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"Ash, dear, I have to tell you something really important!" Miss Ketchum called up to her son.

"Okay mom. On my way." Ash yelled back before calling to his female company "Misty, I'll be right back. I just have to talk to mom for a second."

"Okay, Ash" Misty called from her room adjacent to his, "Just tell me when you're ready to leave."

Ash went down to the kitchen and met his mom in the living room.

"Guess what?" Miss Ketchum asked her son.

"What?" responded her son in a clueless manner.

"I'm going to Japan!" his mother practically yelled full of excitement.

"You are!" Ash said in an upbeat tone, "Why are you going there?"

My company is planning to merge with Japanese corporation up there. If it goes well it means more jobs for Pokemon Island." replied the matriarch, "Plus, we may get increases in our salaries! We might be able to afford one of those new luxury vehicles!"

"Cool! Having more jobs would be great for us!" said the boy enthusiastically.

"I know. I'll be leaving at six in the morning to catch my flight so you may not see me leave. I'll be gone for a week but I'll be sure to call in everyday to check in on you and Misty." said Miss Ketchum.

"Okay, mom. We'll, we're leaving to go to the Pallet Mall. Do you mind?" asked the trainer.

"No. But be back by 9: 00 so your diner doesn't get cold, all right?" came the answer.

"Sure thing, I'm just going to check if Misty is ready to go and we are outta here." said Ash and he raced up the stairs and after seeing his mother nod approvingly he was out of her sight.

Ash quickly reached the door to Misty's room, "Are you ready yet?"

"Just a minute" the orange-haired girl responded.

Ash waited outside her door and a moment later she emerged in a cyan-colored tank top which clung right tight to her medium chest and tight blue jeans that showed the shapeliness and mussels in her legs. Her orange hair was undone and flowed freely to her shoulder.

Ash did not catch himself staring at his closest friend and neither did Misty.

"I'm ready." said Misty in a cheeky manner.

"Well." Ash said after taking a moment to recover ,"Let's go to the mall."

"I agree" said Misty " I am in of some new outfits."

After saying goodbye to Miss Ketchum the duo hoped in Ash's convertible and drove to the Pallet mall.

The Pallet mall was the Pokemon island equivalent of the "Mall of America", five floors of shopping and madness that made Princess Day seem like a joke. Everything you could think of was just buying steps away thanks to the mall navigation. As soon as the two got into the parking lot and saw the ample parking spaces both of them knew there was a surprisingly low amount of patrons today.

Once they got in the two split up to do personal shopping and decided to meet at the food court that evening. Ash made a withdrawal from his ATM and then headed over to the Audio/Video store to make the last payment on his home theater shelf system. After he went to the Pokemon nutrition center to buy some things for Pikachu and Togetic.

Mist went to Fredrick's of Hollywood to make the final payment on a lingerie purchase she made a while ago. Misty had made a good amount of money in the last few months, she was runner up in the Miss Fitness Pokemon Trainer contest and held a steady job as a Pokemon nurse. After collecting her lingerie she pressed on to expand her wardrobe. Shopping had always made Misty feel renewed not to mention finding something to test Ash's hormones which she had been dying to do.

"He is going to DIE when he sees me in this!" said girl exclaimed excited.

"I agree." said the fashion assistant genuinely "You do look stunning and if your friend is it knocked of his feet then you need a new friend."

"Well I'm hooked. Do you mind if I wear it out of the store?' asked the water type trainer.

"Go ahead and fell free to knock that poor boy off his feet." said the assistant.

"Oh than you so much!" said Misty who then took of to find Ash.

Ash had been waiting at the food court for Misty. He checked his watch and saw the time was 7: 52. through the sunglasses he had bought. Ash had had a good day, the shelf system would be dropped off in the morning complete with CD's and he bought food for his Pokemon. He also bought a pair of black sunglasses for himself. When he saw what Misty had bought and was now wearing the lenses in his sunglasses almost broke.

Misty was wearing a short black jacket over a black blouse that showed of her abdomen and the top of her chest. Her straight orange hair seemed to sparkle against the raven blackness. Misty also had a small-black mini skirt of the same color with slits that hugged her thighs and showed off her long and almost exposed legs. To complete the outfit she had a nice pair off heeled designer shoes. It all added up to a pleasant sight to Ash.

"Misty..." began Ash who was at a loss of words,"You look...spectacular."

