A kodachi is a short katana. I also decided to use katana instead of sword following the last chapter. I only let the word 'sword' stay as 'sword' instead of 'katana' for effect.

Chapter 3

Yuuki hit the floor with a thump, and Yukihina winced slightly at the sound. He kicked too hard.. But he had had to get him out of the way fast, and kicking him had been the only thing he had come up with.
"Who is it?" Yukihina asked warily, and no response came. Feet pattered against the wooden floor, almost soundless. Yukihina dodged, and the katana dug into the floor. With a swift kick, he got the other away from the weapon, and tugged it out of the flood. He turned to the assailant, and had to back when the other was upon him.

Then he saw the others face. "Sakurakouji-sa-!" He ducked, and the punch would most likely have crushed his head if he hadn't. He splinters from the destroyed wall rained down over him, and he cursed. What was going on? Why was Sakurakouji Sakura's father attacking them? Who was it that he was after to kill? Or was it to only hurt? But the menacing aura he had felt just before the man struck had been a killing intent, and that was what he had to assume was the case. That the man was seeking to kill either him or Yuuki or both of them.

Sakurakouji rushed forward, and Yukihina once more avoided. He's fast! He thought. The deviant breed would get mad at him if he killed or hurt her father, which meant that he couldn't go all out. But... "Eternity Zero." he said as he slid across the floor. The room was encased in ice, and a coldness gripped them. He heard a whine, but it wasn't the leader of Kizakura. It was Yuuki.

Crap. He wasn't even awake, and this wasn't good for him.
He ducked the kodachi that Sakurakouji suddenly had in his hand, and he parried the slashes with the sword. Metal slid across metal, and he felt his fingers tremble around the sword's handle. Had it really been so long since he held a sword that his hands were unused to it? That couldn't be. Then what?

He felt something pulling at his mind, and he lunged forward. Wait, he hadn't planned on doing that! At least not from this angle-

Blood splattered across the floor and even stained the bedsheets of Kouji's futon, which only lay a little bit away.

Yukihina stumbled backwards, gripping with one hand at the stab to his shoulder. He gritted his teeth, and cursed when Sakurakouji followed. The kodachi was pressed further into his shoulder, and the Kizakura kumi's leader pressed closer, slowly spinning the blade deeper through his hand that gripped the sword.

It clattered to the ground, and landed in a pool of water. The ice was melting. Yukihina was losing control of the surroundings.

And just yesterday—just yesterday, he- His eyes widened at the sudden memory, and he backed hastily, stepped onto the futon that lay neatly folded and he twisted his body, ignoring the pain from the kodachi. The fabric beneath his feet slipped, and he fell to the floor. He grabbed Sakurakouji and pulled him with him, and in the momentum of the fall, he kicked the man in the groin. A cheap trick, which he preferred to not use, because he knew just how much that hurt. Sakurakouji gasped, and Yukihina spun around the same moment he touched the ground. He twisted out of Sakurakouji's grip, out of his reach, and violently pulled the now bloodstained blade from his shoulder. It stung, damn, had it been laced with something? It certainly felt like it.

He stumbled, one of his knees giving in. He fell again, this time more uncontrolled than the previous time. Tightly gripping the kodachi in his left, undamaged hand, he felt its unfamiliar weight press into his skin. He had wielded one before, but it lay hidden, far from here and buried in soil. He gritted his teeth to block out the pain, kneeling on the floor and waiting.

"You're in the way.."

The voice was familiar, but it it wasn't Sakurakouji's voice. It was far too young. It sounded distant, as if there was a waterfall covering parts of what the person was saying.

"Who are you?" Yukihina asked between shallow, collected but pained gasps. "Why have you possessed Sakurakouji-san? How? Why are you attacking us?" Was it a special power? Had the person possessed that girl from two days ago as well?
"Me?" The voice was raspy. Was he amused? Sounded like it. "I'm no one, really." Sakurakouji spread his arms, a twisted smirk spreading across his face. "You are, as I said, in the way." He had the katana in his hand, and leaped forward. Yukihina rolled to the side, less than graceful. His body felt slow, as if he was bathing in mud.

Something exploded then, and Sakurakouji backed. The katana clattered to the ground as a boot connected to Sakurakouji's head, and the man collapsed.

Yuuki pressed two fingers to the man's pulse, and he nodded once, twice, when he was sure it was normal. Then he stood up and headed over to Yukihina. "How's yer wound?" he asked, softly touching at the clotted blood. Yukihina winced. "Well," he muttered, then turned his gaze to Sakurakouji. "He won't attack us?"
Yuuki shook his head. "The interfer'nce's gone."
"Interference?" Yukihina questioned, letting himself sink down and lean against the wall.
"Un," Again, Yuuki nodded. "There'as a sound, like a high-frequen' sound, an' it went 'way when I knocked 'm out." He looked at Yukihina with a little worry visible in his eyes. "But you." he said, and again directed his attention to the wound. "'t ain' healing."
"It's just a bit slow." Yukihina replied. "I think the kodachi was laced with something, so don't touch it."

Yuuki nodded, then carefully started to peel off Yukihina's shirt.
"What are you doing, Yuuki?" he asked tiredly, and Yuuki looked up for a brief moment. Then he looked back down at his hands. "Treatin' it." he said simply, and Yukihina blinked several times when Yuuki took the bloodied shirt between his teeth and ripped.
"Where are the others?"

