as bad as you three but high school is not your whole life." Santana finished and Rachel responded, "You will be up here later on today."

Demi walked off first with Kristina and Jana stare a hole in Joan as Jasmine left. "Where are you going we have practice!" Joan yelled and Jasmine turned then took off her cheerleader shit then slammed it to the ground. "Don't worry J I'm still here." Lorie said.

Lorie versus Kristina

Lorie sang Express Yourself really good and then Kristina came back with the song Live to Tell...Santana got to call this on but it was the fact that Kristina did singing and Dancing well so she won. Jasmine walked out in street clothes and was met by Jana. Jasmine sang Back to black and then Jana sang Rumor has It. "I love you Jana but it was Jasmine who won." Quinn said and Jana turned then shook Jasmine's hand there was a deep hug as they both left. The four love that. Joan came out and Demi march out.

"Now I'm going to show you what a real singer sounds like." Joan said and sang Don't Rain On My Parade which too everyone but Rachel was not bad. Rachel wasn't offended until Joan couldn't even reach those high notes but tried to be more flashy. Demi announced her song...Pretender from Foo Fighters. Most of the song Demi sang it right in front of Joan's face almost at times scream it.

Rachel paused and then said, "Joan while I have to say your energy of the song was great. I will say that this was a classic sign of kissing up again! I'm just..." Rachel got up and walked out as Mr. Schuster took over. "I saw the performance and Demi you got it." Mr. schuster said to Demi and celebrated as Joan stood there. Quinn then walked up to Joan and said, "That woman out there made Glee her whole life..." "I was trying to pay tribute to her. I don't care if she's oversenative." Joan said and Quinn responded, "I don't have the power to kick your ass out but when Mr. Schuster finishes giving you chances and you leave...You will wish I ended it right here..."

Quinn walked off and ran for Rachel. Rachel ran back in and told Quinn to hurry they ran outside as Demi was visably upset when she saw the tire of her car slash with a note written saying, "Dike" and "Cutter".. Demi had several people from Glee like Gary, Jana, Kristina, Xavier and A.J around her. Rachel couldn't be more upset as Santana and Brittany saw the crowd then ran out to see what happened.

Author's Notes:
Who do you think did it? Was it a Cheerio?