"Thank you" said Misty who then asked, "Did you get everything you need?"

"Yeah, I got everything. What about you?" he replied still dumbfounded

"I do now" said Misty with a devilish look on her face as she walked towards Ash. Misty then took off her jacket revealing her soft and slightly arms which she wrapped around Ash's neck , Misty had Ash right were she wanted him.

"What...are...you...doing...Misty?" asked a confuse Ash who prevented form saying anything more.

"Your about to find out." after which she pressed her warm lips against Ash's in a passionate kiss that lasted a minute but felt like forever.

After a few seconds Misty spoke first, "You have been such a good friend all these years I have known you and that was my way of showing my appreciation."

Ash was speechless and was looking around for a place to sit. Knowing that Misty was thankful to him the boy couldn't help but shed a tear.

Misty saw and wiped it away with a warm hand "Why are you crying Ash?" as she removed the tear from his cheek.

"I didn't know you cared for the things I did." he began "It makes me cry because...that's all I have ever wanted from someone. Someone like... you. Now that I have it I don't know what to do!"

"Don't worry Ash, I have you and you have me, we have each other. Let me help you up." said Misty

"You mean we REALLY have each other?'' said the boy.

"Do I have to spell it out for you Ash: I LOVE YOU!" said Misty that while loud enough to get through was still caring, she found Ash's clueless moments attractive.

Ash had no capacity to speak but got out an appropriate phrase "I...love...you...too."

"Oh Ash!" exclaimed Misty who kissed Ash again with more meaning.

The next morning Ash was awoken my a kiss and he quickly decided it was nice to be woken in the morning by a kiss from your girlfriend. Ash awoken to the soft and smiling face of his girlfriend not his mother, but was the difference except his mother didn't wear a night shirt.

"I see you slept well." said ash braking free of his tired state.

"I see you have too Ashy." came the warming reply from Misty who then sat on the bed making the Pallet town trainer blush.

"Morning my goddess." said the boy who sat up and joined Misty by her side then putting a hand on Misty's face which made her blush as Ash's hands were soft and not callous as she expected.

"Well, me and Mimey are going to make breakfast." said the male "Do you mind washing Pikachu?"

"Not problem Ash." Misty responded then the two embraced in a bear hug which lasted a full minute before breaking as Ash went down stairs to complete the task usually done by his now absent mom. Ash made a smorgasbord. Reading fro his mother's recipes he decided to be extra extravagant this morning. He made rice, a western omelet, pancakes, hash browns, steamed parsley, and turkey sausage patties. Mimey had made the batters for the omelet and pancakes, after which he took the initiative to set the table and retrieve utensils. Once that was complete he went over to the refrigerator and got orange juice, butter, ketchup, milk and apple juice.

Meanwhile upstairs Misty had just finished her bath and now it was time to put Pikachu and Togetic

in and well he normally hated water Pikachu made an exception any time it was with one of his friends and unbeknownst to the two trainers both of them were aware of Ash and Misty's relationship.

As Misty and the two pokemon went down stairs they were greeted with the aroma of a banquet.

"Smells good down here" said Misty as she walked down the stairs. "Did you cook this food all by yourself?"

"No, Mimey helped a lot." said Ash.

Pikachu and Togetic wasted no time climbing on the table and after tying their bibs chowing down while Misty watched in amazement.

"What's wrong Misty? Aren't you going to eat?" asked Ash wondering why she wasn't eating.

"I will. It's just I've never seen those two so happy to eat before." answered Misty who then laughed, "I think the aroma got to them."

"I guess I can cook as well as I can train Pokemon." said Ash.

"Of course you can Ash." said Misty as she leaded in and kissed her boyfriend for a minuet before breaking, "Besides those pancakes looking appealing. You could really give Brock a run for his money."

"Um...thanks Misty." said Ash embarrassed and surprised how well things had turned out. The omelet was scrumptious, the rice perfectly steamed, and the sausage was moist and tender. Mimey agreed while eating his pancake.

After breakfast finished the Pokemon volunteered to clean up while Ash showered and Misty from her pajamas into a work outfit. Today they were going to the Pallet Gym for some friendly sparring practice and Pokemon training.

"I hope Misty doesn't kill me." Ash said as he toweled off. He knew the fiery redhead had been training in martial arts recently and he was weary of facing her hand-to-hand. He wasn't sure if he would survive these next three hours after his own girlfriend was done with him.

