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What Happens in Reno

Green eyes squint as they adjust to the harsh sunlight streaming through the motel window. Dean rolls his shoulders slightly, his fingers flexing around the naked hip of the woman beside him. She's warm and her back is spooned firmly against his chest. He smiles, taking in the citrus and vanilla that cling to her skin and hair.

Once upon a time, this would have scared the shit out of him. Waking up in a woman's bed, her scent wrapping around him like a warm blanket as morning light filtered into the room was not somewhere he'd have been caught dead. Hell, he'd thought he'd been in love with Cassie and he'd still gotten up before dawn and snuck out of her room, seeking the emptiness of his own bed.

But Kait... Kait was different. She was quite possibly 'The One'. Being beside her - hunting, fighting, sleeping or making love - he felt special. Like he mattered. He worshiped his father, following instruction like a good son, but Kait was a partner, an equal. She didn't make him feel stupid or in the way.

Brushing a silky curl from her face, he angles himself above her. His lips wander slowly over her forehead and down the line of her jaw. He feels his body stir to life as he captures her mouth.

Kait moans softly. She's having the most vivid dream. Being kissed like she's never been kissed before. A firm mouth attaches to hers, tongue tangling against her own as her fingers weave into her partner's close cropped locks. He growls, deepening the kiss and sucking at her tongue as he cups her breast. She feels the press of his arousal against her back. What a way to wake up...

Only it isn't a dream. The vibration of her name rumbling from somewhere deep in his chest makes her ache between her thighs and causes her hazel eyes to snap open. She bites back a moan as he begins teasing her, his fingers moving to her center.

She needs to get up. To get away before she gives him everything she has left. Pushing him away, she wrinkles her nose and groans, "I need coffee..."

"Coffee can wait..." Dean whispers across her lips as he rolls her onto her back. He smirks, stroking two of his fingers into her tight, wet heat and shifting against her leg. "I want you."

"I couldn't tell," she says breathlessly, trying to keep things from getting serious.

He grabs her wrists and presses them into the pillow over her head as he hovers over her. Tongue tracing over her lower lip, he knocks her knees further apart so he can settle between them. Pressing his length against her thigh, he kisses her. Slowly. So slowly it's almost painful.

"Dean!" she cries out as the waves of climax wash over her body from the intimate probe of his fingers. She hates herself. Hates how she's powerless beneath his hands. Hates her body for saying yes as her mind tells her to run.

He nuzzles her throat, the light stubble covering his jaw intensifying everything she feels. His mouth finds her ear as his hand leaves her body to stroke over his need. "You're so hot..." he murmurs. Eyes dark with lust, he raises his head to stare down at her. His gaze is glued to hers as he sucks the proof of her excitement from his fingers. "And you taste so fucking sweet."

He pushes into her, maintaining his hold on her wrists and causing Kait to arch deliciously into his frame. He feels the taut peaks of her nipples against his chest. Feels the flutter of her body around his.

The pace he sets is leisurely. No need to rush. Just the desire to feel. To make her feel. Everything. To watch her shatter in his arms. "Come for me, Kait," he urges. "Wanna see you come again."

Kait bites her lip as she meets the thrust of his hips. She feels the familiar tightening. She's close. Close enough she can almost taste it. But she doesn't give in. Refuses to cede control. "Harder," she pleads, her eyes closing as she buries her face in his neck.

Dean cradles her, delighting in the way she clamps around him as he parries. Instead of harder, he keeps his movements shallow. Waits for her to whimper with need. When she does, he surges forward, filling her exactly the way she wants. Hard and fast, eliciting a sharp intake of breath.

"Oh, God!" she screams, raising her legs around his waist and opening herself to him completely. Giving in. Giving everything.

The satiny skin of her inner thighs on his hips is his undoing. His movements become erratic and he slips a hand between them, his thumb stroking roughly over the bundle of nerves above where they're joined.

His mouth is on hers, swallowing the sounds of her orgasm as his own rocks his body. "Kait..."

Breathing heavily, he pulls her close as he flops onto the mattress. Her pained expression escapes his notice as they float back to Earth in the aftermath. "Good morning."

