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It was a normal day in the Saffron City gym or as normal as a gym of psychics could be anyway. Down the halls a man in a ponytail wearing a surgical mask was headed to the main room of the gym. He was slightly nervous as arrived at the door.

"Ma'am it's me. A letter arrived today for you." he said as he announced his arrival. After a minute of silence the doors opened and he entered. In the middle of the gym and levitating above the ground was Sabrina and Kadabra be her side both mediating.

"Ma'am, I don't know if you hear me before but-" began the man only to be cut off.

"How long have you been under a protege her and you are asking me that?" asked the woman. Sabrina had become much less dark after her encounter with Ash and Haunter but she still had a tendency lash out when angered and being disturbed during mediation was one of the easiest ways to set her off.

"You're right I'm sorry." answered the man. He was the one who first escorted Ash and friends to Sabrina when they first arrived in Saffron City so he clearly remembered how dangerous getting on her bad side could be. He was just glad that doll was gone.

"Anyway I already know about the party. I'm probably not going to go." said the trainer.

"Why not?" asked Kadabra who, thanks to the telekinetic bond it shared with its trainer, knew part of Sabrina did want to go. Though more approachable now, Sabrina still often kept to herself usually only associating with her fellow psychic trainers, Misty and Erika.

"I don't feel like it." replied the psychic trainer obviously wanting to change the subject but her Pokemon wouldn't let her.

"You've been like this ever since I was an Abra. You need to approach people." said the Pokemon.

"I do as I feel comfortable." countered Sabrina.

"Come on." came a familiar voice as Haunter appeared before the two, "I agree with my fellow Pokemon on this you let to let loose and have fun!"

"How long have you been watching us?" asked Sabrina not to pleased with this new arrival.

"That's not important. You need to get out more. You spend way too much time and your psychic training and the occult." answered Haunter.

"I am going to go if I don't want to." said Sabrina in a stern voice but that didn't deter Haunter for a second.

"Do I have to do that again?" asked Haunter mischievously.

"Haunter." said the trainer in a stern voice but the ghost-type didn't listen instead it pulled a bomb out of its mouth that exploded blowing its face off. Sabrina could never resist that from the moment Ash brought Haunter to battle Sabrina and the trainer began cracking up.

"So will you go or do I have to do it again?" asked Sabrina.

"You wouldn't." replied Sabrina laughing but Haunter did almost a dozen times before Sabrina finally caved, "Okay. I'll go."

"That's what I like to hear!" said Haunter as Sabrina regained her composer.

"Inform Ash that I'll go and congratulate him on dating Misty. Also, if you tell anybody what happened I'll disembowel you with my powers." ordered Sabrina and the man left to do just that making sure not to utter a word, "I don't know why I always fall for that."

"Me either." added Kadabra as Haunter laughed.

In Celadon City an exhausted gym leader was lying down on the bleachers of her gym's battlefield. Erika worked non-stop with managing the perfume shop, helping the young trainers, taking care of all the grass-type Pokemon, keeping the gym in top condition to comply with the strict guidelines put forward by the Pokemon Inspection League, and of course battle any trainer that challenged her which lately had doubled in amount. The nature-loving princess had no time to rest and was showing the effects.

"Are you okay?" asked Gloom worried about it's trainer.

"I'm fine Gloom. I just need to rest but thank you for the concern." answered Erika who had just had her third battle today and the first one she lost. She knew her Pokemon were as worn out as she was.

"You need a break." said Weepinbell hoping over to its trainer.

"I can't I have so much to do it's impossible." replied Erika.

"Your Pokemon are right." came a female voice causing Erika to look up and see several of her female employees standing in front of her.

"Even if it's only a short one you do need a vacation." agreed another.

"I can't just up and leave I have to many responsibilities here." replied Erika.

"We can close the shop and gym for a few days." said the first girl.

"As long as it's not for too long then we'd have to tell the Pokemon League but we can do that and give everyone a break." added the second girl.

"We'd lose too much money at the shop and the trainers here need me Plus I have my duty to hand out badges." countered Erika who otherwise would have taken a vacation a while ago.

"Sales at the shop are so high up we'll be fine even if we just shorten hours, the trainers would understand because you are human, and you can take time off." replied the first girl who added concerned, "It's not healthy to work yourself ragged like this."

"Ma'am you got a letter." said a third girl, a young blonde, as she entered the room.

"Who is it from?" asked Erika.

"Ash Ketchum." answered the blonde handing Erika the letter which she opened and read it.

"Ash ans Misty are dating and they've invited me to a house party." said Erika.

