Hundreds of people crowded into the enclosed space, trying to make their way through the forever growing crowd. It was hot and humid, making the temperature unbearable. Bodies brushing up against each other, mindless and incoherent babble ensuing. These tortured souls, having no clue about the truth of what they are to be in the future.

Damn ignorance is bliss.

A teenage girl around 15 or 16 said to herself. She looked over at the crowd and after scanning it she shook her head in distaste.

"Hmpf. Mindless slaves and they don't even know."

She blew an unruly strand of out of her face, but it immediately fell back in place. There were certain times when she wanted to be like them, be ONE of them. To be touchable. But that had been unsuccessful at those times.

She let out a sigh and switched her gaze to her own personal Hell: herself. Rogue wanted to get this torture over with. All of it. But sadly, she couldn't deny who she was, who she IS.

"I hate my damn much."

Rogue soon found herself in an endless sea of mindless cattle. With every step she was dying to leave, get away. She pushed her way through; determined to not let this Hell get the best of her.

As she made her way through, she heard the whispers.

"...I hear she's a witch."

"...her? Naw...just anot...Goth Bitch..."

"I mean d...look at her....freak."

She closed her eyes momentarily to compose herself. This wasn't new to her, she was always the outcast and it made her mad, sometimes. After awhile she kind of liked it, needed it to survive.

She put on her scowl and walked on past them, the normal people, the humans. Those damned people made her sick. Wanting so much to be like the popular, deceiving friends, turning their backs on them, and for what? A fucking patt on the back? 'You officially are my unpopular lackey'?

It sickened her because she knew she was one of them. She stopped and leaned against the wall near her station. Her brow creased in thought as she began to recount what she had done...


It was after the canyon and she had just saved Scott. There she was, flying in the blackbird, getting cozy with Logan. They had gotten back to the mansion and she was assigned to her room, were she was to shack with Kitty.

"Well, like, welcome home Rogue!"

The younger girl jumped up and down on Rogue's new bed. She looked at Kitty with a look of: 'Dear God in Hell, what did ah get mah self into....'.

"My stuff is your stuff okay? This going to be like, SO fun."

Rogue regarded her with a look of sheer horror.

"Ah am NOT staying with this hyper midget. Soh'ry but yur to...happy..for me."

Kitty giggled and leapt off her bed.

"Don't worry, you'll like staying here."


The gruff older man behind them cleared his throat.

"Alright kiddo, you've got your room, now we have to get your things."

Rouge looked up at Logan with wide eyes.

"Ah cant go back there!"

Logan looked at her and grinned.

"We'll just have to see about that now wont we?"


*At the Brotherhood house*

The guys were at the table playing poker when she walked through the door. They acknowledged her with a grunt and went about their business. Rogue had told Logan to stay outside, which he did. She went to her room and gathered her belongings. As she stuffed her things into the black duffel bag in record time, she stopped when she heard a creak.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Her green eyes dilated when she recognized the voice. She was caught.

"Ah'm packin mah stuff, what does it look like?"

Rogue's retort seemed to satisfy him for the moment. That moment. After about 3 seconds he started up again.

"So where's 'The Rogue' going to now? I don't care, as long as you don't get me into trouble. Oh yeah, I wouldn't be gone too long though, you know how angry Mystique gets."

Her eyes narrowed after he said Mystique's name and when he noticed this, he became genuinely afraid. Her eyes held a look of evil in them, more evil than Mystique and Magneto...COMBINED. He chocked.

"OhRougeImsosorryIguessyoudontwanttobebothered. Imreallysorry,forgiveme?"

Her gaze softened and she shook her head. They smiled and Pietro started to make his way to his room until Rogue's watch went off.


With lightning quick speed, Pietro was at her side, examining her arm. After playing with it he placed her hand on his lap and intertwined his fingers with hers. They sat there for a moment, neither moving, Rogue forgetting that Logan was outside. Her watch beeped again for about the fifth time.


Pietro's eye was twitching and he was getting agitated with the thing.

"Uh, nothin. Ah found it like this. Its not stolen or anything."

"Riiiight,likeIcareyoustoleit. InawayImproud..."

Pietro tapped his finger against his chin as if he were really thinking. Rogue smiled. She started to pull her wrist away but something caught Pietro's eye. He grabbed her wrist and turned it over. In the leather he could see the name Rogue with a big X in the back of it. His eyes shot up at her.

"You've gotta be kidding me."

Rogue was not startled by his statement, but more of how he said it. He was speaking normal, which meant he was no longer in the mood to joke. He stood up, pulling her up with him.