Yuuki closed his eyes and listened. "Unconscious." he said. Yukihina frowned. How had anyone managed to render all of them unconscious? Not that it was weird with the weak Code:Breakers, but Rui and Kouji? They weren't that weak. Unless... Unless someone spiked the drink or food they all devoured. That neither him nor Yuuki ate.
"Alright..." Yukihina sighed. "You don't have to do that." he then said, meaning the part with wrapping the make-shift bandage around his still lightly bleeding wound.
"Yes, I do." Yuuki mumbled, and when he was done, his hands fell limply to his sides. He looked up. "Y' protected me.." he said, voice low and doubting.
"Is there something wrong with that?" Yukihina asked, and scowled when Yuuki looked down. "Yuuki?"

"'en I was small," Yuuki started. "'v'ryone called me monster, freak, n' other names, too. 'r'yone was scared'f me. But Makoto was different." The look in his eyes changed, and Yukihina felt something tug at his heart. Jealousy? But that was... "He accepted me. He an' Shigure. An' Shigure always scolded me, when I jumped cliffs ta save dogs, when I climbed trees t' help birds...And when I caused Makoto's accident... He was furious..." Yuuki shifted, and the expression had changed again. He looked sad. "Bu' tha's good, 'cuz't was my fault. Makoto shouldn've protected me. If he hadn't... he'd still've been 'lright.."
Yukihina lifted his fresh arm, and slipped his hand across Yuuki's cheeks. Blood, almost dried, was rubbed off, and smeared over Yuuki's skin. Yuuki scrunched his eye shut as Yukihina's hand put a light pressure against his cheekbone, and he looked up in confusion. "Of course he should have protected you."

Why was he saying this? Doing this?

Yuuki shook his head lightly. "No. I'm … not worth protecting..."

Yukihina's hand stroked across Yuuki's cheek, and as Yuuki stared at him in shock, Yukihina pulled him into a one-armed embrace. "Idiot." he muttered. "People protect the ones they care for. No one forced this Makoto-guy to protect you, yet he did. Because he cared for you." He felt Yuuki's eyelashes brush against his skin as the boy closed his eyes. "Don't regret it. You're worth protecting. Everyone is, to someone."
For a long moment, Yuuki was silent. Then he lifted his arms, returning the hug and buried his face against Yukihina's shoulder. "Yukinko..." he said, voice low and unsure. "Hm?" Yukihina inclined his head just slightly, and looked at the curtain of red hair that was pressed against his dark skin.
"I think Yukinko's more worthy of being protected.." Yuuki said. "I wanna protect y'. I don' wan' y'ta be hurt."
"I'll manage. I won't die." Yukihina assured. "It's more important to protect you, since you're still alive."
"Don' say things like that. I see y' as alive."Yuuki said, and Yukihina sighed. "Look, I'm already better," he lifter his free hand to prove that it indeed was easier to move it. "and will be fine within an hour. You, on the other hand, do not have this...trait.."
"I don't care. I dun wanna see people get hurt 'cuz'o me an'more."
Another sigh, and Yukihina turned his head. He pressed his lips loosely on top of Yuuki's hair, then lit out a miffed sound of surprise when Yuuki tilted his head upwards, and lips softly pressed against his.

"Hikari-sama, why did you infiltrate the Sakurakouji manson?"
Saechika chukled at the dark expression on Hikari's face, and even more so when Heike suddenly collapsed to the ground.
"Heike," Hikari spoke. His voice was cold, reflecting the coldness and hate in his heart. "do you have any objections as to my methods?"
Heike looked up with heavy eyelids. "Not at all. My apologies, Hikari-sama."
"He's just a little frustrated." Saechika spoke, smoothly slipping over to Heike's side. "Yukihina is his little toy, after all."
"Just like Heike is yours, I assume?" Hikari more stated than asked, and Saechika chuckled. "Oh, no. He is by far more my toy, than anything else. Right, Heike?"
Heike glanced at Saechika, and when he didn't reply, Saechika pressed the heel of his shoe deep into his back. "What did I ask, Heike?"
"If I am your toy more than Yukihina-san is mine.." Heike croaked. Saechika was just above his lungs, and he could feel the heel dig in unnaturally deep. He would have a bruise both outwardly and inwardly.
"Y-yes.. I.. I am.."
The pressure on his back loosened, and Heike could feel that he could breathe properly again. Well, almost. Saechika crouched down beside him and lightly petted his hair. "Good boy." he said with a smile. Then he looked up at Hikari. "I believe I saw Shigure sulking." he said. "I assumed it was fine leaving him be."
"That it was." Hikari nodded. "He has to come to terms with this, after all."
"Of course." Saechika smiled. Then he stood up and prodded Heike with a foot. "Can you walk, Heike?"
Heike looked up at the two smiling men above him, then stumbled to his feet. His whole body shivered violently, and it was barely he managed to stay on his feet.
"Well then, Hikari-sama." Saechika said. "If you excuse us?"
"Yes," Hikari smirked knowingly. "of course. Have fun, Chika."

End Chapter 3
To Be Continued