"Mmm-hmm," she murmurs, trying to keep her tears from spilling. She knows this is it. The last time. If she sticks around, she's only going to get hurt. But she can't say it. Won't have that particular fight. He is what he is, and that wouldn't ever change. Right? That's why she sought him out in the first place.

Dean's phone buzzes on the nightstand. It's his dad. He's back and worried because Dean's bed hasn't been slept in. "Son of a bitch..." Kissing her quickly, he hurries from the bed and tugs on his pants. "He's back. I gotta go. I'll be back though."

Kait doesn't say anything. Instead, she wraps the sheet around her chest and tugs her lower lip between her teeth. Seeing this, he forces her to release it with the pad of his thumb and she purrs at the sensation of his rough finger on her kiss-swollen mouth.

Unable to resist, he yanks her into his arms for a devastating kiss. His tongue twirls around hers. She softens, allowing herself this moment. A moment to share one last kiss she knows she'll never forget.

"He's gonna love you," he tells her, dropping a kiss to her forehead. "Take a shower and we'll get breakfast when I come back, okay?"

He groans as another text comes through. He's reluctant to leave her. More than anything, he wants to crawl back between the sheets and spend the day pleasing her. Watching her eyes darken. Feeling her body move and throb around his. "I really have to go," he says, kissing her lightly. "You make it hard to walk away..."

She's barely able to keep it together. Barely able to keep from crying in front of him. Waiting just long enough to be sure he isn't coming right back, she leaps from the bed and dresses quickly. She packs carelessly, eager to be gone before he returns. Desperate not to cause a scene.

Kait glances at his door, her mind failing to register the face of the man staring out at her. The tires slip on the gravel, causing the car to fishtail slightly. She steers the car onto the highway.

Just over 250 miles back to school. Four hours to think about the last two weeks and the man she's leaving behind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Supernatural ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John is throwing the rest of his stuff into his duffle when Dean walks back into their shared motel room. His voice is gruff as his eyes travel over the younger man. "Where the hell have you been, son? Get your gear packed up. We've got a case in Montana. We gotta get on the road. This could be the lead we've been waiting for."

Dean grins, rubbing a hand over his neck. "I met someone. Another hunter. She's amazing, Dad. I..."

"Dammit, Dean," his father answers, his hands landing on his hips as he scowls in disapproval.

"Come on, Dad," he complains, mirroring the older man's posture. "It's not like I ask for much. Let me talk her into going with us. It could be good to have a woman around. Especially one like mom..."

John sighs heavily and moves to the window. He watches a young woman getting into a dark colored muscle car in the parking lot. "This hunter friend of yours," he says slowly. "She a redhead who drives a Charger?"

"Yeah," he answers. "How'd you...?"

"She's leaving. Looks like she's in a hurry," John replies.

Dean snickers. "Kait loves her coffee - the fancy kind, she doesn't drink it black. I bet she's just running up the street."

John shrugs. "Doesn't look like she plans on coming back."

Dean shoves the few things he had loose into his bag. "I'm gonna ask her, Dad. Whether you want me to or not. She's good for me."

"Suit yourself," he answers. "I'll be in the car. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Stalking down the hall defiantly, he lets himself into Kait's room. Their room, he corrects himself. They'd hardly been apart since they met. He can't remember the last time he slept in his room. He turns the words over in his head. What he'll say. How he'll prove to his father he's capable of something more. That he's wanted.

"Kait?" he calls out.

Nothing. Just the sound of complete silence.

He opens the dresser drawer. Empty. Her shirts and the small handgun she kept hidden there are gone. So is the knife she kept under her pillow. John had been right. She was gone. She hadn't even said good bye.

His stomach lurches. He laces his fingers behind his head and looks around. Much the way the moonlight had played on it their very first night together, the sun's rays tease across something metal. Her medallion. She'd forgotten her medallion. It's the only piece of her he has left now.

Pocketing the necklace, Dean allows the door to slam behind him. His stride is purposeful as he walks to the Impala and slides into the passenger seat without a word.

"You'll forget about her, son," John says, adjusting the rearview mirror as he guides the car from the lot. "Same way you've forgotten about all the others."

He can't think about her. He won't think about her. Forget Vegas. What happens in Reno, stays in Reno. "Yeah. I know," he answers gruffly."

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