"What the hell is this?!!"

Expressions of anger, hurt and shock ran over his face. Rogue jerked her hand away and grabbed the bag. Pietro eyed where she was heading and got there before she did.

"You cant join the X-geeks! They wont be a family to you like we are! Sure we're dysfunctional, But hey, I say it works for us."

Rogue felt like crying, the water swelled up in her eyes. That damned word, 'family'. She sobbed and he held her to him. He whispered into her hair.

"You cant leave us, not here alone, we need you. We are a family, Im your very handsome brother, Toad is your incredibly ugly brother, Lance is your 'too-damn-old to be here' brother and Fred is your fat but lovable brother. See? Family. You cant desert us."

He placed a finger under her chin to lift her head up, Rogue's hair stopped her from absorbing him.

"And you are the 'bitchy-I hate the world-wonderful-smart-evil-second hottest next to Pietro' sister."

They both laughed and stared at each others eyes.

"And Magneto will be the dad and Mystique the mother."

There could be no words that described the look on her face at that moment. She slapped Pietro across the face.

"Don't ever mention hur name to mae eva again!"

Rogue returned her attention to the window. Damn. Pietro sure knew how to fuck up a moment like this. Everything happened so fast. Pietro was on the bed, his hand to his face, looking as if her were going to cry. He looked at her. She had one leg over the frame and was starting with the other. She looked up and saw the forming tears and her heart broke right then and there.

"Pietro...Im sor-"

"Why the hell are you half hanging out the window, yo?"

Toad hopped into the room and noticed how empty it was. He stopped and looked at Pietro's retreating figure. He had gotten off the bed to leave. When he got to the door frame he stopped and looked back.

"If this is what you want, im not stopping you Rogue."

Without a look in her direction, he left and slammed his door. Before Todd could do anything else, Rogue slipped out the window and ran to the motorcycle where Logan was waiting.


He nodded his head and put her things in the back. Rogue stared up at the house and was about to get on, but she saw a light turn on in window. It was Pietro's room. She gazed at it and sighed. Logan noticed and grunted.

"Its his decision to stay here, not yours."

She nodded her head in silent agreement. Right before she get on, his head popped out of the window. He gave her a sad smirk and threw something from the window. He then closed the window and his light went out. Rogue caught it easily and ran her thumb over it. Without looking up she told Logan that she was finally ready. He motioned for her to get on the bike and she did. As they rode off, a single tear flew from her face and landed on the pavement.

"Good-bye...mah family."

*End Flashback*

Rogue felt around in her pocket until she found what he had given her. It was a picture of the whole Brotherhood posing funny gestures. Lance was drinking a beer and winking, Pietro had a comb in one hand, a mirror in the other, Fred was eating as usual and Toad used some slime to slick back his hair to look handsome. And there she was, in the middle, posing suggestively. She had her hand on her hip that was sticking out. She had her other hand fluffing up her hair, and her lips were pouted out. She smiled a little. That was the only thing that made her truly happy. She pocketed it and headed to her 'home'.

After some walking, she could see her temporary relief. The exit was right there. She inwardly smiled and reached out her hand.

Almost there...

She was almost there but was denied her desire.


A hand tugged her back. She just missed her freedom.

"Ohh, Rogue guess what happened! You see, Jenny was like, Alvers likes me, maybe loves me, but he doesn't actually like, want to say it. Oh, what should I do?..."

She babbled on and on. Torture to the fullest.

Damn teenie boppers

She looked at the door.


"...And so I like, asked around and everyone was like yeah. Isnt that great?! AND I heard he was going to ask me out! This is great, uh, hello! This is GREAT!! Earth to Rogue!"

Her personal Harpy nudged her and she slowly snapped out of her thoughts.

"uh yeah, great."

Kitty gave her a questioning look as her prey made her way to the door.

"Um Rouge, are you like, alright?"

Rogue turned on the fakest smile she could muster.

"Yeah, Ah'm fine Kitty."

Rogue made her way out the door before the Freshman could breathe another word. She made her way to the parking lot. She didn't want a ride today, she just wanted to sulk today. She walked slowly down the sidewalk. It was Friday and she had all the time in the world. A blur of color passed by her, making her drop her books.


She knelt down to gather her things and saw a familiar shadow blocking the light. She breathed in his scent.

Oh Gawd no..

"Sorry 'bout that. Looks like you need some help here. Sister."

She looked up at him as he smiled at her sickeningly sweet.

"I hate mah life..."


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