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Ash awoke knowing this is what good morning were made of. His mom was gone, he was Pokemon League Champion, and after making out with his girlfriend the night before she had left only to return in the middle of the night and get into bed with him. Nothing happened, but just cuddling together was heaven enough for the both of them. He was like a teddy bear and girls loved teddy bears.

"Morning Misty." yawned Ash as he looked at his beautiful goddess.

"Good morning Ash." replied Misty as she awoke from her sleep, "Did you dream about me?"

"Yup. All night." answered Ash.

"Were they good dreams?" asked Misty.

"Each was a different fantasy of you. I didn't want them to end." answered Ash.

"Which one did you like best?" asked Misty in a seductive manner.

"Let me think." answered Ash who took a minute before he came to his conclusion, "There was one where you were in a shiny silver dress and it illuminated in the moonlight. You hair was down and you looked majestic. You stared at me and your blue eyes froze me like a stun spore. Then you walked over to me and placed your arms around me causing me to melt. After that you kissed me and I almost melted in the warmth of ecstasy. When you were finished you asked me to take your hand and though I timid at first but the touch of your silky smooth skin made me give in. The we were flying through the sky on a cloud hand in hand. My mother warmly smiled and waived when she saw us. When we got we kissed and it lasted forever."

"That's so sweet." said Misty, "You wanna hear mine?"

"Sure." answered Ash.

"I dreamed I was a princess who ruled alone and dying from loneliness and and my lack of love. One day I was so depressed I escaped my castle and decided to commit suicide by drowning myself in a pond like Ophelia."

"Who?" asked Ash.

"From Shakespeare's "Hamlet". It was a play from the early 1600s." answered Misty who then continued, "I stood on the bridge and was about to jump when you grabbed my arm and talked me down eventually bringing me to your toy shop after a walk around town. You said you made Pokemon toys for a living. After a few weeks I fell in love with your work and you too. Since I lived alone I asked if you would move into my castle and help me rule the kingdom. You politely refused at first, but with my charm and charisma you were eventually convinced. You brought your toys to everybody in the kingdom and me in my castle and kingdom. We married and lived happily ever after."

"You really dreamed of me." stated Ash surprised.

"Of course I did." replied Misty, "A girl can't dream about the guy she loves?"

"Thanks for dreaming about me." said Ash as Misty crawled over to Ash and kissed him moderately hard on the lips for a minute.

"No. I should be thanking you." said Misty after she broke the kiss.

"Well that's one hell of a way to show thanks." said Ash flabbergasted.

"Well, I've got other ways to show my thanks." whispered Misty seductively causing Ash to gulp deeply.

"Let's not go there Misty." said Ash hoping this was the right move. He never did understand the female mind.

"I'm just kidding, Ash!" laughed Misty, "I'm not ready just yet."

"Yeah, I knew that." replied the boy trying to play it cool.

"Are you going to prepare one of your deluxe breakfasts again?" asked Misty.

"Yup. Eggs Benedict, blueberry waffles, sausage, and rice." answered Ash.

"That sounds delicious." replied the tomboy mermaid, "I'll be bathing Pikachu and Togetic. Then after breakfast we have to start planning our party."

"Okay. No problem." said Ash as he kissed her on the cheek.

"It's no problem Ash." replied Misty.

Once again Ash delivered an amazing breakfast and everyone eat until they were full. While Mimey cleaned up Ash showered then he, Misty, Pikachu and Togetic entered into his convertible and headed out to plan a party.

Meanwhile in a small gym not sponsored by the Pokemon League near Vermillion City the leader and only member of the gym was challenging a young trainer from Johto. The leader was winning and ready to end things.

"Sandslash, finish it with Fissure!" ordered the leader.

The beige mouse obeyed laying out the young trainer's Marril earning an easy victory.

"Marril!" cried the boy as he returned his Pokemon to its pokeball.

"Just doing my job kid. Nothing personal." said the gym leader whose Australian accent was very prominent, "It'll be okay, just get it to the Pokemon Center in Vermillion City."

"Okay." said the boy before adding harshly, "Next time it'll be Sandslash lying on the ground!"

