A Family Of My Own

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In Memory of Florence Grigonis


I Love You Grandma

Chapter 7: It's Not Goodbye

"Like this?" Questioned Trunks as Gohan showed him the proper way to fix a storage capsule.

"Yup, see I told you you'd get it." Trunks smiled up at the tall half-sayian and then went back to his work. Gohan patted the boy on the head. "When you finish that come back to my office I'll find something else for you." He started to walk back.

Gohan walked past all the workers till he reached his door. He opened it and walked in. Sitting on his desk was a stack of paper work to do. He sighed. "Maybe that can wait. I think I should call Videl." He picked up the phone and dialed his fiancées seven digits.



"Hey sweetie, whatcha doin?" Gohan asked.

"Oh hey honey, I didn't know it was you. Just out with Erasa, why you ask?"

Gohan was playing with the pen on his desk. "No reason, just curious is all." He put the pen down. "I miss you." He said very lovey-dovey.

Videl giggled. "I miss you to." She thought for a moment. "Maybe if you come home early I'll have a surprise for you." She whispered very seductively.

Gohan blushed but whispered back, "I think I can convince Bulma to let me leave." The two continued on like this for about five minutes.

Finally Erasa had enough and grabbed the phone out of Videl's hand and pushed end call. "WHAT THE HELL ERASA!" Screamed Videl. "That was completely uncalled for."

Erasa was mad. "We haven't had a girls day in over a month and you spend most of it talking to Gohan, and it wasn't the cleanest conversation either." She grinned. "I never pegged Videl Satan to be the naughty girl."

Videl frowned. "He's my fiancée of course we do things like that. And I'm still nothing compared to Miss. Perv." She said as she eyed Erasa up and down.

Erasa gasped. "And you say I was uncalled for."

Videl sighed. "Sorry, can we just get back to our fun day together?"

She smiled. "Of course we can." Just then Erasa's phone rang. She pulled it out of her bag and answered it. "Hey Sharpie baby, I missed you."

Videl faced palmed. Damn it Erasa. The two walked on with the blond blabbing on to her boyfriend.

Trunks came into Gohan's office. "Hey Gohan, anything else I can do?"

Gohan just finished putting away his papers. "Sorry little buddy, I'm going home early today, so I guess you get off to." Trunks frowned. "Don't worry we will work together on something big tomorrow, I promise."

Trunks got excited again. "Cool, well see you tomorrow Gohan." He ran out the door to go play.

Gohan quickly walked out of the Capsule Corp. for two reasons. One was to avoid Vegeta, two was to get his surprise from Videl. He blushed at the thought and got really excited. He burst into the air and flew at top speed back to Satan City. He landed at the manor. Gohan ran inside and bolted threw the living room and up the stairs. He stopped half way up and turned around back to the living room. Standing in there was Videl and his father.

Goku looked at his son with a serious expression. "Hey dad. Is something wrong?" Gohan questioned.

"Something bad happened Gohan." He placed two fingers on his head. "Let's go see your mother." Gohan was confused but placed his hand on his father's shoulder, he wrapped his other arm around Videl. The three vanished.

They appeared in the Son house to see Chi-Chi sitting on the couch in tears. Goten sat there trying to comfort her, he had a look on his face like he didn't know why she was crying.

Gohan ran to his mother's side. "Mom what's the matter? What happened?"

Goku took a deep breath. "Gohan, Goten, Videl. Something tragic happened this morning." They all looked his way. "We got a phone call from one of the maids from your grandfather's castle." He took another deep breath. "He never woke up this morning. They went and checked on him but they got no response." They knew where this was going. "I'm sorry guys, he passed away."

Videl was holding back tears, she only met the giant man once or twice before but she felt she was losing a part of her family. Goten couldn't control himself he hugged his mom tight and started to cry with her. "G-g-g-gradp-p-pa." Was all he got out through sobs.

Gohan on the other hand was so calm, he stared his father in the eye to see if this was true. It was, his father would never joke about this. He continued to comfort his mother "It's ok mom, he lived a good, long life. I hope I'm lucky enough to live that long."

She sobbed and looked at her son. "Gohan." She jumped up and hugged him tight. "I love you sweetheart." She pulled Goten in for the hug to, he was still crying hysterically. "I love both of you." She then started to cry again.

Goku walked over and helped her up. "Why don't you go lie down Chi. Gohan and I will let everyone else know what happened." He turned to Videl. "Can you stay here with her." Videl nodded and led Chi-Chi back to her room.

