Pain of Betrayal

At the age of one Harry James Potter lost both of his parents and was placed on the door step of his aunt's house. His aunt had been forced to care for him but on his sixth birthday she had decided that he could now look after himself. His family had always acted differently around him, his Aunt Petunia had forced him to start cooking their food meals at the tender age of seven and if there was a mistake in the food, then she would take Harry's hand and hold it on the stove burner.

Harry's cousin Dudley loved to beat him up or blame him for things that he hadn't done. Harry endured all of these things as best as he could but it was his Uncle Vernon that he truly feared.

The older man was even crueler to him than the other two. If things weren't done the way he'd want them or weren't done on time the man would whip him with a belt and was then forced to stay in his cupboard the rest of the day with nothing to relieve him of his pain.

When Harry first started to display signs of magic everything he had was taken away from him which wasn't much. First his blanket and the cot that he slept with were taken away, forcing him to sleep on the cold hard floor of his cupboard.

And then what little food he was allowed to eat was also taken way, and before was allowed to go to bed he was whipped and placed in his room.

On Harry's eleventh birthday he had received his letter for Hogwarts and things got even more worse at home. His uncle stopped using the belt replacing it with a whip.

Harry, now 15 was counting down the minutes until his 16th birthday hoping that this year he would be left alone. Harry looked at the clock next to his bed, which he had been given to him when he had started school, and it read 11:55.

'Five more minutes' He thought still counting with it. '4, 3, 2, 1," As Harry thought zero and the clock showed 12:00 pain unlike any other he had ever had before surged through him causing him to almost cry out but he bit his lip in time.

Severus Snape Death Eater turned spy was sitting with his lover reading when a flash of pain surged through him.

"Did you feel that Lucius?"

"Yes, it must be our mate. He or she is going through their inheritance," Severus nodded knowing that Lucius was right as that was the only thing it could be.

The two wizards had both come into their inheritance at sixteen. Severus had become a vampire just as his mother had. Lucius had become a Veela which was shocking because neither of his parents had come into their inheritance. Severus believed Lucius had changed because he was stronger than both of his parents.

"What will we do now Severus?" Lucius asked, sitting up and looking at the vampire beside him.

"We will have to wait until the start of a new year. I have already convinced Dumbledore to allow you to teach here which will make it easier to find our mate." Lucius sighed not really wanting to wait but knowing he had to be patient because he had no idea where to start looking.


As the last of Harry's pain fled from his now sore body he heard a soft taping on his window. Groaning softy he got up off his bed and allowed the owl entrance.

Mr. H. Potter,

Second Bedroom,

#4 Privet Drive,

Little Whinging,


Harry paid the owl before turning from the window and opening the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,

This letter contains a small black ball that was to be given to you when you entered Hogwarts but your Headmaster thought it best not to over whelm you. All you have to do is kiss the ball and throw it on the floor and it will do the rest.


Gringotts Wizarding Bank,

Diagon Alley,

London, England

Harry sat the letter on his bed side table before he pulled out the small black ball the goblin had mentioned. Bringing it to his lips he kissed it softly throwing it on the floor. Fog filled the room only to take shape into a woman, who Harry knew.

"Mother?" Harry whispered in shock but the fog did not answer.

"Hello my Harry. If you are seeing this, then I am no longer with you. You are now eleven and on your way to Hogwarts. I think you will love it there so don't be afraid to go. The main reason I am leaving this is because when you turn sixteen, you will come into your creature inheritance. I am sorry to say that during the change you will be in a great amount of pain. You my son are what is called a shape shifter nymph. Your father was the shape shifter and I was a nymph, you are also a pureblood just so you know, but not many people know I was adopted by a muggle family and I let them think what they wanted to. I should also tell you that you will more than likely have two mates; just as your father and I would have had if he had not rejected us. There are just two more things I must say before I run out of time. First you should probably look in a mirror after your change because your appearance would have changed. The last my son is that I love you very much never forget that."