"That's just the break you need." said the first girl who could still remember slamming that red cross on Ash's face when he first tried to enter the gym after insulting their perfume. Though she had to admit he looked cute in drag.

Erika looked at everyone around her who she knew truly cared about her well-being and a smile came a cross her tired face.

"Close the store an hour earlier and two if you need two, and tell the local trainer and the Pokemon League that I'm on much need R&R." said the grass-type trainer causing everyone to smile happily.

"I'll get right one it ma'am." said the first girl who left with the others she had come in with.

"And I'll RSVP for you." said the blonde as she left.

"I'm glad you're doing this." said Gloom smiling.

"Me too, Gloom." said it's trainer.

In a small house near the Xanadu Nursery Florinda Showers and her lover Potter were finishing dinner.

"The poinsettias should arrive tomorrow and as soon as they arrive I'll move them into the greenhouse." said Potter before taking another bit of food.

"Just don't work too much dear." laughed Florinda. Ever since she and Potter had started dating her confidence had increased.

"Well I have to transplant the chrysanthemums, comb through all the plants for dead leaves and food, wash the sooty mold off the birds of paradise plants, fix the broken irrigation table." replied Potter, "And besides I'll be alone for a while after our little joy enters the world."

"You have a point there." said Florinda rubbing her stomach. She was six months pregnant with her first child.

"Have any names picked out?" asked Potter.

"You're the father so you have a say too. I won't think of any names since until I found the sex." answered Florinda causing Potter to pull out an envelope.

"I present the ultrasound." said Potter with a smile on his face.

"Let me see!" cried Florinda grabbing the envelope and ripping it open.

"Her hormones are in over-drive." thought Potter to himself.

"It's a girl!" cried out Florinda in ecstasy.

"Then how about we name her after a flower?" asked Potter.

"That's a great idea!" declared Florinda, "Why don't you come up with the name?"

Potter thought for a minute before coming up with an idea.

"What about Petunia?" he asked.

"I love it!" cried Florinda happily as she tightly hugged Potter, "It's a beautiful name. I love you Potter."

"I'm glad." said Potter escaping the Pinsir like vice-grip of his lover to check the mail, "Hey we got a letter from Ash."

"I haven't talked to him in ages." said Florinda now acting more like herself, "What's it say?"

"He and Misty are finally together and they've invited us to a house party." answered Potter walking over to his love.

"That will be so nice. We can see Ash and his friends again not mention meet new people." said Florinda.

"What about the greenhouse?" asked Potter.

"Oh yeah but I'm sure it won't be all day." answered Florinda.

"I'll let Ash know we'll be going." said Potter happy about day off but still worried things might fall behind.

"I love you Potter." said Florinda.

"Me too." replied the man before kissing his love.

In a large home in Crimson City the city's most well-known trainer, Jeanette Fisher, was training with her Pokemon. Currently it was Scyther against Beedrill in a sparring match while Bellsprout, stood by her side.

"Here I come!" declared Scyther using slash but Beedrill used its stingers to block the blade-like forearms of its teammate.

"Is that the best you got?" asked Beedrill who then charged at Scyther with the stinger on its thorax while Scyther tried to avoid being stung.

"Those two are evenly matched." noted Bellsprout.

"They are." agreed Jeanette as Scyther used double team and began to fly around in a circle.

"Sting me if you can." taunted Scyther.

"This might be it." said Bellsprout.

"Not yet." replied its trainer.

As Scyther and it's doppelgangers charged at Beedrill from in front of it and it's sides the bee-like Pokemon flew straight up to the ceiling. When the trio of Scyther charged after it Beedrill aimed it's two stingers which turned white and opening fire on the Scyther.

"When did Beedrill learn pin missile?" asked Bellsprout.

"Just recently." answered Jeanette smiling.

The pin missiles eliminated the two copies and knocked the original Scyther to the ground. Beedrill then kamikaze bombed Scyther sticking out the large stinger on its thorax to finish the battle.

"That's enough!" called out Jeanette causing Beedrill to stop mid-attack, "You two have fought amazingly. Let's end this and you can rest."

"Okay." replied Beedrill and Scyther who then headed off for a break.

"You won this time but next time I'll be victorious." said Scyther.

"Keep dreaming." replied Beedrill both used to friendly trash talk from the other during sparring matches.

"Those two never quit." laughed Bellsprout as the two Pokemon headed outside.

"They enjoy battling. Being very competitive is in their nature." said Jeanette, "Besides you like a good battle just as much as them."

"True but I turn it off after the match." replied Bellsprout causing Jeanette to giggle.

