Me- "Yea.. i own nothing! Yes this is just a DannyxGW about pen names cause I changed mine!"

Danny POV.

I walked into the ghostly libary looking for my lover.

"Anderw? You here?" I called. I looked through the entire libary, even though I knew it was empty. I sighed and went to leave until I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

"Hello Daniel, what brings my little Phantom here?" Ghostwriter asked.

"Your Pen Name." I said. I turned to look him and crossed my arms.

"What about it?" He asked. I sighed and held up his newest book that was selling in the mortal world.

"PhantomsLover? Really? I mean come on! It's bad enough the whole world knows my double live, but I'm not ready to let the whole world know that I am gay, and in love with a ghost."

"Oh psh." It did a great impression of Gregor. I rolled my eyes.

"Really Andy, I am being serious! I love you with all my heart but that doesn't mean I want another thing for the press to hound me about!"

"So what we have is just a 'thing' to you?" He asked with a chilly tone.

"No! I mean... what it is, is that I love you and I love this and I love being with you! I just don't want to be hunted by reporters more than I already am okay?"

"Are you ashamed?" He asked tone almost getting chillier.

"Andy! Of coures not! Ugh! You don't get it! I couldn't be ashamed! If i was ashamed would I have told my family and friends? Or all of the ghost? Get it that I am not ashamed to be with the worlds best novelest! I love it! I just..."

"Than what should it matter if the world knows about us? The ghost world does, and so do the ones that you care about, why cant everyone else know? It would also help people like us you. They would see a super hero come out about being homosexual, and they would think 'Wow! If people except him they'll except me too!' So it is a win all around!"

"But why did you have to change you pen name, on the one book you wrote that was about your lover?"

"Because I wanted to."

"Ugh, fine. Okay. don't change it. I'm tired of this fighting. Just-" Was all i got out before I was cut off by a pair of lips on top of mine.

'Screw the damn pen name.' I thought.


Me- "Not really what i intended... But meh, it works I guess."

Danny- "Your Pen name is stupid."

GW- "Truly it is."

Me- "It's not anymore!"

Danny- "Oh, good..."