"I don't think that's likely kid." replied the leader before adding fiercely, "Now get lost before I have Sandslash due the same to you!"

Alex Spencer Jr., or simply A. J. as he preferred, then went back to training with Sandslash disappointed in a another mediocre opponent. A. J. had once prided himself on his undefeated streak that could give Bill Goldberg a run for his money. A. J. had vowed not to challenge any official gym leader for badges until he achieved 100 wins and no losses after defeating Ash and Team Rocket in the same day. He remained undefeated until he lost in the semi-finals of the Pokemon League Championships. The loss was devastating at first but once he got over it A. J. was glad it was over. Not needing to constantly remain undefeated was a weight of his shoulders and the loss motivated him to train harder so he would win next time. His passion had been reignited. Then two months ago Ash was headed home to Pallet when he stopped by for a rematch.

Flashback two months

Ash and A. J. had had a fierce battle. Out of the full six on six battle that began only A. J.'s Sandslash and Ash's Pikachu remained fitting to end what truly was an epic war. Pikachu had earned a difficult victory over A. J.'s Beedrill despite being the victim of a twin needle attack while Sandslash, in a very hard fought battle, had defeated Ash's Donphan (which Ash had obtained for an earlier battle) whose roll out had defeated two of A. J.'s other Pokemon stopping the growing momentum he had. When only he was left Pikachu went into battle despite some hesitate from Ash due to his battle with Beedrill. Sandslash struck first with dig attacking right below his Pikachu sending him flying but Pikachu quickly struck back with Thunderbolt. With Sandslash dazed Pikachu then struck with quick attack but Sandslash quickly recovered and hit Pikachu with Slash. The attack did damage but Pikachu got right up and used Electro Ball. Sandslash used Defense Curl and escaped serious damage but the attack still did real damage. Seeing his chance Ash told Pikachu to use Volt Tackle and finish Sandslash off but dodged at the last second and delivered a devastating Slash to to the face of Pikachu sending the electric mouse to the ground. Sandslash then preformed it's trademark Fissure but however as A. J. and Sandslash were ready to declare victory however Pikachu got back up. A. J. had Sandslash use Slash again as a prelude to another Fissure but Pikachu dodged and connected with a second Volt Tackle earning he and Ash the victory. A. J. accepted defeat and thanked Ash for a great battle which Ash returned.

End Flashback

A. J. couldn't believe that amazing match he had. It was probably the best match he'd ever had and he hadn't come close to reaching that level of competition since. A. J. then snapped out of his daydream and went over to his mailbox and found mostly some junk mail except for one letter of importance from Ash.

"Wonder what Ash wants?" asked A. J. as he pondered why his rival turned friend would have mailed him something as he opened the letter and read it, "Hey so he finally got together with Misty! It's about time! And they've invited me to a house party." continued A. J. as continued to read, "Well I've got no competition here and it would be nice to relax. I'll go."

A. J. then re-entered the gym and told his Pokemon about the party. They then pack up and after he returned each of his six Pokemon to their pokeball with Sandslash last, A. J. got into his Land Rover and headed for Pallet Town.

Meanwhile at the House of Imite a blue-haired girl and her Ditto had just won a match over an arrogant trainer who pissed her off the entire battle.

"I won now leave!" demanded Duplica finally ready to rid herself of this boy.

"Like hell I will! I want a rematch girl!" demanded the boy making her more angry.

"My name is Duplica. Get it right." said the girl seething with anger but trying to stay calm.

"I don't care what your name is! I just want my goddamn rematch!" yelled the boy further anger Duplica.

"You lost now it's best for you to leave." said Duplica still trying to remain calm.

"Fuck you bitch!" snapped the boy.

"You need to learn how to talk to a lady." replied Duplica.

"You'll be fucking sorry when I come back and burn this mansion down!" yelled the boy sending Duplica over the edge.

"You're threatening me!" yelled Duplica before she had Ditto transform into a katana, "Now say that again! Come on!"

"Crazy bitch." said the boy not expecting her to fight back so fiercely before running off.