Ash dodged a lightning-quick spinning heel kick from Misty. He countered with a leg sweep putting Misty on her back. Misty quickly sprung up and attacked fast with a stomach jab which she followed with a knife hand to the neck and a high side kick all of which connected and sent Ash to the floor.

"What happened to defense Ash?" asked Misty tauntingly.

"I'm working on it." answered Ash as he got up.

Misty lunged at him with a middle side kick which Ash dodges but Ash is then caught by a trap heel kick. Ash quickly got up and thought he saw an opening when Misty still had her back turned but before he could move Misty knocked him to the ground using a swift spinning kick. When Ash got up he was seeing stars. He didn't think Misty's kick packed that much power.

"Come on Ash!" taunted Misty as she yawned, "If you're not going to fight me it's fine but just say so."

"Believe me, I'm not done." countered Ash as he went on the offensive.

Ash shot a trio of jabs and ended with a roundhouse kick but Misty dodged every punch and grabbed Ash's ankle as he went for the kick. She then quickly whipped him to the ground with a dragon screw leg whip. After getting up Ash tried a side kick into leg sweep but Misty ducked and nailed him with a roundhouse kick. Ash got an idea as he got back up. He tried two lunge elbows both of which were blocked and then went for a fake uppercut. When Misty positioned her right hand to block the uppercut Ash grabbed it and threw Misty over his shoulder and to the ground.

"How was that?" asked Ash tauntingly as he jumped around and threw jabs into the air showing full commitment to his Muhammad Ali impersonation.

"You finally got me." said Misty impressed as she got up and attacked.

Misty attempted palm heel to face, a fierce body blow and knife edge chop channeling "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Ash dodged all of these but Misty got him with a right fist to the back of the head. Misty went for a right hook but Ash caught her wrist and kicked in the midsection sending her back a few feet. Misty quickly recovered and attacked with a double spin side kick first aiming high and then. Ash blocked both moves but Misty landed a straight right knee into Ash's spleen.

"Ha! Gotcha ya!" called Misty triumphantly.

"Okay. But now try this!" called back a determined Ash.

Ash rolled towards Misty ad attacked with a spinning sweep which surprised Misty and sent her flying to the ground. Misty got up and came in with a downward knife hand with her left hand, an upward knife hand to the neck with her right hand, a midsection front kick, and ending with a midsection roundhouse kick. Ash was barely able to avoid all four power moves but he did and connected with rapid jabs to Misty's face, a roundhouse kick to her thigh, and finished with a uppercut to her jaw all of which connected and sent her back. While Ash was opposed to hitting girls and didn't feel great about fighting Misty he did enjoy the fact he was winning.

"Do I have skills or what?" boasted Ash.

"Now I'm getting pissed!" snapped Misty as she stood up.

"Good. You're really cute when when you get like that." replied Ash.

Misty charged in with an elbow to Ash's chest which he blocked but she did land knee into Ash's stomach dazing him. Using this opening Misty grabbed threw her right arm round Ash's neck and grabbed his tight and then mustering strength only she could find Misty dropped Ash on his head with a T-bone suplex reminiscent of Tazz. Ash really regretted watching those old pro-wrestling matches from the late 1990s with Misty now.

"Ash?" asked Misty concerned as her boyfriend seemed unconscious after that.

After he didn't respond Misty went over to Ash's side. When she bent down to help him up Ash flipped her over sending he ten feet. Misty landed hard but got up quickly and gave Ash a death glare. The menacing look stopped Ash dead in his tracks with his mouth hanging open. Misty knew she could have finished him with her Tsunami kick but she decided to stop the fighting as neither had much energy left in them.

"Let's call it a day." she said hoarsely.

"Yeah." agreed Ash.

After their training they headed home with a rejuvenated Pikachu on Ash's shoulder and refreshed Togetic alongside Misty.

"So how long will your mother be away?" asked Misty as the party arrived back at Ash's house.

"A week." answered Ash as he entered and plopped down on the couch.

"Good." answered Misty, "You know Ash, I was thinking of something special we can do while we have the house to ourselves."

"Like what?" asked Ash.

"We haven't seen a lot of our friends in a while and I was think maybe we could have a little...get together." said Misty trying to find the right words.

"You mean like a house party." said Ash.

"Yeah." said Misty enthusiastically, "You wouldn't have a problem with that would you?"