Gohan went to his brother. "Its ok Goten. He loved you very much and you know that." He hugged Goten tight. "I'm here for you alright buddy, I always will be." Goten hugged him back and continued to cry. "Dad and I have to go. Stay here ok." He rubbed his eyes and nodded. Goku and Gohan stepped outside an flew in the air. "Where to first dad?"

Goku looked at his son. "You alright Gohan?"

Gohan smiled "I'm fine. Why?"

Goku looked at him confused then stopped in the middle of the air. He placed his hands on his sons shoulders. "Your grandfather just passed away, It's ok to be upset Gohan." He hugged Gohan. "It's ok son."

Gohan immediately pushed his father off of him. Goku was confused. "I'm fine dad, am I upset? Of course I am, but that doesn't mean I have to cry like my life is over." He flew off leaving his father behind. Goku sighed and flew after him in the direction of Kame House.

"Ox is gone." Master Roshi said as he put down his drink. "I never thought this day would come." He frowned. "How's Chi-Chi taking it?"

Goku sighed. "Pretty rough, he was very important to her. Goten took it really hard also." He looked at his former master. "It's gonna be a tough couple of days."

Krillin looked at Gohan, he walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "How you doing buddy?"

He smiled. "I'm alright."

Krillin was confused by how happy Gohan looked. He looked at Goku who just sighed again. Krillin took this as a hint to not approach it. "So when will the funeral be?" Asked Roshi who wanted to break the awkward silence.

"Probably Thursday." He got up and walked towards the door. "Krillin can you give Bulma a call to let her know, I'll give everyone the details once I can."

"Sure Goku no problem."

"Let's head back Gohan, your mother needs me." The two sayians walked out and flew back to the mountain home. It was night once they landed outside the house, they walked in and saw Goten lying on the couch with his head on Videl's lap. He was fast asleep.

"Hey sweetie." Said Gohan as he gave her a kiss. "Where's my mother?"

"She fell asleep and Goten was still hysterical but eventually tired himself out." She yawned.

Goku walked over to the couple. "You two should head home. Come by tomorrow to help your mother and me with the arrangements." Gohan hugged his dad. "What's this for?"

"Just saying bye. See you tomorrow." He let go. "I love you."

Goku smiled. "I love you too son." Gohan and Videl flew back to Satan City were Mr. Satan was waiting for them.

He hugged his new son. "Sorry for your loss Gohan" Gohan was about to ask how he knew when he answered. "Krillin called me. If you need anything just ask ok."

Gohan smiled. "Thanks Mr. Satan. But please don't give me sympathy, its unnecessary." He headed upstairs with Videl.

She started to talk as the two got ready for bed. "You sure your alright Gohan?"

"Of course I am." He said annoyed for having to answer that question again.

She sighed. "Don't lie to me Son Gohan, its ok for this to bother you. Your grandfather just died. I know I'd cry."

He got angry. "Look Videl, yes I'm upset but, like I told my dad, I don't need to cry like my life is over."

"Gohan there's nothing wrong with letting your emotions out ok, I'm here for you."

"Thank you Videl, but I'm not gonna cry."

She got angry. "Gohan its ok, please open up to me."

"I'm sick and tired of everyone telling me how I have to feel." He walked towards the window and opened it. "I'll be back later." He flew off. I need to clear my head. THE LAKE! There I can get some peace. He flew towards the lake.

Gohan landed by the lake up near his parents home. This was the place for him to go whenever he needed some peace or time to think. The waterfall added a peaceful sound in the background. Just peaceful and perfect. His father took him here the 10 days before the Cell Games when he didn't want to train. He also went fishing with his grandpa here when the Cell Games were over. "Finally its quiet." He laid down on the grass.

"What are you doing here kid?"

Gohan turned around and saw the tall Namekian standing there. "Hey Piccolo. Nothing I just wanted to go somewhere quiet." He laid back down.

Piccolo walked till he was standing next to him. "And why do you need to be somewhere quiet?" He asked.

Gohan sighed. "Grandpa died today and everyone keeps telling me to cry or asking me how I feel, I keep telling them I'm ok but they just ask again. Am I upset? Of course, but I'm not crying my life away."

"Hmm, I see." Piccolo looked at his former student. "I can tell your hurting inside Gohan, you were never good at hiding it. So here's a question for you, Why? Why hide your pain and your emotions? You've never done it before."

Gohan stood up. "When I found out today I was in shock so I didn't break down, then my mom and Goten got hysterical." He sighed. "I guess I feel obligated to stay strong for everyone else."