Duplica sighed as Ditto returned to normal. The girl had been having a rough few days. Thanks to a lack of guests to see her perform and it was the end of her cycle. This cocky trainer had been the last thing she needed and he pushed her to far. Duplica went upstairs and undid her hair ribbons before drawing herself a warm bubble bath which she lost herself in. After her bath Duplica returned to her room clad in slippers, a white bathrobe and a white towel on her head.

"Why am I not getting any crowds? I try my best but I don't know. Why don't people want to show up anymore? " asked Duplica solemnly as she got out of her slippers and lay on down on her bed.

"Don't worry. I'm sure people will return soon." said Ditto trying to reassure it's trainer.

"Maybe you're right." said Duplica as fell asleep dreaming of preforming in front of packed houses. After an hour nap Duplica woke up feeling much better.

"Ditto do you mind getting the mail?" asked Duplica and while got dressed.

When Ditto returned she handed the mail to Duplica. Besides some junk she found a letter from Ash. She was good friends with Ash and company and as the returned to Pallet two months ago they stopped by. Duplica and Ash caught up while Pikachu and Ditto played in the yard.

"Hey Ditto, Ash and Misty invited us to a house party." said Duplica glad to be getting good news now, "I guess Ash and Misty are finally together. Took them long enough. This was just what I needed to cheer up."

With that Ditto got up and they two headed off to the mall to go shopping for the party.

Meanwhile in the Viridian Forest a battle was underway. One participant was an aspiring trainer while the other had retired from training to become a researcher like his grandfather and was only battling for old times sake.

"Electivire, use Thunder Punch!" ordered Gary Oak.

"Zippo, dodge and use Flamethrower!" ordered his opponent.

Gary's Electivire attacked but the Charizard flew out of the way and hit Electivire with a flamethrower burning Electivire.

"Zippo, use Fire Blast!" ordered it's trainer and Zippo followed suit.

"Thunderbolt!" ordered Gary and Electivire followed but Zippo kept dodging.

"Fire spin!" ordered the trainer of Zippo who followed Electivire in a tornado of fire.

"Iron Tail!" ordered Gary as the Electivire followed breaking free from fire spin and striking Zippo in the face with Iron Tail knocking the dragon to the ground.

"Thunder!"ordered Gary but Zippo managed to take off back into the skies and avoid the attack.

"Thunder Punch!" ordered Gary and Electivire charged Charizard ready to knock the dragon out of the sky again.

"Dragon Rage!" ordered rival trainer and the dragon obeyed connecting and blasting the Electivire out of the sky.

Richard Hamilton, who just went by Richie, had just defeated Gary Oak.

"You're pretty good. You remind me of Ash." said Gary as he and Richie shook hands.

"I've heard that." replied Richie. It was true he had heard that many times before. Sometimes he took it as a compliment being compared to his successful friend, but other times he it upset him because he felt he was being called a cheap knock off. Despite his victory in the Kanto Championship, Richie admitted he's hadn't had the success Ash did since then.

"Next time, I won't lose." laughed Gary.

"We'll see." said Richie smiling and with that the two parted ways.

Gary had a lot happen to him. He once was a cocky and arrogant young trainer with charisma, great Pokemon, badges upon badges and even cheerleaders. He had many things but love wasn't one of them. He envied Ash for how close he was to Misty knowing they would get together. Gary drove back to Pallet in his red Chevy Corvette while Richie returned to his home as well.

When Richie got home he made himself comfortable while Sparky got the mail. After looking through it he found a letter from Ash.

"Hey Sparky, Ash and Misty are having a house party and we're invited." said Richie happy to see his friend again and knowing Sparky would be glad to see Ash's Pikachu as well.

Meanwhile outside the Team Rocket Headquarters a trio of agents were leaving the building happily for once.

"Our luck has really turned around! Getting our bonuses this is great!" cried James jubilant.

"Well we've been doing much better and we haven't run into the twerps." said Jessie also very happy about their good fortune.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. But remember who thought of de ideas." added Meowth.

"Who?" asked James earning him a round of Fury Swipes from the talking cat.

"Me dunderhead! I was the one who have yous two them ideas!" yelled Meowth.

"Yeah, but me and James pulled them off." added Jessie, "But the fact is we have been succeeding and we're finally on the boss's good side."

