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Chapter one

One morning a man sat on the couch, which sat next to an empty fireplace, his six year old daughter sat on his lap and turned the pages of the book he was reading to her, "The Night before Christmas", even thought it was only two days until Halloween.

Why? Because his daughter begged him to read it to her, she loved how her father was able to turn any story he read into a book fit for the nearest holiday.

If it was close to Easter he could make the book sound like Easter. It was a strange magic to the young girl and she loved it.

She listened in aw as she listened to her father read their favorite book, close to their favorite holiday.

The man finished reading and closed the book, the young girl jumped down from his lap and waited for her father to get up so she could follow him around the house.

He laughed, "My little duckling" He joked as he stood and walked to the book shelf and placed the book on the shelf.

"Daddy?" She asked as she followed to the kitchen

"Yes Aiden?"

"It's two day's until Halloween and we still don't have a pumpkin!" She said moving to sit on the stool.

"Oh, no we don't! Thank you for reminding me, how about after mommy gets home we'll go to try and find a good one?" He smiled and started to get out ingredients to make lunch.

I quickly sat up in bed, "Why do I keep having these dreams?" I looked over to Zero who only barked in response.

I got up and went over to my wardrobe and got dressed, I looked out to the clock tower, the one that showed not only the time, but also the count down to Halloween.

"Fourteen days left Zero!" I looked back to Zero, who floated over to me.

"But these dreams I'm having…what do they mean? Who is Aiden?"

I looked around the room, and my eyes landed on my desk that was filled with last minute designs for this years Halloween.

It was going to be the best Halloween ever! But then again, I said that every year didn't I?

I stretched and my mind wondered back to the strange dreams I've been having, who was the little girl? Why did I get the feeling I knew her? Where these dreams memories?

I sighed, I didn't have time for this, I AM the Pumpkin king after all! With fourteen days left until Halloween, whatever these dreams where could wait until after.

No matter how badly I wanted to figure this out.


"Right, no time for weird dreams, we've got work Zero!" I said as I gathered up my plans and went outside.

"I'm here Mayor and I've just finished the plans! It's going to be the best Halloween ever!" I laughed,

"I hope so Jack, please hurry over to the Dr's lab. There are a million things I still need to attend to!" He turned and quickly ran off, he needed to relax a little in my opinion, but he was the Mayor and Halloween was getting closer by the hour. I followed his example and ran down the path and to Dr. Finklestein house/lab I knocked on the door,

"Hello! Dr.? I've got the plans for Halloween!" The door opened and I walked inside,

"Up here!" The Dr. called from the top floor of his lab. I quickly climbed the stairs.

"Dr.? Here are the plans, sorry it's a little late I had to make a few adjustments." He took the plans and looked them over.

"They'll all be easy to make Jack, haven't you got a challenge for me?" He continued to look through the plans, "Aha!" He cried,

"I knew you wouldn't disappoint me Jack. This should take me a week at most." He placed the plans on the table, "Do you want orange goo like last year?"

"Can you make it red? That'll Really scare everyone!"

He nodded, "Alright, easily done. I've got everything I need and will send for you when they are complete, or in the unlikely event I have a question." I nodded and walked out of the lab, down the stairs, and through the front door.

I walked around town, everything looked amazing! It was going to be the best Halloween ever!