"Well I was actually thinking of catching more Pokemon." answered Ash honestly but when he noticed Misty getting into her fighting stance he changed his tune, "But a house party would be time better spent."

"Thank you!" said Misty overjoyed as she hugged the still sore Ash who wondered if a beat down would be less painful.

"Okay, so who are we going to invite?" asked Misty as she sat in the chair next to Ash.

"Well Brock is a must. He's always been there with us." answered Ash.

"I agree." said Misty, "We should also invite that breeder who gave him his Vulpix."

"Suzy." said Ash, "She's still dating Zane so he'll be here too."

"Who else?" asked Misty.

"Let's invite Richie too." said Ash and Misty agreed.

"What about that girl from the movie Psyduck was in? Katrina?" asked Misty glad her slow-witted Pokemon hadn't appeared when she said his name.

"Sure." said Ash.

"We should invite a few gym leaders too. " stated Misty.

"Gym leaders?" asked Ash confused.

"I was thinking of Erika and Sabrina." said Misty.

"Not not those two." protested Ash.

"Why not?" asked Misty.

"Erika will bring some smelly perfume that will make me sick and Sabrina will use her psychic powers to mess with us. Remember she did turn you and Brock into dolls?" answered Ash.

"But me and Erika are close friends and you did save her Gloom from that fire. As for Sabrina she has changed a lot since you and Haunter helped her to break her the obsession she had with her own powers." countered Misty.

"She's remembers from that long ago?" asked surprised Ash.

"She's psychic. Psychics never forget" answered Misty.

"Yeah you're right. Okay we can invite them." said Ash, "Besides maybe we can them drunk and see how far things go."

You idiot!" yelled Misty as she punched Ash in the shoulder. Misty knew the rumors about Erika and Sabrina being more than friends but she had never inquired. It's not that Misty didn't support that lifestyle it's just she didn't think it right to pry into someone's private matters.

"Sorry." apologized ash as he rubbed his shoulder.

"We should invite Florinda Showers. She would love to meet Erika. Both use grass type and they have Gloom so they would get along well. And of course she'll bring her boyfriend Potter. They really make a cute couple." said Misty.

"Yeah. We should invite Stella." said Ash as he watched Mimey hanging clothes to dry outside.

"Yeah and Duplica too." said Misty.

"Who?" asked Ash.

"The Ditto master." answered Misty.

"Oh yeah. Hey if we invite A. J. we could try and get them to hook up." said Ash.

"Speak of hooking up we should invite Ralph and Emily. I heard both their Nidoran have evolved into their final forms." said Misty.

"Hey we should invite Mikey and his brothers and Sakura and her sisters. Maybe we can get them together so they'll be a huge Eevee family." proposed Ash.

"Not a bad idea." replied Misty, "Any more ideas?"

"Well we could invite Lara Laramie." suggested Ash.

"Good idea." said Misty, "We should invite Jeanette Fisher too."

"Oh yeah that girl I beat in the last preliminary round of the Indigo Plateau League." said Ash remembering her.

"Okay." said Misty.

"What about the Samurai from the Viridian Forest? He can bring his bug type?" suggested Ash trying to creep out his girlfriend.

"Absolutely not!" yelled Misty causing Ash to smirk as he knew his plan had worked.

"I'm going to hate myself for this but we should invite Giselle." said Misty not believing she had just said that.

"Well she has been a lot better. Especially since she's been dating Joe." said Ash.

"That's true admitted Misty.

"I think we should invite Gary. He is my friend now." said Ash who added., "Oh and Paul."

"Oh yeah your new rival." said Misty, "What about your friends Dawn, Max and May."

"Yeah Dawn and Paul would be great together if they could put their egos aside." said Ash.

"If we invite May then we should invite Drew as well." suggested Misty.

"Yeah we they would be great together too." said Ash understanding his girlfriend, "Oh and Todd. I haven't see him in ages."

"What about Casey?" asked Misty who then knew she had to elaborate when she saw the dumbfounded look on Ash's face, "The rabid Electabuzz baseball team fan."

"Oh yeah sure." said Ash remembering her, "We can't forget Tracey either."

"Yeah you're right!" proclaimed Misty, "I think that's enough people."

"True. Last thing we want is Officer Jenny breaking up the party. If mom found about this she would kill us." said Ash rubbing his neck.