"I wish Butch and Cassidy were here so we could rub it in there faces!" exclaimed James.

"Just a matter of time of my dear James." reassured Jessie, "And in the meantime we'll keep this up and soon we we'll be able to call ourselves-"

"Team Rocket Champions!" cheered both Jessie and James together.

"Screw you're 'Team Rocket Champions' crap." said Meowth unimpressed, "Soon I'll be the top cat of Team Rocket sitting pretty on the boss's lap and rid of you losers."

This comment by Meowth didn't sit well with his partners as Jessie pulled out a mallet while James pulled out a hockey stick both from nowhere.

"Get lost you feline fink!" yelled Jessie as she smashed Meowth into a compact size with her mallet.

"And get your furry ass outta here!" added James as he sent Meowth flying into a rock with a fierce slapshot.

"Now that Meowth is gone we finally can relax." said Jessie throwing a pair of sunglasses on her face.

"There's an Italian place in Viridian Cit that I've been dying to check out. I heard the have the best pasta in Kanto." suggested James.

"Excellent idea!" agreed Jessie and with that the duo were off.

In a small cottage in the Seafoam Islands a girl was sitting on the porch reading mail while the rain poured outside.

"The reunion is tomorrow." said Giselle as she sifted through the mail.

Indeed there was a homecoming at Pokemon Tech the next day and Giselle happy to attend but not thrilled. Giselle Wolf had been a star student who graduated as a valedictorian. She entered the Pokemon League Championships but was knocked out in the third round by a girl named Jeanette Fisher. Giselle and Jeanette were each down to one Pokemon. Giselle ordered her Marowak use Bone Club but Jeanette's Tangela dodged and used stun spore to freeze Marowak then finish it off with a solar beam. Giselle took it well and did have respect for Jeanette though she cheered the next round for Ash who defeated her. Giselle was surprised when Jeanette's Bellsprout defeated Ash's Bulbasaur, after it's success against Jeannette's Beedrill and Scyther, and even more so when it defeated Pikachu but when Ash called out Muk she knew it was over. Another person who knew it was over was another former attendee of Pokemon Tech named Joe Bianchi. Joe left the after Ash and friends arrived at the academy. Misty had defeated Joe's Weepinbell with her Starmie after which Giselle defeated Starmie with her Graveler only to have Cubone loss to Pikachu. Giselle had defeated Joe in the second round of the Pokemon League Championships. After his Joe cheered for Giselle against Jeanette and then both cheered for Ash. Since then the two have dated living together in a condo on the Seafoam Islands. Jeanette worked at a local Pokemon school using her Pokemon in lessons while Joe kept his training.

"A letter from Ash. Wonder why he would send me a letter?" asked Giselle as she opened the letter.

"Hey, Marowak Ash and Misty invited us to a house party." said Giselle as the bone wielding Pokemon entered the room.

"That sounds great!" replied Marowak.

Giselle then picked up the phone and called Professor Westwood V where Joe worked part-time. Slowbro answered the phone and Giselle had to wait five minuets before intelligent life, Joe, answered at which point she told him the news and he was also thrilled. Now the couple had to prepare for the upcoming party.

Back at his home Gary Oak relaxed kicking off his shoes, turning on the TV and plopping on the couch exhausted. After three months of tirelessly studying the native Pokemon of the Unova region day and night for his grandfather he couldn't wait to get home then of course there was the battle with Richie which drained them even more.

"I swear this is harder than training." said Gary halfheartedly as he watched the TV. Gary had changed a lot over the years. While he took work very serious he was much more friendly and somewhat laid back otherwise. Gary began to dig through the mail coming across a letter from Ash.

"So Ash finally had the brains to start dating Misty and they've invited me to a house party." laughed Gary as he began to read the letter hiding his inner envy while trying to remember if he had anything else to do on that day, "While I'm free that day and I've haven't seen Ash in a while so I'll go."

In Pewter City a studying Pokemon doctor was a man named Brock Richards. Brock was currently back home helping out while his parents Flint and Lola were on a second honeymoon and though he loved his siblings he was slightly glad his parents were due back anytime now.

