OK everybody so as you all SHOULD now by now, I am x-sparklegurl1997-x and this is my new account. And as all of you probaby don't know IM GOING TO DO A REWRITE OF SHATTERED KINGDOM BROKEN HEARTS! Its gonna be sort of like fullmetal alchemist how there was the anime and then there was another anime later that was the same for a bit but then was different. Its sort of a cunfusing concept but dont worry youll understand eventully. Dis time Lizzie is better and da guys are HOTTER! And the love is more exciting its more of a love story now than trajety. Also there will be doctor who in it because it's a really HOT HOT HOT show.



My name is Elizabeth Sakura Sasook. I have long, floor length, flowing silver hair that glistens in the wind. My large curelean orbs sparkle with happiness as I run though the green forests of my childhood with Seifier and the doctor who are my best friends. My cheeks are a beautiful shade of magenta and my lips are full and pink like Billie Pipers. I am slender and curvy in all the right place. I'm a beautiful 5 foot 6 I weigh 90 lbs (I'm really skinny because my EVIL stempmother dosen't feed me) and my boobie size is 30 D LOL THEIR HUGE! OH RIGHT! I forgot to mention. I'm half wolf, that means I have pointy silver ears that blend in with my flowing har, and I have a fluffy grey wolf tail that sometimes perks up when I see hot guys. But there r people who DON'T like me becuz of my tail and my ears and my hair. I think there jelos but their really mean to me and I wish I could be accepted…

That's why I hang out with SEIFER! He is really nice to me and accepts, me for my tail and ears. Also Doctor Who whose real name is David Tennant is really nice and cool (AN but math smith is hot too but david tenant is hotter). He kind of looks like Sora even though I haven't met sora yet. Seifers gang and me and doctor who live it twilight town, and we rob convenience stores all day for fun. Weve been robbing them for as long as I can remember because I don't get clothing and food and stuff because my evil stepmom wont give them to me. Weve never been caught stealing from a store because we' are masters of stealing. My bf is Frak Iero but im starting to think maybe…hes gay.

So one day we were in a local convenience store and I was grabbing all of the chips off of the shelves to steal for myself because my stepmother doesn't give me any food. Seifer and doctor who were standing around and watching me steal the chips. Doctor Who was using the sonic screwdriver to make sure that I wasn't spotted by security gards. The conevneinece stores don't like Doctor Whos because they steal but seifer and I have never been caught. David is new.

ALL OF A SUDDEN my tail perked up because I saw….A REALLY HOT GUY JUMP OUT OF A PORTAL! We all gased. He had fire truck hair that made him look like Tobuscus (AN no there not EXACTLY the same but look deeper…like the lion king omg I saw that yesterday!) and beutiful emerald eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. He swaggred up to me and said "hey baby got it memorized" in a really really hot voice it made my tail perk up. His voice sounded like diamonds.

I knew right there right then in my heart that something was going to happen…something big. He was going to change my life but I had no idea right then…

ANOTHER HOT GUY CAME! His name was SORA I knew hat because im part Doctor. "My name is Sora" he said. His chocolate hair made him looked like Arthur Darville. He was wearing a MAN U kit. I gasped he was soooooo hot. I wanted to talk to them both and wheel them a lot but I had to go home.

I left the store but it was raining so Frank arrived with an prurple umbrella that said I'm gay on it. He said Lizzie… we… need… to talk….. We're brakeing up. D: "



Who will I…give my broken heart to fix…?