Jeanette Fisher was no stranger to battling or popularity. She once had her own cheering squad and made red-carpet entrances at the Indigo Plateau Conference which she had won after eight amazing battles. Riding this wave of momentum it was no surprise Jeanette won her first two battles easy. Her fist real battle came in the third round against Giselle in the water field. It was really hyped, arguably two of the best female trainers in the tournament, going at it, at it lived up to the hype. It began with Jeanette's Ivysaur beating Giselle's Poliwhirl then Giselle's Cloyster defeating Ivysaur. Jeanette's Venomoth defeated Cloyster but took heavy damage and was easily defeated by Giselle's Marowak who lad been leading her team so far. Jeanette then called out Tangela who managed to defeat Marowak securing the victory. The entire battle was back and forth and easily could have gone either way. It's still being called the battle that stole the show.

Then Jeanette had her last qualifying match against Ash which made her glad she rested her other three Pokemon. Beedrill and Scyther fell to Ash's Bulbasaur and Jeanette was uncertain if she could win Bellsprout did the job defeating Bulbasaur and Pikachu before it lost to Muk. Jeanette was still proud of her Pokemon and carried out Bellsprout. After that Jeanette went back to basics disbanding her cheering squad and training with her Pokemon for long hours on end. It worked and she has gotten even better since then.

"I have to challenge Ash to a rematch." said Jeanette as Bellsprout returned with the mail handing it to the trainer.

"Hey we got a letter from Ash." said Jeanette opening the letter and reading it, "He and his girlfriend have invited us to a house party."

"That's nice of them." said Bellsprout, "Should we go?"

"Of course we'll go." answered Jeanette.

"As long as I stay away from that Muk." replied Bellsprout causing both Pokemon and trainer to laugh before Jeanette went out side. Beedrill and Scyther were napping under the warm sun both exhausted from the sparring contest while Venomoth, Tangela and Venusaur, which had been her Ivysaur and Bulbasaur before that not to mention her starting Pokemon, played tag.

"We've been invited to a party." said Jeanette and her Pokemon began to cheer before she told them the rest.

Outside the Kanto Safari Zone a blue-haired woman was straddled atop a Rapidash. Lara Laramie ran her family's ranch like clockwork She watched as her Growlithe herded a group of Tauros down below. Over in the field a group of Rhyhorn grazing nearby while nearby a group of Raticate were playing with a group of both Nidorino and Nidorina.

"Everything is running smoothly." said Lara before sighing.

Lara loved her Pokemon but admittedly nights on the ranch where boring. Sure people came around all the time but they were interested in the top quality Pokemon at the ranch. She even would have liked for Dario to be around and that was saying something.

Dario did improve somewhat after Ash defeated him in the race and began working at the ranch even starting a romantic relationship with Lara. But Dario was fired when it was found he was stealing money and after trying to defend him Lara found out he was cheating on her which ended that. Lara hadn't seen Dario since then but the police did. After multiple times in and out of prison Dario was sentenced to ten years in prison two years ago and with no parole due to his repeat record. Lara did know the details but she did know it involved Team Magma and a cigarette loaded with cocaine. Lara did feel bad for Dario hoping he could turn his life around.

"You need to get out more." said Rapidash. Rapidash had been at Lara's side ever since it was a baby Ponyta and only let few people beside Lara near her. Much like most trainers these two shared a special bond.

"The ranch needs me." said Lara.

"I know you're lonely out her at times. You need more people in your life." replied Rapidash.

"So they can hurt me too?" asked Lara with pain in her voice. She had never been able to fully recover after being betrayed by Dario's betrayal especially with their anniversary so close.

"I know what Dario did was awful but not everybody is like that." answered Rapidash, "I'm sure you remember Ash Ketchum."

"True. Ash and his friends were very nice and helped keep Dario from winning the race after he cheated." said Lara before adding sadly, "I wish I had just stayed away from him after.

"You should visit Ash. That'll cheer you up." said Rapidash.

"You're right." replied Lara, "You've always been there for me Rapidash. I love you."

"Same to you." said the Pokemon then trainer and Pokemon rode back to Lara's home.

"Let me check the mail." said Lara halting Rapidash and grabbing the mail, "Well I don't know if you would call this luck or fate but I got a letter from Ash."

"What does it say?" asked Rapidash as Lara read the letter.

"Ash and Misty are dating and they're throwing a house party." answered Lara.

"Are you going?" asked Rapidash.

"Off course and you can come too." answered Lara who went inside to get ready now in a much chipper mood.

At a circus in the outskirts of Kanto a ringmaster was preparing for the next performance.

"It's almost show time." said Stella eagerly.