Piccolo turned around and walked closer to the lake. "You don't need to be strong for them. I understand you care about there emotions but your top priority should be yourself. You loved your grandfather and its sad for you to see him go. It's perfectly ok to express yourself, no one will think less of you."

Gohan started to sniffle. "I know Piccolo it's just, mom has never lived a day without my grandpa in her life. And Goten has never dealt with loss, I lost my father twice before. They need me to be there for them."

"That's true they do need you, but you also need yourself." He looked at Gohan and flashed him a slight smile. "Cry Gohan, its ok to let it out."

Gohan couldn't hold it anymore, the tears started to flow. He closed his eyes and ran to hug the Namekian. "Piccolo I miss him so much. He was such a kind man, I don't know if I can go on without him." He felt arms wrap around him as he continued to cry.

"It's ok Gohan, I'm here for you." The voice wasn't Piccolo's. He looked at the man he was hugging and saw the eyes of his father. "You always have your family to help you through this." Gohan looked behind his father and saw Piccolo standing there.

I'm always there too kid. Don't ever forget it.

I won't Piccolo. Thank you.

"I love you dad. Thank you, thank you so much." He continued to cry in his fathers arms.

Goku hugged his son tight. "I love you too son. Me, your mother, Goten, Videl. We all love you and will always be there for you."

The next two days went by until it was the day of the funeral. All the Z warriors gathered at the cemetery. It was a beautiful scene for such a tragic moment. A grave plot was dug up with a casket sitting above the hole. The casket was much larger then normal to be able to hold the large man inside. A tombstone sat behind the casket, it read…



Chairs were set up in front of the grave were the family and friends sat. In the front row was the Son family. Chi-Chi was in a black dress with a tissue in hand, she constantly brought it to her eyes to wipe away fresh tears. Goku was next to her with his arm around her, trying to help her through this.

Gohan and Videl arrived and were handed a rose from the funeral director. He walked in and the first person he saw was Bulma. "Hey there kiddo, how you holding up?" She opened her arms to embrace him.

Gohan hugged her tight. "Yeah, I'm alright. I'm just worried about mom, she has been in such bad shape this week." He looked to his mother who was being given condolences from Tien and Chiaotzu.

"She grew up without her mother. Ox was all she had as a child." Bulma put a hand on Gohan's back. "But she's got you boys and your father to help her through this. Let her grieve, she'll be ok."

"Your right Bulma. So did everyone from Capsule Corp. come?" He looked at the row she was sitting at. To his surprise he saw the fiery hair of Vegeta sitting next to his son. "Whoa, how did you get Vegeta to come?"

She smiled. "He may not be the nicest guy in the world, but he understands it's a tough time for you guys." She pulled Gohan down an whispered. "He won't admit it but he cares about you and your family."

Gohan smiled. "Well I gotta go see everyone." The couple started to walk off. "Oh and Bulma." She looked back at him. "Thanks."

Gohan continued to walk and was given condolences from all of his friends. Roshi, Krillin, 18, Dende, Yamcha, Tien, everyone came by and gave him a hug. Even his mentor Piccolo was there, he gave Gohan his apologies as well.

Gohan finally got up to his parents. "Hey dad, mom."

They looked up at him. "Oh Gohan." His mother jumped up and gave him a big hug. She wouldn't let go until Goku pulled her off.

Goku looked at Gohan and smiled. "You feeling ok Gohan?"

Gohan and Videl sat down, Gohan in between his father and brother. "I'm alright." He placed a hand on Goten's head. "You alright buddy?"

Goten rubbed his eyes. "I'm ok, its just… just… I miss him so much." He jumped into his brother's arms and started to cry.

Gohan rubbed his back. "It's ok buddy, I'm here for you."

The ceremony began so Goku stepped up to speak. "I met Ox about thirty years ago when I was looking for the Dragon Balls. I was told that Ox was a horrible dictator who will kill anyone that crosses his path. Once I met him I saw how wrong that assumption was." He took a breath and looked at his wife. "He was a very generous man. When me and Chi-Chi first got married we had no money for a house so Ox was there to help us out." Goku looked at Gohan and Goten. "He was always there for his grandkids and helped make them the men they are today." He looked at the casket and smiled. "I've been to other world before and know this. Ox is in upper world, no doubt about it. The nicest man of this world is now the nicest of that one." He wiped away a tear. "Goodbye Ox, I'll miss you." He tossed his rose on the casket and walked back down.