"Hey, cut that out Billy and Tilly." warned Forrest as the twins jumped on the couch. Brock looked up from his cutting board and smiled at the gym leader. Forrest had matured a lot taking care of his youngest siblings. Out of all his siblings Yolanda, Tommy, Cindy and recently Billy had begun their journeys as trainers while the twins were preparing to start theirs soon. Third brother Salvador worked at the gym and acted as temporary gym leader when Forrest was available while Susie was a up and coming Pokemon coordinator learning a lot from May.

"Hey, Forrest did the mail come?" asked Brock as he resumed chopping the carrots for diner.

"Susie put it on the coffee table." answered Forrest.

"Can you just run through it and see if there's anything important?" asked Brock.

"Sure." replied Forrest who went through the mail, "Hey Brock, it's a letter from Ash."

"Can you read it?" asked Brock but Forrest knew his brother and was ahead of him.

"Sounds like he and Misty are together and throwing a house party. You're invited." said Forrest turning back at Brock.

"I'll have to tell them I can't go. You guys need looking after." said Brock disappointed.

"We can look after ourselves." replied Forrest then as if on cue their parents returned home.

"Hey guys how was the trip?" asked Brock.

"It was wonderful. And it's all thanks to your lovely father." answered Lola before giving Flint a quick kiss.

"Well I've got dinner almost done so I hope you hungry." said Brock.

"Sounds great." replied Flint, "So anything interesting happen while we we're away?"

"I faced a few trainer: won some lost some. And Brock got invited to a party." answered Forrest making Brock deadpan.

"With who?" asked Lola.

"Ash, Misty and probably a few other people." answered Brock.

"I hope you have fun." said Flint, "We'll take care of things here."

"I'm sure I will." said Brock now smiling and happy to be able to attend. He made a mental note to begin preparing to go tomorrow as she slid the carrots into the pot.

In her home Suzanne Laurent, who commonly went by Suzy, had just finished a romantic dinner with her boyfriend Zane Gold.

"Honey, remember we have a class on breeding tomorrow." said Suzy as she made sure she had everything she would need. Suzy and Zane held a class on Pokemon breeding for aspiring young trainers that attracted people from ever region of the Pokemon world.

"I remember." said Zane as he went through the mail who then called out, "We got a letter from Ash and Misty."

"What's it say?" as she entered the bathroom to shower before bed.

"They're inviting us to a house party." called Zane as Suzy undressed.

"Are we free that day?" asked Suzy.

"We are." answered Zane pulling out his smartphone and checked his calender.

"Great! We can close up and go to the party." said Suzy happily as she turned on the shower and jumped in after a minute letting the water run down her supermodel like body. While Zane began to prepare.

Tracey Sketchit, the lonely Pokemon watcher, was lying on a grass field. While nice and willing to do anything a girl asked him (he constantly cursed his inability to say no to girls) but was seen as just a friend not a romantic interest. Tracey watched while other people he knew dated while he spent night alone with his drawings and Pokemon but no girls.

"God I need a date." sighed Tracey who then noticed a Delibird flying towards him. Tracey quickly pulled out his sketch pad but before he can the Delibird hands him a letter then extends his right hand. Tracey shakes his hand but Delibird withdraws and slaps Tracey at which time Tracey realizes Delibird wants its payment. Tracey pulled some money out of his pocket to pay Delibird at which time the Pokemon took off. Tracey watches Delibird leave before opening the letter.

"Dear Tracey,

Hey man! Me and Misty are now a couple and since we have the house to ourselves while my mom is away we decided to throw a house party and your invited! Feel free to bring your Pokemon we're just going to let them play outside while we hang out inside. Hope you can make it and no need to RSVP just bring your ass to my place Saturday night.

Signed your friends,

Ash & Misty"

"Cool!" shouted Tracey realizing this could be his chance. Tracey grabbed the Pokeball of his friend Marill.

"Hey Marill Ash and Misty invited us to a party! This could be our chance to get dates!" said Tracey excited.

"Awesome!" replied Marill just as happy.

Tracey got up and after returning Marill headed for Pallet Town rejuvenated.

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