It had been five months. Five long, beautiful and blissful months. In all honestly she felt as if she had died and awakened in heaven. There was no more angst. Her life was no longer some fan fiction gone horribly wrong. No more bad flashbacks or torn feelings. No more anthems that 'spoke' to what she was feeling, or exciting plot twists, just peace. All was right with the world. No. All was right with her world. And that's all that mattered.

Rogue cracked her neck and knuckles. As she thought back on her stay in the metallic dome that was now her home, feelings and observations of what had went on played out. Gambit had made himself almost painfully scarce. Never once did they cross paths. Even if they were in the same room he refused to acknowledge her presence. Later on it was discovered that he was dealing with some issues of his own and his fighting performance had become lackluster at best. It was almost as if the will to fight was sapped. That or he was being distracted by something. Part of her wanted to smirk and say 'someone' but her heart wasn't in it and in actuality she was glad. The last thing she needed was to become infatuated with another man right under her lover's nose.

Yes, lover. Her thoughts shifted to Pietro. Days on the calendar slipped by almost unnoticed by the young couple. Pranking wars had started up. Missions were assigned. Long talks with Wanda had become a regular fixture of her life. Her birthday had come and gone. Oh yes, her birthday and the birthday party. The party was sinful in so many ways. Gluttony, wrath, jealousy and greed were all rampant there. She fondly remembered looking out at the partygoers. It warmed her heart because the Brotherhood had made a special appearance, just for her. Nostalgia was thick and hazy in her mind as she sat back and took in everything. It had really given Rogue the first urge to reflect on not her past, but herself as a person. She had become more mentally sound. The fact that she was living with Magneto, a man in her opinion who was despicable and disgusting, had no effect on her at all. Rogue wasn't there for him, she was there for Pietro and herself. Magneto had kept his distance, every once and awhile giving disapproving looks to them, in the beginning. As the first month ended he regarded her with a look of acceptance and even respect. A look only given to one other woman in his life, Mystique. There was always something else there, nay, someone else there in his eyes but she couldn't pin point it.

As the first month rolled by, she saw small changes in her body begin, mentally at least. There were curves before but now the image in the mirror was breathtakingly amazing. It was the same body since day one but more beautiful somehow. Pietro had known before her revelation but really showed his interest now that they lived, slept, showered and ate in the same room. The Speed Demon himself had revealed himself to her in the time that they had been together. Rogue was growing up, her mind and hormones finally began catching up with her body. Pietro was her silver love god. He was lean, good looking, smart and sweet to boot. Rogue never noticed how her self image issues had affected her relationship with others until the night of her seventeenth birthday. In that one night he shattered all the lies and skewed images she had about herself. That night she felt so alive and knew, just knew, they belonged with each other and that she was truly a woman.

Rogue absentmindedly flicked a white lock from her face as she smiled. It had taken the better part of three months but now she smiled freely and often. A lazy sigh escaped her lips. Life was beautiful. She wiggled her nose a bit to readjust the cute Versace shades she had on. Today was her day to sunbathe in the greenhouse. The sound of birds danced playfully on the air and she moaned in sleepy pleasure.

Silver love god, so cheesy.

She didn't mind and knew that he SURELY didn't mind either. Rogue laughed but it quickly turned into an audible groan as she heard an explosion. It seems Pyro accidentally blew up one of his tanks again. Jesus, that guy had no control.

"So bad."

She chuckled and sat up as she removed her shades to look around. It may have seemed like it, but Rogue wasn't always spending her time in relaxation. In fact, this was one of her few days of no training. After the first week she had become restless at sitting and doing nothing. She had felt like some dumb trophy wife and God forbid that. There were many reasons that she decided to fight but settled on the one that made the most sense. If it were to happen that she needed to fight with Magneto OR the X-men, she would be ready. Of course, fighting with Pietro would be number one but you never know right? There was a long string of curses and she knew it to be Gambit. She couldn't help but be amused by his training antics. His fighting had become so bad in the last months and she felt sorry for the guy. Magneto would have no problem throwing him out on his rear. Rogue contemplated on whether or not to lay back down or get dressed and apply her makeup. She looked in the mirror on the table propped up beside her and looked at her reflection thoughtfully. Makeup had become less of a necessity as the time went on. Her skin was clear and had a radiant tone. She 'hmphed' in arrogant approval of herself.

"Take that Jean!"

Problems that she had with the red-head ceased almost immediately after her birthday party. Jean looked like this defiant, untamable rare force that was balanced by her preppy girl next door charm somehow. But, ROGUE, she had it better. She had an elegance and very selective breeding that only truly southern women are born with. Whether they're from Tennessee and Virginia or Alabama and Georgia, the exotic and mystic beauty from the South would always be unmatched. There's this unspoken strength and power that radiates from her and inwardly she took pride in knowing that many before her, mutant and human, had been like her. She had full lips, hips and thick thighs. Her chest was proportional and her face looked like Da Vinci had sculpted it from clay himself. And her eyes, entrancing, large and perfectly set could do anything from staring down a wild bear, to seducing the devil himself. Rogue blushed. Never would she had imagined that she would think so highly of herself before she came to live with Pietro. With that in mind, she looked to the rest of her body and what she had on. It was a string bikini in forest green. Slowly she gathered her robe and slid it on. That was enough for today. The more she thought about the past, the higher the chances she would think about her only regret. Her eyes narrowed sadly in thought.


