Yo, okay so this is a random idea I had, like a month or two ago, and decited to turn it ino a story. I'm not really sure how much I like it so far, so comment and tell me what you think, all comments are welcome, I don't own "The nightmare before christmas"

Chapter one

One day, a man was sitting on the couch next to the empty fire place, reading his six year old daughter "The night before christmas." Even though it was two days before halloween. Why? Because his daughter had begged him to read it to her, she liked how he told storys, when it was easter, he made it sound like easter, instead of christmas. She loved how hher father made this book sound more like both thier favorit holoday, instead of the one in the book. "Daddy?" The girl asked when her father finished. "Yes Aiden?" He walked over to put the book away, "It's two days till halooween, and we STILL havent got a pumpkin!" Aiden fallowed him into the kichen
"Oh, No we havent. Thank you for reminding me. How bout we'll go later, and try to find a good one." He smiled and started to make lunch.

I quickly sat up in bed, "Why do I keep having these dreams?" I got up and went over to my closet to get dreased, and looked over to the clock tower that showed how many days left untill halloween, "Fourteen days left, Zero!" I looked over, Zero floted over to me, "But what do my dreams mean? Who is this Aiden girl? And why do these dreams seem fimiliar?" I looked back out the window.

Yea, I know its short, sorry I'll try to make the next chapter longer.