Roshi was next to speak. "Where to begin? Ox came to me so many years ago to become my pupil. I had one student at the time, this being Gohan, but I was more then willing to take on this young man with high hopes. He was always a hard worker, there were times I told him to quit but he never would. He quickly made friends with Gohan and I saw how kind he was by how he looked out for him like a brother." He smiled down at Chi-Chi. "He then had a beautiful daughter who he raised to be an amazing and strong women." He then looked at Gohan and Goten. "Chi-Chi, he may not be with us personally but by looking in your sons faces I can see Ox. He lives on through them and I know there making him proud." He tossed his rose on the grave.

Bulma stood up to go speak, she looked at Vegeta who sat there with his arms crossed. She nudged him in the shoulder and he looked at her. "What?" He asked annoyed.

"Let's go up and ay something." He was about to object but saw the look in her eyes, that look meant 'if you don't go up, your dead'. He slowly rose and walked up with his wife. The two stood and Bulma took a deep breath. "I've known Ox for as long as Goku has and at first I was terrified of him. Not from his attitude, but his size. He towered over everything, he was like a walking mountain." People shared a small laugh as they remembered his size. "But he was a gentle giant. It was everyone else before himself. And…" She started to choke up. "And…" She started to cry. "Vegeta you take over." She stepped to the side and wiped her face as the tears rolled down.

Vegeta just looked at her. What the hell am I supposed to say, I don't know this man. He looked at the Son family. Goku gave him a small nod. "Kakorot." He said softly with a smile. "I never knew the Ox man but he seems like an ok guy. It would have been nice to get to know him." He sighed. "Women." He said looking down at Chi-Chi. She looked up. "I'm sorry for your loss." Goku couldn't help but smile at his former rival. Vegeta and Bulma went back down but not until they both placed roses on the casket.

"Chi, do you want to say something?" Goku asked.

She nodded and slowly stood up. She reached the top and looked at the casket. "Dad…" She said through tears. She couldn't control herself as she started to cry hysterically. "Dad I miss you so much." She fell to her knees crying. Goku and Gohan got up to go help her back down. Goku picked her up and walked her back he then turned to his son.

"Gohan why don't you say something?"

Gohan looked at the people there, then at the casket, then back at his father. "Yeah, I think I will." He walked back up and looked at everyone there. "Its kinda funny, I've been so happy lately. I got engaged, got a job, my life was just going perfectly. Then this." He smiled. "I remember a moment with grandpa that will always be with me. It was about a week after the Cell Games, he came over and while I was studying and we snuck out the window to go hang out. We went to the lake that's by my home and went fishing. We just hung out." He wiped his eye. "I thought since dad died I wouldn't have a man around to turn to in times of need. Sure I had Piccolo, but its not like he could help me with human problems; especially a teenage boy going through puberty." Piccolo smirked as everyone else laughed a little. "But grandpa became the man for me to look up to. When I had a problem, I asked him about it. When Goten was born, I asked grandpa how to be a good brother. When I first entered Orange Star High School, I asked grandpa what normal kids my age were like. When I first met Videl, I asked grandpa what these feelings meant." Tears started to come to his eyes. "I've had three fathers in my lifetime, my real dad, Piccolo, and grandpa." A tear rolled down his face. "I've lost dad and Piccolo before but grandpa was always there. I feel like tomorrow I'm gonna go to the castle and see him there." Tears were pouring at his eyes. "I want to say goodbye but I realize this isn't goodbye, its see you later."

He walked over to the casket and placed a hand on it, a tear fell onto it. Gohan kissed the rose in his hand and placed it on the casket. "This rose is my love for you grandpa. Its not all of it." He smiled. "I need to keep some to be with me forever to help me move on and continue to live." Tears continued to fall down. "I love you grandpa, I always have and I always will." He stepped down and sat next to Videl. He gave her a kiss and looked in her blue eyes. He realized that anything can be taken away at any moment. Maybe he would lose those blue eyes tomorrow. "I love you Videl. Please don't leave me."

She looked in his eyes and felt his pain and his hurt. A tear rolled down her cheek. "I love you too Gohan, and I will never leave you and neither will your grandpa." He looked at her. "He's in you heart forever and he's a part of your soul. He'll never leave you. Remember that. Ok?"

He just nodded and then hugged her. He stayed there with her, crying in her arms as everyone else went up and placed a rose on the grave of the proud Ox King. But they all thought about some words of Gohan's, 'this isn't goodbye, its just see you later.'

A/N: I'll see you soon grandma, you live in me and my sisters. My father, aunts, uncles and cousins. You live in us all. Your with god now; and you know what, he's one lucky man to have you now.