She had left him with not so much as a goodbye or fair warning. Of course he would never had let her go, even if it meant fighting Pietro himself. She had told the Brotherhood to give him a message for her and she was relieved to hear that he had received it. He even had answered her back and gave her a few details about what was going on around the Institute. She could remember the look of genuine happiness she saw on Pietro's face as hers lit up when he delivered the received message to her. Her guilt had eased up a bit afterwards but every once and awhile it tugged at her heart. She had finally found what she needed but he was still stuck in that jumbled mess. He had to deal with the Mystique factor and even though he had found love, it was with a human and that made many complications and insecurities.

Poor Kurt.

She knew that him leaving with her wouldn't be the answer so she let it rest. She had to remember that too, no more bad fan fiction-y life.

No more, no more, no more…

"Damn girl, are you still trying to imagine me naked?"

One green eye popped open in amusement. The ends of her eyes and the outside tops of her cheeks began to meet as she laughed innocently. Pietro sniffed and shoved his hands in his pockets. His stance was loose and aloof and his gorgeous face was tilted upwards and to the side. The expresion was cocky, of course, with a touch of boyish charm.

"You know, all you have to do is ask."

Rogue walked up to him and smiled gently while running a curled forefinger up and down his chest.

"Iah know."

He chuckled at her accent. It had changed. It was no longer the dirty harsh slang type that she had used for what seemed so long ago. It was more refined and relaxed. He pulled her into his embrace and ran his hands through the ends of her hair.


"Oh God. You and your anime obsession!"

They laughed and parted as she made her way away from him. He lightly pushed and put his hands back in his pockets. Rogue walked away happily, tonight she would plan to somehow make tomorrow special. She had to be because she wanted to. And as a grown woman, no one could tell her what she could and could not do any longer.


Pietro watched her leave. Gods, so much had changed in five months. She had changed, Gambit had changed, his father had changed and even he had changed. Gone was the fast talking brat playboy, but now a mature young man with a steady girlfriend. There was no doubt he loved terrorizing his teammates and pranking, but he had grown out of some of his other ways. As much as he just knew he was the shyt, he didn't have to show it ALL the time, just a good amount of it. He smirked and looked over to the mirror on the table Rogue left behind. He silently studied his features. His face was loosing the baby fat that was still clinging on for dear life. His chin became more distinguished and his high and strong cheek bones were starting to surface. He had started his growth spurt and would be reaching six foot within months. His form was lithe and leanly muscular. The antennae he used to call hair had smoothed out a bit and laid a little bit lower on his head instead of off it. His hair was just a smidge longer, no more than 2 inches, but long enough to make him look older.

Or my age at least.

My, my, my, what nearly half a year will do to someone. It was only 4 months ago he was an arrogant and vain youth fumbling around with his younger girlfriend. He let out a scoff.

Fumbling cant even describe.

Magneto had been furious when he had found that Pietro was planning on having her actually LIVE in the same room with him. He remembered the shocked expression on his fathers face as he grinned devilishly while twirling one of her shirts around his finger. They had an argument then, back and forth, to and fro, for an hour. He knew that Rogue could hear but he didn't mind. She needed to know how he felt about her. Finally, after mindless and stereotypical teenage remarks such as, 'You don't own me!' and 'Its my life.' and of course, 'we love each other, let me make my own decisions!' Magneto gave in. With a twirl of his cape, he stormed out of the room saying the one statement that would haunt both Rogue and Pietro for a month.

"And NO SEX!"


He remembered the critical and comical look that his father gave him.

"I know you, if it be ANYONE, YOU would find a way. You are my son."

And with that the argument was over. Pietro tossed his head back and laughed. How right he was! In fact he had come up with a way to 'pleasure' Rogue but sexual desire was the least of their concerns. Neither were concerned about doing 'the deed' and he knew that this was much to Eric's relief. Of course, that didn't stop them from 'playing house'. Pyro had coined the term for he thought it was what best described what was going on. He often joked about Rogue popping out one or two 'puppies' and becoming a soccer mom, Lord knows she has the attitude for it. He often said he could imagine her cutting off people on the road and chain smoking while baking cookies. It was then that Pietro would ritually begin to beat the living daylights out of him and start a dog pile of fighting, cursing and everything else. Pietro ran a slender hand through his hair. Yes, youth, he loved being young. He loved even more being young and in love. As sappy as it sounded, he loved being tied down to one woman. Real men are the monogamous type even though its against their nature. A slight mix of sadness and anxiety passed across his face. Tomorrow was HIS birthday and he felt a little uneasiness in his stomach. Birthdays of any kind where always a mix of happiness and sadness. The truth was, he didn't really know how old he was. Mystique had told him it didn't matter and to consider himself 16 but that was two years ago. He was slightly frightened at the prospect of being 18. He knew that Lance was either 20 or about to turn 21 and he saw the responsibilities that were heaped on him. Pietro walked, talked and sometimes looked like a grown man, but he still was a boy in many ways. He had a wicked sense of style but preferred to bum it out in jeans and shirts. In an afterthought, however, he realized that it was mainly because he never had any money when his father wasn't around.

