Skipper, why did you stare at miss Duck earlier?" Private asked Skipper later in the HQ as the rest of the members of his team were currently preparing themselves for bed, referring to the small glance that Skipper gave to the mother duck when he and his team passed her earlier that day when they were walking back from the days mission. Skipper immediately looked down upon the young penguin and chuckled.

"That was simple protocol young Private, I was merely checking to see if there was any hazrds within the area that might have caused harm to fall upon our cute little friends." Skipper explained, which caused Private's face to fall into an even more confused expression.

"I still don't understand Skipper, you never looked at any of the ducklings or move your eyes around the habitat, all you did was glance towards miss Duck." Private said, with an obvious naive tone to his voice that would have made anybody who was currently in such an awkward state feel the urge to chuckle and pat the young penguin on the head.

"Well maybe I suspect that mother duck is a secret agent and I was studying her to confirm my suspicions!" Skipper exclaimed, his weak excuse apparently worked on his young recruit for the confused expression soon turned into an expression of fear.

"A secret agent, here, who could she be working for?" Private, Skipper fought the urge to grin at his small recruit and without thinking responded to his question.

"I don't know yet, which is why i'm planning to do some recon tonight to gather some intel on her." Skipper said, then instantly regretted his decsion upon realizing that he would now have to back up his promise by possibly hiding in the bushes and spying on the secret object of his affections like a pervert.

"Well good luck, and tell me what you find out in the morning." Private said as he saluted his leader and climbed into his bunk. Leaving Skipper to sigh as he started to climb out of the HQ towards the task of pretending to spy on Ms. Duck.