"Can I borrow your convertible?" asked Misty as she stood up, "I want go and make the invitations."

"Sure just make sure you fill the gas tank." said Ash as he threw the keys at Misty which she easily caught.

"Fine. Just keep an eye on the Pokemon." said Misty as she kissed Ash on the cheek and left.

With his girlfriend gone, Ash waited on the porch for his shelf system to arrive that he had finished paying for last night at the mall. The operations system made Ash drool more than the thought of Misty in a see-thru dress: a ten-disk CD changer, Dolby Digital surround sound, CD reading and writing abilities.

"An hour left until delivery." said Ash anxious.

Meanwhile upstairs Pikachu and Togetic were upstairs in Misty's wardrobe checking out what she had bought last night. (A/N: The Pokemon are talking in Pokemon language but this is translated. This will be the case throughout the story but will be less common after I take over in chapter three.)

"Check out all this cool stuff! Misty really know how to shop for good stuff!" shouted Pikachu.

"Cool it Pikachu. You don't want Ash to know we're in here or what we're doing." whispered Togetic.

"Okay but Misty has a wardrobe to die for." said Pikachu, "Where are her bikinis?"

"We'll get to those latter." answered Togetic as it opened Misty's closest door.

"Oh...my...God." stammered Pikachu.

"I agree with that." added Togetic as she and Pikachu stared at a skimpy lace black bra and panties.

"It has to be lingerie! Misty's trying to seduce Ash! She's going to enslave him!" proclaimed Pikachu.

"No she's not." corrected Togetic, "She's just going to have a little bit of fun with him and show him that she loves him."

"Are you sure?" asked Pikachu.

"Yeah she wouldn't have sex with him on the second night. Misty is a respectable woman who will wait until she's ready." said Togetic.

"I want to be sure." said Pikachu.

"How?" asked Togetic.

"We can hook up his mom's camera and hide it somewhere they can't see it." said Pikachu.

"Alright." said Togetic reluctantly, "But Misty will be home any minute so we have to hurry."

"Let's hurry." said Pikachu as he and Togetic hurried.

Later that night night Ash had finished setting his new new shelf system while Togetic and Pikachu where pretending to be asleep so they could hit the 'record' button and film what was about to occur.

"Okay. He won't resist me in this. I'll grab his attention in the blink of an eye." said Misty who had been saying encouraging things to her reflection in the bathroom mirror for a half hour, "I just hope I don't overload his hormones."

Misty softly giggled and made her way to her boyfriend's bedroom carefully not to make a sound. Ash was sitting on his bed in deep thought. He had never been in love before so he didn't know what to do about it. He loved her and she felt the same. He had great Pokemon, great friends and was a respectable Pokemon League Champion. Ash was truly amazed how well things were going for him. Ash knew he had flaws but he also worked to fix them. Things were rapidly changing for the better. Then there was Misty, she had only followed him because she was angry Pikachu wrecked her bike though she blamed him. but she eventually forgot about it and became friends. Hell he even replaced her bike out of his own pocket. Overtime their friendship turned into something more and now they were dating. To Ash she was nothing more than a living beauty. She was kind, caring and beautiful. She would give her life for her friends or Pokemon.

"Ash." came a seductive voice from the doorway causing Ash to snap out of his trance and notice Misty standing in the doorway in lingerie, her hair undone and a sly grin on her face.

"Misty?" asked a stunned Ash, "You look...amazing!"

"I'm the girl of your dreams." said Misty seductively as she walked over to Ash and sat down next to him.

"Wow." said Ash dazed.

"I'm all yours. Don't fear your goddess." said Misty as she leaned over and began to kiss Ash who willingly reciprocated.

After a minute they broke and Ash began to rub Misty's back. It was slow at first but the pace picked as Ash got more comfortable. Misty removed his shirt and began rubbing his bare chest while Ash's hands explored other parts of Misty's body. Misty began to caress Ash's face while Ash passionately kissed Misty on the neck lasting several minuets.

"Ash, I think we stop Ash." said Misty stopping the event.

"Why?" asked Ash slightly disappointed.

"I'm not ready." confessed Misty.

"I understand." said Ash respecting his girlfriend's decision. Misty and Ash kissed one last time before the former returned to her room.

"See, I told you they wouldn't have sex." said Togetic.

"I'm glad I recorded everything." said Pikachu causing Togetic to sigh before leaving to join her trainer.

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