As he pondered such things, he wizzed around the base, level after level. There was nothing like using his power. He felt like God himself, or God herself as he remembered both Wanda and Rogue saying at one time or the other.


Mischief was on his mind as he zoomed into Iron Man's room where he was doing squats. Pietro remembered playing Final Fantasy and the way Qactaur's looked when they died. He snickered and ran a bit until Iron Man poised himself in a sitting like position. In a flash he used the laws of physics to tip the titan over. Iron man fell with a thud and shook his head. Pietro stood behind him while laughing spasms rocked his body.


The metal teen looked back with a slightly frustrated look on his face and Pietro put his hands up and backed out of the room. He saw the taller boy begin to plate his body and zoomed off. He could hear foreign cursing behind him as he yelled and taunted the poor guy.


He laughed at his clever antics until a 'boom' resounded overhead, causing him to run into a thick steel wall. His small body bounced off of the wall a bit with a loud smack.


Pietro had taken a liking to replacement curse words and used them a lot now. He loved shyt, shiznit, shizzle, fudge, what the ham sandwich, son of a monkey and others. Quickly he got up and thought about where the blast could've originated from. It took him literally a second to figure out it was Wanda's room. In no time he was there, skidding to a halt in front of the doorway with a silly type of confusion on his face.


His expression turned serious as he saw Rogue crouched over Wanda. He gulped at the sight of the room. Inwardly he was glad that Rogue was sleeping in his room instead of Wanda's. Her power control had been slipping for some reason and Pietro feared his fathers tampering with her mind would have some dire consequences sooner or later. But from the looks of it, it would be sooner than later. Wanda looked up at him afraid.

"I think Father's medicine is wearing off or worse, not working anymore. I'm so sorry."

He went over to the two, glancing to see if Rogue was ok. She nodded and he rubbed her back gently before returning his attention to his sister. She was sweeter and more meek than she had ever been. Even as a child. His heart was pained to see her 'drugged up' but for now this had to do. Somehow he would to get to Raven Darkholme and ask her help. Even if it meant swallowing his pride. He shushed his younger sister and hugged her a bit.

"Its okay, I'll walk you to the lab and put you to sleep so we can see what's the matter ok?"

She smiled and nodded. He looked at her strangely for a moment. Her hair was beginning to grow back and it was past her shoulders. She no longer wore her makeup and looked so young bare faced. She was only two months older than Rogue but she looked so young. Watching her was like observing someone after a lobotomy. She was meek, disoriented and confused and not herself. It didn't matter though, like with everything his father had done, this too would unravel and fall apart. He was just hoping he could gain her love now, in her weakened state. Pietro lifted her up and swung her arm around his neck. Yes, make her love you now so when she wakes up your death will be quick and merciful. He turned his head slightly and regarded Rogue.

"I'll see you in a few, ok love?"

She slowly nodded her head and he instantly caught the hint of guilt in her eyes and she shuffled out of the room. Come to think of it, Wanda would spark out after or during talks with Rogue. This would lead to some serious problems in the experiment.

So she DOESN'T know what's going on.

He would tell her within the week. She would mind a bit, but things would turn out fine. They always did. As Pietro walked out with his sister by his side, he didn't notice the blackness that overtook her eyes. They glowed with a foreboding darkness and a woman's face flashed briefly in them. Things were starting to be put in motion once again. For everything there is a season. Her eyes closed as she leaned her head against her dearest brother's shoulder. After he sat her down in the clinic and had injected her, he stayed a bit to watch her fall asleep. He tenderly brushed aside some hair in her face and kissed her forehead.

"I love you and one day I pray you'll see that."

She shifted in her sleep and he pulled a blanket over her sleeping form. Tiredly, he walked out of the room and turned off the lights. He didn't hear her murmur her revelation or see the light that emanated from her as he let the door close .

"A time to sow, a time to reap. A time to live, a time to die."

She groaned.

"Where are you, Apocalypse?"

Wanda slipped completely into unconsciousness. Five months. Five months of bliss and serenity would soon be over and everyone would have to choose a side. They had to choose the right side, or die. And somehow that fact began to cast a dark shadow over the two lovers.


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