The fog dissipated leaving Harry alone once again tears falling from his eyes spilling over his cheeks. Dumbledore had kept this from him. Why? Harry felt so angry and hurt. Slowly Harry stood up and moved over to his closet were he kept a full length mirror. He opened the door and gasped at his reflection.

Harry could tell that he had grown about three inches, his short black hair was now shoulder length, and his eyes were bright emerald behind his glasses. Harry reached up and removed the glasses and was surprised. He could see and that confused Harry; placing his glasses back on he could still see just the same as when the glasses were off. Harry decided then that he would have to research shape shifters and nymphs when he return to Hogwarts. For now, though he would keep his glasses on and cut his hair. Closing his closet door, he moved over to where he had a loose floor board. Pulling it up Harry pulled out the scissors he kept hidden there with his wand and some of his school supplies. He once again moved over to his closet opening and looking in the mirror again. Quickly but efficiently he cut his long black hair. Satisfied Harry decided to get dressed because his family would be up soon ordering him to cook their breakfast for them.

Harry heard heavy footsteps approaching his door knowing instantly that it wasn't just his uncle that was up. The sound of his door unlocking echoed through the small space and as the door opened all three Dursley's entered.

"Here is a list of chores you are to have completed before we return home. Today we have been invited over to spend the day with one of my business colleagues," the warning was clear.

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry replied keeping his voice submissive. Vernon turned and walked away followed by his wife and son. Once they were gone Harry opened his list.

Clean Kitchen

Clean Living Room

Clean all Hall ways

Clean Bathroom

Paint Fence and Garage

Mow the Lawn

Water Petunia's Flower Garden

"Figures," Harry sighed out loud.

Harry quickly made his way over to the bathroom that was on this floor since it was closest to him. Once he was satisfied his he is word he moved on from there and cleaned throughout the house. By twelve o'clock Harry had only finished the bathroom, the hall ways and the kitchen when he heard the Dursley's car pulling into the driveway.

Harry heard the front door open and the rustle of people moving around in the living room.

"BOY!" His uncle yelled. Harry sighed and moved through the kitchen door into the hallway.

"Yes," Harry said meekly.

"Go up to your room and remove your shirt. I will teach you not to disobey me," Harry nodded and walked up the stairs knowing nothing he said would stop his uncle from punishing him.

Taking off his shirt he laid on his bed waiting for his uncle. Harry heard his heavy footsteps ascending the stairs. His body tensed and he shut his eyes tight.

"Now you will receive 10 strikes for every chore you did not complete," Vernon said. Harry could hear the glee his uncle was feeling, through his voice. "Count!" Vernon ordered and brought down the whip and Harry cried out the first of many numbers he would cry out tonight.


Lucius sat reading in the study that he and Severus shared, when sever pain surged through his body causing him to let go of the book he held and grip the chair trying not to cry out. Slowly pushing the pain away, he stood to go find Severus.

"Lucius you felt it too?" Severus said looking up from his ruined potion.

"Yes I thought it might have been you, but seems like it is our other mate that is in pain," Severus nodded banishing the contents of his potion. "It feels wrong not being able to stop what is causing them such pain."

"I know but there is nothing we can do. There is no way to know where our mate is and it would be pointless to try and find him or her." Lucius sighed and pulled Severus into his arms. Just as another lash of pain shot threw them both and they knew they would not be able to sleep very well this night.


"50," Harry cried out as tears fell from his eyes. He could feel something run down his sides and knew than that he had to be bleeding.

"Get your shirt on go fix lunch," Vernon demanded before walking out of the room. Harry lay on his bed for a few minutes before trying to move. When he did he had to bite his lip as more pain flashed through his body. He grabbed his shirt slowly pulling it over his head wincing when the material stuck to his back. Harry walked out of his room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. Moving to the refrigerator he pulled out food for lunch and got to work.

Harry walked into his room after he was dismissed once the dishes where done. Exhausted fell on his bed stomach down thinking he only had two more days of the before he would be free of his family.



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