Stella and her traveling circus were in Celadon City tonight performing there act and like the other two shows that day this one was sold out. Ever since Stella toned down her training methods their show had taken off and they were selling out shows. They had just been to Unova and Sinnoh. They were in Kanto for their first appearance their in three years after making stops in both Hoenn and Johto with a few stops in the Orange Archipelago.

"It'll be another great show like always." said Mr. Mime.

"Yeah." replied Stella. Her and Mr. Mime were on great terms now thanks to Stella toning down her training and were now beast friends.

"I can't believe we have been in Kanto for three years." said Mr. Mime.

"And for four years before that." added Stella.

"Yeah. It was the last time we saw Ash." replied Mr. Mime.

Neither Stella or Mr. Mime could ever thank Ash enough for helping them both. If it hadn't been for him and his friends they circus would have been ruined but more importantly the friendship of Mr. Mime and Stella would have been ruined too.

"We have to visit him." said the Pokemon.

"Agreed." said Stella and the two went out for the show.

The show went off without a hitch and after Stella and Mr. Mime went back to her dressing room. They both shock hands and signed autographs. When they returned they found fan letters which Stella read and wrote thank you letters to then she found a different letter.

"Hey Mr. Mime we got a letter from Ash." said Stella.

"Speak of the devil." laughed Mr. Mime, "What's it say?"

"He and Misty are dating and they invited us to a house party." answered Stella, "We should be near Pewter City that day so we'll be able to make it."

"Great." replied Mr. Mime

In a small house in Lavender Town a woman and her Raichu were enjoying downtime. Katrina was trying to figure out where to go from here. She began as an aspiring trainer and even landed a role in a movie, "Pokemon in Love" though her scenes were cut out Raichu was still in it and it got to work behind the set making a thunderstorm with Pikachu. Every since then she has had a decent career winning small tournaments and badges but never winning a League Championship but coming close on several occasions. That inability to capture the brass ring did irk her but it drove her just as much.

"We'll win next time for sure." said Katrina who was enjoying a five-minute break. Her and her Pokemon were preparing for a tournament in another region soon.

"For sure." agreed Raichu as the mail carrier reached their house.

"Morning Katrina." greeted the woman, "Training again are we?"

"Of course. There's another tournament soon and I'm taking part." answered Katrina.

"Great and I wish you my best." replied the mail carrier, "I got a letter her from Pallet Town."

"It must be from Ash." said Katrina as she opened the letter and read it, "He and Misty invited us to a house party."

"Are you sure we can go with our training?" asked Raichu.

"A little break can't hurt besides we can battle people on the way." answered Katrina.

"I just hope you're making the right decision." said Raichu.

"I know I am." replied Katrina though not so certain herself.

In Viridian City, Jessie and James were enjoying their food. Both had ordered pasta linguine and they were enjoying it while sitting outside at a table enjoying the sunny day.

"I told you this place has the best pasta in Kanto." said James shoving a mouth load of pasta in his mouth.

"I'll admit you were right about that." agreed Jessie.

"Yeah but we got to catch more Pokemon. We can't let this recent momentum die out." said Meowth appearing next to the duo.

"I thought we told you to get lost you furry fleabag." said James angered by the appearance of the team's third member.

"If you didn't learn last time then you're learn now." said Jessie with the same tone as James but both were the victim's of fury swipes.

"If yous two would listen for a minute then you'd realize I'm right. We can't lose this momentum." said Meowth.

"Meowth does have a point." said Jessie.

"Okay but what should we do?" asked James.

"We'll catch that twerp's Pikachu." answered Jessie.

"But we don't know where he is." pointed out Meowth as a familiar voice was heard by the trio approaching.

"Remind me why we had to come to Viridian City again." said Ash causing all three members of Team Rocket to duck as Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togetic walked by the trio.

"Because Viridian City has more choices than Pallet Town." said Misty.

"Geez you make Pallet Town sound like a backwash." replied Ash.

"It's not like that. But Pallet Town is a quaint hamlet so it doesn't have as many things as a big city." said Misty.

"That's not any better." said Ash.

"Listen I'm not running down Pallet Town just pointing out a fact! Besides all our friends and their Pokemon will be at our party so we need a lot! Now cram it and let's go." snapped Misty.

"Fiery as always. That's why I love you." replied Ash causing Misty to blush.

"You're lucky I love you two." replied Misty as she walked off with Ash behind her.

"I knew those two would get together. You own me twenty bucks Meowth." said James.

"Yeah. Yeah." replied Meowth.

"Forget that. The twerps are holding a party and they said they will be more people and Pokemon." said Jessie.

"We'll crash the party and steal the Pokemon." said James eagerly finishing her train of though.

"Now yous two are using your heads." said Meowth as the trio laughed now ready to conduct their devious plain.

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